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Friday, May 26, 2017

"Tonight's Word: No One Puts Baby In A Corner" - Heisenberg - 5.25.17

Entry Submitted by Heisenberg at 11:42 PM EDT on May 25, 2017

What is happening here
Something's going on that's not quite clear
Somebody turn on the lights
We're gonna have a party
It's starting tonight

The room is hot and that's good
Some of my friends came by from the neighborhood
The people startin' a climb the walls
Ooh it looks like everybody is having a ball

Oh, what a feeling
When we're dancing on the ceiling
Oh, what a feeling
When we're dancing on the ceiling -Lionel Richie

And that brings us to tonight's word: NO ONE PUTS BABY IN A CORNER

Welcome to Hollywood Application To Your Dinar Experience 201. I am professor Walter White. If it sounds like a made up course...it is. It appears the dean wanted to offer a low energy course to balance the heavy existential courses you've all been taking. A slider. I can see we got a full house. More than a few want to watch movies for 4 chosen credits eh? I don't blame you. Catch your breath before you get out into the real world. This class was kinda thrown together as the Administration here at DC Universe-ity (the fighting grasshoppers!) just popped this on us last night. And guess who drew the short straw? Without further ado....

In honor of its 30th anniversary, our first movie is Dirty Dancing. A gem of a movie that stands the test of time. It's the story of 17 year-old Frances "Baby" Houseman and her family's visit to Kellerman's resort for the summer. For the purposes of this class, Baby will represent your soul. And perhaps your innocence. After all, her name is Baby. Kinda on the nose. *sigh* And Kellerman's Resort is dinarland and all of its debauchery and glory. Full of temptation, salvation and starvation.

Upon arriving at Kellerman's, young Baby looks for answers, excitement and adventure. Soon, young Baby crosses paths with the womanizing waiter. Might as well be wearing horns. Super obvious to us C.O.s but the promise of millions and tens of millions it's too much to turn your back on. So your innocence goes down the rabbit hole in search of the truth. Good morning. Superfantastic. (Was Dick Cheney really behind that?. And did I see Rumsfeld on the today show?) Aye Dios mio.

But then one day, on some WNSOM dance floor, your soul gazes upon the righteous blue collar dance instructor by the name of Johnny Yo. Too big a presence to turn away.

So now this part of the journey starts. Your soul is intrigued. Your soul contract starts to flutter. Your spiritual education beckons. Innocence is eroding by the nano second. We are asked to dance, and we are such trusting humans, we take his hand.


Long story short, you dance. You dance with the spirit. You dance like no one is watching.

So here comes the drama. The soul engages in a spiritual tug-of-war of good versus evil. What's it going to be? The womanizing waiter? Or the heart of gold dance instructor? Proof or faith? Let's just say, this journey hasn't been easy on any of our souls. It's been a university of hard knocks.


And then there's the goofball that won't stop cracking wise. And it looks like he's got company. Eyes on you, BB136. They are what we in the biz call "comedy relief". Laughing is healthy. Never forget your sense of humor. If I leave anything, it's that.


Now here comes the sad part of the journey. The scaliwags, ankle biter's, schmucks and womanizing waiters finally, after enough is enough, push Johnny away from Baby. The spirit away from the soul. After being threatened to not get year end bonus, Johnny leaves. The teacher is gone. "How long shall kill our prophets, while we stand aside and look?". Bob Marley...sad boom.


Innocence is now lost as the true ways of the system are all too clear to Baby. The system, our government, our leaders, our religions all broke our hearts. The soul yearns. This is the day Baby grows up. It's a day I'm sure some of us remember very well.


And this is the day that you know where you stand in dinarland. We are no longer innocent babes in the forest. We choose our direction and our way now. Some may choose the high road, others may choose the low road. Every soul in dinarland has no more excuses for the actions we take. And we can only hope that our spiritual leaders and profits return to us someday. And return to us with the joy that we know they possess. And says "Nobody puts baby in a corner". And looks at us with those smouldering blue eyes and grabs our hand and ........I apologise ......got carried away there. Is it hot in here? Miss ya Patrick.

And this is the point of our story where the spirit rejoins the faithful high vibrational light worker compadres. And we dance for the Jubilee is upon us. And we dance because the cabal cannot kill the spirit. And we know it.


And we dance in the hopes that those who walk a dark path can learn humility and recognize the back sliding of their ways. And maybe apologize to Yosef about Trump. Too soon? I digress.

You know Detective Lenny Briscoe was right. And may we all carry with us a little humility even though we got fat stacks sitting at the bank. Besides, I hear they're God's fat stacks anywho.

Hit the lights please. Quite a journey, eh? We all came to dinarland innocent as newborn babes. We may have had a business background or teaching background or philosophy background but none of that meant a thing. We were all given a clean slate to enter Kellerman's resort and become who we became. I'll tell you, I am more proud than disappointed today with the room. I can feel wonderful energy in the room. A silent peace that need not be spoken.

And just my two fills on something. I agree that the room has low energy. But I think that is because our souls have come full circle and have accepted our fate. With proper leadership and guidance, we are at peace. Be at peace. Now that does not necessarily mean low vibrations in my eyes. Picture a fish in the fish tank. Swimming around slowly. He goes up and he goes down. He goes left and he goes right. Maybe he goes to the bottom and picks a little food. He is one with his surroundings and no other fish can get him off his center.

Now imagine a human hand In the tank thrashing about and splashing. This poor fish is now swimming for his life, blood pressure through the roof, fight or flight. I believe this is a high-energy state, but it is not necessarily a high vibrational state. Maybe quite the opposite.

There are some things I could say in here that could raise the energy. I could talk about Trump or his wife. I could say something about Zim, which I'm not gonna touch with a 40 foot pole. Or about groups. It's not very hard to stir the pot. To kick the hornets nest. What's hard is to be confident, cool, calm and collected and be in a high vibration. Especially on a word only chat room. Because we all want to be heard and all. At least that's how I see it.

So why are we at a low-energy point right now? Maybe it's because our souls have come full circle. We just saw the best movie of our lives and the credits are rolling and we're exhausted. We're looking around the room saying "Did you just see that? That was awesome! Totally awesome!!" Spicoli boom. Chopito lol.

Our souls traded innocence for experience. And we're just waiting for the next movie to start. Friday night double feature. And no one.....but NO ONE....... puts baby in a corner.

And that's the word




A-a-a-a-ah, just a little bit longer
Please, please, please, please
Tell me you're going to

Now, how your daddy don't mind
And your mommy don't mind
If we have another dance
Yeah, just one more
One more time

Oh, won't you stay
Just a little bit longer
Please let me hear
You say that you will
Say you will

Won't you press your sweet lips
To mine
Won't you say you love me
All of the time

Just a little bit longer
Please, please, please, please
Tell me you're going to

Come on, come on, come on and ... yey-yey-yeh
Come on, come on, come on and stay-yey-yey-yeh
Come on, come on, come on and stay, woops!
Come on, come on, come on...



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