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Monday, May 1, 2017

"Think Like An Elder, Part Two" by CreatorOnHazel - 5.1.17

Entry Submitted by CreatorOnHazel at 10:20 PM EDT on May 1, 2017

Money as a Spiritual Asset

By Barbara Valocore

The Divine Circulatory Flow is a term used to describe the vast ocean of energies and forces in which we exist that are constantly circulating and moving in, around and throughout the system. The flow affects all life forms and systems; from the highest Cosmic Beings we can imagine down to the smallest life forms and atomic lives. All are part of the Flow. The Flow is in us and around us, we are influenced by it and influence it as well. All Life is One, nothing is separate. The health of any living system, be it a cell, a human being or a planet, depends on proper circulation and distribution of resources; its materials and energy, this movement being its own particular economy. In terms of the earth’s physical resources, it has been proven that there is enough for all, but the problem is that the distribution and circulation of material goods and services is blocked, stagnant. One out of 6 human beings are suffering, literally starving for the basic needs of food and shelter, while a privileged few are living in unimaginable luxury.

In considering the Divine Circulatory Flow in a material context, it is impossible to look at it without looking at ourselves. If we look honestly at our actions over the last many centuries, we have to admit that for the most part, humanity as a whole has been materialistic and greedy; taking, seizing and appropriating things of a material nature for selfish purposes. This is not the message Christ taught and is in violation of natural law. In the West, we have equated our self esteem with the amount of money we have or can make, what we can acquire for ourselves and our families and how we can materially enhance our personal status. We have competed with our neighbors for more and better gadgets, cars, TVs and so forth and this behavior has created the circumstances we’re in now. Our materialistic and separative attitudes have clogged the Flow and the circulation and distribution of the gifts and resources of the Earth isn’t working.

Humanity is in transition. We are moving out of the Piscean Age, a cycle characterized largely by a sharp separation between material and spiritual concerns, and this is a long habit of thinking and behavior not so easily left behind. We are now however, moving rapidly into the Aquarian Age, and the ideas of wholeness, relationship and synthesis are emerging as prominent themes. Ordinary people are recognizing themselves as an essential part of the Flow of Life, of the whole, fully within it, and able to affect the circulation of energy, especially physical materials, in quite significant ways. We instinctively know we are an integral part of the economy of the system, and can apply our intelligence and our intention or will to mold and shape events and policies affecting millions, for good or ill. We are more self reflective and aware of our collective actions than we have ever been in human history. Our sense of time and space is greatly shortened and with instant communication, we see global events unfolding in our own living rooms on the evening news. We see the effects of human activity through the debates on climate change, earth stewardship, political events and particularly in the context of the world’s financial system; how we handle, use and manipulate money. We recognize these systems as interconnected and related, and actions or events that happen in one part of the world affect other distant parts. We are learning to reconcile and relate all the parts of our nature and bring into balance elements that were previously separated, in conflict or repressed. And perhaps most significantly, we are learning to see matters of a spiritual and material nature as equally important and divine, not hold them apart in our thinking. As a planetary group, humanity is consciously experiencing its various relationships, above and below, and becoming aware of itself as a synthetic whole in new ways. All of this is in line with the divine Plan and evidence of the growing 7th Ray influence.

We’re talking about money as a spiritual asset, as a medium for the exchange of love, and this is new and radical thinking! We are challenging ourselves to transform our conventional and deeply ingrained attitudes and habits about this most ordinary but often controversial topic. We are trying to suspend our “money selves”. The teachings of the Ageless Wisdom, as given by Alice Bailey and the Tibetan Master, stress that the spiritual Hierarchy considers money as a form of energy, as “the concretized expression of the third type of spiritual energy.” This third type or Ray energy is known as the energy of Creative or Active Intelligence. Money then is considered as intelligent substance, material created for our intelligent use, available substance to build the forms of the new civilization, the forms that will house the good, the beautiful and the true. The new incoming spiritual energies of synthesis and wholeness need these new forms in which the indwelling Christ life can express itself. It is our collective creative activity and intelligence that will build the new world and develop a new materialism based on goodwill, sharing and a deep respect for all Life. This new materialism calls for an adjustment of our current attitudes and behaviors around money.

There are signs of the tide of new life, of the wholeness vision emerging, a fresh sense of the one Humanity, and the beginnings of a healthy circulation of the divine Flow, so let’s examine just a few of these. At the global governmental level, the United Nations Millennium Development Goals are an amazing and ground-breaking model of a unified political will. In 2000, all world leaders agreed to a set of 8 goals which are a pledge to the world’s most underserved populations to raise and lift the quality of life; to alleviate poverty, expand education, promote health, women’s rights, build environmental sustainability and more. They are measurable targets over a 15-year period, and while they may not be met, the more important point is that the MDG’s represent a global and very human effort toward sharing, cooperation and brotherhood. Their deeper purpose is to restore human dignity and they should be seen as an effort toward the redemption of humanity. The money going toward these targets is spiritual energy, circulating and flowing to the forgotten extremities and doing the Christ’s work.

Then there are the mega rich, the billionaires like Warren Buffet and Bill and Melinda Gates. Recently, these three issued a challenge to other billionaires and millionaires in the United States to give to charity 50% or more of their wealth, either in their lifetimes or after their death, and to make this pledge publicly. This remarkable initiative is called The Giving Pledge, and so far, 40 individuals whose combined net worth probably comes to hundreds of billions of dollars have signed up! The personal statements from those pledging are significant and inspiring, deeply imbued with the spirit of service and brotherhood. Their testimonials clearly indicate that they consider their money as part of the public trust and as a spiritual asset. Their innate sense of service and gratitude for their good fortune is driving them to do something dramatic, to draw attention and to generate a change of heart about money. The pledge is not a legal contract but a moral commitment to give and the signers want to make the public discussion of philanthropy more transparent and open, encouraging others, not just billionaires or millionaires, to give as they can. These billions of dollars represent a spiritual outpouring of love energy motivated by recognition of world need. They demonstrate the true meaning of philanthropy: to love humanity, and are a model of group sharing and giving.

Today, many deep thinkers, writers, economists and philosophers are contemplating the mystery of money and how a more just society can be built based right human relations, goodwill and proper distribution of wealth. Clearly part of the financial seed group of the New Group of World Servers, these intellectuals are contemplating and experimenting with money as a spiritual asset. A particularly compelling way of working with money can be seen through the Rudolph Steiner Foundation, whose core mission is to “transform the way the world works with money.” One of its central values states that, “the primary role of money is to serve the highest intentions of the human spirit.” On the website of one of its projects called Re-imagine Money and the Transforming Money Collaborative, there is an extensive resource list of organizations and individuals creating new agreements and relationships around money. These people are pioneering the new structures and the new Aquarian “money philosophies”.

Rudolph Steiner Social Finance offers a new and very Aquarian paradigm of money circulation and flow. An investor’s money is placed in the form of loans to non profit groups working for goodwill and social benefit. The investor knows where the money is and can see the projects. The difference in the interest rates between what the investor receives and what the borrower pays, finances the infrastructure of the organization. The borrowers are thoroughly vetted and there is a personal relationship, so the default rate is basically non-existent. It is human beings facing one another exchanging love, in this case money. Borrowers and lenders meet regionally face to face to discuss the most equitable rates of interest and there is currently $130 million in circulation. These dollars are working directly to “foster social and spiritual renewal.”

The Tibetan warns that we must change our attitude toward money or it will, in his words, “vanish off the earth.”! He also makes the point that the regeneration of money will not happen as the result of a few very wealthy individuals’ philanthropy, but that the actions and attitude of millions of people in every country can permanently re-channel it. In order for money to be a spiritual asset, it must represent that which is of value; not material or separative personal values, but human values, soul values and spiritual values. Money is not valuable in and of itself. Goodwill, inclusiveness, compassion and love enhance the quality of life and support good health in the body, of the person and the planet. While it is true that the recent economic downturn has adversely affected millions of people, it surely must be a blessing in disguise as it undoubtedly is forcing us in the West to re-prioritize how we handle money and where we place our values.

We are told that the Shamballa force is pouring directly into humanity and that this will be felt at a mass level first. There are many current trends that indicate this mass regeneration of money is taking place, evidence of the direct impact of the will: The Slow Money and Move your Money movements encourage people to invest in their local communities and with banks that are locally known and owned as opposed to large corporate investment firms. Investment in Main Street instead of Wall Street. The local farm to table groups, ending hunger efforts, volunteer gleaning, organic gardens at schools and food pantries, the increase in local farmers’ markets, home gardens and the local food movement all indicate increasing concern for well-being and health. People are recognizing that the real cost of foods shipped from far away is unsustainable. Voluntary simplicity, Transition Towns, recycling, environmental sustainability, and green business practices are all signs of the regeneration of money, of an emerging Aquarian “New Materialism”. But most importantly, these are individuals taking direct action; working toward universal brotherhood, goodwill and community sharing.

If you volunteer for something, you do it because you want to, because you are willing to, and this is exactly what the word means: from the Latin voluntarius, “of one’s free will.” From the soul perspective however, this definition carries the sense of the spiritual will, as volunteering represents an act that engages the highest center. Volunteering is an exchange of love and releases heart energy, in both directions, from the giver to the receiver. It stimulates the Divine Circulatory Flow. One does it to give and to serve thereby promoting brotherhood and goodwill. It automatically creates right human relations. Imagine money energy, spiritual intention flowing through volunteerism and charity work. How much money are we talking about? Although impossible to measure accurately, the economic value of volunteer work in the United States alone was estimated in 2009 to be worth $169 billion. And this doesn’t count the spontaneous outpourings of work when people rush into disaster situations. An even larger amount, the not-for-profit or charity sector, represents about 10% of measurable salaries, well into $400 billion annually in the U.S.These dollars are spiritualized, saturated with love, purpose and care for others.

The Tibetan Master gave many meditations over the course of his work with Alice Bailey, and relevant to this discussion is the “Reflective Meditation for Attracting Money for Hierarchical Purposes.” He says, “Used by many simultaneously, it may shatter the impasse which at present prevents adequate funds from pouring into the work which the Hierarchy seeks to accomplish.” This isn’t money for the Hierarchy, but money badly needed for education of spiritual and inclusive values, money to build right human relations and cultures of goodwill and sharing. We are being challenged to break away from centuries old habitual and wrong thinking, particularly that money is dirty or something that can’t possibly be used for spiritual purposes. The emerging energies are moving us to embrace new thinking and really know that the material and spiritual realms cannot be separate and apart. The highest and the lowest must meet, blend and fuse. We can no longer separate money from spiritual concerns. Oneness thinking more than anything can restore the divine circulatory flow.

The deeply occult Sunday meditation evokes the spiritual will through love. The Tibetan suggests we begin the meditation by attempting “to feel true love sweeping through you”, which immediately sets up an alignment with the heart center. For the whole meditation, love is central and it is crucial to feel the flow of divine love throughout. Love is the magnet. Love is the tool to attract money for Hierarchical work and we are asking for money in the name of Christ, with full faith in the response. We visualize a “flowing golden substance in the hands of the Forces of Light”. This meditation challenges us to consider money, the concretized energy of divinity, in the highest and most abstract context. We voice an invocative prayer to “the power that can make all things new,” we demand of this power to “turn to spiritual purposes the money in the world.” And finally, the Sunday meditation reminds us that we must share; we won’t be able to evoke or attract money if we don’t share it, and small amounts do matter. We must give generously to put things right, to restore the balance, and to help in the preparation for the reappearance of the Christ, to foster goodwill and build right human relationships.

Human need at this time is very real; we can see it around us every day. One out of 6 people are hungry, and even in developed countries hunger is becoming a serious problem. Poverty breeding homelessness and disease seems to be getting worse and national debts are crippling governments. Money needs to flow and circulate to the least among us. It is needed in large quantities. We are told that “Need, love and magnetic power are the three things which…attract money.” We have seen through recent natural disasters how ordinary people can manifest large amounts of money very quickly by giving small donations to relief agencies. Humanitydoes recognize the need and ordinary people do give through love, and through the power of love, we are united and bound together. The work of world salvage can succeed although it seems the task is too huge. Hercules thought the task of cleaning the Augean stables was impossible, but through the insight and perspective of the soul, through creative, new and broader thinking, he succeeded. The Tibetan tells us in the book The Reappearance of the Christ that, “…the workers are there and the power to work is adequate to the need.”

As we feel the tide of new life sweeping through us, the divine flow, we should work with renewed and sustained effort to meet human need with love, to begin to think in new ways and to handle the newer energies more skillfully, especially the energy of money. The new energies are moving us toward a genuine recognition of money as a loving and divine energy and as a vital tool in the work of restoration and redemption. We can all become philanthropists in the truest sense, lovers of humanity, and use our money to bring beauty and order to the world and to build a new and unified humanity.

Sri Aurobindo said, “Money is the visible sign of a universal force, and this force in its manifestation on earth...is indispensable to the fullness of the outer life. In its origin and its true action, it belongs to the Divine.” The binding force of love holds all things together and in the end, it’s not about the money, it’s about love.

Prayer for the World ~ Asher Quinn

I Believe ~ Andrea Bocelli & Katherine Jenkins





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