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Thursday, May 25, 2017

"To Infinity and Beyond!" by One Who Serves - 5.25.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Serves at 3:43 PM EDT on May 25, 2017

My friends, we're all better than this bickering thats been running rampant on IDC for quite some time and we're ALL responsible for it, for either doing it or for challenging it.

"Silence" is the fastest way to diffuse situations like this. Say nothing and nothing perpetuates where it then quickly becomes very obvious who the bad egg is and you deal with them - or they simply stop because they realize nobody is paying them any attention.

This all amounts to an argument about as worthwhile as arguing whether...

The glass is half empty, or is it half full?

Who wins?

We're down to the final minutes, hours, day or two before the most amazing gift the Creator could ever have given us is going to blow its cork. WHY must we fight among ourselves? Thats so "grade school" and we're all adults. Aren't we better than this?

Its ALL a Game!

As was said a while ago, THIS IS ALL GAME PLAY. Regardless the current intel, I fully believe it will continue, perhaps even after the RV goes live because there are still cabal minions around that need their brains scrambled so the white knights can catch them and drag them away. They need to be kept guessing until its not necessary anymore and none of us can say for how long this will need to persist.

Once we have toll free numbers to call, though a LOT of stuff will still be happening below the radar and behind the scenes to flush the remaining vermin out and trap them(maybe not all at once - that will take time but certainly the most dangerous first), our energy/vibration will start to rise drastically for our conscious realization of the very positive finality of the situation and our zeal for knowing we're each, very soon, going to be significantly more wealthy than the whole of the cabal ever were in total.

We'll be looking with very positive anticipation towards starting our humanitarian work and once this finally hits home, we've exchanged and we're off and running and have hit stride, nothing that has transpired on IDC will matter anymore - it'll all seem as if a million miles away save for the friendships we've kindled here over the years. Yeah, exciting. I can't wait either. All of a sudden, the need many feel to bicker is going to seem unimportant and maybe even silly.

Nothing really changed though other than our belief having morphed into reality.

Ain't human nature a peculiar thing?

Its ALL Up to Us!

The ending in the movie "Ghost" has the lead character, having been killed and now as a ghost, saying his final goodbyes to his earthly love right before going home, where things start getting brighter and brighter, where all of a sudden he gets an ear to ear smile, starts glowing and looks to his love in amazement and says

"...And you get to take the love with you!"

THIS is EXACTLY what its all about!

Share your love with others, unconditionally (NO stipulations - just let it flow) however your heart guides you to do so and not only take the love with you but leave an ocean of it everywhere you've been for all to share and for them to then take with them as well. You CANNOT run out! NEVER! Just keep spreading it without limitation and watch what happens.

Think of the money we're being given to repair Earth and to help her people and to raise everyone up as a parallel to that love. Just like your love, its LIMITLESS. Use it for the greater good without concern as to what you're spending. You cannot every run out! BUT PLEASE do NOT forget to wrap your love around every single bit of it - love multiplies the value and effect by so much its nearly off the scale!

Turn it Around!

We fight, bicker, maneuver, call each other names for what? When you get to the finish line, looking back is something nobody ever really does. We look forward, reality sets in and ut-oh, NOW what do we do? What do we do? We embrace the unknown, make positive choices and start heading forward, following our hearts, embarking on our life's mission and we NEVER look back. Yeah, exciting.

Now more than ever, we NEED to raise the positive energy level and vibration of IDC. We're bickering over things that don't matter and its SERIOUSLY dragging our vibration and the good energy of the place down - EXACTLY what the cabal wants. Lets throw them a curve ball they can't handle! Lets show them we're better than them!

Lets all stop fighting and start loving!

We NEED to turn this around and quickly. Stop internalizing things said that absolutely don't matter. Whether he did or not, whether she did or not, whether intel played out or turned out to be game play, none of it really matters. Its all part of a plan and nothing more. Its all maneuvering to get us to continue to head towards the finish line and to stop us from slowing down to pick up shiny objects along the way or worse yet, our getting lost in the weeds for doing so.

We are the "A" Team!

Remember, whether you all feel it or not, we're ARE a team, we were a team before we all stepped into our current bodies and more than likely we were all hand-picked by the Creator for this mission on Earth. NONE of us is here by accident, not even old Yosef (yeah, he drives us crazy at times but we still love him).

We ARE the chosen!

Start believing it!

We're all here, on perhaps the most important mission the Creator has ever chosen us for, so please lets start acting like it. Please?

The Journey to Forever

The future is bright but its also going to be a lot of work - very gratifying seeing all the smiling faces where there were none before we each wove our special brand of "magic", but until we get the hang of it, it may well wear us out, though this is but a small obstacle on the path along the way we each will easily overcome.

There are always challenges on our life paths. Its not that there are that matters but instead, simply that we choose overcome them and then do and then choose to continue along that path, where we do so and then maybe even more importantly, that we LEARNED what we needed to for the obstacle being presented to us.

Believe that, we each, before stepping into our current bodies, signed up for this. Oh yeah we did! This is NO accident! Not even for Yosef. He plays a very important role and post-RV, I wish him all the luck in his humanitarian endeavors and in his personal life. I even hope to meet him some day and share a drink and some stimulating conversation with him if thats even in the cards. Remember folks, Yosef's "love him/hate him" antics are also game play. Everything is.

This is a 4 dimensional chess game we're part of and we can barely see whats going on, on one single level! Stop thinking you've figured it out. YOU HAVEN'T AND YOU CANNOT! Only the designers of the game can and um? Thats NOT you!

Stop getting so upset over a GAME and start concentrating on your life mission where in the near future the game is over and the hard work begins.

A Very Recent Development...

I have a good clue what one of the main issues is, at least more recently anyway, as I'm feeling/experiencing it as well. Something major changed over last week or so and those of us who can feel energy felt it (I have heard the same thing from others so its not just me). That change was like a breath of fresh air where everything got lighter, more peaceful and calm and QUIET on MANY levels where it now feels as if we're in a BIG, EMPTY, ABANDONED warehouse. And there's NOTHING to do! Its not dark nor threatening nor dangerous - it just feels isolating. Oh yeah thats uncomfortable and anxiety inducing for humans, even me. As they say, the silence is deafening.

Instead, look upon this as gift from the Creator. He's giving us time to decompress and cool off before the real work starts in a very protected space untouchable by anyone choosing to do us harm or to interfere. Its good, not bad, regardless your bias. Try to enjoy it and use this time to meditate, ground, clear and start looking within, centering within your heart, to recharge your whole being and to calibrate yourself for your new future, because sure as shooting, that new dawn is really starting to rise on Earth! Endeavor NOT to miss it for forgetting to look up! This happens but once in creation and never again! Watching the DVD will NOT have the same effect as actually being here witnessing it for yourself with every fiber of your being (wink).

The Chase Concludes...

We've been in the fray for so long and its been so fast-paced with so much intel constantly reminding us that the "chase" is still on where we have to continue to fight to get farther ahead and to a higher elevation, that now with the ground leveling off and the need for the same level of fervor just about completely gone, its more one of "now what do we do?" and everyone is crashing. Just like the point after you win a race, finish the congratulations and everyone heads home. The party is over, now what? Yup, REALITY is starting to set in and this "no mans land" before the first light of the rising dawn sure isn't a comfortable place to be but fear not, for it will be with us but for an instant and then it'll be gone forever and we will all be better for having been here and for having moved beyond it.

Discomfort is usually a sign there's something we need to learn so lets all endeavor to do so and keep moving forward, better for the experience.

The Journey Continues...

Remember, life is a journey, NOT a destination - a never ending journey so let go of the past as what happened in our past is only important for what we've LEARNED from it and nothing more. The ONLY real fun and excitement is the future - that which WE create.

The Future is Unwritten.

That which happens, happens only because WE make choices and WE create it. Even the Creator doesn't know whats going to happen for sure until we make it happen. The gift of completely free will and completely free choice he gave each and every one of us individually dictates that its all up to us. The second he steps in and changes something for the better to help us, GAME OVER! He just interfered and took our free will/free choice away. Nope, He NEVER will! Sure he has hopes and desires for how things will play out and sure he can do some things behind the scenes where, for our not knowing he did, we still have to choose and as such haven't had our free will/free choice compromised, but in all other cases, neither will he interfere nor will he intervene in our creation of our own future. All he will do is guide us in our journey into the unknown, just as a father does one of his own children, with the brush in OUR hands as WE paint our own tomorrow.

NEVER forget to ask for guidance because it won't come until you do and when you do and it comes, don't forget to LISTEN to it and then don't forget to choose to ACT on it and then ACT!

Its all up to us my friends but just look what we've accomplished already.

Earth is FREE! We won!

Time for the next leg of our journey. Exciting!

OK, NOW What?

Stop feeling sorry for yourself (yeah, to some degree we all do - its human nature). Look within, center within your heart, try to grow your heart energy (which is pure love), raise your vibration and start to SHINE brightly and openly for all to see!

We are NOT dim bulbs like the illuminati (most of their bulbs have already gone out though) so stop acting like it!


We are the shining stars of a new era on Earth - the architects of our new shining future, a future thats never happened before and one that will never happen again in all of creation, for all time. SHINE brightly and openly for all to see. Set an example for all to follow, never look back, keep heading forward, choose to forge a new Earth that quickly becomes the utopia its destined to be and then most importantly...


May we all succeed in all of our endeavors and live a life of limitless happiness and joy, filled with a very strong sense of positive completion at every step along the way, for the good we're perpetuating though our life's work, in our zeal to raise Earth and each and every occupant up, to achieve and hopefully even exceed the end goal the Creator is hoping we reach!

Yup, to infinity and beyond!

Signed: One Who Serves



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