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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"To: Thoth, Wake Up Troll!" - One Who Knows - 5.31.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 5:14 PM EDT on May 31, 2017

To: Thoth, Wake Up Troll!

I am going to address a Troll for the last time as he is now being investigated as I write this. I don't know how this pathetic rant made it onto our otherwise Cabal Free website. However, now that it is here it is time to take out the trash. On a personal note, the minions have gotten restless in these final days and are doing anything they can to take me down including a physical attempt to take me out of action yesterday. You idiot minions, I told you that I have Galactic Level protection! In case you have not heard yet, those 6 attackers you sent after me yesterday are now in custody and they have given us everything we need to know about who sent them after me. BE AFRAID!

Also, an update to our Light Workers here, I understand that Dave Schmidt, was read the riot act for posting on IDC, and is now in deep trouble by both his Cabal "Handlers" and the Light Forces as well.

Nice vs. Not Nice

Let this be notice to the dwindling numbers of Trolls and Minions in Dinarland. When I am helping fellow Light Workers, I am NICE, very nice because I love them and want to help them. However, when I am dealing with TROLLS, MINIONS and other Cabal Agenda clowns, who want to harm Light Workers, and stop the GCR, I am NOT NICE AT ALL. I outlined how I think about Cabal Trolls and Minions in this Post:

"Lots To Share, Nothing To Prove" - One Who Knows - 4.26.17

Nothing ticks me off more than someone who is Cabal or Cabal Like, in any way shape or form. I know personally as they have killed my Son, and tried to take me out, as of yesterday 61 times, and have not succeeded with me yet. I will rip your Lies apart and reveal who you are to the World, and I will initiate action against you from behind the scenes from the Angelic Forces, The Galactic Forces, and the Republic Forces as well. If you think that is an idle threat, you better check with "Silent Cat" and "Old Boater" who have been remembered in this post, with the theme Song "Another One Bites The Dust":

"IDC Light Warriors Brigade/Update" - One Who Knows - 5.13.17

TO: ALL Cabal Rats, Minions, and Trolls,

Do you REALLY think that I go by what is posted on this site alone when determining who is Cabal and who is not? Did you not hear that I have sources in the Republic Leadership, Ashtar Command of the Galactic Forces, and The Angelic Realm? Do you REALLY think that I would launch a full head on attack of a Cabal Rat without first checking behind the scenes who they are and who they work for? Do you REALLY think that you have any anonymity in this World at all? Don't you realize that the moment your post reaches Patrick's email box it is checked and you are personally identified and your posts are collected together under your real name, who you really are?

"Chalk" - GCR/RV Intel Update - Wednesday - May 17, 2017

Did you know that at least three posters that I personally know of, were taken into custody by what they sent Patrick alone, and that their posts did not even make it to IDC?

"Republic ALERT: Operation Sand Paper, NOW ACTIVATED!" - One Who Knows - 5.15.17

"Re-Cap of the Republic's Operation Sand Paper" - One Who Knows & Scarlet Fox - 5.16.17

Did you read Heisenberg's last post? Did you know that the quote that he posted from me was a REAL one?

"Tonight's Word: Are We Having Phun Yet?" - Heisenberg - 5.29.17

****** Begin Quote ******

I would like to share something with you. This is from an email from Richard. No not that email Richard *wink. And I quote:

"But the game and fun is just now about to begin...

All of this was just the "Preliminary" Fun."

****** End Quote ******

That was a REAL email that I sent him. This is fun for me. We laugh at you Trolls, and your Troll kind when you post on IDC. It is a big joke at the higher levels of the Light Forces that I am going to "Take Out The Trash." I sent the same type joking and mocking emails to Patrick about you, Troll, especially when I have crafted a master pieces Like These:

"Guilty of Financial Fraud on Zim?" - One Who Knows - 3.30.17

"Spotting A Cabal (Matrix) Agent" - One Who Knows - 5.22.17

"Cobra Failed To Prove Toplet Bomb Threat" - One Who Knows - 5.4.17

"Re: Cobra's Recent Post" - One Who Knows - 5.3.17

"A Troll Case Study & Personal Story" - One Who Knows - 5.12.17

"Dave Schmidt Again?" - One Who Knows - 5.29.17

While these are some of my Favorites and loved by the Light Forces as well, I have listed a few more (at the end of this post) that come to mind for those who want to catch up on the Troll Whacking & Casualties here on IDC.

To The Matter At Hand (Rats In The House)

This latest stupid attempt is listed under the screen name: Thoth, which is a joke, as the real Thoth would laugh at this stupid one. This one is well known at the higher levels. He is so stupid and pathetic, as he and his group of minions go by different names, using different supposedly private email servers and addresses. I have confirmed this morning that this is the same one that we here on IDC know as:

Informed Human,
Child of Yahweh,
RV racer,

This stupid bunch wore out the Informed Human screen name and was being called "Stupid Human, Uninformed Human, and much worse than I will post here, and has Recently switched to Child of Yahweh for a few posts, and now has yet another name: Thoth.

In this post/response, I am not going to be nice. There are rats in our house and I am going to do something about it. Both in writing here on the site and then later behind the scenes to deal with this wayward one. I have been authorized at the highest levels to hunt and destroy this one, and then to have his original post removed from our website. Are we ready to have some fun? I am!

Cabal Tactics

By the way, our first clue as to Cabal Intent, is all the different screen names and the different email addresses that they send their Cabal Agenda to this website. What they don’t know is that at Galactic Levels People are known by their energy, no matter the name they use or the email address they use. So no matter how many different names he uses or how many different email addresses he uses, he will still be known for who he REALLY IS. And in that Regard this one is trying to harm us and our World Change and so, I am not going to take it easy on him.

His Post is in RED and my Words are in BLACK.

Post/Question: (0)

"To One Who Knows" by Thoth - 5.31.17

Entry Submitted by Thoth at 8:12 AM EDT on May 31, 2017

One Who Knows,

You can't possibly be a light-worker, here to help humanity. If you were, you would not threaten people on a daily basis, intimidate people, harass people and call everyone who disagrees with you a Cabal agent or accuse them of having a Cabal agenda, just because they want to ask questions, make a general statement or test your - out of this world ego.

How childish is it for a man who claims to have a direct link to the dead, which you can't even prove.

You have been called out by a few people to prove the outrageous claims you've made, and have not proven anything except your willingness to continue to de-base peoples character and show your true 3D mindset.

All I can say at this point to this minion is read my Post:

"Lots To Share, Nothing To Prove" - One Who Knows - 4.26.17

When I am helping REAL Light Workers I am nice because I love them and want to help them, and When I am dealing with Cabal Scum like you I am not Nice. Remember, stupid Human, I check people out behind the scenes and verify that they are Cabal or have a Cabal agenda before I attack them in a public forum. Just Like I did checking you out this morning before I responded to your post. My Response to you today, this post that you are reading now, is FULLY AUTHORIZED and approved. Let that be your clue to what your standing is at the higher levels.

You made a claim that you were told by one of the many grandfathers, that you were Plato. hmmm... seems like we heard another spirit (St Germaine) from beyond make the same claim. Oh well, what's a few minced words and ambiguous statements between friends.

I have answered your question over and over again, to each of your screen names, and you were either too stupid to read the answer, or it was your agenda to keep me occupied addressing you so that I wouldn't have time to help others who had REAL questions that were ACTUALLY IMPORTANT. Here in this post I refuted your accusations the first time:

"Re: Yes I Was Plato" - One Who Knows - 4.26.17

***** Begin Quote From Me *****

"I did some checking with St. Germaine himself, and he said no, he was not Plato. It is neither here nor there, but 1W, if you must know, now you do. If there are any posts that say otherwise, they are not valid and clearly wrong, but that is no surprise to me. "

***** End Quote From Me *****

Then you asked the question again and I responded again and made fun of you for being so stupid when you were using the name "Informed Human." For those who enjoy a good laugh, you can read this post of a failed Cabal agenda flunky, who has only ended up looking stupid:

"Re: Informed Human, Stupid Question" - One Who Knows - 5.11.17

But this is CIA strategy 101, engage, disrupt, confuse and cause doubt. You, Troll, are taking your cues right from the book. For those who are interested in how the CIA and Cabal train people to ruin reputations and corrupt websites like ours here is the EXACT step by step manual:

How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations

You have made claims that Dave Scmidt, Karen Hudes, Cobra, Kent Dunn and others are Cabal or have a Cabal agenda, yet you offer no proof of ANY kind after being asked more than a few times. High sources my a** LOL! What really puzzels me is, why some of the people on this forum still fall for your so called intel and do not question why you treat people like you do? Maybe they overlook your character because they want to believe in what you say so bad it hurts. I really don't know why a so called light-worker (and I use the term loosely) can come on here day after day, put people down and call himself good and working for the good of the people LOL! Are you working for the good of the people you accuse too?

This is so CIA CABAL 101, but way more stupid. You are such an idiot that you just named all the people who I brought evidence against. You seem to forget that I don't take them down in public until I have verified who they are behind the scenes and even then, I STILL PROVE their Cabal Agenda in my posts. Re-read my posts.

(For the Light Workers Here, I am not going to relist all those links here again, just go up top and at the end of this post to see the links that are not only my Favorites, but also Favorites of the Republic Forces, the Galactic Forces and the Angelic Realm as well.)

In answer to your stupid question: "Are you working for the good of the people you accuse too?" No, of course not, I am working to take them down and get them arrested. What do you think I am doing to you right now?

I sense a childhood trauma or two that you never released and it is eating you up. It will until you let it surface and bring those emotions to the front so they can be dealt with.

Yes, agreed. I am working through the fact that I recently found out that the Cabal killed my son, and have tried 61 times, as of yesterday, to kill me as well. Yes, I am pissed off at this evil and satanic menace, who rape and murder children for their pleasure, who would like to kill us all off, and would rather blow up the planet than to lose to us, the Light Workers. So, yes I am on a mission to take you all down. So be it!

Until you prove your false allegations against these people, you are considered a liar and a negative influence on humanity. You are supposed to be above the childish remarks, but we see very little of it.

Again, stupid Human, reread my posts and see the evidence I have presented in public and know that I have also verified everything about them and you as well behind the scenes. I realize it is hard to see your fellow Cabal minions treated this way, but don't worry, you are well on your way to the same place they are. You will be able to console them in person. Strike that. Cabal minions are all held in isolation individually. I hope you like talking to yourself...

I have seen real light-workers in person and they are the most humble, compassionate, gentle radiating, good people you will ever meet. You are not even close. You are more like an iron fist dictator that has an ego larger than life.

Yes, I know that is what they told you in CIA school, that these Light Workers were going to be so easy to push around and that you would be able to get your way with them. THINK AGAIN TROLL. I am a Light Warrior with a Troll Whacking Mallet and I now have you firmly in my sights.

You might want to read this excerpt from an article on "The Halls of Amenti" You just might be humbled.

"Ignorance is what keeps The Halls of Amenti on Earth intact. When the Ego is not aware it is a "just" a lower reflection of something higher, the Soul, this ignorance keeps the Ego in charge of all actions, and therefore at the level of ignorance.

Every individual is an expression of the Universe. An ever glowing spark from the Eternal Fire.

But if an individual is not aware of his true nature, he/she keeps living in the Halls of Amenti. Duality, arrogance, jealousy and darkness exist only by the grace of ignorance.

The purpose of life is to outgrow the Halls of Amenti, to cast away the veils of the great illusion. Therefore ignorance must be conquered. And this is the most difficult full-time job one can have on Earth."

Do you really think that my calling out Trolls and protecting my fellow Light Workers is just an ego trip? It is called LOVE my terribly misguided Human. How pathetic of you to think that you can quote some dribble about ego and claim my mission to rid the Earth of vermin like you is just some ego trip? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE CABAL RAT? WHO?

I would like to see you try to make that case to the parents of the millions of Raped and murdered children, or the families of the millions of murdered people who stood up against the Cabal, or the millions of sick and dead children who were forced to get deadly vaccinations, and then to the Light Workers who suffer in poverty and sickness to this day due to the direct actions of the evil ones that you work for. Try to tell us all, that our pain and desire to wipe the planet of your kind, is just an ego problem. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT TROLL!

If any of your statements are true, where is the New Republic law to arrest any of them?

Why have they not been detained, if they are holding up progress?

I know that you are stupid as we have already established that. But now I am thinking that it must be way worse than that. Moron? Imbecile? For your reference, I will give you the link to a very recent post of mine that explained this in detail:

"The Domino Plan!" - One Who Knows - 5.27.17

I know that you are slow, very slow. So I will explain it in terms that are personal to you so that you can relate... O.K.? The whole plan is set up like lots of dominos falling one by one. This set up process takes lots of time.

In your case for example, right now as I write this, Republic agents are hunting down all of your emails, and screen names and all the servers that you are using to post this crap. They are building a case against you right now. You see how it works? You are still posting and thinking that all is well for you, when in fact you are a walking dead man. You are not arrested yet? (Because the case against you is being built right now... Get It?)

Right Now, You still think that you have the rest of your life ahead of you, when in reality, you will spend it behind bars in some isolated cell without windows, with nothing but a bed and a toilet to keep you company. See what I mean? While the arrests have not been made yet, all the case building, and arrest warrants have been signed and are ready for when the Faces Fall. They will all go down in a blaze of glory and all their minions, like you, will get that dreaded knock on the door. Do you know which knock I mean Troll? The one that gives you that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize that things have gone very wrong for you. I hope this answers your question about why there have been no arrests yet. Shhhhh, It is because it is not time yet, that's why. But you will be notified when it is time.


By the way TROLL, you are insulting one of the great teachers of the past by using his name for your pathetic Cabal dribble.

And one more thing...



May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows


I am authorized to ask you to remove this Troll's original post:

"To One Who Knows" by Thoth - 5.31.17

And to NOT publish anything more from him, no matter what name or email address he uses. If you get a post that is questionable, let me know and I will get the Light Forces to run a tracer on it to verify who the sender is. I don’t think you will hear any more from this one, as he is most likely going to try to hide. Good Luck with that TROLL!

Other "Troll Whacking Posts" Of Note:

"Attention: COBRA, Prove It!" - One Who Knows - 5.4.17

"Cobra = Cabal" - One Who Knows - 4.23.17

"Re: Cobra (A Cautionary Tale)" - One Who Knows - 4.6.17

"Confirming Grandfather's Message & More" - One Who Knows - 5.19.17

"Re: Tonight's Word - Heisenberg, Explanation" - One Who Knows - 5.15.17

"Question: Fear Mongering & Lies" - One Who Knows - 5.28.17

"Notice & Warning To: All Cabal Actors" - One Who Knows - 5.6.17



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