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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Aug 14, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Aug 14, 2018 Compiled 14 Aug. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Re...

Friday, June 30, 2017

"There is No More" - Jester's Place Chat Highlights 6-30-17

Jester’s Place


[Dinar Chaser] So what do you all think of the Fed Reserve approving all the top banks for their stress tests. They have even approved letting them pay dividends again. I smell something fishy!

[Dinar Chaser] Hopefully, it will grease the skids for the oil for dinar contracts.



[Dinar Chaser] JESTER I just read a Forbes article that stated: the Federal Reserve told big banks they have more than enough capital, and they promptly announced a windfall for their shareholders. So, I figured the Fed had something to do with it.


[Dinar Chaser] Exactly that! I don't believe the banks have the required reserves. That's why I mentioned the word fishy.


[Dinar Chaser] JESTER Have you been able to find anything out additional regarding any other banks complying, like you mentioned there was one a few weeks ago?



[Dinar Chaser] JESTER Can you share any tidbits as to what you and the wolf are thinking may be going on or would it incite a riot within dinarland?


[Dinar Chaser] JESTER All I remember was a comment you made about one bank being compliant. I never knew, or else forgot, what they were compliant with. My bad if I missed something.

[Dinar Chaser] JESTER Does it have to do with distribution, or redistribution, or balancing of SDRs with the central banks?


[Dinar Chaser] JESTER Can you, or one of the mods point me a month in the archives where I can re-read about it? Maybe I'm not the only one.

"A Time Will Come" - Fri. PM TNT Thoughts


if they always wanted to do it on a holiday weekend....this is the weekend...otherwise we wait till Labor Day. who is in favor of Labor Day....NOT!!!

Don't know if many of you noticed but the Central Bank of Iraq web site is being fully loaded with material of who they are www.cbi.iq It now has 10 X's the amount of material that it had a couple days ago!
Here is a 17 min video that I came across that was done a short time back that shows why the Iraqi Dinar has the potential of being very big in the near future! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWhr1ZFrAbI

Here is another 5 min video done a couple years back that is from a Spiritual source Kim Clement. Where he Prophesied about the release of the financial areas of Iraq to the world! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VNi_TD5tXA
Here is the actual 2 min video of Kim Clement Prophesying about Iraq's Dinar. Great 2 min of God for us! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtUanV3IjdM





On This Weekend before our Countries Birthday... What a time for us all. This RV is about to explode. We are all standing tall. Exchanges are imminent, so we all hear. The moment is upon us. Our turn is so near. So as we stand on the brink of our financial objective, let us take just a moment to put things in perspective. From the mountains to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam. God bless America, Our home, sweet home.

"No Lop" - Fri. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


June 21, 2017 (Reposted Per Request)

Doc.K » June 21st, 2017

2017 Obama Tax year started July 1 2016 expires June 30 2017


I believe during the Trump / Abadi visit this year they made the contracts and escrow for said date, June 30, (midnight) for the Trump Administration to get the credit for RV $$ and to PROVE that OBAMA CARE would be insolvent.

We know how much Trump and Abadi love O .

This is scripted folks ....... Why was there a start and stop of the forces moving in Mosul ? Timing. This is why MOSUL dragged out sooooo long .

The USA agencies can tell what book your reading during a baseball game from a satellite.

They could of gotten Bagdadi long time ago. The CBI is just now updating their site ,,,,,, timing.... We should be hearing more about Lower Denoms soon.


Notice the tax brackets, trust, estate, gift, transfer etc....... rules ....... before he left office.


JesusFreak » June 30th, 2017

Oh, so then there is a chance it could LOP? I do believe we should at least have the conversations. It irritates me when no one wants to talk about it. No one knows! It is a fact that the Dinar could, in fact, LOP.

McDan » June 30th, 2017

Dr. Shibibi was asked if Iraq was going to lop the Dinar HE SAID NO IRAQ WILL NEVER LOP THE NEW IRAQ DINAR

Mike100 » June 30th, 2017

A LOP does nothing for their people or for their purchasing power for their country.. so although their are no guarantees its safe to say at this point Iraq wil not dare to LOP if they were to do it i believe it would have already happened. Countries with hyper inflation LOP Why would Iraq maintain low inflation levels if they were just going to LOP? now who does that make sense to?

Hopeful322 » June 30th, 2017

With all due respect, I don't believe that Frank has guaranteed that. He believes it will not LOP, but he also lovingly reminds us that this is a speculative investment. He is very clear that he presents his interpretations of his and his team's findings. He precedes or follows his statements with "in my opinion". It is his opinion that there will be no LOP, not his guarantee. Blessings.

Aggiedad77 » June 30th, 2017

Good post Hopeful.......and a great reminder, all that is said without some factual back up to it is always said as an opinion.....just as it is my strong opinion that Iraq will not LOP......their inflation is no where near what it would be for them to consider such a move......

They have no value in taking such an action......they are looking to be a power and strength for the world once they revalue their currency......not to weaken themselves......

This is a time frame to be extremely happy and excited to see so many things unfolding over the past month.....the past couple of weeks.....this week....and going forward......excitement is in the air.....if it can't be felt I am truly sorry for those......the excitement is all around....all IMO.....

The BEST is coming.....wait for it.....the lava flow cannot be stopped.....has never been stopped. Aloha Randy

StephenMac63 » June 30th, 2017

The only person that will experience a LOP in DinarLand is Frank when his ponytail is being shown it's final sunset on a beach in Hawaii.

Besides, imagine the following statement "Hi, Im Iraq, we just came the bowels of hell for the last 30 years, updated all systems, advised by the best in the world, completed the worse battle known to man ( Urban warfare where everyone looks the same) and we are now International.....oh by the way, we are going to LOP....would you like to do business with us?"

Not gonna happen.

"Dots" - GESARA/GCR/RV Geopolitical Observation - Friday - June 30, 2017

Received via email at 9:54 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

In this Week of June 30, 2017, the following events are suddenly occurring, as if by chance and appearing in random "sync."

However, we know the truth is that GESARA/GCR/RV is now openly rolling out as the raw number of geopolitical dots that appear coincidental (listed below) never just happen.

Known that all global events are scripted.


Summer Solstice's first full calendar week.

3 year bloody ISIS caliphate ends in Iraq.

3rd fiscal quarter ends for US Government.

UN Operation Rates update.

US Treasury Currency Rates post.

Iraq Stock Market (ISX) begins trading IQD internationally.

2010 Dodd-Frank banking investment restrictions end.

The western world's Julian calendar changes from month six (June) to seven (July).

US Republic independence July 4th holiday weekend begins.

International option trading ends for the global fiscal 2nd quarter.

US Congress starts 10 day holiday recess.

Saudi Arabia's 10 Day diplomatic restriction period ends against Qatar.

Global markets close for a 34 hour period.


If we simply connect these random dots, it would be wise to be emotionally ready to redeem anytime after midnight (EDT) Saturday morning through Tuesday July 4th.

God is with us.

GoldFish Report No. 107 - Winston Shrout: Moving Towards a Two-Tiered Money System

Published on Jun 30, 2017

On The GoldFish Report No. 107, Guest Winston Shrout joins the GoldFish Report Team, Louisa, Steve and Kent, to discuss moving towards a Two Tiered Money System and Money created for the Private Side. Winston explains the backing of currencies and the revaluation of currencies, the New Republic of the United States, NESARA, GESARA, Basal III Compliance, St. Germain Trust, Heritage Funds and the 'Plan of The Experts', soul development and much more. This interview is jam packed with Winston's incredible knowledge, wisdom and southern good heart. For more information about Winston's Solutions in Commerce, Please visit www.wssic.com. Also, the link to the article he references in this interview is located below. To help support this viewer supported public social research media please visit www.thegoldfishreport.com. To follow us on Twitter go to @ReportGoldFish, you can also like us on facebook at www.facebook.com.thegoldfishreport and on our blog at www.thegoldfishreport.wordpress.com. Thank you for viewing!

Link to Article Toward a Two-Tier Money System and Money Created for the Private Side -By Winston Shrout

India's PM Modi Takes Leap with Biggest-Ever Tax Overhaul

After Killing Currency, Modi Takes a Leap With India’s Biggest-Ever Tax Overhaul

JUNE 30, 2017

Textile traders protested in Bangalore, India, on Friday against the new goods and services tax. | Credit: Atul Loke for The New York Times

MUMBAI, India — For the second time in less than a year, the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is putting India through a revolution in the way the country does business.

In the fall, the government imposed one of the most radical monetary experiments ever, abruptly banning most of the country’s currency notes in an effort to stem corruption.

Now, it is instituting the country’s biggest tax overhaul since independence. On Saturday, a nationwide sales tax replaces the current hodgepodge of business taxes that vary from state to state and are seen as an impediment to growth. It is expected to unify in a single market 1.3 billion people spread over 29 states and seven union territories in India’s $2 trillion economy.

India, long one of the fastest growing economies in the world, has begun to lag in recent years. Mr. Modi came to office in 2014 with a promise to recharge the economy with the same business-friendly policies he introduced so successfully as the leader of Gujarat State. But he has been increasingly criticized for falling short, taking half-measures and shying away from the tough issues of overhauls to labor and land.

Even the prime minister’s ban on India’s largest currency notes, while a daring step, has come under criticism as growth has slowed to 6.1 percent in the first quarter of this year, down from 7.9 percent a year earlier.

With the introduction of the new goods and services tax, the government is hoping not just to streamline the myriad levies on businesses but to quiet the critics who say Mr. Modi has failed to deliver on his policy promises.

“This would be almost a test for Modi himself,” Harsh Pant, a fellow at the Observer Research Foundation, a New Delhi think tank, said of the new sales tax. “If it goes really badly, he’ll be in for trouble” in national elections in 2019.

Mr. Modi survived the chaos caused by his currency move last year by convincing the poor that cash shortages and lost wages were worth enduring in the fight against India’s endemic corruption. He also argued that the rich were hit the hardest as holders of most of the illicit cash, known as “black money,” that his currency ban aimed to render worthless.

Now, with the new tax system about to take effect, some are questioning whether it will live up to its billing as a radical simplifier of business taxes that will spur growth, or whether it will turn out to be just as complex as the one it is supposed to be simplifying.

In a possible sign of Modi government concern about how the public will accept the new tax rules, a Bollywood superstar, Amitabh Bachchan, has been enlisted for promotional videos in which he appears with the colors of the Indian flag on his face and proclaims, “One nation, one tax, one market.”

India has been discussing the idea of substituting a broad sales tax for the jumble of federal and state levies for much of the past decade. The previous, Congress Party-led government supported the idea, and Mr. Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party made the new sales tax part of its manifesto.

Textile traders at Mangaldas Market in Mumbai kept their shops closed in protest leading up to the introduction of the new tax. | Credit: Atul Loke for The New York Times

In many ways, the idea makes perfect sense. Facing an array of taxes from the central government and states, Indian businesses have a hard time building a nationwide business. Almost everyone seemed to agree that these taxes — excise, value added, sales and service levies, among others — should be replaced with a single sales tax.

Experts estimated that moving to a single tax would add a hefty two percentage points to India’s growth rate.

But in practice, getting the goods and services tax adopted proved a dizzying challenge. It required not only a constitutional amendment in Parliament but also approvals from India’s 29 states and seven union territories, many ruled by political parties with widely divergent interests.

To win approval, the central government assured the states that it would make up any deficit in tax revenue they experienced for the next five years. The government also pledged to keep new tax rates as close as possible to existing rates, but that seemingly simple objective presented a host of obstacles.

So instead of a single flat rate, in the new system, laid out in meticulous detail in a 213-page guide, there are rates of 5, 12, 18 and 28 percent. There are also many exceptions.

Take wood, for instance. In its various manifestations, wood finds its way into every tax bracket. There is a 5 percent tax on wood chips and particles, for example, while the rate is 18 percent on sawed lumber.

Tax rates can also vary depending upon the wholesale price. For example, the kurta shirts at Rizwan Siddique’s air-conditioned store in Crawford Market in Mumbai are to be taxed at 5 percent if their price is under 1,000 rupees, or $16, and 12 percent if they are priced higher.

Add to that a requirement that businesses make 37 online filings a year, and it is not hard to see why some businesses are complaining.

Santosh Dalvi, a partner at KPMG India, an accounting firm, said confusion was widespread. “Things have become very unmanageable, everywhere,” he said, adding: “There are a lot of open areas, a lot of gray areas. From a business perspective, people need to take a decision. It’s becoming quite challenging.”

Others say that in a country as complex as India, it is unrealistic to expect a simple tax system.

“If we came out with one flat tax on everything, there would have been protests in the streets,” said Archit Gupta, founder and chief executive of ClearTax, one of India’s biggest companies selling software to file tax returns online. “We’re such a complex country.”

Given the stark inequality in India, taxes on items used by the poor need to be lower than luxury items, Mr. Dalvi said. So carbonated drinks that only the middle and upper classes can afford are taxed at 28 percent under the new system, with an additional 12 percent levy. Tea and coffee, consumed by rich and poor alike, are taxed at 5 percent.

The new tax code applies to businesses with annual revenue above 2 million rupees, or about $31,000. And in a country legendary for tax avoidance, the system encourages compliance by reducing taxes for businesses if they can show taxes were paid earlier in the production or selling chain.

The ClearTax office staff in Bangalore. The goods and services tax is being introduced on Saturday. | Credit: Atul Loke for The New York Times

“I have strong incentive to buy from G.S.T.-compliant companies,” Mr. Gupta said, referring to the goods and services tax. Companies that do so can pay less money in taxes by claiming credit for taxes paid along the production process, he said.

In the short term, at least, most agree that the new system will impose a hardship on small businesses, many of whose owners have never operated a computer and will have trouble complying with the requirement to file 37 times a year online.

In Chandni Chowk, one of the biggest markets in New Delhi, traders held three days of protests this week over the new system.

“G.S.T. is like a mountain of sorrows for us,” said Mukesh Sachdeva, 61, the third generation in his family in the fabric business.

“There are not many educated people in this trade,” Mr. Sachdeva said. “In our shops, we don’t have space to keep a computer and computer operator.”

At Crawford Market, one of Mumbai’s largest, Subash Jain, 62, was similarly concerned.

“I’m fully convinced that I’ll be facing difficulties in billing, sales and paperwork,” he said, chatting in a friend’s store a few doors down from his shop, previously run by his father, which sells fabric for suits and shirts.

“I have to hire an accountant plus a tax advocate and a computer,” Mr. Jain said. “I have to hire a computer operator who will take a salary.”

There is one business that is booming, and that is India’s online tax filing companies. ClearTax, for one, has developed software for filing the new sales tax paperwork and is holding 11 training sessions daily that are attended by roughly 2,000 people, Mr. Gupta said.

Many attendees are accountants who are desperately trying to understand the new code.

All of the change is likely to slow down business and add to costs, at least in the short run, many experts say. But they say that if it all goes well, businesses, and India, stand to grow in the medium and long term.

Nobody has more riding on this than Mr. Modi. Small-business owners, who formed his political base in the last election, are already upset by the hit their largely cash-based businesses took during the currency ban last year.

The government, said Mr. Pant, the Observer Research Foundation fellow, may be relying too heavily “on the prime minister’s popularity.”

“I’m quite confident it’s not going to be seamless,” he said.

Source: NY Times

"Are You Ready for Liberation?" - Archangel Michael via Ronna Herman for July 2017

unknown artist





Remember, my brave ones, you are living in the midst of Eternity. The messages of cosmic wisdom we bring you are not to set more rules or create new dogma. Our intention is to set your hearts afire with love, and to give you a glimpse of the glorious future before you. As more and more of the masses are feeling a discontent initiated by their Soul Self, it is vital that the Wisdom Teachings of Ascension are studied and shared with those around you. You, the awakened STAR SEED, are the ones who will now spread the emerging WISDOM TEACHINGS of the future.

Once again, allow us to give you an example of what is occurring as you traverse the path of en-Lighten-ment. You have heard that there are many mansions in heaven, which in truth, are the many Dimensional and sub-Dimensional realms of manifested Creation. During the era that has now come to a completion, much of humanity’s reality has been composed of a combination of Third- and Fourth-Dimensional frequency patterns made up of his/her individual past and present beliefs, actions, and deeds. Residing within each person’s mansion of existence are all those people who are attuned to, and who are compatible with, that particular level of existence. They share many beliefs and function under many of the same limiting concepts: scarcity, guilt, fear of the future, and they are usually controlled by racial, cultural, religious, as well as traditional rules and standards.

In that reality, usually, the normal ego-driven personality has a self-centered sense of entitlement or a martyr, self-sacrificing complex with many variations and extremes. Those who function within this frequency level of existence interact with each other, choosing those who mirror to them that which they are lacking (usually in a distorted, exaggerated way). They usually are not comfortable with those who resonate at a higher frequency level, and even though they are dissatisfied, they have difficulty in breaking free and moving out of their dysfunctional life patterns – their perceived comfort zone.

As you eliminate old habits, beliefs and actions, you gradually return to harmony within the accepted spectrum of polarity/duality. With each higher frequency level you attain, you leave behind those situations, people and things that no longer are compatible with your new level of awareness and resonance. It often seems as if you have stepped through a new Dimensional doorway and a portion of the past is fading away. That is why many of you are experiencing the loss of friends and/or family members, and why you are changing jobs or beginning a new career. Many of you are also moving to new places, sometimes not really understanding why you have been guided to a certain area, but there is a deep inner-knowing that it was meant to be. Many of you are finding that the work you do, your recreational pursuits, hobbies and many things that interested you in the past are less satisfying, for they do not fit into your ever-expanding, evolving reality.

The multidimensional doorways of the past are closing, and the doorways of the future are opening at a faster and faster pace as the process of Ascension accelerates. The fear of change has been a major controlling factor within your conscious awareness for a very long time. In the beginning of your journey into density, you sought a great variety of self-expression and change, and you delighted in each new creation. It has only been during your earthly experiences that you have forgotten that you were a cocreator endowed with a full measure of creative abilities, and that you have a direct link to the Power Source of Creation, which has been named the River of Life/Light.

You, the StarSeed vanguard, who have diligently labored to refine the resonance of your physical vessel, and upgrade your emotional and mental nature in order to return to an accepted level of duality, are now in the process of clearing the residual, imbalanced frequencies within the three lower sub-planes – the astral planes – of the Fourth Dimension. You have refined your column of Light so that you now exist in a world of your own making, which consists of the four higher sub-planes of the Fourth Dimension. Most of you who have faithfully followed our teachings have tapped into a stream of frequencies composed of a variety of Fifth-Dimensional frequencies, as well as a small trickle-down stream of Light from the Sixth Dimension. You might say this is a new formula of Light/Life you are creating.

Within the ancient esoteric teachings was this puzzling concept: “When an initiate on the path reaches a certain stage in the Ascension process, there appears what is called The Dweller on the Threshold and the Angel of Presence. The Dweller on the Threshold is the one who stands before the gate of God and the portal of initiation. The Angel of Presence stands on the other side of the portal.”

Since so many of you on the Path are in the process of clearing the residual, imbalanced frequency patterns from the higher Third and lower Fourth Dimensions, the time has come for us to explain this important Facet of the initiation process. The Dweller on the Threshold is a Memory Seed Atom in which, over time, the remaining, residual, negative thought patterns within the emotional and mental bodies have been encapsulated. When you have reached a certain level of en-Lighten-ment, with your Higher Self as the director, the Dweller on the Threshold slowly releases these challenging thought forms into your conscious awareness, and then out into your world of form so they may be transmuted into harmonious frequencies of Light. The Angel at the Portal is a Facet of your Higher Self who stands ready to assist you through these intense periods of testing. The Threshold is within your Diamond Core God cell; it is the innermost portal that leads to your Sacred Heart Core where the White Fire Seed Atom of our Father/Mother God resides. Once you gain entrance to the Golden Sun chamber of the Sacred Heart, you will be forever changed, for you will have experienced the bliss of communion with your God parents.

It has become very apparent that humanity and the Earth are in the midst of an accelerated evolutionary process. That is the miracle of these times, beloveds. The Supreme Creator is radiating throughout the Omniverse the full spectrum of Divine Light. This powerful, pure Light is filtering through each Great Central Sun, the mansion world of the Father/Mother God of each universe − out into every level of Creation − so that gradually every Spark and fragment of Creation will have access to an appropriate level of Creator-consciousness. The Light of Creation or Adamantine Particles is being made available to every Soul that has ever been created; however, there are some rules that apply to this “Light Redemption” process: each Soul must prepare their vessel by lifting their vibrational patterns to a certain level of harmonious frequencies in order to receive these particles of God Light. And, you must remember: after receiving these particles of Light, they must be activated by your loving intention. Love is the power source, the generator of these precious particles from the Source of All.

Ascension is about lifting, balancing and harmonizing your vibrational patterns so that the many Facets of your Divine Self can descend and take dominion within your Sacred Heart core. As you delve more deeply into the wisdom of the cosmos, it is of vital importance that you maintain a state of mindful awareness. Humanity is emerging from a state of amnesia, or what could be called a limited awareness of Self, and of the complex vastness of Creation.

We have explained in the past; however, it is time to refresh your memory about what is taking place as you traverse the many levels and sub-levels of consciousness. As you clear the distortions within your auric field, there is also an internal process taking place. Your entire physical structure is undergoing complex changes, which are triggered by the higher frequency patterns you are integrating from the Creator Source via the great Cities of Light. Your DNA, your chakra centers, and your Sacred Heart/Mind contain your Divine Blueprint. As you integrate more and more Adamantine Particles of God consciousness, all the distortions/imperfections that you have created from the concepts you have accepted as your truth are slowly being rectified. Many of these distorted concepts are being filtered into your conscious awareness to be healed or eliminated. We understand that this can be an uncomfortable, disconcerting process.

You have a SACRED CENTER OF EXISTENCE within your Sacred Heart, which we have named your DIAMOND CORE GOD CELL for this sub-Universal experience. You have around you an etheric Third- / Fourth-Dimensional GRAND TRIANGLE OF EXISTENCE, which contains your Pillar of Light, and the Cross of Matter that you have created down through the ages. You exist in a GOLDEN OVOID (egg-shaped sphere), which expands and radiates more and more Divine Love-Light as you resonate with higher and higher frequencies of consciousness. The Adamantine Particles of Divine Light contain Living energy, which has been programmed for a specific Divine Blueprint. When you access that Living Light, you must activate it with your loving intention, and program it with the desires of the Soul, which are always in harmony with your Divine Blueprint.

On the material planes of existence, the Creator Light must be encoded with your Essence as a cocreator before it is ready to be radiated out into the world of form. It takes great courage and tenacity to become SELF-AWARE and SOUL-CONSCIOUS. A constant attitude of gratitude and thanks-giving is sustenance for the Soul.

You are becoming very proficient at analyzing new concepts, and the plethora of information that is now available via the empowering gift of discernment. Now that you are more attuned to Spirit and the voice within, you have the ability to quickly ascertain if a concept is in alignment with your inner truth. If it is not, it behooves you to discard it without malice or judgment. Or, if you are not sure, put it aside and ask your Higher Self to validate it for you in some unmistakable way. We are aware that you are being bombarded with many new concepts, some of which are stretching the limits of your conceptual understanding. Please be aware, beloveds, that what you are experiencing is all part of the reunification and ascension process.

Many of you are experiencing miraculous events in your lives, and we ask you to be bold enough to share these wonders with your family and friends. Do not fear ridicule or criticism; you will find approval more often than disapproval, and interest more often than disdain. The religious community, partially out of fear of losing their following, is beginning to incorporate some of the more moderate cosmic teachings. While it matters not how or why, it is all for the benefit of humanity, and it will assist in speeding up the transformation process of Earth and its inhabitants.

Examine your feelings of abundance and scarcity, beloved ones. If even one-quarter of the population of the world would believe, envision, invoke, and then work towards prosperity and abundance for all, you would see a dramatic turn of events as those who hoard the wealth of the world, and those who prey on the meek and poor begin to lose their stranglehold on the world’s economy.

Are you fearfully holding on tightly to and hoarding your riches? Beware, dear ones that your hoard does not melt into thin air. It is only a form of energy, you know. Energy is meant to be circulated, recycled − used, reformed, expanded and refined. That which you hold onto too tightly will dissolve before your eyes. A part of the Initiation process is to surrender all that you hold dear, all that you possess to your Divine Self, to the highest good of all. This does not mean that you will lose what you surrender; it means you are willing to allow the Divine plan to work through you, which is always for your highest good, even though it may not seem so at the time.

Do not be dismayed if your past is becoming only a hazy memory, especially the painful memories you experienced during this lifetime. It is time to heal and release the past, brave hearts. It no longer serves you to delve into past lifetimes in order to heal yourself or to try to understand why you are acting or reacting a certain way in the present. That is the old way. The distortions of consciousness you created in the past cannot exist when you fill yourselves to overflowing with Adamantine Particles through the processes we have taught you. These magical particles contain the pure / perfect Essence of the Creator, and will gradually transform / transmute any distortions in your auric field and your physical vessel. Slowly, but surely, the imperfections you have created both in your inner and outer worlds are being rectified. Remember, a slow steady pace forward on the Path leads to Self-mastery. It is the ego personality that desires more information and dramatic validation; it forever seeks excitement, drama and sensationalism. It has taken a very long time for the Earth and humanity to reach the present state of imperfection that is now so prevalent. The level of transformational progress that has been made by you, the earthly Legions of Light, in such a short time is truly miraculous.

We understand that these are times of great challenge, and many of you are wondering what you are doing to deserve such painful and trying tests when you have so faithfully stayed the course. We tell you “Do not falter now, for as you face these latest tests with love and compassion, you will find that the Angel at the Portal will assist you to clear the way. With every challenge faced head-on, there will be miracles and blessings to encourage you to clear the remaining obstacles on the Path before you.”

This is a critical step in the Ascension process, for when you have succeeded in firmly establishing your Soul Song resonance within the higher Fourth Dimension, you will be ready to incorporate a larger measure of Fifth-Dimensional vibrational patterns. Before taking this leap in consciousness, it is vital that you have gained the discipline to stay centered within the required parameters of duality. Your abilities to manifest in the world of form will increase dramatically, and if you are not well-disciplined mentally and emotionally, you will create more chaos, which will, most likely, draw you back into a denser frequency pattern.

Brave bearers of Light, are you ready and willing to be a Pathfinder, to open the doors to the many heavenly mansions/Dimensions of Creation? Each Dimensional level will offer new opportunities, and will give you access to many new abilities and expanded wisdom. However, each higher level will also challenge you in many ways, and will require that you release those things which no longer serve your greatest good. You left many Facets of your greater Self along the way as you traversed the descending pathway into the lower Dimensions − you must also be willing to release to the past those people, ways of being, and things which do not fit into your present and future reality as you make your return journey into the higher Dimensions.

Beloveds, we are assisting you in every way possible within the limits of Universal Law. We are waiting patiently for you to join us in the various Pyramids of Light stationed throughout this sub-Universe. We have told you that you are not only creating your new earthly reality, but you are also creating your mansions in the Heavenly Dimensions. We convey to you all the radiance of Love/Light that you can contain. You are loved beyond measure. I AM Archangel Michael.

​​​​​​​​​​Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from : RonnaStar@earthlink.net​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

"Firecracker" - RV Musical Update - 6.30.17

Division is not the Vision...

Submitted by BG

"Over Looking, What to Some is Obvious" by Uncle C. - 6.30.17

Entry Submitted by Uncle C. at 10:32 PM EDT on June 30, 2017

This has been eating at me for quite some time now. Yet at the beginning it was easy to Over Look. So yes I missed much of it also. Yet over time it is becoming in my thoughts Quite Obvious . We all come here for information on the progress of the R.V . There are some that are here for financial gains or at least in the beginning , yet being told the huge opportunity to assist other with major Humanitarian needs . The Sky Is The Limit we are told. Most are so involved in only the exchange, and think of it as the end of this. Yet in reality it is just the beginning. Maybe most was the wrong word to use there . Back to what is now in my eyes Obvious . We wait day in and day out for the Intel Updates. And yet not once has there been a correct one yet. We are told pump fakes and elaborate plans to catch crooked Cabal. Yes and having knowledge just by common sense that we live in a corrupted world. That would make total sense to catch the people behind the corruption. We the people know that the corruption cannot be stopped without a powerful force. Yet a Benevolent Force. Frustrated we are, broken down that would apply to many. So for those that have learned to use the discernment have you really stopped to look at the corruption here alone , or are you to focused on only intel ? (As I once was ) Being guilty myself , I only listened to projected dates . The more I listened the more Obvious it became. After today’s back log of supposed Intel I felt it was time to actually say something. Why are you people worshipping these providers?? Some claim to come from the hearts with kind words and calls. Some even giving good knowledge and lessons learned. Yet that does not hold them exempt from accountability for their words and actions here. Yes we all make mistakes, yet those should be used for opportunities to learn and improve who we are and how we act. Being a Intel Provider does not make You exempt . A true and honest man or woman that is claiming to be a leader , whether its spiritual or informational or a ( INTEL PROVIDER ) . Should and would be looked up to and respected. ( as my 6 year old niece once said ,( Uncle C You Should Stop Think And Make A Good Choice ) . So please bear with me and let’s take that advice from a 6 year old. Have we had one Guru that is still with us that has actually corrected any of their mistakes . Or have we as readers put them on such a high pedestal that their arrogance has taken over and take zero responsibility for their words and actions. Or is it they already had that arrogance in their own personality and those that continue to praise them just enable them to exists here on the IDC . I really think some need to open their eyes in what they read and ears in what they hear. We have all been told this before yet it is quite Obvious many have forgotten. So for those who have come here with true intention for the Purpose To Have A Chance To Help Humanity , My Heart And Soul Go Out To You .For Those Who Stand Strong And Continue To Try To Uplift Everyone Here . My Thanks Goes Out To You , For all the others I wish you reconsider your mis-guided direction. You will some Day Have To Answer To Your Mis-Guided And Evil Ways .



Choices : On who you put on a pedestal here , and how you listen to those on calls , and how we project who we are with what will eventually come to us . ( nobody here knows when that day is ). To allow the Spirit to Guide us . Not someone’s mis-guided words .With false intent for their own ego’s

To realize our kindness is far from a weakness , and its not wrong to defend one’s self if there is no other choice .Or the choice to point out .



"Keep Em Peeled" by The Happily Ever After Agency - 6.30.17

Entry Submitted by The Happily Ever After Agency at 9:45 PM EDT on June 30, 2017

Hey Beautiful Members Of The Family Of Light

Here We Go Again This Weekend .....

Things Have NEVER Looked Better For A World Wide Release .....

Seems Like All The Ducks Are In A Row And I Have 2 Litres Of

Bubble Bath On Ice ...

This Is Me Pre RV

This Is Me Post RV

Here Is To The Last Of The Bad Bunnies ....

Thank You For The Entertainment And Laughs

Some Days I Think Some Pee Actually Came Out From Laughing So Hard

A Bit Like Sending A 1st Grader To Write A Thesis In Latin

A Movie All Ways Needs Comic Re-leaf

Good Luck and Take Care

Love You

Gals And Guys


Not Much Else To Say But " Keep Em Peeled "

Heisenberg , Love You Bro ... I Wrote This While Listening To All The Links On Your Post

You Hit That One Out Of The Ball Park Man ... Thanks For The Clarity Man ...

Have A Fantastic Weekend Family

Good Luck

Be Safe

Love You All Ways

Your Excited Brother


"Re: Dog Shaming" by Beyond Ready to Get Started - 6.30.17

Entry Submitted by Beyond Ready to Get Started at 8:29 PM EDT on June 30, 2017

"Tonight's Word: Dog Shaming" - Heisenberg - 6.30.17

I agree, Heisenberg, this Ugly American perception abroad is an issue for us as we broaden our horizons post-RV/GCR. Hopefully our newly-re-established Republic government will help to show the world the true American spirit reborn.

Maybe we should think about starting an "apology web site" as was done after the 2nd Bush Jr election? SorryAboutThat.com was a WONDERFUL web site that let people around the world know that 49% of us wanted nothing to do with a second term of Bush Jr ... that we were embarrassed that our country had chosen him AGAIN.

The posts from U.S. citizens were good (and cathartic) but the response posts from people around the world on this SorryAboutThat.com web site were so great, so supportive. Many in other countries just did not realize how many of us in the U.S. were as unhappy as they were with the election result.

Look at the "choice" we were given in the 2016 election! And not voting didn't really change much of anything, did it?

Our re-established Republic will give hope to U.S. citizens and to people around the world.

Every one of us in the 99% -- in every country -- has been enslaved for our whole lives; mostly without knowing we were. A big part of my humanitarian projects is going to be to help people realize they are now FREE -- in the U.S. and around the world.

It will be so much fun to see people wake up, won't it?

Much love!
Beyond Ready to Get Started

"Tonight's Word: Dog Shaming" - Heisenberg - 6.30.17

Entry Submitted by Heisenberg at 7:02 PM EDT on June 30, 2017

Ain't that a shame?
my tears fell like rain.
Ain't that a shame?
you're the one to blame
Oh well, goodbye
although I'll cry.
Ain't that a shame...? - Fats Domino

No time left now for shame
Horizon behind me, no more pain
Windswept stars blink and smile
Another song, another mile - Black Crowes

SHAME..SHAME..SHAME - Game Of Thrones

And that brings us to tonight's word: DOG SHAMING

Dogs do the strangest things. And thank God we now have the internet to share the hijinx. And their shame. Look at that face. She's so sorry. Please forgive her. She thanks you. She loves you.

I guess a healthy dose of shame is not a bad thing every now and then. Especially when one starts to think they're hot shit. Or that their poop doesn't stink. Let's take em down just a notch. They're flying a little to high. And I guess now that we're walking across home plate off the grand slam bat of our clean up slugger, it's tempting to do a little dance over home plate. Tempting to forget about all the hard work and sacrifice that got us to this walk off grand slam. Tempting to forget all the rat bastard shenanigans. Tempting to forget we let it happen on our watch. So maybe a little shame reminder is good for the soul. You know what you did.

There are two Americas. The first America we all know and love. The land of hope and dreams. The land of milk and honey (just don't tell the Mexicans and the Haitians that). The land of the Grand Canyon and the natural disaster responders around the world. It's the America we all pray that we are. It's a place where we can get a job, raise a family and someday retire. Work 5 days a week, bbq with friends and family on the weekends, maybe go to the lake. Conscience clean, soul satisfied, ready to meet our makers.

And then there's AmeriKa with a K. The AmeriKa that creates wars in the world. That destabilizes countries. The grows and floods drugs all over the world. That hypnotizes its people. That assasinates leaders. That puts thugs into the seats of power. That has the cops collecting for the cons. You know the ones.

The definition of Amerika is an alternative spelling for the name America (referring specifically to the United States of America) intending to portray the country as fascist and oppressive and culturally inferior. - Yourdictionary.com

I guess pretty soon we'll all be walking around with black cards and $100 haircuts. Maybe racing in the streets in that Maserati. Here comes the ugly American. And I'll probably be one of them. Ever been to Europe? When I went to London, someone told me that the older generation loves the Americans. They love us because the US soldiers helped defeat Hitler in World War II. It was true. A little old lady walked 3 blocks out of here way to show us the restaurant we were looking for. It was something I'll never forget. Now would a New Yorker do that? I keed. I keed. Not funny, bro.

But guess what? That generation is dying off and the younger generations have no love for AmeriKa. Or America. All they see is sanctions and misery and puppet regimes carrying out AmeriKa's warped world order. So here come the chosen ones touching down in third world fresh from Nordstroms. Got the new watch..got the new duds...obviously doing well for ourselves (with a little help). Speaking english like only Americans do. Just a little heads up, be prepared to answer for your country's actions. Cause they do things differently there. They'll call you out and see if you stand behind your countries ideals. It's not the isolationism like it is here. And from the conversations here, there are some here that will stand behind their country's actions come hell or high water (although be it from the safety of their own home). Anonymous. But it's going to be a different story when you're face-to-face with another human asking you where you stand. Maybe at a restaurant, or a pub, or a concert or at the world cup. What say you? Shame?

Will you walk away? Will you say, "Oh no, I didn't vote for him. I'm innocent. It wasn't me, Pierre."? Will you say, "Screw you. Who the hell are you to tell me about my country?"? Or will you say "I had no idea what was going on. I was just trying to survive paycheck to paycheck."? Or will you say " I'm sorry. I know my country f****ed up. And I did nothing. I turned a blind eye to what my country was doing to the world. I didn't protest in the least." Pono.

Ever see band of Brothers? There's a part where the US soldiers find the concentration camps. General Walker called the local town folk to come up and make them see for themselves the corpses and survivors. One US soldier says "You must've known!! You can smell the stench! Don't tell me you didn't know." So...just be prepared when European millennials step up to you in the street and call you out. Unless you never want to leave the US then you'll be fine. Shame.


Over a year ago, I was really drawn to what was being taught here. Kinda lost interest in religion and politics over the years...something just Pope Francis just creeped me out. Those red shoes, gross. So all this tin foil hat stuff was just fascinating. I entered with an open-mind and an objective heart as I started to wander around Zimland. It wasn't easy to swallow those jagged little pills. And the grapes?...sour. Some things went down easy. Others, had to get my Heimlich on. So here's the hard questions: Did I care to know how bad it was? Did I use the great excuse of "I'm just trying to get by, man"? Did I turn a blind eye? Could I have put up a better fight for my Mexican, Vietnamese, Filipino brothers and sisters? Questions I asked myself over year ago when Yosef first hit the scene. And perhaps it's a great reminder now for the vets or a great first lesson for all the new human cannonball Zim owners. Maybe...try not to act like you're all that. Try not to act like you're Gods gift to humanity. That would be the ZIM, remember? The ZIM is God's gift to humanity. Might not be so easy, though, with that shiny new passport, new digs, arm candy and all. Tough lessons. Running out of time. I think the word I'm looking for is "humility".

My family, if you're like me and you been around the block more than a couple times, this is the part of the movie where the slave reaches his hand up and catches that stick mid swing going straight for his head. He stands up, takes that stick in his hands and cracks it in two over his knee and says "No more." I love that part. However, we know we drove America into a ditch. What happened was wrong, but we're here to fix it. Invasion of our planet by pirates was wrong, but we're here to fix it. I'm not too proud to apologize for being asleep at the wheel, but we're here to fix it."

As for that poor pug that knows he did his business all over your Persian rug, let's give him a pass. I think he's learned his lesson. Besides, we don't want to dog shame him into a complex do we?

And that's the word







"Wiser Time"

No time left now for shame
Horizon behind me, no more pain
Windswept stars blink and smile
Another song, another mile

You read the line every time
Ask me about crime in my mind
Ask me why another road song
Funny but I bet you never left home

On a good day, it's not every day
We can part the sea
And on a bad day, it's not every day
Glory beyond our reach

Fourteen seconds till' sunrise
Tired but wiser for the time
Lightning 30 miles away
Three thousand more in two days

On a good day, it's not every day
We can part the sea
And on a bad day, it's not every day
Glory beyond our reach

Galactic Federation: Raising Your Own Consciousness

Published on Jun 30, 2017

"Re: Rudderless" by Sierra - 6.30.17

Entry Submitted by Sierra at 6:33 PM EDT on June 30, 2017

"Rudderless" - GCR/RV Op-Ed - Friday - June 30, 2017

I hear Yosef's frustration over the sleeping American population, just as I heard the weariness in his voice on the latest RTC call.

Please allow me to share my perspective from a Down Under point of view.

In 2002 I took my two young daughters to USA, Los Angeles, for the first time. The trip was scheduled for 16 September the previous year but was postponed for obvious reasons. So there we were, excitedly waiting for the gates of Disneyland to open...

In rushed all the people, and my girls were astounded - not by the delights of the Disneyland rides, but the sheer number of obese people surrounding them. They had never seen so many obese people ever. They couldn't stop talking about it. At the time I realized how protected we were in New Zealand from the harsher realities of cabal life.

Sadly we now have our own obesity epidemic, with Pacific Islanders moving to New Zealand in droves and being seduced by takeaway food and cheap sugary drinks.

My point here is, while I sympathize with how Yosef feels - and I always respect his right to share because he is being general and not targeting individuals - I see US citizens as victims of an insidious cabal that stopped at nothing to achieve their goal.

A later trip to US when my girls were teenagers revealed the appalling situation of Native Americans, herded onto reservations in the most arid areas of the country. It broke my heart. The cabal butchery of USA was achieved on a massive scale, and the most vulnerable of your citizens never stood a chance.

I want to honor the countless USA lightworkers who are working tirelessly within the system to change it. Yosef and all USA IDC family members - you are truly heroic. We love you, and I for one, cannot wait to meet you.

Know that you are supported from around the world, and especially here in little ole New Zealand.

Much Love and Light


"Re: July Phenomenon!" by Spritual Angel - 6.30.17

Entry Submitted by Spiritual Angel at 6:19 PM EDT on June 30, 2017

"July Phenomenon!" by Hadassah - 6.30.17

Good afternoon all!

I wasn't aware but love the fact that the 555 is called "triple grace" because I do believe and I am in total agreement with Yosef about what we're going through being a spiritual transition. That is actually an understatement on my part.

Of course, the Chinese meaning "pocket full of money" also applies and is a very important part of the transition. The money is a very important tool that we will use to help us transition and heal ourselves, beautiful mother Earth and nature, and all beautiful souls which includes all animals. Yes, they are all beautiful souls too!

According to Doreen Virtue's Book "Angel Numbers", the number 555:

"Major changes and significant transformations are here for you. You have an opportunity to break out of the chrysalis and uncover the amazing life you truly deserve."

According to "Angel Numbers", the number 5:

"This number relates to change, transformation, transmutation, and alchemy. Something in your life is changing, or is about to change, for the better."

According to "Angel Numbers", the number 55:

"Buckle your seat belt, as you're going through (or about to go through) a major positive life change. It's time to let go of that which is no longer working, and allow it to be healed or replaced with something better."

Note: I included the number 55 because it also applies to us. The number 55 is held within the number 555.

In Numerology, number 5 indicates the following:

5 is the number of humanity. The number 5 indicates "change" which is something we are all experiencing and will all be experiencing to much greater degrees very soon!

All that being said, we already had the perfect date energetically speaking, for the RV to start on Monday, 6-26-17 which is a 33, the number of the Humanitarian. This weekend is a perfect time for us to receive the 800#'s and to go to our redemption appointments. As Yosef mentioned, most people in the U.S. will be celebrating the 4th of July all weekend which makes it a great time for us to go to our appointments without being noticed.

If (when) we receive the 800#'s after midnight tonight PDT (Pacific Time) it will be after 3:00AM EDT on Saturday, July 1st.

Numerologically speaking the energy of Saturday, July 1st:

v v v
7+1+10(1) = 9

I only added below what applies to us. If you wish to read more you may do so at this link. You can also do searches for more detailed information regarding the energy of 9.


The Numerology Meaning of the Number 9

Global awareness
by Hans Decoz

Positive Characteristics: 9s are helpful, compassionate, charitable, generous, humanitarian, cooperative, creative, self-sufficient, proud and self-sacrificing.

Peace, Love, Blessings & Light!

Spiritual Angel

"To Ruby Re: Attacks" by One Who Teaches - 6.30.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Teaches at 4:47 PM EDT on June 30, 2017

Ruby YOU Need a TIME OUT !!!!

Is your life without any laughter or happiness that you can Not even recognize a Joke? I think I speak for most here when I say we are tired of the "Cabal" Labeling, name calling, pissy attitude attacks on fellow dinarians. We hoped that left with the Fear Mongering attacks by The False Prophet & his minions. I don't think anyone misses the constant stress and attacks on innocent people, so we certainly would Not miss one more leaving. If you are so unhappy here that you feel the need to attack people maybe you should also find that door!? That or watch in silence and reflect on the misery that is your life.

Most are here to share & get Intel from IDC & Yosef/Patrick, and to share various articles of interest and stories. We are NOT here for the childish games people play!

Wishes you the best our Creator has to offer! ( especially a heart & a Xanax.)

Thank you, have a nice day....We Are One, but &%%$#@ !!!

"Food for Thought Regarding the RV/GCR" by Truthseeker - 6.30.17

Entry Submitted by Truthseeker at 4:33 PM EDT on June 30, 2017

Food for Thought Regarding the RV/GCR

I have been in this investment for well over 7-years. Within that period of time I believe I've pretty much heard every scenario from good all the way up to crazy! Several years ago when Tony & DC would were the "thing", they had us in pre RV mode weekly, but nothing to show for it except lots and lots of hopium. As the years went by so did the vast amount of 'so called" guru's. We've now reached a point where people like Bruce, who have called the RV weekly for years, is the ONLY show left in town. At this point I read as much as I can find and do my best to make some sense of it all. Within the last few years there has been a lot of discussion regarding the New Republic. I'm not here to state the information being posting is false, but I'd like everyone to read the questions below and formulate your own answers ....

1. Do you think the new PTB could remove president Trump from office without causing mass riots?

2. Do you believe the new PTB could successfully place Paul Ryan in as interim president, not Pence, and not cause a mass uproar?

3. Do you believe General Dunford is actually calling all the military shots under Trump's presidency? Does that make any sense? IMO the only way that would be possible is if president Trump was fully briefed on the situation and agreed to the terms and conditions. Doesn't that make sense?

4. Do you think the new PTB could remove all congressmen from office without causing mass riots?

I'm saying all of that to say this, IMO I just can't see how the new PTB could attempt the items listed above without causing massive riots. Let's take a look at the stock market, the stock market remains high based on a general feeling of well being, for example, i.e., what happens to the stock market when there is bad financial news, it drops, so what would happen if the American people saw president Trump being removed from office along with his entire cabinet, replaced by an interim president Paul Ryan, not Pence? You got it, there would be massive riots! In truth the American people remain calm when things remain somewhat normal around them. Maybe I'm missing something here, but IMO I just can't figure out a scenario where all this could be accomplished without causing massive riots. Anyway .....

There are so many items we could discuss that just don't make any sense. Let's look at the currency rates for a moment. The last post I read they were stating the dinar rate was $124, all I say is that makes no sense whatsoever!

At this point all we can do is what we've all become way too good at, wait and see.


Everything You Want is on the Other Side of Fear

How would you live your life if you were totally unafraid? Your many concerns would cease to exist. If you were not afraid of anything, you would neither waste your time nor squander your mental resources in thinking about bad things that might happen. If you were not afraid of failure all the ideas that come up in your imagination and in your heart would have a better chance of becoming a reality.

How would you live if your life were to continue forever? If you imagined that your days would have no end, your impatience would have no reason to exist. You could enjoy the days of intense work as much as the times of deserved rest, without anxiety about not achieving anything. You could dedicate more effort to exploring the hidden treasures within your being and to hear the voice that constantly whispers to you about the best way forward.

How would you live if you already possessed everything? You would choose your task and the services you provide to the world according to your aptitude and inclinations. You would understand that success is to greatly enjoy what you do. Your work, instead of being a source of stress, would become one of the factors that promote your mental stability and your health. You would change the struggle of competing with your siblings over the limited resources of this world to the communion of together exploring the wonders that life offers.

How would you live if your celestial Father would always be with you? You would take advantage of His great knowledge and vast experience to live the best kind of life you could. You would take advantage of His great love for you and you would enjoy everything He has prepared for you; with the joy of knowing that it is your right as His beloved child. You would understand that in reality all creatures in the universe are your brothers and sisters, part of the same celestial family, in which every member travels their unique path in their own way and under their own terms, but with the understanding and the support of all, at the same time cooperating in the creation of a reality increasingly more true and beautiful.

Fear is a lie created by your own mind as an answer to nonexistent threats. Your life can potentially be eternal, depending on your decisions and your will to become increasingly perfect. Everything you need to live a plentiful and dignified life has been given to you since the day of your birth. Finally, the Father is already inside you and He is constantly trying to share His being, His wisdom, and His unconditional love with you. So, if the conditions to be the best you can be are already present in your life, why are you still waiting to live a better and higher life?

© The 11:11 Progress Group. Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.

www.1111AkashicConstruct.com 11:11 Store

Canadians Rushing to Pay Bills Before Holiday Weekend

Canadians rushing to pay bills before holiday weekend stymied by Interac’s technical difficulties

Interac, which operates an email money transfer service used by several Canadian banks, said today it was experiencing technical difficulties preventing some customers from making payments

Some people took to Twitter to complain they were having trouble making rent payments and other critical transfers. Getty Images


June 30, 2017
1:51 PM EDT

Last Updated
June 30, 2017
2:46 PM EDT

By Matt Scuffham and Jim Finkle

TORONTO — Interac, which operates an email money transfer service used by several Canadian banks, said today it was experiencing technical difficulties preventing some bank customers from making payments ahead of an extended holiday weekend.

“We are experiencing a significant technical difficulty impacting the Interac e-Transfer service resulting in service delays and disruptions. We are working to resolve the situation as quickly as possible,” Interac said in a statement.

Bank of Montreal and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce tweeted that they were experiencing difficulties, while Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto-Dominion Bank and Bank of Nova Scotia customers reported problems making payments.

Some people took to Twitter to complain they were having trouble making rent payments and other critical transfers.

“Rent money in limbo. Not even showing in e-transfer history and can’t even cancel it,” said one tweet by Richard K, a BMO customer.

“Please fix Scotiabank e-transfer soon. I have a family emergency, money transfer is vitally important right now,” tweeted a Scotiabank customer with the handle Kathtastic.

“TD Canada would have been nice if the app let me know Interac was down. I tried many times. I didn’t know until I went to the desktop site,” tweeted Ruth Singh.

RBC, TD Bank and Scotiabank did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Canada Day will be observed on Monday, July 3.

© Thomson Reuters 2017

Source: Financial Post

Greg Hunter - Weekly News Wrap-Up 6-30-17

Published on Jun 29, 2017

Fri. PM KTFA News Articles w/ Frank26 6-30-17


Frank26 » June 30th, 2017

FAMILY ............. As a STUDY ............... Our TEAMS now agree with this.

LivinMemphis » June 30th, 2017

Iranian official confirms the death of the leader of the organization of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Thursday, 29 June 2017 09:09 PM

The leader of the organization of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

An official close to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was quoted by the official IRNA news agency as saying on Thursday that it was certain that the leader of the Daqash organization Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had died .

“The Baghdadi terrorist must have died, ” Ali Shiraz, representative of the top leader of the Quds Force, told the agency without elaborating. Link

Peggy68 » June 30th, 2017

23:15 29/06/2017

US Treasury Secretary: We will examine our contributions to the International Monetary Fund

US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnotchen announced that the United States supports the mission of the International Monetary Fund even though they always want to make sure that taxpayers ' money is being spent in a rational manner.

He told Mnotchen reporters in the White House "We are supportive of the International Monetary Fund Although we will look at our contributions to the Fund , as we examine all the contributions, very carefully to make sure we spend taxpayers ' money properly."

On the other hand, Mnotchen explained that President Donald Trump 's administration so far no decision has been taken with regard to the next president of the Federal Reserve ( the US central bank). http://www.cnbcarabia.com

Samson » June 30th, 2017

Abaob affirms its readiness for the reconstruction of Mosul, along the lines of the Marshall Plan

30.06.2017 at 10:34 (Baghdad time)

Revealed the former Mayor of Baghdad Naim Abaob, Friday, ready to put a modern vision for the reconstruction of the city of Mosul after its liberation from the terrorist factions along the lines of the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe after the end of World War II.

He said Abaob in a statement received / scales News / copy of it "at a time when we bless our people and our army and mobilized security forces historic victory liberation of the city of Mosul, we confirm our readiness to employ our expertise in the field of services and reconstruction in the development of a vision and a program of work integrated along the lines of the Marshall Plan for the reconstruction or Rabiein that damaged by the heinous acts and systematic destruction of the right to their neighborhoods and service facilities and archaeological areas by terrorist factions Daesh ".

"This is an invitation to all specialists, engineers, architects, technicians and specialized companies in the field of building and construction inside and outside Iraq to our participation in the development of ideas, plans and visions, proposals and come up with recommendations and action programs form the foundation and the basis for the springboard for the reconstruction of the city of Mosul as part of a national effort voluntarily reflects the fulfillment of our country and our people."

He explained, "previously implemented a service and construction projects in a number of Baghdad neighborhoods that were to destruction because of terrorism, especially the credit and Apo Seven Street Mutanabi areas as well as the rehabilitation of monuments, statues and areas of archaeological and heritage similar to revive the old Mosul."

He Abaob "This is an opportunity to congratulate our security forces this victory and undermine the foundations of cross-border terrorism and shattering the dreams of his masters and his backers Bbtoulathm and their sacrifices after they have made their bodies a bridge to cross the country to safety and draw the greatness of their deeds and the nobility of their giving plate Shoumoukh and victory in the battle of sovereignty and national dignity." LINK

Samson » June 30th, 2017

Raise the Iraqi flag over the Mosque of Al-Nouri

2017/6/30 18:16

Forces and leaders raised in the anti - terrorism device, the Iraqi flag over the wreckage of the Great Mosque of Al - Nouri in the old city of Mosul , Ayman.

The Daesh terrorist gangs have blown up the mosque last Monday and humpback minaret , which speeches from him leader terrorist Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi three years ago , declaring the alleged successor.

Combat forces and freed the first mosque site on Wednesday to announce the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi , " the end of the mini - state of falsehood Aldaashah


"Take 2" - Dr. Clarke Update 6-30-17

Dinar Recaps

Dr Clarke's Reply

In reply to Take 2... Again.... ???...??... Hola Dr. Cla..., DR. CLARKE said:

DR. CLARKE: Gia, Congratulations to your LSU Tigers for their success this season, as well as, those Florida Gators gaining their 1st National Baseball Title. It's a Win for both, just making it to the Big Dance.


​We were right in our Post 2 days ago, when we said that Iraq (Abadi) needed to announce Mosul AND the entire country of Iraq, as being Liberated from the CONTROL of the Caliphate....ISIS, Daesh.....and that it had to hit the Public Airways in the U.S., for it all to be "Official Worldwide".

This was necessary......for the next $$$ steps to proceed.......in our "Friday Opinion". The Public Statements DID include these words, and they DID make the Airways of CNN, FOX, and others major networks. This was required.

In that same Post, we mentioned the date of July 4th also. ONE of the main reasons we did this, is because of this Factual Information below, , which we copied and pasted from a past source article, issued on July 4, 2014:

"Baghdadi declares ISIS caliphate on July 4, 2014:

At the pulpit of the al-Nuri Mosque in Mosul, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared in a 21-minute video his so-called caliphate on July 4, 2014, naming himself “caliph,” leader of the whole Islamic world, seeking to found a new Islamic regime."

However, as of Today, this moment, their Leader is still not OFFICIALLY, Confirmed deceased, as this latest, updated Fox News article points out, from Today (3 hours ago):


NOW, there is important significance to this date, JULY 4th, coming up here in a few days......for Many Reasons, as you can imagine. Let your mind wonder, outside the Box.....

We believe, that there will be some kind of significant announcement and/or action, regarding Currency, Finances, Money, happening this SUNDAY, July 2nd. We're NOT calling an RV on this date.......

but something important, will come to light. (It would really be nice if they suddenly, officially raised the Rate in Iraq, to way over $1.20........but we don't think they'll do it, just YET).....in our strong, but sometimes wrong, Opinion.

We have REASON to Believe, that the dust needs to settle, attention needs to shift, celebrations need to subside some, and international connections need to solidify BEHIND THE PUBLIC SCENES, before any official, MASSIVE Money is moved into USE.
(note the word USE)

Like we said, we LOVE Fridays........and we think the 2nd half of JULY, particularly the last week of JULY, will be MASSIVE!

That's just our Diversified, Cosmic, Hidden, Public, Ridiculous, Foolish, "Fake"........Opinion.

We really Hope it's earlier, because after this July 4th date, "ANYTHING can Happen, at ANY TIME".......or maybe before?.....we really think it's "Later" this month, toward August.

PLEASE NOTE: It's really getting HOT in Iraq, and will continue to get even HOTTER, into August, as the SUN beams down with Full Force. The people of Iraq, really NEED SOME RELIEF.......Asap!.....like YESTERDAY!.......but it's still not JULY, just YET.

Cheers! DR. CLARKE

​P.S: Kuwait LOVES Iraq......all of a sudden.

Watch the (REGIONS) activity.

Watch Iran's next move.

Syria & Afghanistan are being Secured.....more.

N. Korea........is MORE pissed........because Dennis Rodman left.


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