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Sunday, May 7, 2017

"Truth, Truth, Truth" by GK - 5.7.17

Entry Submitted by GK at 12:26 PM EDT on May 7, 2017


Of course I understand how fragile the global currency reset is, it began for me in April of 2011. I remember July 4 of 2011 when everyone was watching and holding their breath that the RV would appear before Ramadan.

I am not a cabal agent although I was once a webmaster for a guy I came to seriously wonder about and impolitely and publicly told him to go start his own blog somewhere else. He did. He is out there and nasty as ever, but somehow maintaining his position of authority in London. Which makes me wonder today and every day through the years as to this pecking order of manipulations, lies, half truths sprinkled with can't hide this particular fact back any more.

I have gone from Fulford, to Tdarkcabal, to dinarvets,to recaps, dinarguru, to TNT Tony, to General64, to Okie, to Exogen 2 and 3, to Tilton, to Gladiators, to detectives, maintained layaways for 3 years with Sterling, sold back currency out of desperate times, and every other dinar related surreal insanity gurus and disappearing characters for 6 years, listening to calls such as Dizzybear and Yoseph and Jerry Macguire, Awake and 3 D and some of the dumbest callers and read some of the worst spellers, and been insulted by some of the whackiest brain numbing cultish crap the SCIFI channel should have mysterysciencetheater3000 heckling.

Of anyone who has popped their head up in this cacophony of madness I am one of the few who can be completely identified, if I didn't use my real name I posted videos with my name on them linking to my youtube channel, music or blogs. Even though I am not a perfect person, I have not lived in fear of the internet and google because who I am has remained the same for 56 years. I am a compulsive artist who makes films, videos, music, cartoons, and had some mild successes while mostly battling poverty, homelessness, desperation, and a certain degree of blacklisting based on a personal war with the Hollywood monopoly mafia that demands subservience and blindness in exchange for opportunity.

That particular mafia is attached to the world banking mafias and all the others. When you spend 20 years writing and researching screenplays, writing and re-writing and standing at copiers for hours and sending 120 page manuscripts out to studios and agents only to see your best ideas come out in other people's films... You build up resentment for the type of despicable thieves who steal intellectual property void of conscience.

The same web of sociopaths who allowed children to starve to death in 3rd world countries and even purchased some of them for perverse deviant pleasure and ritual.

I first started calling them out in the 80s, 90s, and excellerated after 911 when I stumbled upon Sherman Skolnick who filled in the blanks.

What made no sense before, suddenly made sense. It was simple.

Why did humanity choose all the wrong paths?

Because the elite mafia liked it that way.

It was on purpose, not accidental. It sewed division and a smoke screen of chaos and confusion.

An ah ha moment. For 15 years or so I felt it was every person's duty to throw as much of this ugly truth in front of people's faces as possible. Whether it was Alex Jones videos, or Jeff Rense site, Henry Makow, Bill Still, Eustace Mullins, G Edward Griffin, Daryl Bradford Smith, Catherine Austin Fitts, Mike Maloney, and on and on... All were offering pieces to a huge puzzle.

I lost many friends from my past as I used Facebook to attempt to share what I had learned. Sobeit.

Basically one of the things the people out here on the internet, who work for military and agencies got pissed about with me, is they tried to use me as an asset. That's what they do, they recognize skills and try to focus them in a direction that is useful to their desires.

But with me, the second something made no sense or contradicted what most children would recognize as dishonest, unfair or manipulative for some Machiavellian end... Those attempting to control me would get angry with me.

I wrote hundreds of essays but the one that made the most sense to me was when I spoke of tethering a moral compass to a fixed point. As journalists are supposed to do. That fixed point cannot be moved to win arguments or sway public opinion, it has to be cemented in the golden rule. Do I want to watch a documentary that pretends to be truthful when it is just psychological manipulation? People like Michael Moore leading the left or movies like Inside Job that manages to turn much bigger sources of financial cancer on the mortgage crisis which was a red herring. Meant to blame poor people for the impending crashes at a key moment of economic controlled demolition.

The answer is NO... that is not truth. Because who likes to be manipulated? Who likes it when the alcoholic in the family with a gift for denial and deflecting personal responsibility successfully shifts the ownus on someone else, yet again.

The golden rule says, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

So, again, who would want another person to manipulate their emotions with half truths meant to instigate action against the persons who aren't actually to blame, or simply scapegoats? The way we continue to blame 19 phantom hijackers.

The powers that be want to continue to be and bury that particular crime for all time. Is that right? Do we really allow a scripted psychological act of war, theft and murder to be written into history as fact when it was fable? Apparently so... I will keep an open mind that the so called white hats really do intend to spend a week or more on TV unraveling that lie for the world.

Sure would be nice to watch my sisters face.

So, when real crime mafias and monopolies that are responsible for mayhem get to fund a scripting of phony baloney heroes and concepts and throw some of their own under a bus... In order to maintain their power positions... Is it right to allow certain loud people to bully their science fiction down our throats without real proof?

I suffered real stalking and abuse back in 2002 when I started pushing stuff like the Johnny Gosche incident. Look it up. For 15 years I spent a lot of energy and endured personal targeting, risk and persecution because I thought who is going to stand up for these kids being kidnapped if not those of us who see it as a factual reality? And by the way I have got to say this, many people you think led this rebellion are actor/agents...steering the awakening into waters that are murky.

Today I read of the kids being saved and people being held accountable. Praise God-- but let's see some evidence. Let's see the white hat military take over all of TV for at least a full week and explain to all my friends and family, yours too... that we were right. That their scoffing at us, rolling their eyes, their alienation was cowardly and ignorant. Is it so much to ask that the liars be seen as liars in everyone's eyes not just to a tiny fraction of internet seekers?

I am so sick of this investment and reading this crap that I would settle for a number that would allow me to pay the good people back in my life who helped me through my struggles and set up a fixed income for my last 20 years and something for my son.

And of course the idea of a mega bounty of riches to help many is extremely appealing. But on top of being insulted with all the lies---- to be singled out as negative and 3D for demanding truth and doubting the veracity of the dogma that continues to be crapped out. Is insult to injury.

Aren't we supposed to pick up our dogma crap and dispose of it properly?

And how is it negative to demand truth?

They want us to believe there is no such thing as truth. How convenient for them.

A convenient lie.



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