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Monday, June 26, 2017

"Cover for the RV" - Mon. AM KTFA Thoughts/News


Raansom » June 26th, 2017

Did Abadi make an official announcement today about the total liberation of Mosul? I may have missed it. Thanks in advance.

Blinkster » June 26th, 2017

Ransom, IMO we may be looking for something that is 'official' in our view; that hasn't or won't happen. maybe not. That said, we have had numerous press reports, and a shining one yesterday, speaking of Mosul's liberation (the 'less than 1%' article).

I don't know how much plainer they will make it to the western world...save for perhaps....A NEW RATE. Just thinking out loud, as I'm NOT saying we have already heard the last about Mosul's liberation. It really depends on how Abadi/Iraq wants to play this, IMO.

Anybody else? I know Frank said we are likely to hear an announcement of Mosul's liberation...and maybe we already have. YMMV.

Cole » June 26th, 2017

You know Blink... was tossing around scenarios on how this could play out... because we are at that juncture in our study...

imo, A is possibly waiting for that major official announcement as a cover for the RV.... RV and Mosul liberation reveal simultaneously done... to draw away undesired attention. Think back to Franks Hawaii videos and when he talked about simultaneous events...

Keeping that hypothesis in mind, when will trump give an update on isis? hmmmmmmm... light bulb... maybe this announcement will be bigger in the press than we would expect....

I mean this IS a big Victory for sure... but maybe they'll just have the press eat it up... as the CBI is given go orders to type in that new rate... discretely... in the still of the warm June night... IMO... IT ONLY MAKES SENSE TO ME.....

StephenMac63 » June 26th, 2017

It has been my thought that we need the lower denoms at the same time or slightly before the "RV". But then I realized "No, maybe we dont" because it is not us that are dealing with the lower denoms. Most of us have the 25000 note and a few of us have the smaller denoms but no one has the lower denoms that include the fils.

With that in mind, im comfortable not having the lower denoms being an issue to RV. That's Iraq's situation for local market. The citizen is not too concerned of what the IQD is valued outside of the country, they are more concerned of what its worth in the country.

Theory on Abadi making a World Announcement of Mosul Liberation.....He may, or he may not. Only because its more important for Abadi to tell his citizens. We have seen some articles that pertain relatively to that announcement, in country. But nothing officially that I have seen to the world. If he does make a world-wide announcement I will be more than happy to hear it as that would be something to listen to a few times.

Need to watch what they do....you notice that you dont see articles relating to who is going to do what, such as ministers plans, arguments ect in the month of July? Or beyond? Its almost like they have an open calendar. But you get tons of articles, activities and expected timelines for June. If they announce the International Status during June, of which it would be awesome to experience, then we will all be sitting pretty. So, all in all, the only "hold-up" was the fact that Mailiki was PM.

Ever since Abadi took over it has been progressing. To have a holdup means that it came to a stop for a period of time. Abadi has never stopped as he always progressed. So, in my opinion, no holdups in the last two years as everything has progressed. Remember that Abadi became PM while ISIS was already infesting the country at a rapid pace. It does seem fitting that ISIS used a Black Flag as it is the same flag that is used for eradicating roaches.

If we do not get to experience the announcement of RV at the end of June, I am not worried at all, its progressing faster than we are..............but you just may be surprised.

Just some thoughts.

Samson » June 26th, 2017

Abadi felicitated Iraqi Eid: Astt post-Daesh and a new life

06.26.2017 at 09:26 (Baghdad time)

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Sunday expressed hope that the return of security to the country in the post-terrorism, and congratulated Iraqis in the festival, he invited them to prepare for the post-terrorism.

Iraqi forces have been locked in the meantime, another battles against al Daesh main stronghold in the city of Mosul after more than nine months on the campaign against the extremist organization starting.

The Mosul, seized by militants Daesh in 2014, the main challenge will face Iraq in post-defeating regulation, analysts say.

Ebadi said in a congratulatory message to Iraqis Eid al-Fitr that he wishes to return this occasion, "Iraqis are always good and the blessings they are united against their enemies and prepare for the post-terrorism, which will be a springboard for a new life filled with their aspirations and wishes in a safe country and cream."

Abadi said that he salutes the Iraqi forces, which he said she writes "the last chapters of the" battle to regain control of Mosul from the grip Daesh.

The battle entered Mosul last week, nine months and is organizing Daesh on the brink of defeat in the main stronghold, which declared him do what he called "Caliphate State".

It was left to organize Daesh only a small part of the healing neighborhood and areas adjacent to the old town of Mosul, which includes the large-Nouri mosque in which Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi appeared Michha black for the first time in mid-2014 before being blown up and minaret famous few days ago. LINK

Briscom » June 26th, 2017

IMO, I feel we will see the CBI raise its interest rates 'after' the dropping of 3 zeros. Perhaps raising those interest rates July.

Peggy68 » June 26th, 2017

The Bank for International Settlements urges central banks to raise interest rates

By rami June 25, 2017

The central bank should go ahead with higher interest rates while acknowledging that financial markets will see some upheaval on the track, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) said on Sunday.

In a recent report, the bank said global growth may soon return to its long-term average after a significant improvement in sentiment over the previous year.

Good communication from central banks will be important, but more importantly, banks need to be strong enough to cope with any disruption, the bank said.

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) identified four major risks to the global medium-term outlook, a sudden jump


Bluedog » June 26th, 2017



Chris05 » June 26th, 2017

Spot on Bluedog.

IMO, The request of the BIS given to all Central Banks it oversees, to unwind their Quantitative Easing programs (ie printing of paper money (Notes)), and to increase interest rates, is only because they (BIS) know that growth is coming in a big way in the future.

Some of us know where the big growth will be and where to invest in order to grow our initial investment even further.

By investing in the IQD, we are ahead of this BIS report.

Tman23 The test website is interesting indeed...1 dinar equals 1.2 dollars...Be it a test or reality rate to come...We still dont know how they are going to deal with the 3 zero note currency...and there are no lower denoms that have been announced...

Without lower denoms...and going to 1 - to 1.2 usd...would not be good for us...

The IQD 3 zero notes will remain in the market place for an estimate 2 years and trade along side the new currency... Words from the CBI! ...and be accepted for a period of ten years...which means you can exchange the 3 zero notes at the CBI ...

The fact remains...we dont know how the 3 zero notes we hold will be treated at exchange...



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