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Friday, June 2, 2017

"About the Paris Climate Accord" by Reallucky1 - 6.2.17

Entry Submitted by Reallucky1 at 3:25 AM EDT on June 2, 2017


After listening to the Real Truth Call and also from the Intel that was given by Yosef and others, the President can not pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement until the year 2020. Actually the date will be November 7, 2020, the day after a new President will be elected in 3 1/2 years. That is why with my last post I mentioned, the President does not have the option to pull out of this agreement. Part of the agreement of this deal was all 209 countries go or none go. The Elders that put up the money, did not want to have one or two countries pull the shenanigans like we saw today. Which is like Yosef mentioned "One Big Show". Even Cindy Kay Currier, that was mentioned earlier on DC has told me directly, its all an Act, everything that we see in government as it is a bankrupt USA, inc.

Additionally, how can anyone explain the USA, inc. was completely removed on March 15, 2017, and the new Republic of the united States of America was born, and went into place on March 16, 2017, the country is using this new system and has been for 2 1/2 months. I also mentioned in this post, that we are operating two complete set of books, the one for the old system, and one for the new system, until it is announced to the public. While the attached link on covfefe, the President tweeted today stood for Soviet and not I resign, (this is per the link Yosef posted himself). I do believe the President is going to resign, as that will be the only way to keep his Trump brand in tact, after the plan is announced, and we all see that he had no option to pull out. While I did like that Germany, Britain and France all announced, they would step up in the US demise. That was the best part of the article, as these countries have never paid there fair share of anything globally.

This is when I realized that Yosef is right and President Trump is a burner President. There is no way that I can see all the countries of the world going to Basel iii or higher compliance for carbon emissions, to have one or two countries pull out and stop the RV. The Chinese nor Russians, would let that happen, this is a done deal there is no stopping it, and President Trump can hold all the fake news conferences in the Rose Garden he wants to try and sell it to us. Before he was even President, I was researching this Paris Climate Agreement with the climate change initiative. If he really wanted to sell it, he could have gone with just the climate change initiative, but he chose to get rid of the whole deal. This will be the icing on the President's cake, as the NPTB are not going to let this stand, this will put the US in the company of Nicaragua and Syria. This makes the US look like complete idiots, and will cause the impeachment that we have been hearing about since Trump was sworn in to office. Funny this afternoon I got an email asking me to join in the march to protest this today, I can not protest something that I know is completely fake, they want everyone to wear Orange.

Just wanted to point out a few things that will make you understand a little bit more about why the President is a burner President, and why the Paris Climate Accord, can not be stopped. Paul Ryan congratulated the President on his pulling out of this agreement, thought that was another interesting thing that happened after the Presidents announcement. That was one of the things that created some confusion. In the past, Paul Ryan would not be too thrilled with the Presidents discord from the global agreements, and now he siding with President Trump. I guess they want to create the reaction, that the whole administration has lost their mind, but that would not hold true if the public was protesting and wanted to impeach the President over his withdrawal. Then Mike Pence would step down immediately after the President, for his loyalty to the President. But how does this make the American people, that will be outraged over the President pulling out of this agreement, get in line with the New Republic's President Paul Ryan? Paul Ryan thought it was great for America to pull out of this agreement. That is the part we must need another piece to our puzzle, before we can answer this last question.

The saga continues but wanted to explain the things I know about this agreement, hope this explanation makes sense and you understand, that this agreement can not be stopped until 2020, so it will not affect the RV in anyway, as it is happening, and it is imminent. I also mentioned in the earlier post that the USA was the worlds currency reserve, if the US does not RV, it will affect the other countries that used the USD. For this reason, as well as the ones mentioned above, the Paris Climate Accord will proceed as planned. The script is taking a few U-turns, who ever wrote this script, must have a pencil with the world's biggest eraser in history. I guess no one could have imagined, the President suddenly going into the Rose Garden and pulling out of the the biggest deal in history. You can not make this stuff up folks its PRICELESS. The only other explanation for this announcement, even though it was expected, was they needed more time to tie up Iraq, or some other currency or business issue, or President Trump was handing the evidence for impeachment so it wont be a criminal issue, like treason or obstructing justice, just politics that wont affect Trumps brand as much as the former, makes sense to me.

Sincerely REALLUCKY1

Earlier post before the President supposedly pulled out of the Agreement written a few days ago

"Trump Backs out of Paris Agreement? Yeah, Right" by Sierra - 5.28.17


What everyone seems to be missing is there no backing out of the Paris Climate Agreement. PERIOD. This was finalized in October 2015 with 209 countries all signing off on the agreements in the G20 Meeting that year. This is all a distraction to make people think this can be stopped. The currency is resetting, for all currencies using the Brics system under CIPS, instead of the Swift system we used to use. Russia, China, and India now have a say in the New Republic of the united States of America as they hold most of our debts and have bailed us out for the third time in history. The old system was removed on March 15, 2017, and we have been on the new system since March 16, 2017. Each countries currencies are asset backed with the Gold Reserves that are stored in Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) in China as per the article attached. "Gold-for-Gold" - GCR/RV Overview - Friday - May 26, 2017

Everything you see on TV about President Trump considering backing out of the Paris Agreement, he does not even have this option, regardless of what he or the media says. Every country that signed this Paris Climate Agreement for the last two years, have been getting their country to be in compliance with Basel III or higher to remove carbon emissions, it also is to reset each countries currency by the populations and their own natural resources and technology. This has been a huge undertaking, and can not be undone or stopped by anyone as the Republic has been using this system (2 1/2 months) and have two different operating systems until the final date it is announced to the public. This show has been carefully planned, and everything we are seeing is all a chapter to get the announcement into the mainstream. Just do not fall into anything that is happening right now, because it is not what is really going on.

I will not disrespect the President, but he is using this climate deal as to try and stop the inevitable, its a 209 country goes or none go, it will not end well for him if he does not follow the script that he agreed to, as well as signing his resignation. The end is near there is no way they can continue much longer as many countries of the world are waiting for their country to be international. We were the last country to go as we were the worlds reserve currency.

All the countries that were using US Dollars, are waiting for us to reset we are actually holding up international business. Deals are made, but they can not be finalized under the old system, they are just like us waiting for the currencies to reset.

Only a matter of time. All the currencies have been listed on the Fiscal Services Report for the Us.gov for over 6 weeks, I can not imagine they can keep up the charade much longer.

The window of opportunity has never looked better to me.





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