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Saturday, May 6, 2017

"Tonight's Word: It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City" - Heisenberg - 5.6.17

Entry Submitted by Heisenberg at 9:49 PM EDT on May 6, 2017

Well, I got a job and I put my money away
But I got the kind of debts that no honest man can pay.
So I drew out what I had from the central trust
And I bought us two tickets on that coast city bus.

Now I've been a-lookin' for a job, but it's hard to find
There's winners and there's losers
And I am south of the line.
Well, I'm tired of gettin' caught out on the losin' end
But I talked to a man last night,
Gonna do a little favor for him.

Well, everything dies, baby that's a fact
But maybe everything that dies some day comes back.
Put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty
And meet me tonight in Atlantic city.
Oh, meet me tonight in Atlantic city,
Oh, meet me tonight in Atlantic city. -Bruce Springsteen

And that brings us to tonight's word: IT'S HARD TO BE A SAINT IN THE CITY

Dinarland disclaimer: This post is NOT meant to create fear, worry, anxiousness, cynicism, hopelessness, pessimism, depression, anxiety, fear, apprehension, worry, foreboding, trepidation, malaise, disquietude, fatalism, skepticism, doubt, distrust, mistrust, suspicion, disbelief, defeatism, angst, doom and gloom, miserablism, or all around negativity in any way. *wink. In fact, I like the word pessimism so much, I'm going to drop the definition:

-a tendency to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen; a lack of hope or confidence in the future.

a belief that this world is as bad as it could be or that evil will ultimately prevail over good.

A civilized inc. society has many laws of the land to keep its residents in line. Not happy, in line. Especially if you're dealing with a 3D slave society. On the low end we have jaywalking and the ever ignored licensing of your dogs and cats. Ever heard the saying "Go bust a jaywalker"? ie. is this really worth your time?

As you move up the ladder, you encounter larger offenses such as breaking and entering and Grand Theft Auto. The not cool meter is starting to rise. Rising until you reach the very end which is the most heinous, despicable crime you can commit. And that my friends would be murder. Murder most foul.

Some of us have lost someone along this long journey. I guess if you lost someone to cancer that could be considered murder by the bad guys. Who put GMO's in my Frosted Flakes? Who put cancer in my Coca Cola? Both direct and indirect murder, those guys sure caused a lot of misery. On the flipside of directly taking one's life, through lack they have caused average people to be pushed to the limit to take a brothers life. To commit the unforgivealble crime. Ay Dios mio.

Fisher and Tank gave a great analogy that we are prisoners in a prison. Not a new anagoly, but an oldie and a goldie. And that those from above watching us see a pack of rabid animals in a dog eat dog prison yard. Some will say that we prisoners made it easy for them to reach this conclusion. But Captain Tank is very forgiving of us prisoners as we were given the promise of freedom and yet it does not arrive. En route but not arrived. And that INNOCENT people are subjected to this prison life. It is countered that innocent people are wrongfully convicted all the time. That's life. At this point the conversation changed topic. Looking back I think "Just because people are wrongfully convicted, doesn't make it right". It doesn't make it right, is right.

I'm mentioning this today because a friend of mine was twisted so hard by the system, turned his screw so good, that he took another's life. He is a great guy, always willing to help people, but was taken advantage of and stabbed in the back by family and friends so many times I lost count. He lost his lover to suicide and never recovered. No excuse for taking another ones life, but now you can see how living in the prison, just trying to survive, can steal ones humanity. He's crossed a line there's no coming back from.

Picture the innocent man who gets wrongfully convicted and sent to San Quentin. In order to survive he does some not so pleasant things. Eventually in self-defense he kills another inmate. Now he's got a life sentence and will never be free. Game over. It ain't right. And the sooner you put an end to it....the sooner you put an end to it.

Don't forget those in this prison who can't find work to feed themselves. Forget getting ahead. Not even a hand out, just an honest days pay for an honest days work. "Hey honey, I'm just go and do a favor for this guy I met last night. I'll just gonna do this thing for a friend. It just fell off the back of a truck. I just want you to drive the car, that's all you have to do. Don't ask questions. I'll be home late. Don't wait up."


I apologize for getting real. I've gotten quite the reputation. And it's been one of those days. Perhaps I'm going negative so y'all don't have to. Jumping on the malaise grenade. Taking one for the team. If only I was more like Bono who could write a song about homelessness and call it Beautiful Day (betcha didn't know that) and you wouldn't even know. Or about drug addiction and call it Running To A Standstill. Okay, so I do it and I'm being negative but U2 does it and it's 22 Grammys? Kidding y'all. I know we're trying to ascend consciousness and get closer to source, but this 3D life thing keeps getting in the way. Maybe there's a couple different roads to source. The spirit moves in mysterious ways. Especially when they hit close to home. I know I know, bad Heis. I'll go back to talking about popcorn now.

And I'll end on a positive note (Saints begorrah). The new powers that be have set us up in a fantastic position where it will be easy fur us to be a hero. As in anytime in life when you are able to deliver great news, you're the hero. Big S and a red cape. Win-win. And it's going to be so easy you are going to drop to your knees for just being a part of this. We should be most grateful and thankful for this wonderful opportunity. They put us in a situation to win, not lose. For our humanity. Sour grapes for my friend..my brother. To whom I gifted a $20 million note to. Total unbeliever but he was still going to walk thru the front door of an exchange center and get his mind blown by God's love. I guess he'll have the best defense money can buy, but you just don't come back from that. Nor should you. Do no harm. He who went and ruined his life close to this blessing. After waiting years, he was just months away. Hard to tell him the wait was worth it. But he proved the savage mad dog hypothesis, didn't he? Hard to be a saint in the city. I guess I should've named this post "Tonight's Word: Beautiful Day" and play Shiny Happy People. What do you say?

Tank, you're my hero.


And that's the word







"Incident on 57th Street"

Spanish Johnny drove in from the underworld last night
With bruised arms and broken rhythm and a beat-up old Buick but dressed just like dynamite
He tried sellin' his heart to the hard girls over on easy Street
But they said, Johnny, it falls apart so easy, and you know hearts these days are cheap
And the pimps swung their axes and said, Johnny, you're a cheater
And the pimps swung their axes and said, Johnny, you're a liar
And from out of the shadows came a young girl's voice
Said, Johnny, don't cry
Puerto Rican Jane, oh, won't you tell me, what's your name?
I want to drive you down to the other side of town
Where paradise ain't so crowded and there'll be action goin' down on Shanty Lane tonight
All the golden-heeled fairies in a real bitch-fight
Pull thirty-eight's and kiss their girls goodnight

Oh, goodnight, it's alright, Jane
Now let them black boys in to light the soul flame
We may find it out on the street tonight, baby
Or we may walk until the daylight, maybe

Well, like a cool Romeo he made his moves, oh, she looked so fine
Like a late Juliet, she knew she'd never be true but then, she really didn't mind
Upstairs a band was playin' and the singer was singin' something about going home
She whispered, Spanish Johnny, you can leave me tonight, but just don't leave me alone
And Johnny cried, Puerto Rican Jane, word is down, the cops have found the vein
Oh, them barefoot boys left their homes for the woods
Them little barefoot street boys, they said their homes ain't no good
They left the corners, threw away all of their switchblade knives
And kissed each other goodbye

Johnny was sittin' on the fire escape, watchin' the kids playin' down the street
He called down, hey little heroes, summer's long, but I guess it ain't very sweet around here anymore
Janey sleeps in sheets damp with sweat
Johnny sits up alone and watches her dream on, dream on
And the sister prays for lost souls, then breaks down in the chapel after everyone's gone

Jane moves over to share her pillow but opens her eyes to see Johnny up and putting his clothes on
She says, those romantic young boys (those romantic young boys), all they ever want to do is fight
Those romantic young boys (those romantic young boys), they're callin' through the window
Hey, Spanish Johnny, you want to make a little easy money tonight?

And Johnny whispered, goodnight, it's all tight, Jane
I'll meet you tomorrow night on lover's lane
We may find it out on the street tonight, now, baby
Or we may walk until the daylight, maybe
Oh, goodnight, it's alright, Jane
I'm gonna meet you tomorrow night on lover's lane
Oh, we can find it out on the street tonight, baby
Or we may walk until the daylight, maybe

Ah, goodnight, it's alright, Jane
I'll meet you tomorrow night on lover's lane
Oh, we may find it out on the street tonight, baby
Or we may have to walk until the daylight, maybe (goodnight it's alright, Jane)



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