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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

"Who's Stage Is It Anyway?" - One Who Knows - 5.17.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 12:42 PM EDT on May 17, 2017

Who's Stage Is It Anyway?

I've been thinking about this question for a little while now, as nay-sayers demand their right to free speech, and to be on the IDC stage. But that begs the question "Who's stage is it anyway?" when you answer this question, you will clearly realize who has a right to it and who does not. It turns out that Free Speech is "By Invitation Only."

The Concert Promoter

I can't help but think about what a concert promoter goes through creating a "Show" that people will want to come and see and pay for. It has to be good and the audience is a VERY IMPORTANT part of the consideration. If the "Acts" (Posters) are not chosen well, the audience does not show up, and the advertising does not pay. So it makes sense that there are important considerations.

#1) The MIX Of Performers

Clearly, if you are putting on a Rock Music show, you have all Rock and Roll bands, or at least bands that are compatible with Rock and roll. Same is true of country music, or Jazz, or even classical. In any give show, the acts have to be "Congruent" or else it DOES NOT DRAW IN THE AUDIENCE.

Can you imagine a Rock and Roll show, after a high powered band leaves the stage, the next act is a classical pianist playing Beethoven? That doesn't work. Never did, never will. That is why TVs have channels, so that people can watch the types of shows or acts that they want to watch. The same is true of Websites. Some specialize in Cooking, others music, others pets, others, growing plants, but no matter the "Channel/Webpage" it has a certain specialty that draws in a certain audience.

Our site here on IDC is no different. We are a positive, enlightening, and informative site. NOT a satire, NOT a dissenters platform, and NOT an end of the World stories venue. It is just for the positive information an posts only.

#2) The Audience Is Earned & Cultivated

Any performer, self help Guru, speaker, etc, cultivates their audiences and over time builds a following. When they take the stage, it is their audience that shows up. It BELONGS TO THEM, AND THEM ALONE. No one else has any right or claim to that audience. How could they? Can you imagine a Rolling Stones Concert, with a packed stadium, or for our friend Heisenberg, a Bono Show. In the middle of the music set, a person runs up on the stage and grabs the mic and start telling that audience that Bono sucks and everything he is saying is wrong. Telling the Audience that he needs to prove himself and he has not done that yet.

Are you kidding me? Who's stage is this anyway? Bono goes to throw this person off his stage (Website) and the person claims the most pathetic argument that has ever been uttered "I have Free Speech!" And if that was not pathetic and telling enough, he says "I have a right to be on this stage and talk to your audience and say bad things about you!" Are you kidding me? But, as stupid as this argument is, we see that VERY SAME one being made here all the time.

#3) Who's Stage Is It Anyway?

To my pathetic and delusional misguided friends, you do have free speech to a point. You can't yell fire in a movie theater unless it is true. There is a big difference between having the right to speak your mind, and having the right to take over someone else's stage. You have the right to go and set up your own webpage, and cultivate and build your own audience and bitch and moan to your heart's delight on your own platform, and stage.

As far as this Platform stage and webpage that Patrick has spent years cultivating and perfecting, you have NO RIGHTS and NEVER DID. The right to speak on this stage comes by invitation only. I GUARANTEE YOU that the concert promoter (Webmaster) who invites Bono to perform (Post) on his stage, DOES NOT invite a heckler to come on stage next who is going to bash Bono. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN IN THE REAL WORD AND IT IS TIME FOR YOU BASHERS TO GET REAL AS WELL.

To be clear, Free Speech does not mean you have a right to anyone else's stage/platform. It means that you can go and set up your own web page and spend you money and time developing it and then speak all you want.... Will you have an audience for your platform/stage? Who knows and frankly, I don’t care. I only care about this stage and who is invited to speak on it.

#4) Audiences (Funders) Are Fickle

If a concert promoter is not careful about the shows they produce (Put together) they will lose their audiences. You can't invite performers and hecklers to be in the same show, it doesn't work. After a while, the audience stops coming to see the show. That is not to say that there isn't an audience for that, clearly there is. There are plenty of other sites who specialize in ranting, bitching and moaning, whining and complaining. THAT IS WHERE YOU WILL NOT ONLY BE INVITED, BUT YOU WILL BE WELCOMED AS WELL. But, that type of posting, is not welcomed here on Patrick's stage. If Patrick allowed that to continue, the performers (Posters) would stop showing up.

(UP-DATE) By the way, I just got an update on other WebPages on the net. I have heard from my Top sources, that since the Republic's Operation Sand Paper, over 60 websites have come forward (So Far - More expected), turned over the information of their most troublesome posters to the authorities, and have now pledged to no longer allow Cabal Agenda type post on their sites. In fact, not only are they no longer accepting the negative posts, they are actively seeking more positive and informative posts. They have made it clear that they are wanting to support the incoming Republic, and their websites will now be more congruent with that philosophy and Reality. So to the ranters and naysayers, the places where your type of agenda are welcomed are shrinking by the day as the World moves into peace and prosperity.

#5) The Performers (Posters) Are Fickle

If You think the Audience is fickle, the performers are a million times more fickle. If they get heckled every time they show up (Post), they just stop showing up. I dare say that there is a lot of very important and powerful intel and content that we are NOT getting because they do not want to face the in house hecklers that we have here. I don't give a damn, I just run them over, but not everyone has a Whack-A-Troll mallet like I have.

#6) It Is A Balance

So, in the end, it is a balance between content (Posters) , and audience. You have to ask two questions and then strike a balance between them.

A) Who are the Audience?

B) Who are the Posters?

If you pick the posters, that determines the Audience you will attract, and if you decide on the audience, that determines the Posters you will feature. It is a balance. In this case, when running a web page that is paid for by advertising, the audience is a very important consideration. It all comes down to "Page Views" = income to live on and keep the blog going.

I know plenty of people who tell me that they have just a few people they follow and they read those and then close the IDC webpage. Clearly this is because the rest of the show is not worthy of attention, page views. It would be like a screwed up concert where people watch Bono perform, and then next on stage is a Bono heckler and basher. First that would never happen in real life, and second the audience would get up and walk out. What is the next act/post after that? Who knows the audience has left the house/stadium.

Twisted Logic

Don't even try me on this matter. No amount of twisted logic can validate that the nay-sayers and negative ranters have ANY RIGHTS TO THIS STAGE WHAT SO EVER. NONE! Don't even try.

Can you imagine a Willie Nelson Benefit Concert to help the farmers save their lands, allowing some negative ranter on stage to talk down to the audience and tell them that they don’t know what they are doing and everything that was said about the farmers losing their land was a lie? That would never happen. But that does bring up a very important point "Intent."


Rock Concerts don't normally have an intent except to have a good time with hard driving music. But if a platform or stage did have an intent, then clearly EVERY single performer (Poster) would need to be in line with that intent. RIGHT? Of course that is right, what else is there?

The intent of this IDC site is to bring important intel, enlightenment and encouragement to the Light Workers of this World, and help raise our vibrations as we head to ascension. IT IS NOT TO DISCOURAGE PEOPLE AND LOWER THEIR VIBRATIONS. Thus the intent of this stage, webpage, is of upmost importance. In that regard, Negative rants, bashers and those who spread fear and doubt, are NOT welcomed here. Clear?

The intent of this Venue, stage, platform website, is to serve the greater good and help humanity raise up in vibration, through wisdom, information, enlightenment, and encouragement. So Be It!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this site had begun to lose its identity by letting negative posters have this stage to promote their own agenda which is incongruent with the intent of IDC. Those days are over. For those who want to rant, and those who want to read the rants, there are other places on the web for you to do so. You are "Free" to go there and speak.

The Free Speech argument? PLEASE! Are you kidding me? Try that one at the next rock concert that comes to town. Rush the stage and climb up on it, grab the mic and start bashing the band and claim free speech and see what happens. OUCH! To be clear YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS TO THIS STAGE. It is by invitation only, and ranters, complainers and their kind are NOT INVITED.

This is the line in the sand. It is a FIRST BIG STEP into the new World way of thinking. I hope that once the bashers and ranters, and those who have a Cabal agenda of gloom, doom, and doubt, are gone, that we will have new posters who come forth to share their wisdom, intel and encouragement. I dare say that the only posters of merit we have left are those who are tough enough to deal with the ranters and bashers, but why should they have to? That is over now.

People (Posters) are being blocked right now and have been. You know who you are. If your message/post, is congruent with the intent of this site and the audience that Patrick wants to attract, it will be posted, if not, it will be rejected without discussion. Both the performers (Posters) and the audience have to be considered when accepting or rejecting a post. Keep that in mind, if you want to be invited to post here. In the end, and MOST importantly, "Who's Stage Is This Anyway?" Patrick's. End of discussion.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows


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