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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

"Anonymous1 Bravo" by GK - 6.27.17

Entry Submitted by GK at 11:46 AM EDT on June 27, 2017

"Re: Can Someone More Intelligent than me Explain?" by Anonymous1 - 6.27.17

That was an excellent explanation.

I would like to add some thoughts.

Economics literally means the study of scarcity. Our controllers love monopoly and the monopolies create bottle necks on opportunity, which includes resources of value whether oil, metals or even human beings.

I used to be liberal left, lean more right these days, am definitely understanding the philosophical arguments of anarchists, Libertarian, etc. Even the idea of socialism/communism...Pretty much every system is only as good as its leaders and enforcers...Who was it that said the only pure form of government is a dictatorship? Plato?

All have many cooks in the kitchen, the worst being ruthless mafias without conscience willing to cut the throats of competition and use every deception possible to hold the world ransom. I offered proof many times it is the Babylonian/Talmudic syndicate that is at the top which includes, gnostics, freemasonry, jesuit and more. Just watch the Godfather movies or a Scorcese mob film for an idea of the bottom line.

Remember in Godfather the crime families sit down to divide up turf and rackets? One forbids drugs another has no intention of not capitalizing on drugs. With racketeering the water seeks its own level.

So now let me move into speculation which wants to believe idealism is alive and well and enough people worldwide, especially those with military training finally came to understand they were being used as fodder or hitmen... and they secretly aligned to slowly take down the top syndicate whose best monopoly is/was printing money. Just like Rumpelstiltskin spinning hay into gold.

If you have that right for a century and own the banks, all wealth circles back to your hands and while everyone else is trading paper you buy up real assets, real estate, rights to land, waterways, mining, storage of wealth and food and seeds, and technology.

You plan for the Terminator 2 eventuality of humans waking up so you create transhumanism, robotics, drones, death machines and the idea humanity has gone beyond their usefulness. A future many do not want to see and yet it is here.

So now we need to place faith in the idea enough good guys are acting in concert to mess up the mercenaries employed by the world syndicate. (hence delays)

The numbers the syndicate uses for the economy aren't the same as the numbers these good guys would want. A great plan would be to spread wealth around to so many holders that it would slow down the transhumanistic takedown. Ideally, a multiple coordinated attack on the world syndicate would need to wrestle away their keys to paying mercenaries and even promise their mercenaries a better life, and to get a hold of computer codes, weapon systems and dial back pre-programmed self destruct modes.

Biblically we have all heard the Revelation that the mark of the Beast was part of Satan's plan and many said that this was a computer chip that would brand each of us as total puppets to the state. If we got out of line that chip would blacklist us from the market. No one would sell us an apple. Or give medical attention.

Also part of that plan included a world currency and a world religion as to get everyone looking at the exact same focal point.

A carbon tax assists that agenda because we all breathe, and if we all pay a tax for breathing the next question is who do we pay that tax to? The world government, that is who. Hmmm... Plato's dictatorship. Satan and Lucifer are said to be two distinct entities. Good cop and bad cop of devils.

If Lucifer is nicer about his or her plan for dominance and has used incrementalism under the guise of tolerance, we will be boiled frogs before we realize, oops too late.

Personally speaking, the promise of great wealth appeals to me in the way it appeals to anyone. Finally having an opportunity to live out dreams and help people. But for that to happen we have to trust this isn't a bait and switch effort for a new hundred year charter of wealth dominance for the same devil syndicate who needs all these currencies to create a roaring 20s type sudden wonderful prosperity and then crash into a need for a one world currency, leading to a chip.

When every sign has indicated this plan has been marching on for hundreds of years, to suddenly believe good guys fixed all that is to be naive. One can be vigilant and still be hopeful.

Do I believe it? Let's just say the world Order will never be taken down if we refuse to believe in that possibility. Eye on the ball. Eye on the devil. Eye on the devil in the details. Eye on the foot soldiers and the laws.

Yosef has said that tremendous wealth for all would lead to no money and abundance. I see the idea has merit, but will we really have a world without rulers at that juncture? How will laws and courts be administered when man and man trespass against one another. Will we really ascend beyond those behaviors?

Okay back to your question, the actual value of currencies like the Zim. Yosef said 125000 per zim. Well that number is based in the old fiat system. If a new number emerges of 1 to 1 it will likely be in a new SDR, special drawing rights, commodities backed USN which includes gold in the mix... Commodities backed is better than all the paper promises in the world no matter how many zeroes. If we can trust the ultimate book keeper.

When they figure out that math equation it will hopefully be to sustain excellent above board commerce for generations and not an equation like a time bomb set to bring in the disaster to launch the one world currency.

For that we need faith in those who are fighting the financial war. I will stop there and say a prayer.



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