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Saturday, May 20, 2017

"Time to Ride the Tigers" by P - 5.20.17

Entry Submitted by P at 4:53 AM EDT on May 20, 2017

With the latest posts from OWKs and Yosef I thought I would share a little of my story to perhaps help with clarity and maybe verify some things that they have both shared. These are just my experiences, and the conclusions I made while learning to rectify my energy and happiness due to these experiences affecting me, along with the conclusions made due to the experiences of my clients.

I have been awake for most of my life. I lived in New Zealand for many years raising my children and then in 2013 I decided after a few events to leave my husband and move back to Australia. This began a very intense tough period of growth which also aligned me with my path and mission as healer and teacher.

When I landed back in Australia I was, for the first time in 17 years, the solo bread winner supporting my 15-year-old (very scary!). I had no “experience” so the only job I could get to pay the exorbitant rent and feed and clothe my daughter was to become a cleaner. I then developed serious carpel tunnel in both arms. I was literally pushed (gratefully in hindsight) into the healing and teaching work that I have been doing since.

Due to the nature of my work I chose to not advertise as it would only attract unwanted attention. I now have clients, both individuals and businesses around the world and feel both satisfied and very happy. During this intense and difficult time though I had many “very interesting” experiences which were not pleasant at all, but were needed as they were soon to show up in my clients. These were experiences with black magic and negative et races, implants, artificial intelligence, mind control, patterns and programs to name just a few.

In the beginning, I came across a couple of clients who had been affected by drug addiction. Obviously, drugs (artificially made by men/aliens) were introduced for control reasons. Such as harvesting souls, mind control, opportunity for entity entrance to help induce fear etc etc. Interestingly, it seemed from these people, that it was introduced to them many lifetimes ago (during the recycling fa├žade called reincarnation) as a poisoning, and had carried through to develop into a drug addiction. These people are very powerful amazing individuals who were reduced to feeling the depths of low self-worth and self-love with a deep feeling of hopelessness. It was never clearer to me that we really cannot judge anyone, as we never really know what they have been through, as we never have really had access to each and every lifetime….. both on this planet and galactically. At the time of treating these clients, I had experienced quite a few REAL situations and learned quickly to not go into fear, so when the layers upon layers of “negative beings” started to literally show themselves in these incredible people (despite my shock) I was able to remain positive and strong and deal with them appropriately.

There have been greys, reptilians, draconian, arcon and others continuously showing up both in client’s fields, attacking my family, my friends and myself.

Skipping forward, I have noticed that they have not been showing up. I have not had to deal with anything of this nature for some time and therefor agree with OWKs regarding the draconians.

I was also pleased when Yosef mentioned the cyborg thing. This is very real. There are beings on this planet that actually do not have a soul. This stuff is not easy to hear…believe me I know, I have been there. But if you want the truth Yosef is telling it….like it or not.

Just as a suggestion: check with yourself when choosing your closer team on this one. I do not feel they are anything to be concerned about, but if you want someone with feelings and a heart to help administer and manage your projects choose someone that has one.

With regards OWKs post of closing the door: Thank you Richard!!

I feel that as we grow in awareness we also grow more sensitive to other people’s energies. I have had to close the door on a few people due to realising that their intentions and beliefs were seriously affecting my life.

For example: What if your sibling upset your thinking/energy so much one day (sometimes that does not even have to happen) it resulted in all your clients changing their booking to a later date, which then effected your income, which then effected your happiness and created a level of stress, which in turn created a bigger problem of not being able to pay the bills, which you then had to clear and fix. Time consuming and exhausting every time! This was my story. Would you keep allowing them in if this was the result every time?

This was a big lesson for me in disciplining and controlling my thoughts. I also realised that my attachment to the relationship was unhealthy for me and not beneficial for my mission nor the planet. I decided to choose more carefully who I shared my time with, was vigilant at keeping my energetic field clean and clear and developed a deep trust that I was always looked after.

It’s a very interesting topic how one being/person’s energy can very much change the results of your manifesting in more ways than you would like to think.

The decision to shut the door on someone (especially a family member) is not easy to make, however when you realise your importance on this planet it becomes clearer. The direct results of your success in this mission is easier done if keeping yourself in a perfect manifesting state. So, if someone is repetitively creating stress or negativity in your field or you spend a lot of time in a negative mind frame about them, it could be time to consider if they are beneficial to you.

This is not about fluffy love. This is about us being in absolute truth and integrity. It’s about self-love, self-honour, self-respect and a deep desire to successfully complete our mission.

2 side notes: if you realise someone is negatively effecting you and you feel unable to shut the door, maybe ask yourself some questions on why? Perhaps there is some work you need to do on yourself to shift into it easily. When you are in your full power no one can shake, reduce or make you question who you are. We just need to find the easiest path to get to that point. Sometimes it takes shutting the door to be able to get there.

So, this is pretty long so I will stop here.

I just wanted to pop on and say that I agree (through my own experiences) with Richard and Yosef regarding the draconians and cyborgs.

If you are triggered by what they are telling you, I would consider asking yourself if you are feeling fear because you have not had the experience, or just because it is new.

If that is the case- choose with all your heart to not have it. Then, imagine yourself in a small bubble in front of you and wipe it clean of fear and anything else you may be feeling that is not of joy and abundance.

This is you cleaning your holographic self. It works for me.

Next ask your body to completely rewrite your cellular memory to be the powerful and confident in who you are. (You can do this with every negative emotion. Be creative. You do know how to do it!)

Then step into getting rid of the mind control using your holographic field. Allow new information in without emotion. Choose to ponder it without fear. Can you allow yourself to decide later and spend some time researching and feeling each piece of research with detachment?

Don’t feel pressured. Just allow.

Retraining our brains is very important right now also. By keeping a disciplined focus on what you are thinking about. It’s the time to create the new you and your new life!

It’s the time to ride the tigers back instead of allowing it to ride you!

May we all have a happy and easy exchange and a wonderful, courageous and powerful life full of integrity and humility as philanthropists xx

PS: My deepest gratitude to Patrick, Yosef, Richard and the other wonderful powerful beings here on DC who post continuously! Thank you




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