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Sunday, June 25, 2017

"A Ton of Misdirection" - Thoughts from KTFA Animated Rock


Animated Rock » June 24th, 2017

Hello family. There seems to be a ton of misdirection and confusion. So I have reached out to others who have calmly and cautiously laid out information to this affect, and am going to try to lay out a concise trail for you guys to follow here.

I am going to stay away from a “timeline” style format this time, because most people will not take the time to read through all that information and will miss most of what I am trying to say. This will all be IMO and in my interpretation and give you a view of my thought process. IF you disagree, that is fine. But what I am going to present you is solid information, based on interpretation, and through a lens of the UNSC Doc.

So, let’s start with the UNSC doc that was released to us 3 weeks ago. That (the 3 weeks ago) is important in and of itself. Think about it, the UNSC decides to release this document 3 WEEKS AGO.

Why is that important you ask. Well let’s see what that document contains, shall we?

Security Council Authorizes Continued Maintenance of Iraq Escrow Account, Unanimously Adopting Resolution 2335 (2016)

The Security Council today authorized the Secretary-General to continue to maintain the escrow account authorized by resolution 1958 (2010), and to retain the funds contained therein until 30 June 2017, at which time all remaining funds would be transferred to the Government of Iraq.

Unanimously adopting resolution 2335 (2016) under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, the 15-member Council also requested that the Secretary-General continue to pursue implementation of paragraph 7 and other relevant aspects of resolution 1958 (2010).

Paragraph 4 of resolution 1958 (2010) authorized the Secretary-General to ensure the retention of $20 million from the Iraq Account in the escrow account until 31 December 2016, exclusively for United Nations expenses relating to the orderly termination of the residual activities of the oil-for-food programme. Paragraph 5 authorized the Secretary-General to ensure that up to $131 million of the Iraq Account were retained in the escrow account for the purpose of providing indemnification to the United Nations, its representatives, agents, and independent contractors for a period of six years with regard to all activities in connection with the Programme since its inception.

Michele Sison (United States), whose delegation submitted the text, said that the short-term extension brought the United Nations a step closer to closing the book on the programme and to tying up a few outstanding issues. The Government of Iraq and the United Nations had made progress in several areas, including some legal issues, she said, adding that the Government of Iraq should see today’s extension as the Council’s unwavering support for closing the file once and for all.

The Security Council also took note of a letter (document S/2016/1126) dated 29 December 2016 from the Secretary-General to the President of the Council.

The meeting began at 10:02 a.m. and ended at 10:05 a.m.

The full text of resolution 2335 (2016) reads as follows:
“The Security Council,
“Recalling its resolution 1958 (2010),

“Acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations,

“1. Reaffirms its call in paragraph 2 of resolution 1958 (2010) for the Government of Iraq to provide without delay payments referred to therein;

“2. Authorizes the Secretary-General to continue to maintain the escrow accounts authorized in paragraphs 3, 4 and 5 of resolution 1958 (2010) and to retain the funds in those accounts until 30 June 2017, at which time all remaining funds are to be transferred to the Government of Iraq;

“3. Requests the Secretary-General to continue to pursue implementation of paragraph 7 and other relevant aspects of resolution 1958 (2010);

“4. Requests the Secretary-General to report on implementation of this resolution no later than 30 March 2017 and with a final report three months after the transfer of any remaining funds pursuant to parag

raph 2 to the Government of Iraq, unless otherwise authorized by the Security Council;
“5. Decides to remain actively seized of the matter.”

So let’s go over this document real fast. And summarize. All of the sections I have highlighted are what I will be summarizing, starting at the top so you can follow.

#1 - It is the UNSC’s GOAL to be done with this by the 30th, which goes without saying that this is IRAQ’s GOAL to hit that 30th target. – To expound on this, it seems as though Frank is saying, that they have the goal to SHOW TO UNSC by the 30th, that they have hit all their target goals and are implementing these steps. (more to come later in the summary on this issue)

#2 -We can see that the UNSC and Iraq are implementing a Program to end the “oil-for-food” system that they have been operating in under the UNSC Chap 7 regulations.

#3 – From Dec 2016 to June 30th was THE short term extension that Iraq got to finish the “few outstanding issues” they needed to clear up. To close the book “once and for all” with “UNWAVERING” support of the council.

#4 – The payments will be given to Iraq “without delay” meaning that, they will get the funds when UNSC said they will get the funds. Not 5 days later, not 10 days later, without delay.

#5 – 30 June is the “without delay” date from their own mouth.

#6 – March 30, the UNSC date, was when they had to report that these steps were done and ready to go. Did we see Iraq report that they had? Yes we did. Hence the reason we saw this document, AT ALL.

#7 – “Decides to remain actively seized in the matter” – this means, we aren’t changing our minds, this is done!!!

Okay, now that we’ve made it through that, let’s look at the rest of the evidence through that lens, (and since I am posting on a site that Frank has designed, built and assembled family) I am going to use the information that HE and TEAMS have provided, and just base this off of that.

Frank has told us currently that he and his teams are studying the 26th-30th window RIGHT NOW.

That means, in the present, currently, right now. So asking him if he is looking into July, or Aug, or Oct is a MUTE POINT family. STOP IT! He has already given you the answer. He AND teams, are looking at JUNE 26-30 right now. So let’s get on THAT bandwagon, and look at the info he has given us in terms of THAT information.

We saw this website come out on Thur, the last day of their business week. This website, in my opinion, and Franks, is HUGE!

This is a step towards internationality. Now, I will deviate into my own opinion on this website. I encourage you to go back and look at my last timeline, bring it forward if you want. (The reason I am not updating it currently, is that there is currently an AVALANCHE of information coming out, and I would spend hours working on it right now.)

I said that I was looking at the 22nd to 25th, the next big time window right before Franks 26-30th began, because the study that I am in right now pointed to those dates being significant. After COB (close of business) on Thur, they released this website. This was also the last day that the internet was shut down from 7-8am. Coincidence, I think not.

This new version of the CBI website is only updated to June 21’st.

This is verifiable by clicking around on the website, and looking at dates. THIS IS NOT BY MISTAKE IMO. They have only released the parts of that website that they want the public to see. It is somewhat buggy and some of the links don’t work etc. Again, in my belief system, I do not see this as an accident or coincidence either. They have not published the full working website yet, and for a reason.

Now, let’s look at the auctions. Frank has pointed us to the strange coincidence that they were doubling these auctions, and to a purpose, either to speed the month up, or shorten the month, with the GOAL being to finish by the 30th of JUNE. It has since been pointed out that the “buy/sell” has been eliminated from the new website.

Again, not a coincidence, it screams, “ready for international.”

Let's also look at Frank and Teams timeline for when these 0's have dropped, and try to understand it from that POV. I am not disagreeing with anyone else's info, in fact it gives a different perspective, which is great for study. But out of respect for Frank, and if we are trying to follow his and his team's study, very hard to do or understand if you are discounting their info.

Frank again has stated that the website in “it’s current form” does not have the buy/sell currently. But that doesn’t mean they can’t add them back in. Stay grounded, look at the facts.

Frank and WS have pointed to “see kuwait” – let’s discuss that for a second. What have we seen from Abadi’s ME tour. Lots of smiles, lots of hand shaking, lots of agreement, lots of unification. Kuwait has agreed to let go of their political prisoners after Abadi has gone there. THAT SCREAMS they reached a HUGE agreement.

They are now working together. Same with Saudi, same with Iran. All smiles, all signs of doing business. TONS of articles support this.

MM – has pointed this out. It is like a powerball chute. Once that ball has gone into the tube, it’s coming out the other side. It’s not stopping. You may not be able to see where it is in the chute, but it IS coming out. Franks lava flow, other’s avalanche. ALL the same analogy.

We have seen many other events, articles, news, and info from Frank and teams pointing to the same date range, a collision of events in Franks words.

The celebration connected with Eid, the fireworks, the CBI documents, the announcement of mosul, the holiday being declared, contracts being declared, statements everywhere of internationalism. BIG stuff.

Take this document, add to it, quote it, copy and paste it into word and add more to it that stacks on top of it, you have my full persmission and encouragement to do so. Add your username to the top and it can be a collective family thing we work on. PLEASE do so in the context of the UNSC doc at the top.

Lets get on Frank’s page family. Let’s look at the 30th and before. Let’s be a team, let’s be united. STOP looking at why or how this is going farther than June 30th, we still have 6 full days of June to get through. Let’s not look past June until we are past June!! Let’s look at this through the lens of frank and teams, and bounce EVERYTHING off that June 30th deadline with ALL the information together.

Let’s make Frank’s life easier, not harder. When we do Q&A, let’s ask questions regarding THIS lens. Because right now, that’s what he’s focused on.

Much love family. I hope this helps.


Peggy68 - Your above comments and input into this are greatly appreciated!!

MM - Your thoughts and perspective on this are greatly appreciated.

Anyone else, Newshounds, Aggiedad, Delta, or Frank, or anyone I may have forgotten or overlooked. Thank you guys, your input and thoughts are also greatly aprreciated. A house devided against itself will not stand.



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