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Sunday, June 18, 2017

"Dinarland Status Report: Update" - One Who Knows - 6.18.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 7:03 PM EDT on June 18, 2017

Dinarland Status Report - Update

Hello my Friends and Family! I bring very good news about our current status here in Dinarland. In short "All is Well!." I am going to give you an Up-Date on the Cabal, and our "Part" in this Game.

The Cabal

I am going to give a very brief time line of recent events that have happened behind the scenes. This is just to let you know that they are being decimated and no longer pose any threat to us that cannot be handled by the Galactic Forces, The Angelic Forces and the Republic Forces. Basically, it is completely over and we are in the clean up stage now.

Cabal Outings

To understand the complete picture, the NPTB already know EVERY Cabal Agent, Minion, and Troll. We were never needed to identify them, as they were already identified with a take down strategy in place. The recent "Outings" here on IDC was for our knowledge, so we could be aware of their agenda, and take steps to protect ourselves.

Now that they have been exposed, our "Work" on that matter is basically over. There are no other Big Name Cabal agents that need to be outed at this point, by us, or for us. We know who they are and we can spot a Cabal Agenda a mile away. This means that we can put down our Light Swords, as the NPTB will take it from here.

The only other matter that you need to be aware of is that there were "Plans" to milk Currency redeemers after the GCR through "Free Legal Services" that would be offered. DO NOT USE ANY OF THESE SERVICES AFTER THE RV. Instead, use the Family Office, services offered by your own Personal Wealth Manager, and/or your own Bank. These people have your best interest in mind and will offer these services free to you as well. DO NOT TRUST ANY OUTSIDERS with your financial information. To be clear, it doesn't mean that you can't or shouldn't hire your own CPA, or other professional, it just means that the "Pop Up" services that will be showing up after the GCR are suspect. TRUST your Banker/Wealth Manger first, and VET (Check Out) EVERYONE ELSE. You have a lot to lose.

Cabal Losses

I want to tell you about a few Battles that have happened between the Light and the Dark in the past couple of weeks. Of course the Cabal experienced HUGE losses.

Date Line: 6-12-2017

On this date I authored and posted the Ultimatum to the remaining Cabal actors to let the GCR proceed without interference or else face the consequences. Here is the post:

"Ultimatum: This Ends Now, One Way Or The Other" - One Who Knows - 6.12.17

I later learned from Grandfather, that I was supposed to write and issue the final warning to the Cabal at this time in history. He said it was in the agreement since before this game of Light and Dark began. How weird, that this moment was foreseen, and that I would be the one to take this action.

Interestingly, there was a recent post by Yosef that also supported this ultimatum. It was and executive order declaring anyone who interrupts the GCR will be guilty of an "Act of Treason" against the united States of America.

********* Start Post Excerpt *********

"EO" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Saturday - June 17, 2017

The EO also places all redemption call center personal, exterior and interior security staff, even all table top banking representatives under emergency Marshall Law guidelines which set legal precedent for military prosecution during the duration of the RV event.

Translated, any disruptive act to prevent the RV process for executing will be filed as a high crime or "Act of Treason" against the united States of America.

Such high crimes are punishable by a military judge without the requirement for a jury of civilian peers, due process, public record or media scrutiny.

********* End Post Excerpt *********

The Importance Of The Ultimatum

It was agreed that the Ultimatum would signal and declare "End Of Game." While the actual End Of Game had been 60 days prior to that, this was the Official Notice of it. The importance of the End Of Game Notice is that "Outside Forces" were now permitted to join in our fight. Up to that point, this was only our game to fight and win. But after End Of Game Notice/Declaration, there is a no holds barred approach to the clean up and moving on to the next game... Ascension. In short, we now had the Help of the entire Universe at our disposal to rid ourselves of these leftover Cabal.

Date Line: 6-13-2017

The next night, which was about 24 hours later, I got word that there were incoming "bogies" (Cabal Assassins) that were going to attack "Sephora." I have proved to be a very difficult target for them, and they wanted to get to me, by taking her out. She is my connection to many of my sources, as well as a good friend of mine. The order was given to eliminate the attackers who were in route... they were put down permanently. However, it then became known that this was an all out attack on key Light Workers and a last ditch effort by the Cabal to save themselves.

After analyzing the circumstances, it became apparent that they were attacking now because of the Ultimatum that was issued 24 hours earlier. It turns out that in that agreement before the game began, it was said that when I issued the final warning to the Cabal, they would have 48 Hours before it went into effect.

However, I reasoned that they were not entitled to 48 Hours before the (STK) orders went into effect. The reason being is that the "Spirit" of the agreement was to give FAIR warning to the remaining Cabal, to protect those Cabal who did not "Get the message." Those who were ignorant of the warning. That DID NOT apply to those who did get the message as they were duly warned, and besides I never mentioned a 48 hour "Grace" period in the Ultimatum of 6-12-2017.

We realized that the reason they were making an all out attack now, was because they wanted to get it done BEFORE the 48 hours Grace was over. So to counter that ridiculous notion, I authored another post announcing to the Cabal that the (STK) order was NOW IN FULL FORCE! That the grace time only applied to those who had not heard about it yet. These who were attacking not only heard about it, they were attacking now to beat the expiration time of 48 hours. So I posted this Post:

"Cabal Ultimatum In Full Force Now" - One Who Knows - 6.13.17

Once that post came out, many of the attacking Cabal, stopped and gave up as they did not want to be taken down. However, despite the second post, the rest of the Cabal forces battled us in to the late morning hours. Due to the end of Game Notice, we had the help of many other Light Forces from distant Star systems to assist us in the take down of these last Cabal fighters.

Date Line: 6-14-2017

In the end, We did not lose a single member of the Light Forces, but we captured many of the Cabal forces and wiped out the rest. There was a post the next day that hinted at this last great (Final) battle with the Cabal. Here is the ONLY clue in Dinarland that there was a Final Battle for Planet Earth that we won, and the War was now finally over.

********* Begin Post *************

Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Wed. Morning - 6.14.17

"Coming Home"

Entry Submitted by D.N. at 6:58 AM EDT on June 14, 2017


The fighting is done.
The final battle has been fought and won.
A trillion worlds stand sentinel to watch.
As we all go home, where we truly belong.


********* End Post *************

Date Line: 6-16-2017 - Day Time

While there were some other activities, the next most important date was Friday 6-16-2017 after noon. On Friday afternoon, I was on a call with Sephora, when suddenly, my power went out. To make a long story short, the ones I had called out had mounted an attack on me with various weapons. Of course, it would NEVER be successful. But, it turned out to be very interesting. Without going into too much detail, I was Beamed to safety aboard a space ship, and the incoming invaders were taken out. Then I was beamed back to my home. These ding dong Minions do not realize the that we have the entire Universe on our side and they have no chance at all. They are just violating the Ultimatum of End of Game, and thus getting put down on the spot.

Date Line: 6-16-2017 - Night Time

Sephora was communicating with one of our team members that same day about "Command Structures" when the communication was suddenly interrupted. It was puzzling since the Republic and the Galactic forces said it was not them interfering in the communication. Of course that left the Cabal as the ones who were doing it. But why did they suddenly try to interrupt it when "Command Structure" was mentioned? To make a long story short, we realized that the Cabal were worried about us finding their Command structure.

Naturally we did a psychic trace to find if they had one and were it was. It turned out that they still had a fleet of triangular space craft positioned over Arizona trying to tap into the energy vortex there. They were cloaked and hiding. Of course once this was discovered, the Light Forces went into action to capture them, which they did.

What they found was amazing! It turns out, that fleet had the entire data base of the Cabal organization. Every single thing they ever did, names, dates, places, etc. When the Pindar was taken down, they moved their entire operation into those space craft to be mobile and to protect it. BUT NOW WE HAVE IT ALL.

Not only did we destroy their last command post, we captured everything we needed to track down all the Cabal minions, trolls and cronies that ever worked for the Cabal in any way at all. All the evidence is there of everything they did. One thing the Cabal is known for, is they like to keep detailed records and notes of what they did and what they are planning. It is all in our hands now.

Date Line: 6-17-2017

The latest action that happened was just last night Saturday 6-17-2017. We got word that there was another incoming threat from off planet, once again targeting Sephora. They cannot get me in any way at all. While we heard that Sephora was the "Target" it turns out that these incoming space craft targeted and eliminated one of their very own high ranking Cabal members. When we realized who their target was, they were allowed to complete their mission. When they obliterated their own people, they were taken out and some captured as well.

Interestingly, it seems that there is some sort of order to take out their own people (Cabal Minions and Trolls). Frankly, the target they took our was a high ranking member as well. So It must include some high ranking Cabal operatives as well. While I don't know the exact reason, I can easily figure out that they all know they will be picked up and arrested at any moment. There is NO chance for them to survive this fate.

My guess is that if they Kill their own people who know the most about them, they are thinking that there will be no witnesses left who can testify against them. The Germans did that, and that is common practice in the Cabal world. Kill everyone so no one will talk. So, when I heard that their own forces, killed their own top Cabal leader, I can only guess that they are saving them selves and sacrificing everyone else to do it. Service to self, means protect yourself by killing all the other Cabal witnesses. This is why I don’t think we have anything that we need to do anymore as they are now killing each other.

Here Is Something That Supports This

In a recent post by Yosef, he mentioned that the Cabal minions have agreed to die for their cause. Here is the post:

********* Begin Post Excerpt ********

"Squeeze" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Friday - June 16, 2017

Be advised that the last remaining dark minions have taken a solemn oath to die with the con, not allowing humanity have their freedom or heavenly blessings under any circumstance.

And they are now self-terminating through the ranks via a series of false public reveals. In order to fulfill their commitment to their dark occult overlord, they step out and show their true colors with sabotage.

These last minions and their second rate plots were known and planned for. The final rounds are almost over.

********* End Post Excerpt ********

How genius of the remaining Cabal "Faces," to get their minions to agree to die for them. The sad thing for the Minions is that their lives are being given so the Faces can have a few more hours of freedom, if that. Remembering that it is over. There is nothing to save, no way to continue, and their final pick up is only days away if not hours.

This makes me wonder about the Minions and Trolls. If we are targeting them, and the Cabal overlords, the Faces, are targeting them as well so there will be no witnesses, then what possibility do they have to survive at all? None that I can see.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we are already past the end of game. The Official Declaration has been made which allows the rest of the Universe to jump in and help us clean this mess up. We now have all their computers and data bases of EVERYTHING they have ever done, not to mention that we completed the final battle for Earth on the 13th. It was the final battle because it wiped out the rest of the "fighters" they had. No more fighters left, just Faces and minions.

Now, they are targeting their own people, presumably to eliminate witnesses when they get arrested. But I don't know the reason exactly, just that there are actual attacks from them on their own people going on right now.

We have done as wonderful job here on IDC and are appreciated by the Universe for it. We had some important outings recently, but it seems that the others that are not outed yet, will be taken down soon by Republic Forces anyway. They don’t need our help on those. It is time for us to relax and "Coast into the GCR" which will be here sooner than later. Since they want to announce the Republic on the 4th of July, I expect that we will have some GCR action very soon.

This picture is a souvenir of our days here on IDC. You can right click on it to save it to your computer. We have done an outstanding job on this once in the History of the Universe battle against the Dark. We are quite literally, the "Champions of the Universe." Be proud of yourselves, and of our Planet. We have played this game with great vigor and enthusiasm and we will soon receive our Just Rewards for a job well done. Well Done "Light Workers & Warriors!"


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows


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