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Saturday, June 24, 2017

"CBI Site Still Down" - TruthCall Chat Highlights 6-24-17

TruthCall Chat Room

Jo: https://cbi.iq Site down still? hope that's good news

Meatball: oh your fine then

The Crisco Kid: CBI ???
The Crisco Kid: I Alway Fine Just Not Good ....

Zig: Central Bank of Iraq...the site is back...same rate...lol

The Crisco Kid: But I Believe That Rate Is A few Days Old ...

Zig: Well the English side is still down...who knows...people will jump to conclusions as usual...

Meatball: it is kicking it up in dinarland

The Crisco Kid: That Doesn't Take Much To Do !!

Zig: Down again...they are working on it...in and out...

Meatball: prob just maintence
Meatball: how many folks do you think are on that site hitting the refresh button?

Zig: LOL...10,000...

The Crisco Kid: Need More People Not My Job .....
The Crisco Kid: Refresh
The Crisco Kid: Did You Hear That ?

Zig: "The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later."....I got in and the English side works....same rate...I think the problem right now is that too many people (as Meatball said) are trying to get in..."capacity" problem...

Zig: People are in a frenzy thinking the RV has happened...lol...Rumors are spreading as always...

Baxter: Sick of rumors... Sick of Gurus... Sick of Dinar Websites... Matter of fact... Im sick of Dinar....

Zig: LOL
The Crisco Kid: @Zig If You Think You Were Stupid For Getting In This Why You Here ?

Zig: @The Crisco Kid : Not stupid for investing...stupid because we listened to the Gurus and believed all their Bullsh**...

Zig: IMO the Dinar is a great investment...risk/reward

The Crisco Kid: @Zig Then How Did You hear About This Great Investment ?

Zig: From an online friend...most of us heard about it that way I think...

Baxter: actually..... I didnt get into this nuthouse listening to gurus.... I found out about this thru a state representative from Ohio....

Zig: @Baxter : Interesting...

The Crisco Kid: @Zig You Still Friends With Him ...

Baxter: I was one of his campaign chairpersons during his re election campaign...

Zig: @The Crisco Kid : LOL...actually it was from two different women...and yes, we still communicate...

Baxter: all the politicians.. are loaded... believe me....

Zig: It is so cheap to be in this investment...no big risk...just don't spend more than you can afford to lose...

Meatball: I was told about all of this from a fellow contractor in Iraq.... said one day we will be renting hotels here

Zig: @Baxter : I remember you telling me a couple of years ago that you were putting your Dinar away in a closet...LOL

Baxter: I did Zig..... its still there

Zig: LOL
Zig: Collecting dust...

Baxter: Yep.... i have more than enough...

The Crisco Kid: Sadly I Was Told About This By A Long Tine Friend Who I Might Add Is A VP For Wells Fargo Out West.. Told ME Fast Easy Cash, he Has A Suit Case Full, And Yes We Still Talk ...

Meatball: it will be over one day one way or another

The Crisco Kid: Yep

Meatball: hope folks are ready either way
Baxter: I believe the next couple of months will tell the tale..one way or the other......

The Crisco Kid: Yea They Must be Running Out Of Excuses .....

Meatball: I think it will give a good indication
Meatball: one thing it seems like there moving on is the investment side of things which is a major plus

Baxter: yep..... you hardly hear anything about parliament anymore

The Crisco Kid: I Hoping The Tax Bill Gets Signed Before This Happens .....

Meatball: would be nice
Meatball: they will get there cut one way or another

The Crisco Kid: Some How I Think Your Right ...

Meatball: give them there share and get them out of your life i say

The Crisco Kid: Good Thinking

Meatball: i have seen the irs make life miserable for folks

The Crisco Kid: I Had A Run With Them For 6 Years Made Them Look Stupid But I Still Lost

Meatball: they go for the throat
Meatball: pics of the new CBI building design...
Meatball: http://www.zaha-hadid.com/architecture/central-bank-of-iraq/
Meatball: look who is in this pic...
Meatball: http://www.archdaily.com/205126/zaha-hadid-architects-and-central-bank-of-iraq-sign-agreement-for-new-headquarters

Zig: https://cbi.iq/ "The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later."....I got in and the English side works....same rate...

I think the problem right now is that too many people (as Meatball said) are trying to get in..."capacity" problem...THERE HAS BEEN NO RV!...SO RELAX!... :)

Zig: That's for those of you who just woke up and are reading the frenzied news (rumors)...lol

Meatball: Zig... folks are posting all over the rate changed to 1.2... been getting calls all morning
Meatball: its not the rate

Zig: LOL...Oh I we wish that were true!

Meatball: post are even on recaps
Meatball: there claiming the rate was showing

Zig: @Meatball : Yeah...People are going nutty as usual....

Meatball: wake me when its over please lol

Zig: Hey I hope we're wrong and at the banks on Monday!!...lol

Meatball: i always hope i am wrong

Zig: LOL
Zig: GO RV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....GO RV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

​FreddyFudpucker: I keep seeing "recaps" what is that ?

Zig: Dinar Recaps...

FreddyFudpucker: another chat room Zig?

Zig: Wow...hard to believe you have not heard of it...

FreddyFudpucker: I stay in one room at a time I do not "ramble" around
FreddyFudpucker: when it happens there will not be a necessity to be in 10 places looking 4 it

Zig: Recaps posts stuff from lots of different forums, etc...they now are posting parts of this chat...
Zig: They post details of calls...Guru quotes, etc....been around for years....

FreddyFudpucker: that means were famous ?
FreddyFudpucker: I bet ppl laugh when they see my Nick

Zig: Yes...our link is posted when they copy and post some of this chat...
Zig: That's why we are getting some new members now...

FreddyFudpucker: cool liven it up a bit
FreddyFudpucker: IF they can "take" me that is

Meatball: guru posted bits of us too

tman23: An oil tanker which transports crude oil from the Kurdistan Region is heading to the west, likely to the US, recommencing oil import from the region after three years of pause, Bloomberg news reported on Thursday.

According to the data obtained by the agency, the Neverland, (Aframax tanker, with the normal capacity of 650,000 barrels) left the Mediterranean Sea on Tuesday after leaving a port in southern Turkey a week before.

[pm]Zig: REPEAT: https://cbi.iq/ "The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later."....I got in and the English side works....same rate...I think the problem right now is that too many people (as Meatball said) are trying to get in..."capacity" problem...THERE HAS BEEN NO RV!...SO RELAX!... :)

Meatball: wonder how many calls banks got today

The Crisco Kid: They Know Nothing About This ....

Meatball: willing to wager folks called thinking the rate changed

Jo: @Meatball You are right Frank26 is saying that IQD Rate is up?? http://www.iqdcalls.com/frank.html

[pm]Zig: US dollar USD "1184.000"... Euro EUR 1320.870... Pound sterling GBP 1500.128... Canadian dollar CAD 892.440... Swiss franc S.FR 1216.105... Swedish krona SEK 135.777... Norwegian krone NOK 140.479... Danish krone DKK 178.590... Japanese yen JPY 10.765... Australian dollar AUD 894.630... Special drawing rights SDR 1637.721... Gold for 24-ounce GOLD 1,494,208.000 (GOT IN AGAIN...HERE IS THE CHART...NO CHANGE)

Meatball: been getting calls all day about it

[pm]Zig: US dollar "1184.000" Dinars
[pm]Zig: Nice looking site...

Meatball: you see the building pics?
Meatball: http://www.zaha-hadid.com/architecture/central-bank-of-iraq/

rod86018: http://cbi.3eyon-host.net/ is why there is speculation now....scroll down the page.

[pm]Zig: @Meatball : Thanks

Meatball: Kap brought up a pretty good point about the site being updated in relation to new investments

Jo: @rod86018 That is NOT OFFICIAL CBI SITE

rod86018: thanks jo.....

Zig: @rod86018 : Hmmmm....did not see that...Thanks...

FreddyFudpucker: oh who is misbehaving ?

Meatball: all I got was an error message

FreddyFudpucker: ZIG U being a good boy?

Zig: @Jo : How do you know that it is not official site?

rod86018: not sure what it is, but is why there is discussion about.

Jo: .net

Zig: @FreddyFudpucker : Always good... :P

FreddyFudpucker: ok then

Jo: you all know that

rod86018: looks like the other one, had then side by side...just wondering

Zig: FreddyFudpucker....that's Doug_W from the closed DU Chat Room....

Meatball: the one and only

The Crisco Kid: Faster Than A Speeding Guru ....

Meatball: official site link to the CBI
Meatball: https://cbi.iq/

Jo: @Meatball yes

The Crisco Kid: What Makes You Think That the Official Site Doesn't Have It Wrong ?

Meatball: the number changed back

tman23: OMG !!!!! 1.2 is 1200 ........ 1 USD IS EQUAL TO 1200 IQD ...... AND 100 USD IS 120,000 IQD........

The Crisco Kid: is That Fiat Or Gold backed ???

FreddyFudpucker: hiya 23

tman23: Frankie.....Frankie.....Frankie...... Hot lava flowing......or is it indigestion coming up from the Vodka.......

Zig: I just looked at the site where I have bought Dinar...same price....
Zig: So chill out...LOL

The Crisco Kid: Those 2 Factors Have To Be Considered Before Getting Excited Or Really Excited

Zig: @tman23 : LOL

FreddyFudpucker: @Zig you actually HAVE Dinar

Meatball: I will believe it when the money is in my hand
Meatball: not when frank says

Zig: @FreddyFudpucker : LOL...Yes...why do you ask that??
Zig: @FreddyFudpucker : I will bet you that I have more Dinar than most...LOL

The Crisco Kid: Tell How Much You Have

FreddyFudpucker: I have many 50's
FreddyFudpucker: a whole stack of them too

Zig: @The Crisco Kid : LOL...No way, amigo!... :P

FreddyFudpucker: figured Id cash them in and NO IRS forms to fill out

The Crisco Kid: I'll Bet I Have Less Than Most ....

TWW: @Zig Did u see on ther cbi site the American$ at 1.20 today??

Zig: @TWW : Was discussed...Jo said not official site...I have no idea....

TWW: @Zig crap, there i go again, thanx

Zig: @TWW : LOL...who knows what is real anymore...

TWW: @Zig the site is down...while I was on the landing page, second time today

Zig: Too much traffic...server capacity overloaded

TWW: @Zig now itz back up but with no mention of the 1.20usd, u r right again

Zig: I usually don't post this much...LOL...I blame Doug!!
Zig: @TWW : There is a different site that shows the 1.20....I have no idea....lol

TWW: @Zig same here but dont kno Doug so I cant blame him

Zig: @TWW : Doug is Freddy who gets up before the birds...LOL...they are making him an honorary bird(brain)....LOL!!!!!!!!!!

TWW: @Zig itz the http://cbi.3eyon-host.net/ BS Bogus site http://cbi.3eyon-host.net/

Zig: Yes I believe that's the one..

TWW: @Zig my horse gets me up early, her name is Ebony not Doug
TWW: @Zig ooops my client just showed up, 15 min L8T, L8TR

txbrand: well bgg had a cc last... we will never know anymore..lol
txbrand: im listening...but didn't know about it till now

Zig: Wasn't much that was new...talked about another injury...LOL...almost sliced his finger off....
Zig: He is injury prone to say the least...LOL

txbrand: I did hear that form the cc he had on facebook ( finger )
txbrand: what did everyone think about Delta saying I have the rate ?
txbrand: ISX closing for 5 days

Zig: http://cbi.3eyon-host.net/
Zig: Have no idea about that site....but some have been excited today because of it....some say it is not an official site...

Zig: I have no clue...lol
Zig: Okay...Later...Behave, Doug!!

txbrand: ok....it does say 1.2 ...but no idea what it means
txbrand: later
txbrand: they are showing the 50,000 http://cbi.3eyon-host.net/page/45

Jo: Site redo... https://cbi.iq




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