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Friday, June 2, 2017

"A True Story for Nick" by Victor - 6.2.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 6:11 AM EDT on June 2, 2017

Nick, I am to share a true story with you today about my personal....." Armageddon".....since it is now in the air. I am doing this for you, because there is no more a loyal reader than you of IDC. You come and read this site every day and yet every day this is an Armageddon experience for you. You want to believe the Truth expressed here more than YOU realize. You want to believe so bad, but you can't.

You read ALL of Yosef posts and All of OWK post and everyday it is Armageddon for you here when you read. You are dying but you keep coming back even though your belief system does not let you believe a word of it, yet you want it to be true so bad. Yes you do, or you would not put so much meaning into coming here and what is being said. That is why you complain and argue when what you want to be true here is......" NOT"..... told to you in a way that you think would....." Prove"...... this for you and make this really True for you. Convince you with the parameters that you have laid out for yourself.

You see, my Armageddon experience came to me when I was probably 2 years old? I really don't know the age I was exactly because I was so young. I could have been younger but this experience for me was the most traumatic......ever. This was traumatic for me because I knew that after this day, my Life would never bee the same. My Life was at its peak and it was perfect and I did not want to change it. I knew if I went along with this New Direction and changed myself, that I could never go back to the person I was before. All that I knew before would be gone and Yet, a whole new Life laid ahead of me. I had to choose.

I did not want to change for that reason. I loved what I was and where I was at. I had it made and if I caved in now and changed, it would be my personal Armageddon. I knew all of this even at a very young age. I share this long story here because it is important for YOU. This is for you no doubt a huge conflict and a real Soul transforming conflict as mine was for me. I could not avoid this moment and this event, as you can't avoid it. You are here as I was there, at the most pivotal moment I had ever had.

I had been sitting in the hall way in the middle of the house for probably two hours. I had been crying, complaining and just caring on until I was all red, sweaty, tired and short if energy. I was spent because, I was asked to do one thing only, but it was huge. After this I could not be the child I was before. I fought this with all I had.This would effect me for the rest of my life. This was Armageddon for sure and I had to surrender to it.......WAAhhhhhh!

I had to on that day, learn to ......"wipe my own butt"........OMG!. This was the end of the world for me....... My mother would not cave in. I had been sitting on this tiny little metal pot for hours. My arguments where perfect. My logic was perfect. I was right and she was wrong. How could she ask me to do this? If I do this now........I would have to grow up!. I could no longer be a child any longer. I was up against it and it would be the death of the child in me forever.

This was a threshold that once crossed I could not go back. I did not understand it, so I said publicly, as I cried out. But deep inside, I knew it was a lie. Yeah...... I knew and It was not fair!........ "I screamed it"...... and no one would listen to me and they made fun of me behind my back in the kitchen. I could hear my grandmother also laughing at me and even my grand father joined in......Even him. They ALL sided against me and stood with my mother on this point. I told them all I could not do it !!.......and that it was ....."Insane"..... what they where asking of me. This I said would be the end of me. ...........and it was.

After this, I could no longer be a child any more. I loved being a child. It was the best time. I could suckle all day long. I was the center of attention and nothing was asked of me. Everything was provided and I was completely taken care off. But now, I had to face taking ...."Self Responsibility"........for my own Life. I had to take action and decide. I could not get out of it and I was trapped. I really only had one option and I did not like it. I knew this all during my tantrums and complaints, that is why I tried them all..........

Then I surrendered and did the deed. It was not hard and it was not bad and it did not hurt and from that day on I was a man. I started my walk up the mountain to be a Spiritual man eventually. All of that came after I stopped my fighting and gave up my ......"Outdated"....... beliefs that would not longer serve me in my New Life. Armageddon came with a complete destruction of the old. I was no longer a baby no more.

With this realization, a new world opened up for me. I had to get off the pot some time. I had to learn to ....."wipe my own ass".........and it was OK. I was not going to be an adult unless I did this. It was guaranteed from that day forward, by this one act of surrender. That act was a benevolent act, that I understood only after walking past the threshold of the actual experience. It was actually a very simple act, but with huge ramifications............and so it is for you NICK.

I can see you want this all to be true and you want to grow up and you want this New YOU, which is just on the other side of giving up your arrogant ways. It is a Free Will thing that you must decide on your own. Can you die to all the things you knew about reality and how it operates and how your most loved childhood logic will have to go and be surrendered.

I think you know the Miracles of the future that await you and humanity on the other side of this very personal Armageddon, where everything will be destroyed. All the old past will be gone. The child will be gone. In many ways you are the most loyal fan or Yosef and OWK. Who keeps on coming back all against the voices in your head telling you that this can't be True and that this choice will kill you. Yes it will do that...........but then there will also be a new you. No Child.

So you have to choose to got off the ....."Old Pot"..... and take self resposbibilty and no one can do it for you. Yet, we who have all gone before you know that you will be OK. We know that what you are asked to give up is really only false-hood and childish ways, that is all. Even Grandfather is snickering at you, because this is so funny man!

Learn to do the deed and join us. We have all done it here. Prove your a man and wipe........but not with your hand.

Much Love Victor



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