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Thursday, May 11, 2017

"Why Us and Why Now?" by TPAO - 5.11.17

Entry Submitted by TPAO at 1:30 PM EDT on May 11, 2017

For those you using this valuable time to really work through the reality of projects envisaged as I am at the moment then this might be for you as well. Amidst the nitty gritty of budgets, how to measure effectiveness when the impact is expected to be social rather then quantitative and so on and so forth then questions probably arise. They usually do for me.

'We are there already, it is done’ I say to myself resetting the calculator and wondering at the necessity of this type of preparation. Magic wands and nirvana are usually seen in my minds eye as well as home. 'Why can’t we just BE there and not go through all this ‘stuff’?’ I groan. Then I remind myself of why I am here and what i wrote in this post in February.

As in the States rural areas in England are also suffering. There is no employment for the youth so they have to move to the towns and cities to find work and then there is the added challenge of the planning permissions here. Because of the history everything is listed and planning permission to alter any of the buildings or even build new buildings are incredibly strict to preserve the country side. Which is a blessing visually when you drive through picture postcard villages but an economic drawback if they are slowly dying.

For anyone asking themselves similar questions this might help too. Onward ever, later we will be grateful for having used this time in the best way we could.

Much love from the Wye Valley in Wales



Why Us and Why Now?

I am currently on the move around the South West of England, spending a week to a fortnight at a time in little home stay cottages on farms in the region until I establish my base here again. I am in the wonderful mystical area of Wiltshire and Somerset at present, home to Stone Henge, Avebury, Bath, Salisbury. Avon country. My son attends school in the area so this way I am not too far away should he need me, though rarely does which is as I would have it. Even at this time of year it is so beautiful with misty meadow views and so many man made mounds of hill size in the vistas i behold where ever I go.

In explaining to my PA the situation at the current farm I arrived to yesterday, I realised I was answering my own often asked question of why we can not just wave the magic wand and go ‘So it is’ and BE in our fully ready Golden Age? Why do we have to go through the cleaning up fase? We know it is an illusion of our own making, and in having owned all the projections our collective insane imaginings have made, AND forgiven them, why can we not just BE in the frequency from whence we hail? Where Gaia already IS immaculate, pristine, and her inhabitants, our greater selves, are already living in creative joy and continuing to expand in the perfection that we are? We know change can happen in the blink of an eye in the illusion or dreamscape, indeed that is our natural state of manifesting? So, why are we not there yet?

I hope the answer that arrives by way of the example of the little organic fruit farm I am currently staying on assists making this clearer for others as well. It is all information we already know and have, yet when it arrives in still another format sometimes that precipitates taking it to an even deeper level. Like the penny dropping still further. I find this happening so much of late and often refer to it as an epiphany of the bleeding obvious! It makes me smile. We are learning how to unlearn what we think we know and remember the Truth which we already know.

Why us and Why now

The farm used to be an organic fruit farm, pick your own. Started by a French family and the current owners father took it over and then handed it on to them. With a young family, work etc the farm side has been let go a bit but the couple are just so lovely. Enjoy living on here, two children, saw the girl, must be about G’s age or older. Mike said the son was 15, which I thought was the girls age so maybe she is older.

Was thinking last night after chatting to them both, it is the small interventions like these that we are really after. Mike and Sarah are just lovely, work day jobs and then all free time given to the farm really. Much like Lora and Bob did with B H. They have another set of renovated outbuildings rented by a business that publishes books about steam engines…… obviously a niche market out there lol!! Then out back they have a meadow with electrics so camping vans can plug in etc. Only accessible by those that belong to a club etc. There is a van there now with a dear elderly couple enjoying the location, reminds me of Mum and Kevin when they set off in their camper van.

So, in terms of accruing projects to be ready to be up and running when this hits it is really places like this as well as revitalising towns like Chard which is slowly dying and almost in its death throes. And the beauty of it is that the people themselves can put together the project proposals because no doubt they have been imagining in great detail over the years what the place COULD be were the resources available. In this case a thriving pick your own organic farm that employed people. The latter being key to it disbursing through the local community. It needs investment in it and with no severe repayment obstacles that would hinder its natural growth as long as it was employing and nurturing those in the surrounding community at the same time.

Inevitably the farm would become profitable in the long run however, I believe we are going to be redefining ‘what’ or ‘how’ profitable is measured into the future. Is it the accrual of money for the owners separate from the entity or the investment back into the project for it to grow further and engage more people or teach/train others to do the same. When the new technologies, which are already there and available however kept out of reach till now, are brought online there will be no expenditure for power/energy costs. Healing technologies will make all the pharma and medical that we are currently so entangled in, obsolete and then the new way of being will make dis-ease a thing of the past. Whilst we are haphazardly playing with 3D printers and even printing food (they have 3D printed a hamburger!!) these are the fischerprice version handed out at present of full blown replicators aka Star Trek that, once again, are in the wings and waiting.

It is hard to imagine that all these technologies are already there at their most sophisticated level. Equally hard to imagine how to disclose and reveal all of this to a populous that is enmeshed in the programming of what they think reality is at present. There in lies the reason we will be doing the projects we will as the interim steps or transition fase, to assist in bringing the collective mind set back to a place of having. Being nourished. Wanting for nothing. Then it becomes a self fulfilling vibration. Getting the collective mindset to there is key. Until that point even handing people vast sums of money will not achieve this because their current vibration of lack would mean that they would lose it in a flash. It would be counter to what they believe.

It is fascinating really but that is by explanation as to why we are fulfilling this function at this time. The go between from one age to another as it were. You can open the prison gate and undo the shackles but the intensity and brightness of the light at the entrance will often make those inside retreat further back to escape it and there, once again, dream of the freedom for which they yearn. The freedom that is right there for the taking. We decided to do this together and that no one would be left behind. So it is that we are in service to our brothers and sisters.




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