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Monday, June 5, 2017

Confessions of a Channeler by Christine Burk

by Christine Burk


I will be transparent now because how can I expect the bankers, and the systems, and the new Republic and the awakening world to be transparent if I'm not?

I have read and heard the many queries about channelers from earnest truth seekers all the way to the pie-in-the-face shills. The accusations panged me, so I decided to take the provocative goading and harsh criticism as a gift. I stopped publicly channeling for the duration of this inner excavation. I looked more discerningly inside to see what is so about my behavior and within me. How I am serving or NOT serving the Lightworkers, Dinarland, Earth, God?


Channeling or not, I have done harm. I have hurt others. If that is all you glean from my report to you, if you want to slice out only that and post it the world over, do it. It's true. I have hurt others, badly. Not only that, during certain phases of my life, I have had a destructive affair with power - self-serving, attention-grubbing, low-self power.

These facts produce pain so searing and deep inside me that it causes me to look ruthlessly within to see who I am and what I have really done, to feel what I have caused to myself and others, to comprehend how I have denied truth, to painstakingly heal, to release, to do better. Feeling and facing where I have caused pain is the worst suffering I know; it causes me to step-up and turn to God. (Some call that Ascension.)


I have followed certain channelers and messengers for a long time. Now and then, I have read messages that felt to me to be a bit awry or even really off. I have even witnessed stretches of time when it felt to me that the messages were suspiciously askew. I have seen many messengers with specific communications that either did not pan out at all - yet - or that morphed and evolved into a richer, previously hidden-from-sight meaning. I have certainly observed all these and more in my own channellings.

I have witnessed certain "channelers" who seemed to be just hodge-podge taping together bits and pieces of others' words to come up with their own "message." I have seen messengers be: disheartened, imbalanced, possessed, under attack by unseen beings or fiendish frequency streams, unknowingly influenced by wicked psychic networks or microwave weapons. I have seen some so-called "messengers" simply disseminating half-truths, all out lies, threats and fear on behalf of the dark agenda.


I have also received countless messages of truth-filled guidance and inspiration so clear and uplifting that it could only be Love.

We have all lived through this low dimensional, hell war zone. We are all influence-able and influenced by our experiences here and by the tortured collective consciousness. This era of slave-planet Earth has been our experience, YET it is not WHO WE ARE. We are divine beings of tremendous love, capable of anything.


Whenever I feel a message is wonky, I begin praying for the messenger, immediately.

Now, this is interesting because prayer...love...truth...even God have been corrupted concepts in this upside-down-cake world. There are prayers that have been slyly turned into curses. "Love" has been co-opted to mean just about anything - some people say they love porn. Truth has often become a self-righteous stance that we club each other to death with. And at times we have tried to put other things, people, ideas, beliefs and ourselves above God, creating a false power hierarchy where none exists.

Yet are prayer, love, truth and God REALLY corruptible? No way. Prayer, love, truth and God are not concepts - that's where the scam falls apart. These are not definable things, ideas or beliefs; yet they are true reality. We are infinite beings with inner knowing. Whenever we enter the quiet meadow of our heart one with God's Love Light, We KNOW.

So, when I say I pray, I mean I say a fresh declaration from my heart, filled with love and the intention always for the highest good of all. Something like...

"God, please protect and support my dear brother/sister. If I have not perceived the message fully, I now seek to understand. If it is appropriate to intercede according to my sister/brother's Life Plan and free will, I ask their Higher Self to shield and encourage them now with your Love."


In my crib, I would gurgle and coo and call, and bloop bloop bloop bloop the room would fill with the Bright Ones. They would sing and make me laugh. I knew them by their feeling. They were each distinct and brought only pure joy. Much later, I would come to understand that here they are called: Jesus, Archangel Michael, Saint Germain, Ashtar, Mother and Serapis Bey. Those are the Ones who have always been by me.

Jesus has always always been with me. I call him Sananda. He has been my patient, loving guide and friend. His energy is impossible to mistake. There is nothing like it. I have always talked to him and he talks back to me; they all do. For the longest time, I didn't know that it wasn't this way for everybody. Note: I have seen the Fake Jesus Parade in the messy etheric. Their energetic feeling and agenda are easily discernable from Christ Jesus.

So, it is a little strange for me whenever channelers and messengers are disparagingly singled out (I say, "and messengers" because there are some bright stars amongst us who are not channeling exactly, like our beloved Sheldan Nidle).

For me, what some folks call "channeling" has always been as natural as breathing, and I've always known we can all do it. For me, the accusations are bizarre. It's like saying, "Oh those breathers are really causing problems! Some are kind while others are cruel and some even have asthma!" Huh? First, we breathe and channel, then we decide how to live our days.


Channeling is our natural ability to tune our unique inner disposition with beings and consciousnesses of our choosing to perceive/feel/intuit/hear/know communication from another. We may or may not be guided or choose to share the results with others.

There are two points where we may knowingly or unknowingly allow corruption to occur: 1) who or what we choose to communicate with and 2) what choices, beliefs and filters we apply in delivering the message to others. Christ Consciousness is the solution for both.


Most public channelers these days are incredibly brave loving souls who face a myriad of challenges to bring through Light-imbued messages for the restoration, inspiration, awakening and joy of all.

I have personally seen some channelers/messengers being asked by benevolent high dimensional Ones to offer communications that seemed odd at the time. By faith, they did deliver, only later to discover unimaginable revelations and tremendous healings as the result.

Some channelers have relayed events that did not unfold within our dimensional time. These courageous troubadours were fearlessly opening gateways, laying templates, imprinting or grounding the events already occurring outside of our time. The guidepost is Love.


I never ever imagined my inner life on this planet would be for others to hear much less judge - eep! And I've been training for thousands of lifetimes to get this good - eek! Yet know this: I have caused harm. Me. By what I have done and failed to do, I have hurt many. This is for me to see, feel, heal, release and do better.

This has nothing to do with the very real and only loving high dimensional benevolent angels and beings who live to serve true God's loving purpose, including overlighting our personal Ascension and our shared Mission: the restoration of Light on Earth.

To those I have hurt directly in my personal life, I am very sorry. I have used the resulting pain in me to galvanize my moment-to-moment inner decision not to do it again - to embrace the essence of God within me. To the rest of you, I am deeply sorry because when I hurt one, I hurt all. Even my failings can serve, if I face the truth of what I've done and caused. The only goal is Love.

Sananda tells me to begin public messages again. It is part of my purpose on Earth at this time to bring Light-filled communications from the higher dimensions for the transition now underway.


Indeed, the RV, GCR and much more have already happened. We are now in a very special moment of extended dispensation and grace. The in-breath ALL IS DONE occurring simultaneously with the out-breath CREATION. We await our intended moment to cross the threshold we have long prepared to cross. I have been shown tiny glimpses of our next phase...no words...so magnificent...this story truly ends and begins again in glory.

I am a channeler, a grid worker, a lead transmuter, a Starseed, a Lightworker, a human angel in training - but that's all just a job description.

I am a being of God and Light.
I am your sister.

I Am.

Christine B. (Fancy Free & Can Do Gal)

You are loved and you are love.

P.S. Was this report channeled? Heh heh (That one's for you Yo Yo Yo)

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We love you!
Kathryn, Christine, Meg & Anna ~ The Can-do-Gals

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