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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"You Change Your Past, You Change Your Future" by Victor - 5.22.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 8:22 AM EDT on May 23, 2017

Your past and future are one thing. You can not have one without having the other. Both are connected, but we ignore the power of the past to shape our future. You can't have one without the other. You can't ....."experience"...... one without the other. In that way the Universe is logical and it will support this creation logic in this way.

So it is when we try to create a specific future for ourselves. To reach that specific future of a completed RV, we must not forget to work on the completed RV in the past first. Because a completed RV will draw to it, a completed future, it has too. So we need to put the completed RV that we want in our past, to make it appear as a experience in our future.

But you say how can the egg come before the chicken? Because .......the past is already done before the future that has not yet happened. The point here is that..... future you want in a way is flexible......as is the past flexible for you, since you have the power of imagination that can create. You can change options or change and jump time lines in your past. Therefore, the past can be used to lead the future and not the other way around. The future can not lead the past. The future is not flexible at all, once it has happend. Then the future, it can only create a specific past and not the other way around.

The past is not dependent on the future to make it so, not necessarily, since the future has not happened yet, not yet happend for you. So..... The future is flexible and can be shaped according to the past. It is the future that must depend on the past in a way. The future is tied to the past. If a past exists, then the future that made it so has to appear and can not be changed. If the egg exists in your past, the chicken that laid it is guaranteed, or has to manifest in the universe to lay that egg. It has to be so.

You can shape the past, that brings the future that the past needs to happen. The future can not move forward or be any different than the past that has already manifested. The past, manifest the future. So the egg requires a chicken to be there in the future to make the past real, logical and make sense factually and complete the connection......."complete the manifestation"........As you create your past, you create your future.

So if you change your past as you want your future to be, you change the future that will have already manifested that specific past. For if you want as specific future that is done, you have to see it in its past, as already happened. So, when you put an egg in your past, you create a chicken in your future. You can create your future by creating your past.

There are billions of forks you can take on the manifesting road with the Law of Attraction. Since everything is or everything has the meaning that you put on it. If you put a new past in your past, you put a new future in your future. If you work on your past, which you can......"though imagining".......or casting spell as the cabal does. You are changing the forks on the road that you will travel, to get to a particular future that will now pull you towards it. Since that past will require you to now have a specific future in your life to reconcile your past which has already happened. In this way, when you get to a particular fork in the road, the future will have to put YOU on the correct forks for you to take, in order for you to end up at the future which made your past that already happened.

Since your past already happened, the future you will have is guaranteed since the future created that past which is already proven to have happened or already manifested. So change your past and you change your future. Manifest an egg and the chicken that is now required, will show up in your future. Put an egg in your past and the future chicken is guaranteed to be there.

So when you put completion already in your past, you put the future you want in your life. If I put the intend for what I want as a completed experience in my past, the Universe has to manifest that future time line to make sure the past that I created, matches up with my future. So when I see the RV already done in my past as completed, I am putting all the meaning and all the confidence I have that the experience that I want, is already done and that I already have all the confidence that I need for it to be so.

If an experience is in my past, that means I had all the power to have it happen already in my future which created my past......then it is already real and manifested, since no manifestation can happen unless all the correct meaning made it happen first. So it is much easier to work on the past and shape it with my imagination and my mind, to bring in the future I want.

I can easily dream of how it was in the past, all the benefits of the RV or all the good things that I have already done with it. I can see and immagine know how that egg tasted, how that RV felt. I can create the experience of eating that egg and then darn well forget about the chicken that will lay it in the future since it is already done. I already ate my egg in my imagination. I made it real and that imagination is as real as any fact. The manifestation of the chicken is guaranteed to be so then, since I already ate the egg.

So, what I want to happen in my future and I must put it in my past first, then since my future has already occurred in my past, it has to happened for me. It is now a fact that has to be supported for that specific past to exist. Since it happened in my past, I would have already have put all the meaning into it that I needed for it to be created in my future, all the confidence and all the completion that I need for the future to be done. So when I change the past, I change the future that I will have. It is done, it is proven and it is a fact if I shape my past the way I want my future. In this way, I can fake it until I can make it.

I don't have to wait for the future to happen to be able to enjoy it. I can proactively create a new past and put what I want in my past to make my future draws me to the completion of the circle that my past demands of the future. So this way the past manifests the future and not the other way around. Where I have to wait for a future to happen and to see it show up in my past.

By changing my past, I no longer have to ....."WAIT"..... for the future I want. I cut the process that gives " Lack " its power and that is waiting for something to happen in the future. Waiting is not action........" Waiting is not manifesting!"..... Waiting is...."lack"...... Waiting is empowering what I do NOT want to happen. When I wait for the future or for the facts to happen. I am in the energy vibration of not putting the right meaning on my desires so that they have enough energy/power and enough clarity to make them appear in my future.

So, when I cut the..... "lack"...... out from my life, by removing the waiting process of something not being done yet. I avoid a problem that is working against me. I remove myself as a problem in my manifestations by shaping my past first, to create my future. This way the Universe has to match up my future with my past since my past has already happened.

So all I have to do is place completed events my past and see them as already done with the power of my imagination. I don't have to only imagine in the future, but more powerfully place what I want in my past as completed already. This way I can work in my ......"Now"..... to shape my future by completing my past first. I no longer have to......"Wait".....since waiting is not the energy that has any power to manifest the future. Imagination has ALL the POWER.

The power is in manifesting the past and holding and creating a place for that future that already happened. In this way manifestation success is guaranteed by placing what you want in your past first. In this way I make the past draw me to the future I want to experience.

Much Love Victor



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