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Saturday, June 3, 2017

"A Tale of Toys" by GK - 6.3.17

Entry Submitted by GK at 10:41 AM EDT on June 3, 2017

I am going to tell a story here. A true story although I cannot confirm the event I am pointing to. In the 1950s and 1960s, Universities were getting huge grants for long term psychological studies. In Indiana the Kinsey Institute was studying sex as it related to children and that study is beyond creepy. But their work was isolated NOT just to Indiana, the perverts under the guise of education and research created in lab settings across America, essentially pedophlia then recorded it in notebooks.

Dr. Judith Reisman tells it best in this video.



To a much lesser degree there were studies done on what is termed "relative deprivation" Which is what it sounds like. Those who had all the wealth wanted studies on what happens with people who are given then taken away.

Relative Deprivation

Social scientists generally agree that revitalization movements are societal responses to excessive stress. However, several mutually exclusive theories have been proposed to explain the generation of a revitalization movement: acculturation holds that conquest and other forms of hegemony generate utopian movements; social evolution views revitalization movements as expressions of empowerment by disadvantaged classes or groups; and absolute deprivation posits that dissatisfaction with a low standard of living leads people to adopt a revolutionary ideology. The most widely accepted theory, relative deprivation, suggests that revitalization movements may occur when a significant proportion of a society finds its status and economic circumstances trailing those of the rest of society, even if the dissatisfied group has a relatively high standard of living according to independent economic measures or in comparison to its past standard of living.


I forgot the Harvard professors name but he wrote a book on the subject, and all this leads to my personal story.

I have taken part in studies at Universities. Such as drug testing as it relates to asthma, or even focus groups.

The study pays a nice chunk of change for the participation.

I do not have proof of this since both my parents have passed on but I think it is very possible that they participated in some sort of relative deprivation study with me as a child. My parents were always struggling and had 7 kids to feed and clothes and maintain shelter for. I can easily see that they may have answered an ad for a Northwestern University study. This is speculation but here is what I experienced.

As a child in the early 60s, my mother would send me to take a bath. When I got out of the bath there would be some sort of new toy. They never actually gave me the toy but the inference was here is a new toy that I got to see and play with for a very short time and then I was sent to bed.

The next day the toy was gone.

I can think of at least 12 times this happened if not more. And the toys were always really cool and memorable. One of the first times when I was very young like maybe 3. A German Jewish lady who almost seemed to be a handler of my mother, brought a huge blowup cow. Black and white. She would sit with my mother at the kitchen table and ask lots of questions about the family.

When she left she took the big blow up cow with her. I remember thinking as a child, why would you give this to me then take it away

Other really cool toys that vanished over night was this spy brief case with a toy gun inside that shot out the side of the briefcase. Memorable, exciting and gone.

Another time was one of those Adam's Family banks where the hand came out of the box, grabbed the coin then disappeared back into the box.

Another time was this amazing huge collection of army men with even blood painted on some of the soldiers. With tanks and cannons. I got out of the bath was amazed at the exciting display. Hundreds of soldiers and then BAM the next day, gone.

Another time, hundreds of monster movie magazines. Gone the next day.

I remember some cool trucks and cars. I even had the most beautiful white puppy with blue eyes who got hit by a train out back the house. Years later I would be hit by a train on the same track. Miraculously I survived being hit at 80 miles an hour by an Amtrac. Near death experience may explain my lack of conformity.

My mother was always leaving my Dad and going to Florida then coming back so that contributed to the Yoyo effect.

Another time I was told on the school bus that a neighbor was having a dog show at their house. I had a new dog "Otis" so I ran home to get the dog and my mother had given the dog away that very day. Now the timing of a neighbor having a dog show and my dog disappearing? WTF right?

I remember being told I was to be in a movie with the film producer who owned a small local studio in Evanston Illinois and being excitied about it only for the guy to call ten minutes later and be told that they didn't mean me they meant my baby brother.

I even remember a bike that was there after a bath that disappeared the next day.

Now in defense of my parents, whatever this particular Indian Giving insanity was about, I did get cool stuff on birthdays and Christmas and such that I did keep. I had a toy box. But this other ritual is really weird.

My grandfather was a freemason but I don't think my father was involved. My Dad would never sit for a crazy ritual. I remember one night being woken up at like 2am to go with my father to bail my grandfather out of jail who got into some sort of bar brawl. The whole time I was thinking why the hell would you wake me up and take me to do this. Isn't this one of those things you don't want to have your kid to know about.

My Dad was in Korea before it went hot. Then he was a cop for 6 years in a Kennilworth Illinois. A very wealthy community. Whenever he lost a job he seemed to always have a resource that plugged him into a new job immediately. He was a cop, a mailman, a milk man, a salesman and eventually worked for Gulf oil, Bulk petroleum, and Chevron.

So, if I indeed was part of some long term relative deprivation study let me tell you how it has manifested itself. I cannot hold onto anything. I usually give everything away before it disappears on its own. Girlfriends, Apartments, cars, guitars, money...

I learned to entertain myself by writing my own books, illustrating, and making films. I lugged at least six huge boxes full of my intellectual property all around the country. Thousands of pages of scripts, drawings etc. Those boxes were all that ever mattered. I lived in cars or in back rooms at video studios and creating kept me busy.

Money never mattered as a goal. I just hoped one day a film of mine would make so much money that I would never have to think about money again. To everyone else, friends, family, money mattered and my lack of money mattered.... but to me I felt my work was all that mattered. If I left those boxes in Hollywood because I couldn't take them on a plane I would drive back and get them or go back with an empty suitcase to fill it with my work.

But when it came to great women entering my life I seemed to not allow them the emotional attachment to stay. Today my best credit is with a pawn shop. If I want to go out and have fun I will pawn a guitar and worry about getting it back later with large interest payments.

And as much as I shouldn't say this, I love casinos too. Why would anyone put money in a machine that eats money.

(I actually have ideas how this slot machine concept could serve charities instead of profit.)

I am the guy that always gives his last dollar to the homeless guy on the corner. Possesions are virtually meaningless to me although I have two 20 dollar couches in my apartment from Goodwill. a 10 dollar coffee table and a bunch of stuff people were going to throw out or give to salvation army. The point being, in my 5 plus decades on Earth this is almost the first time I have had furniture, silverware, plates and a kitchen. I survived as a nomad in a van a huge part of the time.

And now, I am told I may have more money than I could ever need and that my job will be to give it all away to good causes.

Okay... I can do that. lol.

That's me at the bottom in a sea of sisters.

This might also explain to people why I have such a hard time believing the elite isn't up to some sort of bait and switch, but we shall see.



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