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Saturday, June 17, 2017

"Dinarland Status Report" - One Who Knows - 6.17.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 3:30 AM EDT on June 17, 2017

Dinarland Status Report

I know everyone has questions about the Minions I have called out, and I have answers for you. I am going to bring you up to date on what is going on with TPAO, Tank and Dr. W.C. This is important because these people are trying to bring us down. They make fun of us and call "Light Workers" a joke. They are NOT your friends. This battle we are in now, is historic. We have NEVER won before, because we NEVER stood up to them before. Are we going to sit back and let this trash bad mouth the Light Workers and our site?


Cabal Minions & Trolls REPORT:

RE: TPAO / Cobra

This one is supposed to be dead already. But being that high up in the Cabal, she might have a clone or whatever. I know that there are 4-6 top Cabal agents that run COBRA and if one gets taken down or killed, there are several others that can take over. It seems that every time I have declared her gone she shows up like night of the living dead. While we all know who she is and that she is CABAL as is COBRA, it seems that I will have to regrettably take down the COBRA headstone until the job gets finished. No matter what she and her Crew (Minions) will NOT survive the coming Faces Take-Down.

By the way, I just heard today that that take down will not just be arrests. It turns out that the arrests are only for the lower level Minions. The high level extra evil Faces are going to be dropped (STK) right where they stand. And while they may use bullets from the Ghost soldiers for most of them, I am sure that many will be "Silent" with a blade to the throat. Quick, and slightly painless. Hear this: NO CABAL OR MINION MAKES IT PAST THE BIG TAKE DOWN. NONE!!!!

RE: Dr. W.C.

I seem to be having the same problem taking down this evil one as well. I used to think that she was just a pain in the ass for me, with her snide remarks and the planned ambush of me with Tank and Cobra (410). However, I have recently found out that the NPTB have enough on her to take her down forever. I hope you did not have plans for the real truth call after the GCR, or the Real Call University. THAT WILL NEVER BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN. Sorry. Here is more on that ambush she arranged for me:

I mentioned it here:
"Ultimatum: This Ends Now, One Way Or The Other" - One Who Knows - 6.12.17

Explained it here:
"Understanding My Supposed Attack on Dr. W.C." - One Who Knows - 6.13.17

This post summed the whole thing up the best!
"Thoughts on Dr. WC, Fisher, Cobra, OWK and IDC" by (Anonymous) - 6.13.17

But at this point, like TPAO, she has proved to have more lives that I knew, but this time it is the NPTB that are keeping her on the air. In short she has also joined the "Faces" in that the call being shut down was disturbing to many who are not awakened yet. They don't yet have their personal discernment skills developed enough, to recognize who she really is. So for now, she will still have calls, until the night the Faces go down. THEN YOU WILL KNOW WHO SHE REALLY WAS. I am sure it will hit the net with all the other Faces that went down that night. By By.

One last point here is that the call last night on the 15 was actually cancelled just like I said it was. Many of you called in to see if it was there and found the same thing I did that the code number was not working. I even checked with my top sources and they confirmed that the call had been terminated for good. That prompted me to post this notice:

"RTC: No More Calls Ever" - One Who Knows - 6.15.17

So, at this point the NPTB and the Elders were monitoring how Dinarland was responding to the news, and it was a bit of an uproar of confusion. The problem is that many of the Real Truth callers don't follow IDC and so they were confused as to what was going on. That is when the decision was made to treat her like a "Face" that she will be permitted to be walking around and doing calls until all of them are taken down together. That is when the NPTB will have disclosure information ready to play on TV and post on the net to explain what is happening. So she has bought herself a few days longer.... And it means that for now, I have to take down her Headstone... at least until later.

RE: Tank

This one was a complete surprise to me. I always liked him and thought he was on our side, but, I sure was wrong. My first clue was when he joined Fisher, COBRA and W.C. to discredit me, IDC, and Light Workers as well.

I mentioned it here:
"Ultimatum: This Ends Now, One Way Or The Other" - One Who Knows - 6.12.17

Explained it here:
"Understanding My Supposed Attack on Dr. W.C." - One Who Knows - 6.13.17

This post summed the whole thing up the best!
"Thoughts on Dr. WC, Fisher, Cobra, OWK and IDC" by (Anonymous) - 6.13.17

However, when I checked with my top sources, I found out more than I ever thought was possible. How could this person who acts like he has our back be so bad in reality? Could he really be doing bad things? Things that will get him in deep trouble? Sadly the answer was yes.

I had reached out to him and told him that I had forgiven him and we had a few conversations after that. I even arranged Galactic level protection for him, considering he was dealing with Cobra, but that protection was immediately removed and I was told why. I was told that He is one of the bad guys that they have been keeping an eye on. WHAT? Tank? YEP, he is on the other side and in reality NOT working for us, but against us.

I know what you are thinking and I was thinking the same thing. What exactly did he do? What was the proof that he did anything wrong? But, that kind of information is in a special file that will be acted upon at the right time. So, I can't show you want the good guys have on him. But I have the next best thing.

When I called out W.C. and Fisher, I had no idea they were Cabal. I was just calling them out for setting up that ambush with Cobra to publically discredit me. I wanted them to know that they were dealing with a KNOWN cabal agent and besides I didn't appreciate them discrediting Light Workers and calling my family and friends here on IDC stupid. The following is an excerpt from a post that explained what happened very well. (Thanks!) Here is the post and the excerpt:

"Thoughts on Dr. WC, Fisher, Cobra, OWK and IDC" by (Anonymous) - 6.13.17

Partial Excerpt From that Post:

Wc stating "IDC are not being good representatives of awaken ones". You ma'am, need to check yourself cuz you just recked yourself as far as I go. Fisher mocking IDC, "calling all light workers". Fisher statement " you know what I think of the title lightworkers". Wc states "most of them are unconscious". How dare she make that statement?!!! Who I'm most disappointed in is Tank. Totally lost me on this one bro. Tank states "I'm with you Fisher".Wow you stand with a man that is insulting the hand of God at work in the lives of innocent people struggling for an ounce of light in this dark world.

Here is the post they were Mocking:

"Calling All Light Workers" - One Who Knows - 5.7.17

Anyway, to make a long story short when I found out that they all knew COBRA and worked with her as well, I was flabbergasted! The night that the W.C. Real Truth Call was supposed to be shut down, and was for a VERY SHORT time, Tank was visited by a certain person who told him what his fate was going to be, because of what he had been doing. To be sure he WILL NOT BE EXCHANGING, to say the least, but most likely he will be "Leaving" for jail, for a long time.

Do I have my own proof that Tank is Cabal and has been doing very bad things? No, I do not. As I said, that is the business of the authorities who will "handle" that matter. It is my only wish to rid our site and Dinarland once and for all of Cabal Liars, their minions and Trolls. But even though I don't have anything to show you myself, Tank has giving me everything I need to PROVE to you who he is and what is REAL about him.

Tank's Own Proof

This was the 15th, Thursday. You might say that was his "Come to Jesus" moment. It is important to stress here that NO ONE has EVER said a bad thing about Tank, not even me. NO ONE!!!! Remember, no one has ever suspected him in any way. So, his life should be care free.... Right? No worries... Right? Finally, remember that most people are revealed in the "Cover Up" who would never have been suspected otherwise. This Tank message is just such a case. Here are a few questions that come to mind before we see his message:

#1) Since he was never accused of anything before, Why is he "Planning" to apologize to so many people? And why is the apology going to be later and not right now?

#2) Since he was never accused of anything before, why is he telling us how good he is "Going" to be later?

#3) Is this the post of a Great Dinarland Guru, or the Post of a Cabal agent that has just been found out? You decide.

#4) Why are there so many Cabal Agenda "Phrases" and "Slogans" imbedded in his speech? He seems to have gotten them all in. Why are those Cabal type thoughts in his mind?

#5) Why does he not want us to listen to the conspiracy theories, which he then says "could be true!" Don't listen to the Truth? Do you think that he wants to keep us from learning what the Cabal are doing to us, or is it that he just doesn't what you to find out more about him, which he knew was coming, or is it both?

Below is most of his message transcribed so we can really understand what he is saying to us. Spoiler Alert: It is NOT what it seems!!!!

************ Begin Message ***************

Special Message from TANK 6-15-17

Below is a special message from Tank. Please share with everyone whether you like them or not.

This has got to be the weirdest thing to say "whether you like them or not."

Web Player:

Download (For The Record):

Partial Excerpt Of Tank's Message (In Orange)

@ 0:26 "This vast Fantasy World of Currency Holders"

(Same as Schmidt's "Fantasy Land") This seems to be a theme with the Cabal to keep us thinking that the GCR and currency are FANTASY.

@ 1:05 "You finally Sit Down in front of the Fabled exchanger"

Are you kidding me? Subtle Cabal Agenda! We are going to meet with the "FABLED" exchanger? That dovetails very well with the Cabal agenda of FANTASY LAND doesn't it?

@ 1:40 You shed the burden of being viewed as being insane for following this

This is close but it does reinforce the message that we are viewed as INSANE FOR FOLLOWING THIS. (Cabal Theme)

@ 2:19 I want you to consider what "She" will do...

This is one of the CREEPIEST parts of his message. The Cabal have special words to make people think what they want them to think. This says that when you come out of the exchange, he wants you to "Consider What SHE will do!" I have listened to it over and over again, and it is very clear. So this was DELIBERATELY SAID THIS WAY. Who is SHE? This might be a stretch, but I have been told that this refers to something we DO NOT WANT. Enough said.

@ 2:33 I want you to get away from the non sensecle lying intel that they are constantly feeding us, I want you to get away from the silly made up controversies from characters that think they are more important than they are.

Clearly he is talking about me, after all, I am the one who inadvertently exposed him. But, I believe that he was meant to be exposed in this time of high energies. I never thought that W.C. and Tank were bad guys, but now in hind sight, it is plain as day. He worries about the made up controversies, but this message of his is not made up, and it tells a very bad tale. COBRA's FAKE bombs are not made up. Schmidt and his group scam are not made up. All the Cabal Fear Mongering events that never happened.

@ 2:46 Calling out names and making bold declarations that have no basis in fact

This one, I think scares him and his Cabal buddies the most. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that he has a special "Ghost Squad" soldier whose job it is to watch over him. EVERY "Face" has one who is ready to take action on a moment's notice, whether it is handcuffs of something more drastic. Here are the posts he is talking about:

"Ultimatum: This Ends Now, One Way Or The Other" - One Who Knows - 6.12.17

"Cabal Ultimatum In Full Force Now" - One Who Knows - 6.13.17

@ 2:52 I want you to try to step away from the conspiracy theories, step away from the horrible atrocities of the Cabal, and the way the government seems to be ignoring the pain and suffering that you are in. get away from all of that for just a moment.

Here is another ABSOLUTE Cabal Agenda Term. I heard that George Busch Sr. was famous for making fun of people for believing in "Conspiracy Theories." I have found a really good post on this matter Tank.... Why don't you read it. By the way, I fell in love with this post the moment I read it!

"It's Not a Theory, It's a Fact!" - The Conspiracy Destroyer - 3.20.17

@ 3:23 I think about this every day "that I will leave".... and probably start to cry,

This is where we begin to see some weird stuff. The Cabal say one thing and mean another but this does not make any sense at all. He thinks EVERY DAY "that he will Leave." What does that mean? Leave where? Go to Jail? That is what I think. Then he says another weird thing: "... and PROBABLY start to cry." Then it seems to actually starts to cry in the audio recording. Why? Maybe because he has been found out. How weird is it for a person to say they "probably START to cry?"

However what is next is the proverbial "Smoking Gun" in this case, meaning EVIDENCE that he has done something very bad and very wrong. When I hear this part, I recognize that he is pleading for mercy... or something. But there is something wrong with it... and I will get to that next.

@ 4:05 and I will apologize to the people that I have hurt in this process. And pay them back for the way they have supported me. (Threat?)

and I will apologize to my family for the path that I had to take so that we could be free

THIS part above, is a BIG deal. Remember he is talking about when he comes out of the exchange center, or at least I think that is it. No matter what it is about some FUTURE time. This is weird and brings some questions to mind:

#1) Why is he going to apologize LATER to these people and HIS FAMILY and not RIGHT NOW?

#2) Why will he be apologizing for the Path he had to take, and why is he tell us... unless here in Dinarland? I can only think of one "PATH" that is so bad that he would have to apologize for it, and that is the "Left Hand Path of the Cabal." What else could it be? Clearly, he would NOT have to apologize for taking the Light Worker's Path. Right?

Dinarland, I guess we have to look forward to when he ACTUALLY does apologize for it, when he is done working for them. I guess that when it is time to exchange, he will change sides from Dark to Light (I hope), apologize to us and his family and expect everything to be all right. NO. That is not how it works.

Frankly, why are you waiting to apologize? Why are you giving us advanced notice? Do you think that will make us feel better knowing that an apology is coming from you in the future? That doesn't make sense? Tank, you BETTER GET TO YOUR APOLOGIZING RIGHT NOW! Because, you won't be exchanging and you won’t be getting that much "Family Time" where you are going.

and I will go, and I will live heroically for the rest of my life .... and I will spend all of my time, all of my time, setting an example, knowing that God is real, that he is once again raining and concurring supremely

Dude! This is a little late for you to be telling us how good you are GOING TO BE then. You SHOULD have been living HEROICALLY right now. If I read this correctly, You are going to apologize later to us and your family, then you are going to live heroically, THEN you are going to spend all of your time setting a good example? And, if that was not pathetic enough, you will THEN be knowing that GOD is real, when he is ONCE AGAIN(?) raining and concurring supremely?

Tank, GOD is raining right now. Are you saying that once GOD, the side of the Light, wins, then you will switch your allegiance to him since he is concurring supremely? I have to say I have NEVER heard anything like that in my life. I am sorry to say, that this last minute plea, is not going to change where you are going.

@ 5:05 I will step forward into this life with a clean conscious, knowing, I have done damage along the way... But, I giving everything so that my family could be free... and I will not take that freedom lightly, I will use it

So, to be clear, you will THEN step forward into THIS [new] Life with a CLEAN CONSCIOUSNESS, KNOWING YOU HAVE DONE DAMAGE ALONG THE WAY? Are you really admitting to causing us damage, which by the way you will apologize for later, and then tell us that you will have a clean conscious about it? Based on what? Do you really think that apologizing to us, LATER, will make all the Damage you have done in your evil life now, go away?

Tank, it doesn't work that way. EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE is on record with the NPTB. It won’t go away. This pathetic plea, with promises of apologizing later, and telling us that you will be good later, and that you will have a clean conscious and won't feel bad about it... doesn't make it better for you ... IT MAKES IT WORSE.

I will lead as a creator of a new World & I will own that responsibility as a leader

NO TANK. You will not lead anything. That dream has come to an end. Even though the NPTB already know all about you, you have all but confessed to us here with your plea. You wouldn't be telling us all of this if you didn't think that you were in trouble. And, even then, you couldn't even muster a RIGHT NOW apology, we will have to wait for that later. Then, you have told us about the bad things you have done and the damage it has caused and in true CABAL fashion, you have told us it is not going to bother you, that you will have a clean conscious about it. Have I got this right? DO YOU HEAR WHAT YOU ARE SAYING TO US?

TANK, YOU ARE NOT LEADER QUALITY.... Stop deluding yourself.

@ 5:39 Please take the time to write it down, to record it, and to send it in to every website you can in this World of Dinar Mythology

Here you go again with the CABAL AGENDA. You are no different than Schmidt. Why must you call Currency exchange "Fantasy," Bank exchangers "Fables," and our websites the "World of Dinar MYTHOLOGY?" Cut the CABAL AGENDA CRAP ALREADY.

@ 5:50 I want and I am begging the website hosts, please lots stop entertaining these non-senseacle, ridiculous, hate filled posts. These, these, these lies and repeated conspiracy theories, Which all, by the way, could be true,

Did you just tell the Websites to stop publishing posts on the CONSPIRACY THEORIES, which ALL, by the way, COULD BE TRUE?

Are you kidding me? They ALL could be true, and the websites should censor them from the very people who are standing up against the Cabal? Keep the truth from us? This is your big idea? TANK YOU HAVE NEVER SOUNDED MORE CABAL THAN YOU DO RIGHT NOW. You sound just like George Busch Sr. Congratulations, you just went to the TOP of my Cabal agent's list.

but that is not the point, the point is, if we, if we don’t change it, if we don't do something differently, What we do is we empower their lie, over and over again. We allow them to lie to us, and lead us down a path that seems to have no end, If we want the end to come, so that we can have a new beginning, we have to be willing to change what we are doing. it is, it is, the end of the thing.

Tank, I recommend that you read some of my posts. We are doing things differently this time because the last 5 times, the Cabal killed us all and we are NOT going to let that happen again. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? Here is a post that explains our situation:

"Your Soul Is Up To Bat..." - One Who Knows - 1.22.17

This means that we WILL be publishing information on what the Government and the Cabal are doing to us. We WILL post names and information on suspected Cabal agents in our midst... Too bad Tank. We will take a stand and boot them, jail them, and if necessary, kill them. HEAR THIS TANK: WE WILL NEVER LET THE CABAL WIN. WE WILL HUNT THEM DOWN AND ELIMINATE THEM... PERIOD! Capish?

@ 6:53 "don't put out any BS intel, don't put out any more, just non sense about, you know, that anyone can prove,

Like conspiracy theories?

@ 7:07 The one thing, let's just speak the truth, The one thing I know is true, is why I am doing this....

Tank, it is VERY CLEAR to me why you are doing this. I completely understand why you put this plea out into Dinarland to save your ass. What is not clear to me is how you though it would help you? Let me cover some of the main points... shall I?

#1) You made fun of the Light Workers and IDC on the Real Truth Call with Cobra, a known Cabal agent, and W.C. and Fisher.

#2) After you were "Called Out" by me, you suddenly made this plea to Dinarland to make yourself look better.

#3) You proceeded to tell us that there are a lot of people who you will be apologizing to........ But not now... later.

#4) You told us that you took the wrong path and caused a lot of damage.

#5) Then you told us that you will have a CLEAR Conscious about what you have done. In short it is NOT going to bother you in the least. A BIG CABAL TRAIT BY THE WAY. They don’t give a crap about what they do to us, and now I know you don’t either.

#6) Then you told us how good you will be THEN, that you will do good things, be a good example, and that you will (THEN) know that God is real, when he is ONCE AGAIN(?) raining and concurring supremely. I'll pass the message on to him for you.

#7) Then, you have this great idea to flood the internet with good stories so that posts like this one, calling out Cabal AGENTS and Trolls like you, will get pushed out of sight. You are hoping that you can keep from being "outed" and exposed, if there is enough good will and good posts to keep posts like mine from being seen. I've got bad news for you Tank, it did not work..... All I did was wait for the Barrage of posts you asked for to subside so that my friends on IDC would get a chance to see who you REALLY are.

@ 8:18 whether you like me, or hate me, you have to know that I am telling the truth.

Yes Tank, I believe you are telling the truth now. I believe that you have done lots of damage. I believe that you won't feel bad about it. I believe that you will apologize later when everyone knows who you really are, what you have done, and where your allegiances really lies. I also believe that you are GOING to be so good THEN, if only you can stay out of jail. Sorry dude, that is not possible.

@ 8: 59 We can get past this God Forsaken process

Well this takes the cake for me. It is so telling that Light Workers speak of the "Blessing" and Yosef and the banks speak of the "Chosen Ones," and you say that this event process is "God Forsaken." WOW! You really know how to show your appreciation... don’t you?

************ End Message ***************

My Personal Message To My Friends and Family Here on IDC:

Remember that I NEVER call out a Cabal Agent unless I have ALREADY had them identified by top sources. My PROOF, will come after the RV, when I am teaching my philosophy to the World, these Trolls will either be dead dead or in jail.

Just ask yourself one question:

If I have big public plans for the future teaching my philosophy, and I do, then wouldn't it make sense that I am VERY careful about who I accuse and call out, when the TRUTH will be here very soon?

Do you realize that I will be a big poster on "Operation Disclosure" for years to come, and IF I want to have a following then, I will have to be right on this right now? My future credibility, will depend on if I am right on this, and I am. It doesn't make any sense for me to make up stuff, does it? I would have NOTHING BUT DOWN SIDE on that. For what gain? That's right... NO GAIN AT ALL!

I don’t have a website, no advertising, and nothing for sale. I am not hiding who I am and anyone can find out my FULL NAME and my email. ALL I HAVE is my reputation. That is the only thing at stake. It is the only thing that is important to my future. After all, you know who I am, and everything I say will be proven one way or another VERY SOON.

But, you don’t even have to decide right now... We will soon all know the truth, as disclosure and the fall of the Faces is right around the corner!!!!


"Are You Ready For The Coming Armageddon?" - One Who Knows - 1.18.17

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that despite my best efforts, these KNOWN Cabal agents are not yet ejected from our site. It seems that their pick up is being delayed until the Faces all fall. That means that we will have to deal with them for a bit longer.

I have done my best to oust them for our greater good, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than protecting my friends and family. I have shown you who I am and proved to the best of my ability who the bad people are that want to harm us. I don’t want that to happen, but I need everyone's help, as I can't do this all alone.

I will stand up for you, will you stand up with me, and for me?

Let's beat the Cabal together as Light Workers that are UNITED! After all, United we stand, divided we fall.


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows


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