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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Deep Diving to Clear the Way by ChristineB - FancyFree


 by ChristineB - FancyFree


We - the Can-do-Gals - take so much of what you all offer in comments and posts to do our inner investigations, deep diving & transformation.  We use you wisdom to root out the cabal within ourselves and to plow the way for our Ascension and of course the global realization of the RELEASE of the Freedom and Prosperity Programs, including the RV/GCR.  Here's how we do it round the ol' Homestead.  Woot!


1 )  Notice my inner response to any post that is evocative by being personally unsettling, riddled with fear or resounding with the ring of Truth.  Launch an inner investigation for whatever has caught my attention.  Deep dive within to reveal beliefs, feelings, thoughts and motivations that are being called forward, putting them on the table in front of me and God.

2 )  Whether they be subtle or gross - with ruthless self-honesty -
identify wherever I still have:  rigidly fixed positions, stale beliefs, self-righteous entitlements, stubborn opinions, haughty judgements of others, harsh reactions, etc.

3 )  Pray for and receive clarity and healing.

4 )  Bring it into action.  In the no-shame-zone, catch myself whenever I still cling to my old ways.  From there, I make different decisions, chuck it all into the Violet Fire, get into nature to ground and relax, diligently see/feel/choose/release (repeat as needed), drop it like it's hot, laugh, move on up....  Allow the transformation within through humility, gratitude and the mighty grace of God.

5 )  Take it to the GRID.  From my yearning for God's greatest Good for all, I ask through the Inner Plains that whoever else has suffered from these thoughts & feelings join me in eradicating all false beliefs and unkind behaviors, to heal.  I ask angelic assistance for everyone still suffering and striving to free themselves.

6 )  Notice and celebrate the changes arising!

I remembered Archangel Michael telling us a long while back to focus on identifying and transforming wherever we still harbor cabal values within, so when I saw Tank's awesome message, I changed it to: "Identifying the Cabal Within!"

"How to Identify the Cabal" - TANK - 6.13.17

6/13/2017 09:40:00 PM  Emailed, Tank, Thoughts

Entry Submitted by TANK at 9:18 PM EDT on June 13, 2017

"How to identify the Cabal"

Here are some things that can help you identify the Cabal. I think if you consider these things you won't have to take anyone else's word for it, you'll be able to decide for yourself.

If you want to identify the Cabal in Dinarland I'll give you some clues:

1. They're constantly promoting, defending, and talking about themselves. It's like an insecurity they have to identify self worth through the praise received by others.

Q:  Where do I still promote or defend myself?  How do treat others when I feel insecure?

2. They're constantly dividing the community on issues and people while touting their helpful contributions and lauding their selflessness. See Willie Lynch, "Let's Make a Slave." https://www.archive.org/stream/WillieLynchLetter1712

Q:  Where am I still feeling superior to others and using devious strategies to remain in "power?"  How do I delude myself that I'm not doing this?  How and why am I selfish?

3. They misuse scriptures, Galactic concepts, and various other spiritual ideologies to promote their agenda.

Q:  Whenever I catch myself still trying to impose my opinion and/or beliefs, what do I do next - instead of being transparent and truthful?  How do I dominate rather than offer genuine support?

4. They don't take correction or apologize. Rather than just admit they're wrong, they'll defend themselves byattacking someone else as if someone else's wrong-doing somehow makes theirs okay.

Q:  Why do I still choose to sometimes belittle or shame others and myself?  What am I refusing to see or to allow that would result in healing for my world and within me?

5. They're overly sweet and soft spoken, or they mask their real personality with a false image of positivity and love. They act like everything is always okay, and never speak ill of their handlers.

Q:  I feel it when I'm phony.  Where does my inner belligerence still come from that I sometimes mask my true self, even though I see I'm being fake and so does everybody else?

6. The Cabal members are master mind manipulatorsand it's no different in the community. I was once recruited by a Cabal minion who told me, "I have the only intel you need. You don't need to listen to anyone else." This is another sure sign of the Cabal because they want toseparate you from the pack so you'll do their bidding.

Q:  Why do I still sometimes try to inject myself into relationships in order to gain false "control," trying to even push out God, in my own way?  What have I not been willing to see about myself that results in the attempted manipulation of others?

7. They speak with an arrogance that temporarily masquerades as confidence until they're wrong so many times that they need to fabricate an elaborate lie as to why it didn't happen the way they said it would.

Q:  What's still motivating me within to contrive confidence?  Why am I not yet always honest in the moment, exaggerating or hiding to deceive, and even taking it a step further, acting like I don't do any of that?

8. They blame the people for still being slaves because their vibration isn't high enough or they're too focused on money. Then people force a fake smile and pretend they're so grateful for the experience of remaining in bondage. This is a classic way that abusive relationships develop. A common example is when a man hits a woman for some arbitrary reason, then offers an apology while asking her, "Why do you make (me) do this?"

Q:  Why am I still using the abusive harsh ways of blaming myself and others?  What is it I have not set free in me that still resorts to this cruelty?

9. They're constantly promoting fearful concepts disguised as some service they're doing for you. Theyrepeat horrible detailed accounts of a Cabal activityacting disgusted with it but have a strange amount of knowledge on the subject. They complain how the Cabal is messing everything up and is the cause of the delays. Theydiscuss death, murder, and torturemaking the good guys sound no different than the Cabal.

Q:  Why does complaining about others still hold attraction for me?  What is underneath, still driving my motivations and beliefs?  Why do I still EVER entertain or share any thoughts and communications that are divisive, doubtful, accusatory or fearful?  Why is it that others agreeing with me is sometimes still more important to me than the qualities of Love?

The Cabal is abusive and divisive. They appear as your friend just to get close enough to stab you in the back. They want you to trust them above anyone else. You do not need anyone else to tell you what's true. You do not need anyone to follow. You do not need me to tell you this. You just need to listen with discernment. Be a leader. Stand up for yourself.

Support the movement- Kre8change


Prayer from my heart:
"I choose to see, face and change EVERYWHERE I still harbor cabal values, beliefs and actions in myself.  I ask support from God and the true Company of Heaven to assist me in every moment until I have freed myself completely from this treacherous inner disposition, and I am LIVING free, joyful and in Service!  Also, I ask and invite every Higher Self and incarnated soul on Earth to now join me in this project to experience this clearing, cleansing and revaluation to live in divine PEACE and PROSPERITY. SOBEIT!"

ChristineB - FancyFree
You are loved and you are love.

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Re-balance with this uplifting prayer sung by thousands to God: HU in this beautiful video by Eckankar.

We love you!
Christine, Kathyrn, Meg & Anna ~ The Can-do-Gals

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