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Thursday, May 18, 2017

"Understanding the Levels of Consciousness" by Victor - 5.18.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 10:19 PM EDT on May 18, 2017

This Chart or one like it was posted here a few weeks ago and it is a chart that I am very familiar with. I studied it for years and read many books on it. When I discovered it it was explained by Dr. David Hawkins in his book Power VS Force. Over the years many other spiritual teachers have used it or one similar to it like the one we saw from Abraham Hicks.

The difference in the charts do not matter it is the principles behind it that are important to understand. It is all about Levels of Consciousness and levels of vibration. I share this because it will explain peoples differing attitudes to the topic of the day ..... "Free Speech"...... and how it is seen and understood differently by different people. This topic has dominated the agenda here for a long time and a practical understanding of this chart will help us all remove our "Darling precious feelings"......or not, from this and understand what is going on personally and collectively in the group,

If we understand these principles it will greatly help us manage our lives, our money and protect us in the future. To understand this correctly you really need to be at the level of 200 or above. The 200 level is called the level of integrity or the level of "Truth." But if you are not there yet, you will just have to observe your emotions and your life view and if you can be honest, you will see it describes you.

This chart will help explain why countries fail to communicate, why people fail to communicate and why groups fail to communicate. Communication is really based on our vibration level and that means our "alignment" with Universal principles of "Truth" or "Light". These Levels is not something that changes with each topic, but is a more unchanging description of where you are in your own evolution in Life. It changes slowly normally over time, where may be 5 points is the average change for one lifetime.

You can also use this chart to describe the Level of the world, a country or any group that you know. Of course you will have to read the whole book with examples and hundreds of pages of illustrations and charts to really understand it and let it help you see where you are at and where others are at. Once you can see where people are at according to their emotions and overall world view, you understand why you are attracted to certain people and repelled from others. That attraction and repulsion is based on Vibration, and not really opinions or biases so much, but pure energy of light or levels of understanding Truth and incorporating it into your whole being. It is who you are in one way.

So if for example some person posting here runs into trouble with the group, they are at one level of consciousness and the group is at another. If they where both in alignment or similar levels, there would be NO conflict of disharmony. The conflict is one of energy and can be seen if you look at the level of say a person at 175. That person at the level of PRIDE has the dominating emotion of SCORN in their life. Their dominant world view is one of DEMANDING.

Say such a person who is in Pride, post in a group who is at the vibration of 400 for example, you get extreme conflict, since the group in the 400 range operates at the emotion of UNDERSTANDING and their world view is MEANINGFUL. So what happens next is an extreme failure to communicate! sounds like most countries and many relationships. Yet this is how it is. Each level has many differing attributes beyond the two listed here. Their views and Vibration very on many things to the point of where they really have not much in common if their energies are to far apart.

When they get together there is disharmony and a battle of conflicting vibrations, such as we can see in our group. So when this non-alignment becomes too extreme, people separate or create boundaries and rules so that they each protect their own level of energy. So the new rules here is also about evolving. It is a test of sort, like this long term RV training ground here on us.

If we do not understand different levels of people and how they see the world and what motivates them, we can have all the money In China and not get much done with it. We really have to be much, much higher than those we try to help, or else we will lack the compassion and understanding and separation required to be Benevolent.

Now, getting to the level of LOVE or 500 and above is a very rare thing that not many have reached yet. The level of 1000 would be someone like Christ at the cusp of 4th density and may be near 5 th density. A density scale goes up to 7th density and then a whole new creation or octave at the 8th. NOW dimensions is also different than densities.

People who have reached those rare Vibrations of the high 900-1,000 level historically are your Saints and Avatars or your Buddhas. In contrast when Christ spoke 2,000 years ago, the average level of consciousness of his audience was between 60-100. That was the collective of the world average.The world consciousness reached the all important 200 level in 1987. So we are now finally over 200 and will not destroy ourselves. America is at the level of the mid 300 for example.

So when OWK or Patrics board creates boundaries, it is for protection and exclusion of those that are just to far out of alignment. Sometimes rules are a must for those who need more time to evolve. Rules are still needed since you will not be able to change peoples levels with an intellectual argument. It is much more complex than that. It depends on the individual itself. So if we are still aligning ourselves with the lower vibration by defending lower vibration view points. We will probably find ourselves leaving this group over time since we are not in alignment with the group energies here. All of this may actually also be a Benevolent weeding out process of selection, like these currencies have been all along.

This segregation in a way is a natural outcome of Vibration. It might even become a triage situation where in order to save the many or the group, a few must go. Now none of this will be understood by those at the lower levels of understanding, since this will not resonate at their level, since they will just not get it or be able to change over night and behave. So it is with Service to Self and Service to Others. It is All about the vibration and they do not have much in common at all. Service to Self operates at the level below 200 and is operating at the very extreme lows of 5-10 when you get into the child abuse energies that are now becoming known.



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