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Thursday, June 15, 2017

"A Landscape Engineer's Guide to the RV" by Fireswan - 6.15.17

Entry Submitted by Fireswan at 10:57 AM EDT on June 15, 2017


I am being trained to think/feel/act like an Elder.

As I listened to Yosef last night describe the environment that he's observing with the Elders, I was reminded of the time I spent in Australia getting my Sustainable Agriculture Certificate. While I was there, I "accidentially" (if you believe in those) found out about Peter Andrews game-changing book, "Back From the Brink: Can Australia's Landscape Be Saved". It has been a Bible for me as I think about doing my humanitarian project of creating Botanic Gardens in every town/city/zip code in America, and expanding to the world. I've got big plans.

I was nurturing these big plans long before I found out about the RV five years ago. It has been a lifelong desire beginning with visiting Arboretums in Minnesota as a child. My humanitarian project is very specific, focused and clear. And it has been "pestering" me all my life.

Professionally, I went to college to study microbiology. I was fascinated with genetics. But in my junior year I discovered that I wanted no part of the industry that microbiology was headed into at the time. GMOs creeped me out. It wasn't necessarily the GMO that bothered me but it was the industry push to do them. We had classes all the way back to the 80's that discussed the economics of putting a pesticide-resistant gene into the "wanted" plants and spraying large fields so that only that plant grew. The even discussed this doing this with animals and people. "Survival of the fittest, and we decide who lives and who dies" was the message. I still have PTSD from the classes to this day.

Instead of manipulating genetics, the Botanist allows plants to "express themselves" and selects for unique/special qualities that are special. This is especially true of rose and orchid growers. Each plant has a unique fragrance, a unique growing habit or hardiness. Botanists job is to identify the growing conditions that bring out the unique expressions.

To illustrate, I am reminded of the Barbra Streisan's rose. Legand has it that she noticed that most of the hybrid-tea roses that are growing in her rose garden had lost their scent from being selected for other qualities. Barbra wanted beauty and for a "rose to smell like a rose". Legend has it that if she sang to her roses in her garden, she could get the fragrance back. Apparently the "Barbra Streisand" branded rose is the one that responded. I don't know if this is true or not, but botanists want it to be. If we want a bring out special special qualities in a plant, the metaphor in the biz is to "sing to it".

While the botanist can be obsessed with a particular kind of plant, the horticulturist focuses on how to propigate plants so that they're economically viable. I am reminded of the woman who created "Steppables", a brand of ground cover that was selected for surviving the foot traffic of little feet at her daycare center. Instead of having the children stay out of the garden, she encouraged them to play there and propigated what survived. In this case, the varieties that were "survived the day care center" grown in large quantities because of their hardiness and branded "Steppables".

So in order to create amazing Botanic Gardens, we need Botanists who notice and rejoice in special qualities in individual plants. We need Horticulturists who can grow the selected plants in mass quantities. We need Florists who know how to display the plants and create experiences of them interacting with the Public. You could say that these folks are embodying the "Feminine Expression". And you do find a lot of women in these professions.

To support the women, what do the men do? They create the greenhouses and prepare the landscape. Architects and Engineers.

Peter Andrews.

Back to the "Landscape Engineer's Guide to the RV".

The Australian landscape was trashed in only 30 to 40 years from English farming methods (extensive plowing isn't suited to arid environments), chemicals (Australia has floods and dry spells, chemicals don't wash away), naturally saline water tables (portions of Australia are below sea level) and overgrazing (Australia is meant for kangaroos not cows). To many, the situation looked hopeless until Peter Andrews came along.

Peter approached the problem from a perspective of "do what you can, with what you've got from where you are". He looked at the situation from a Botanist perspective. What plants still grow? (thistles). What plants do we want? (grass). He then asked the next question from a horticultalist perspective, how do we use the thistles to get grass? Grow thistles to enrich the soil and then when ready to plant grass engineer a way to get the "thistle juice" into the soil. Much of his book is about how to build trenches, analyze the underground water flow dynamics, crop rotation where thistles are desirable crops, etc. He even went into how to create biofuel from thistles to power the earth moving equipment that are needed to do all of this. Quite an amazing engineer.

So, what does this little bit of this background have to do with the RV?

I fell asleep last night listening to Yosef. Several listeners had sent in questions about what the Elders felt about the pain and suffering of the lightworkers who are waiting on the windowsills for the RV to happen. Yosef said that "they don't care".

I pondered this question in my sleep. When I woke up, I was reminded of Peter Andrews. Actually, Peter would care about the pots of plants in the garden center waiting for the "perfect conditions" to be set out on a farm. If he looked into it, he might figure out some brilliant engineering to get the garden center some shade or slow down the maturation process, or some other way to remedy the risk of losing the pots on windowsills. But, he's currently focused (perhaps obsessively so) on the perfect way to get his new crop of thistles to maintain their root system in a dormant state after he has cut the top growth down to the ground to harvest the above-grown portion for making compost tea. Seriously, in the ground-prep phase, Peter isn't even thinking about the starts on the window sills. He just assumes that the Florist will take care of it. If a plant dies, so what? But, the plant that dies on the windowsill could have been the most amazing performing/tasting in the field. Selecting for windowsill hardiness doesn't necessarily give you the qualities that is best suited to utilizing thistle juice. From Peter's (Elder's) perspective, this is true, but perhaps windowsill hardy + thistle juice ready is the best set of qualities in this case, given the situation.

Perhaps. Perhaps not. RayRen says, "time will tell".

Given this situation, I now have a deeper understanding of why what OWK is doing with the trolls and what Yosef is doing with Dr. WC on the RTC is so important. Peter Andrews takes the Elder perspective. Saving the landscape. The plan is for the "chosen ones" to self-select or be selected by the "chalkers", the Botanists and Horticulturists. The varieties have been selected and are sitting on windowsills ready for the "perfect time" to be planted into the rescued landscape. Thank God that OWK and Yosef are HERE as Garden Center managers keeping the "chosen ones" alive while we are waiting for that perfect time. Hopefully that the varieties best suited for window sills are also the best in the field. Seems to me that there is a risk here. The growing conditions are very different. The windowsill survivers may not thrive in the field. Yes, there is a risk here.

Is something between the two extremes? An intermediate place between windowsill and field?

Well, isn't that what IDC is...

This is why it is so very important to keep our house clean and nurturing while we wait.




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