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Thursday, May 18, 2017

"Tonight's Word: RaVe On" - Heisenberg - 5.18.17

Entry Submitted by Heisenberg at 10:35 PM EDT on May 18, 2017

n. An organized underground party involving music and dancing. Raves typically involve one or more DJs playing electronic dance music such as techno, trance, breakbeat, jungle, and ambient. Usually starting after dusk and lasting through 'til dawn. Raves can vary greatly in size and scope, hosting from dozens to thousands of guests, and lasting from one night to a few days. Classically, ravers have maintained a strong community spirit and have promoted an ideal called PLUR, an acronym for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. These values have unfortunately faded somewhat since the onset of a newer generation of ravers unfamiliar with these concepts so elemental to the original scene. -Wiki

And that brings us to tonight's word: RAVE ON

"Brittany, are you gonna go to Thad's rave tonight ? Of course, Chanel, it's going to be totally tubular (I'm stuck in the 80s). I like, got my neon lipstick and everything. Are we going to invite Eugene? As if! That choad was shooting spit wads at the DJ last time. Ewww." -Valley Girl

So did anyone else cringe a little from "Chalk" yesterday? I think I heard every starfish in dinarland pucker at once yesterday. It sounded like 10 octopuses walking across wet glass at the same time. And I was not immune. I stopped for a second and thought "Oh shoot what the heck did I post that one time? I think I dropped an F bomb here and there. Yikes. Is there chalk for that? Maybe a Cancun Sand or a Turquoise Blue?" At least I'll be in good company. Ahem.

Even though that wasn't the best of news to some of the patrons at Paddy's, thank you Yosef for continuously delivering the cold hard truth. Like you say, I want to know so I can prepare. They say Karma is gone but responsibility for actions is still a thing. For whom does the bass drop? The bass drops for thee. RaVe on!

Like Yosef says, too late to change your hand now. That hand is called, cards face up for all the room to see. And it's a mighty big room. How you played this RV game was not just between you and your maker, it was for all to see. Ouch. And they were keeping close score. Double ouch.

I guess the question that pops in my head is if I had to do it all over again would I change a thing? Some of you narcissistic instigators, if you had a chance to go back, would you change the way you played the game? Too late to change it now, but knowing Chalk, would you? Of course if you have black chalk you would. But what if you knew you'd get preferential treatment if you had just been civil and respectful to the guy sitting next to you in coach? No one here is perfect so I'm sure our jackets got all kinds of different chalk marks. I wonder if there's a chalk color for helping that pregnant girl change her tire that one day. I think that should be Puerto Rico Coqui Green (true crayola color). Well, whatever is in our jacket, we can only pray that Neon is one of them. RaVe on!

As for the topic whether everyone has a right to be heard in this room and express their thoughts for all the world (and all the universe...so please make us proud) to hear, I see it like this: This is a place of business. Patrick is running a business for profit. See those ads on the side of the page? This is not a charity nor is it your city council meetings where anyone can go to the podium and stay their three minutes worth (Have you ever seen that on the public access channel? Holy moly there's some strange birds out there. But I digress).

As a place of business, the owner reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. That's how most businesses work. But if this was a true corner pub and we were all physically in one room, I don't think Mr. ubiety (in bold) would've lasted this long. Some patron who works hard at the factory all week and just wants to listen to open mic night with out all the heckling, would've taken it upon themselves to show U the door. Unfortunately for us it's just been a painful thing to watch for the last year. And the saddest part is, the more he gets people to engage his negativity, the more joy is derived by him. It's a depressing spectacle and the fact we're talking about it AGAIN is writing on the wall that nothing will ever change with this situation. It's insanity defined. The heckling starting with Yosef and has now shifted to OWK. Who's next......Tank? You? Me? Seriously, if my sister was doing her thing at a poetry slam and some yahoo started throwing peanut shells at her?? Out the door. This one trick pony needs a new shtick. Or a new bar.

noun: schtick

a gimmick, comic routine, style of performance, etc., associated with a particular person.


And don't forget to take notice of the fresh new face Steve F who comes rushing in right on cue advocating to let him keep annoying the room. And a few others who say they've been around but I don't remember hearing from them. Dee. Hope for the World? You stood up for Over and Out? And you're willing to say that in public? *eyes rolling* Over and out is a prime example of why trolls need to be shut down. He was promoting groups saying we can't exchange by ourselves, remember? And he brought in his cohorts to give him credibility? But that's forgiveable in the name of free speech, right? Let the deceivers deceive. "Just don't read it."

Ubiety is one of ours, you say? He was never one of mine. I don't recall any posts talking about which segment of society his projects will help. Or anything about how he's going to make this a better world with this blessing. If he did, please repost and I would stand corrected. I will eat humble crow gumbo. He's shown he can thrown one helluva stone tho.

Or did you mean "one of ours" red blooded human? Skins versus scales? Kind of prejudice. Kind of racist to think that we should stand behind all humans good or bad. To assume that all of "them" are evil and I must stand behind every jerk just because he's human is no better than defending the actions of the Klansman in a white pointy hat protecting that white skin. Maybe Martin Luther King should've said "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the TEXTURE of their skin, but by the content of their character.". I judge people on their character. And when words are all you have to go by, it makes it pretty obvious pretty fast. Besides, how do we truly know whos who in the zoo?

U had over a year to show the room his mettle and he did so. Lord, did he show it. I think a year of abuse is enough for me to vote to have him kicked off the island and sleep with a clear conscience. Heaven forbid we dare try to take away the one weapon that the cabal minions have to use against the chosen ones. How dare we? That's why we get such strong push back every time we even approach this topic. Starting to see a pattern family? Is this thing on? Testing one two. Unique New York.


I guess this can also be a case study of our species. A perfect example to the universe of how gullible and forgiving we are as humans. "Those mauraders kinda enslaved us and made our lives miserable but they say that every one deserves to be heard and free speech is in the bible or constitution or something, so we're just going to turn the other cheek and take it again cause we don't want to create any waves, ok? Ok universe?...so please don't come down here and enslave us again cause it wasn't fun and stuff. Maybe some good ET's can hang around and, like, protect us from the bad guys cause we can't do it ourselves." Our galactic brothers and sisters must be watching us saying "Dont fall for it again....don't do it.....don't fall for it....ahhh..they fell for it." *Picard face palm*. So when the next pirate race comes looking for bullion, lets turn on the old open for business sign on Earth, shall we? Next gold 12 parsecs. Stop here. Are other species this tolerant and forgiving or is it just us? Is Fisher on? Maybe if our species were more like Tony Soprano, they'd think twice about coming down here.


Just because management doesn't ask him to leave, doesn't mean we can't. So do I think he needs to be shown the door? I stand with OWK and say yes. Will we have to deal with this for much longer? Doesn't sound like it. What colors of chalk are in his jacket? Who knows, who cares? Would I ever want to work for such a man? Hell no, and I wouldn't want to enjoy a proper pint with him either. Such behavior doesn't get you invited to any neon parties.

For the true blue positive light workers here, I hope you all have neon chalk marks in your favorite color (Circus Orange?) in your folder and you get the VIP table at the best GCR/RaVe EVER! Like totally tubular, fer sher! (If I find a millenial before the 8pm edition, I'll ask what the trill words are these days). And for those with black chalk in their folders....well........maybe there's a consolation prize, like when you go to the dentist. Or like that "participant" blue ribbon they give everyone. Maybe you shouldn't have said such hateful things to those only trying to help the revolution. The Republic. Humanity.

"The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you."

But like the man says, it's all how we played the game and we only got ourselves to blame. And that is the cold hard truth.

And that's the word.








"The Cold Hard Truth"

You Don't know who I am
But I know all about you
I've come to talk to you tonight
About the things I've seen you do.

I've come to set the record straight
I've come to shine the light on you
Let me introduce myself
I'm the cold hard truth.

There is a woman we both know
I think you know the one I mean
She gave her heart and soul to you
You gave her only broken dreams

You say you're not the one to blame
For all the heartaches she's been though
I say you're nothing but a liar
And I'm the cold hard truth.

All your life that's how it's been
Lookin' out for number one
Takin' more than you give
Movin' on when you're done.

With her you could have had it all
A family and love to last
If you had any sense at all
You'd go and beg her to come back.

You think that you're a real man
But you're nothing but a fool
The way you run away from love
The way you try to play it cool

I'm gonna say this just one time
Time is running out on you
You best remember me my friend
I am the cold hard truth.

You best remember me my friend
I am the cold hard truth....



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