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Friday, May 19, 2017

"Timeline Clarity/Testimony" by For Us - 5.19.17

Entry Submitted by For Us at 12:22 PM EDT on May 19, 2017


Both time lines will lead to ascension, the KEY difference being the pace. Those of us who are “awake” are not the majority on this 3D planet or time-line. Which shows us just how powerful we really are, that so few of us in comparison to the world were able to raise the vibes of Mother Earth. With assistance from our Inner and Galactic family of course.

What needs to be taken into account are the sleeping masses. True there are those who are awake and then those who are aware of all of this but deny it completely. Those who deny it are no different than the masses. The idea that all of those people will experience all of those negative things you mentioned simply isn’t the case.

As of right now the time lines have yet to be completely split. Everyone has been vibrationally marked as you touched on already and when the split happens you will be where you need to be. The 3D world/time-line is all around us and you can see the path that it leads to. True we are individually vibrating towards the 5D but the masses are not which allows us to see where they are headed if we take the time to look around.

Already in this 3D time line there are talks of possible life on other planets, Elon Musk and all of his plans. Drones now being tested and used in various ways including- firefighting, delivery, life guarding etc. Further more the potential car sized drones for everyday travel. Various self driving electric vehicles. The various uses for 3D printers including housing. Already you can see how things are shaping up. These things would take years to become a part of normal everyday life.

As I stated in a previous post the KEY DIFFERENCE between the time lines is partial vs full disclosure. The partial disclosure path is already under way in this 3D time-line. Corey Goode has spoken of this and the possible length of time it would take before EVERYTHING is out in the open, decades if I am not mistaken. This is for the masses who need to be slowly eased in to all of these things.

Those of us who are “vibing” towards the 5D path will experience FULL disclosure, which brings all that it brings. This path is one that more quickly puts an end to the need or use of money. While in the other time line money will still be a thing for quite some time.

Side Note: Corey Goode does not believe in “Hollow Earth” and its understandable. He has only been taken to the Inner Earth cities which are at a 4D frequency. He does not know or believe in Hollow simply because it exists in 5D. So if we are being literal here then he is correct in his assumptions since technically Hollow Earth is in the 5th Dimension and is not even visible to someone who is not at that level.

Personally I refer to Inner Earth as Middle Earth and Hollow Earth as Inner. It makes more sense to me and I find is less confusing to people. We are on the surface and then there are the middle earth peoples, cities, civilizations such as the Telosian’s who dwell under Mt.Shasta. Then there is Inner which is 5D and has the various crystal cities etc.

Back to it….

The idea of people who stay in this 3D time-line having to suffer and endure a world that essentially goes to hell in a hand basket is very rigid and is deeply rooted in various religions. What I CAN attest to is the idea of you waking up one day and realizing that a lot of people are no longer around. Those of us in the 5D time line will experience this. I have had certain “dreams” all of which involve a purple sky, clouds that are orange/fire in color, ships of all sizes above me. The smaller ones zooming past in all directions while the much bigger ones are stationary.

I met 2 of my Hybrid children in one of these “dreams”, twins. I can go on but the common thread was the noticeably vacant houses around me, including my own. I felt as though I was the only one around. I didn’t feel alone or sad in fact I was very calm and at peace. Also with full disclosure we would be aware of the whole holographic imaging technology so there would be no need for them to continue the illusion of family members or friends around us. The fact that we are talking about it right now should let them know that they wouldn’t have to do that. Perhaps in 5D those devices wouldn’t even work since they are used to create 3D projections.

All of that being said the topic of time lines stirs up a lot of insecurity in people. Makes them feel uncomfortable and a lot of that religious programming tends to pop up, causing feelings of fear and worry about ones “place”. Just know that wherever you end up is where you need to be and you will ascend at your own pace. This has long been examined and taken into account by the benevolent forces. The days of destruction are DONE no matter what time line you end up.

My opinion of course.

Side Note:
The concept of there still being some sort of cabal influence and control in the 3D time-line be it even more hidden and behind the scenes than it has been is something that I have considered and spent time with. However I will not go into my take on it right now as it would serve no purpose. Only cause even more questions, discomfort and insecurity to surface and we just cant have any of that now can we…..

Just be at peace and put your hopes and energy towards what you want.

One Love To You All…

Signed: For Us

P.S: All of my energy and hope/expectation is towards Full Disclosure. That wasn’t always the case for me but I seem to have naturally moved into that position. I was someone who spent many days planning out the house I wanted, the things I wanted to do/get/experience. All the changes/benefits that come with Nesara etc. These days I no longer find myself getting excited about any of those things. Sure we can talk about “the process” or order in which things are said to happen but I no longer concern myself with that and in fact feel otherwise about this supposed “order”. That’s where my heart is, simple as that. Sometimes focusing on the bigger picture causes the smaller things to transpire faster.



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