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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"To Mindful Reader and blueray" by Mayan Guy - 5.23.17

Entry Submitted by Mayan Guy at 3:09 AM EDT on May 23, 2017

"An Observation: OWB/OWK" by MindfulReader - 5.22.17

"Re: Observation: OWB/OWK" by blueray - 5.23.17

Mindful Reader and Blueray,

I had no joy reading your pathetic attemtp to try and discredit OWK with absolutely no facts. Your opinion perhaps, yet no facts.

Who cares if OWK chose to change from belief to knowing. That's a possitive progression and change. The only constant is change is it not? I dont see a problem with that. None of us are all knowing, when it comes to the RV Richard knows, therefore the name is apt. He is providing a selfless service for the greater good of all. Only a big heart does that.

Have you asked Cobra what he/she has done with the money they were suppose to donate to the Malawians? Can Cobra show how the money has uplifted Malawian communities as is claimed? The answer is no. Cobra is taking donations "for the greater good" but doesnt use it for the greater good. Follow the money.

Have you asked Cobra (not CoBra - compression break through? - bleh, nice cover story to hook you in and deceive you) how it is possible for the buds of a marijuana plant to grow mechanistic nano tech? A natural plant grows mechanistic nano tech? Because that is what Cobra claims and is spewing out... Why dont they want people to use marijuana? Mindful reader you say?

You need to be mindful of the fact that the compression breakthrough story is only a cover story. Cobra is a very poor choice for an alias, especially if they are aware of the reptilian problem that there was. They have to hide it in plain sight, especially with symbols and word plays.

"Let him who wishes to be duped be duped" - Jesuits

Its all part of the deception. For deception to work, they cant be honest.

Have you heard the term Ascension? Event Horizon? Solar Sneeze/Pulse? The Gathering? The Great Shift of the ages? Critical Mass? A new Sun? These are real events, not compression break through, its just an attempt at more semantic deceit, duplication for the purpose of hijacking a process they fear most. I call that deceit and manipulation. You call it CoBra.

Cobra does not inform the public of much, they are in the business of planting fearful seeds to manipulate you emotionally with, so that you donate money to their "good" cause, so that you must buy their "Cintamani" stones to restore the Earth's energy grid. All BS. BS stands for Bull Shit.

Your post is a desperate attempt to get people to donate to cabal causes after the RV. Cobra will get no funds from us. Not going to work Mindful Reader.

If Cobra is in contact with the Galactics (as is claimed) who have anti gravity craft that can be cloaked, then why dont they place the Cintamani stones strategically themselves to "repair" the energy grid of Earth? If it is so important for the liberation of Earth? No, you must buy the stones that is only available through Cobra, gifted by the Sirians (more BS)... for Earth's liberation, but we must buy the stones. Dont you think star civilizations would rather gift it to the Inner Earth beings that can actually be succesful with this? How do we know the Cintamani stones are what Cobra says they are? Nothing Cobra spews out can be verified. We cant do anything about what Cobra claims, it is always conveniently placed out of reach of the civilians. Big red flag.

Ive also read every Cobra word for many years, over time it became clear to me that they are playing the public for money and control over certain subjects (controll over what you think - your mind). They have no control and are clueless.

I find the little space man in a very old space suit as a pic on his portal page ammusing too, because it is not something Galactics would wear. The whole thing is a pathetic joke, taking the piss, to put it bluntly.

Please understand that we are not fearful of information we might find difficult to digest, as you claim this is what Cobra is doing and you might be of the idea that this is why he/she is rejected here on Dinarland. You are incorrect. Cobra misinforms to the degree where it is becoming harmful, making people feel helpless and fearful when there is nothing to fear. That is called doing harm.

We are aware of scalar tech, nano tech, negative A.I and the like, these things do exist. Cobra is clearly aware of this too, what you need to notice is that Cobra uses these points to instill fear so that you can be manipulated emotionally, so that you buy in to their false beliefs and send them money. Oldest trick in the cabal book.

Cobra does not add any value to help resolve the very issues they are speaking of, none! They plant those seeds in peoples minds and then perpetuate those ideas till they become beliefs, to their benifit, not yours.

What does Cobra ask people to focus on for those group meditations they "benevolently organize"? There is another clue for you. Energy flows where attention goes.

Fully conscious beings (Galactics) dont know how to dismantle toplet bombs? Dont they have higher understandings of physics? Why would Cobra want us to think there are bombs on our planet that threatens to blow up the entire planet? Would that hold ascension back or support it?

F.E.A.R - False Evidence Appearing Real

Fear contracts, holds back, takes away from.

You know those pretty pics with rainbows in the clouds that Cobra posts where they do the meditations? The clouds right above groups meditating? Have you ever stopped to ask how it is possible for a rainbow to appear in the clouds? Gas does that... it means gas is sprayed above the meditators... Cobra even posts proof of that but wants people to think the Galactics are above them. It could also be gas. Rainbows point things out.

I found this out in a book i just finished reading: Selected by Extraterrestrials by William Mills Tompkins.

William Tompkins is the guy who built and designed the Navy Solar Warden Secret Space Program that Corey Goode was involved in. He also designed all Appolo missions, worked for TRW, Lockheed etc etc. He is currently 94 years old. Important story to be aware of if you are in to all this weird and wonderful stuff. He is the guy that interviewed all the WW2 German SS scientists when they were brought into America with project paperclip. There he learned about Hitler having an alliance with the reptillians who helped them build and develop anti gravity. There was the Vril society as well. He learned much about what negative ET's did to mind control us using scalar tech, GWEN towers, nano tech and so forth. One or part of those mind control techniques is spraying gas over people - rainbows appear in clouds when that takes place (sundogs). Makes one wonder what Cobra and them are really up to and why. I get that clouds can be very pretty and colourful, there are subtle differences to look for.

In the 60's reptillians sprayed gas over cities, the navy intelligence groups knew this and countered it. They could see it as rainbows in clouds, analyzed it and concluded that it is gas that negatively influences our brains and neurosystems.

You call the title of your post an objective observation. It is not, there is no substance to what you are saying. The tone of your post is attacking, with malicious intent, trying to give credit to Cobra when he has none. Zero. I welcome correction, greater understanding and healthy dialog. If you could provide me with facts that could make me realize i might be incorrect, i would welcome it and would appreciate it.

We love Corey Goode and David Wilcock, how you wish to put Cobra in the same category as them is just ridiculous. Popular by ascociaton? Naah... Just another red flag, Corey and David doesnt work with Cobra, this is something Cobra admits. Not sure how you are making that connection. I am seeing a popular by association attempt from you.

I receive much better info about these dark uses of advanced tech from Aug Tellez (https://augtellez.wordpress.com/2017/02/04/chapter-2-5-2-7-the-fallen-and-their-technology/)

Cobra is simply coining in on the subjects at hand data mining and constructing fears around these subjects to manipulate people. I call that a scam artist. Look at what Aug Tellez does, he informs and creates true awareness on difficult subjects but also lifts you out of it providing clarity, understanding and direction. Cant say the same of Cobra with his one liners and no further/deeper explanations. Always leaves you hanging with new paradoxes in your mind.

Please be mindful that you have personally been infiltrated by Cobra. Cobra is fake, artificial and fictitious with a negative agenda, disguised as doing good - pretty much the same as George Sorros' open Society "non profit" Foundation that divides and conquers nations. Its all smoke and mirrors they use to hide behind.

There once was a bird on a farm that couldnt fly. This bird had a good relationship with a bull on the farm, pecking all the anoying flees and flys around the bull.

One day the bull said to the bird who couldnt fly:

"if you eat some of my dung every day, by day 3 you will be able to reach the upper most branch of the tree near us"

The bird was hesitant. Being desperate to fly again the bird decided to give it a try. The bird started eating some of the dung.

Low and behold, by day three the bird was able to fly up and reached the upper most brach of a nearby tree!

The old farmer was sitting on porch in his rocking chair smoking his pipe, noticed this bird at the top of the tree, reached for his shot gun and shot the bird dead out of the tree.

The moral of the story? Bull shit might get you to the top, but it will never keep you there.

I am another yourself

Mayan Guy



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