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Saturday, May 27, 2017

"They Changed the Date" - Fri. PM KTFA Thoughts/News



Sistani's office announced on Sunday the first day of the month of Ramadan

Journal May 26, 2017

BAGHDAD - The Journal News

said the Office of the supreme religious authority Ali al - Sistani, on Friday, there is no proof sighting of the crescent holy month of Ramadan on Friday evening, saying that on Saturday , complementary to the month of Shaaban.

The office said in a statement seen by «Journal News», he "did not prove the sighting of the crescent of Mr. Sistani's holy month of Ramadan with the naked eye after sunset on Friday in Iraq and its neighboring areas."

He added: "Consequently, on Saturday, as a complement to the holy month of Shaaban and be on Sunday, the first day of the month of Ramadan."


JWMopar » May 26th, 2017

Don, what a find! They changed the date!!

“office announced on Sunday the first day of the month of Ramadan”


Iobey777 » May 26th, 2017

Sistani's office announced on Sunday the first day of the month of Ramadan

Very Interesting!! So the "big " guy said not till Sunday!! hmmm, didn't Frank say something about "a" Sunday? Maybe......just maybe! We continue to wait, watch and pray!

Don961 » May 26th, 2017

Final Article # 4 (For Review)

Iraqi monetary system enhanced new currency Dinar

Monday, October 31.2016

Mohamed Riad Hamza

If it is unacceptable to keep the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the US dollar and the currencies of industrialized capitalist countries and neighboring Arab countries it is in the thousands. Valencod Iraqi dinar paper of the highest categories starts with four zeros to the fifty thousand paper ... to 250 dinars minimum.

The reality of the dinar current trading segments of confusingly disabled economic, commercial and service activities for all. At the level of the Iraqi market, the reality of the dinar exchange rate in the assessment of trade operations, a single sentence, is far from accurate price, as well as in the evaluation of the real estate sector buying and selling and renting, and banking facilities, and any trading currency resides. Any big deal amounts between both ends need to fill out categories of dinar bags to be exchanged between the buyer and seller .oimkn see the sights of people carrying bags of the dinar to the banks or Entrants exchange houses or coming out of them.

And make sure that the reality of the Iraqi dinar and the value of its categories Dialh purchasing catalyst for the crimes of counterfeiting. In countries equal their exchange rate with the Iraqi currency Mbtalat forging currency, and the counterfeit currency from the devastating effects on a number of macroeconomic components of any State.

And the Iraqi dinar is currently rolling Bocefarh and Dialh exchange value an important role in the rise of goods and services and rising inflation rates. As the deals in the wholesale trade excludes small - value categories of the dinar. The addition of a few thousand dinars for the deal or perennial Consumer Goods, and circulation of marketing to another port and to the hands of the consumer, the price of the commodity Tuwalia inflates the number of marketing outlets. The reason is Dialh purchasing power of the dinar small groups that are excluded when evaluating the price of any commodity.

On 27 August 2015 , published (Unit Economic Studies links Research and Strategic Studies Center) in his position on the Internet an important article included the reference to "that the Iraqi government may resort to the liberalization of the dinar (ie float) which will not solve the financial problem in the country, but will have disastrous consequences for the Iraqi citizen first class. on the other hand, the flotation is the outlet for speculators in the market to carry out money laundering and manipulation of auction currency within the central bank. float currency floating meant leaving the exchange rate of a currency floating rises and falls reverse proportion to the cases of demand and supply in the market. and the introduction of Balaa Bar level frees the national economy, and the adequacy of its performance, and the flexibility of its production apparatus. The risks of this process that it opens the door to money laundering and the transfer of corrupt money from the Iraqi dinar to free currencies in order to smuggle them out operations. "

The survival of the purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar weak teeter at home and abroad are not supported with rampant financial corruption, the dinar conversion into other currencies smuggled abroad causes inflation rise. As to keep large amounts of the dinar within the Iraqi market means inflation liquidity which makes it easier out more foreign currency from the country.

The solution is not to delete the zeros of the dinar or floated, but substituting new Iraqi dinars and linking the rate of exchange in US dollars. Any be issued new Iraqi dinars equivalent to the dollar at the exchange rate of the dinar .oatkon one hundred fils categories: one dinar, five dinars and ten dinars, and twenty dinars, and fifty dinars, and one hundred dinars. Minting coins from fils and five fils, and ten fils, twenty fils, and fifty fils, and one hundred fils. Thereby ensuring the stability of the monetary system and eliminate the imbalance in the current system , which allowed rampant corruption.

As the currency was canceled after the former regime in 2003 and the replacement of the dinar is currently rolling, the current cancellation over a period of time and the establishment of the new dinar.

It is important that the Central Bank of Iraq , assisted by experts from the "US Federal Reserve Council" ( the central bank) in the Iraqi monetary system , the development of the currency exchange has high confidence locally and internationally.

Central banks play a major role in financial instruments control in all countries of the world, the most important tool in the hands of the Central Bank is the monetary policy, it is through the increase of cash (Liquidity) can stimulate the economy out of the state of economic crisis, or to help the economy grow by encouraging exports , reduce inflation ,

while the Iraqi dinar currency peg to the dollar means that the US currency is installed at a fixed rate of the dinar exchange rate (fixed exchange-rate) and many countries in the world adopt this practice. There are 17 countries in the world pegged its currency to the US dollar. Including six Arab countries , namely Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, UAE, Bahrain and Qatar.

To link the Iraqi dinar to the dollar has several advantages notably ease of exchange rate policy between the currency of the country and the rest of the world currencies all, where monetary authorities determine the rate specific to the exchange rate of the dinar to the dollar, through which is determined by the relationship of the dinar to the rest of the currency management, rises for these currencies with the rising dollar and declining with the decline . on the other hand, the dollar peg helps relatively to protect the national economy from inflation

also helps to link in the case of oil -producing countries to stabilize their revenues in local currency at the lower value of the dollar. Vpferd stability of oil prices, the decline in the global value of the dollar does not lead to a decline in oil revenues of Iraq Dinars.

It will be issuing new Iraqi dinars a way to detect corruption as it requires replacing currency in circulation is currently in the new currency. In exposing it to those billions and billions shelve of the current Iraqi dinar and acting in the context of the weak monetary system and politicized the farthest thing from transparency. As can the Iraqi Central Bank and commercial banks put before the deal could expose any abuses of money laundering and the smuggling of currency outside the Popular.

The main reason behind the dinar 's peg to the dollar is to maintain stability and increase confidence to deal with, and maintain a fixed exchange rate of the dinar will eliminate the so - called parallel market vowels (black market). This enhances investor confidence and the stability of the monetary system and to maintain the purchasing power of consumers with limited income.


Dinar Tatoo » May 26th, 2017

NY Times article from 1991 reporting the revaluation of the Kuwaiti dinar

Jul 19, 2013

When Iraq invaded Kuwait in August of 1990, the value of the Kuwaiti dinar dropped to about 5 cents. In other words, it took 20 Kuwaiti dinars to buy one dollar.

In February of 1991 Iraq was expelled from Kuwait, and a month later, the banks revalued their currency to $3.47, the highest valued currency in the world. When this occurred, the New York Times reported the event on March 25, 1991.


It still has no water and little electricity or food, but Kuwait revived its banking system today, introducing a new currency.

Banks reopened for the first time since Iraqi occupation forces shut them down in December. Thousands of people lined up to exchange their old Kuwaiti dinars for crisp new ones and to withdraw a limited amount of money....

All other old dinars can be exchanged for new ones on a one-to-one rate until May 7, when the old dinars become invalid. The new official exchange rate is 3.47 American dollars for one new Kuwaiti dinar.

At the same time, the UN put Iraq under trade sanctions, crashing the value of the Iraqi dinar (IQD) from $3.22 to about 4000 to the dollar. Their currency could only be spent in Iraq itself, and people had to carry around wads of 25,000 dinar notes to buy groceries.

Then in 2003 coalition forces invaded Iraq and overthrew Saddam Hussein. By 2004 we gave them a new currency without Saddam's picture on it. The value soon doubled and went up to 2000 to the dollar. A few years ago the Central Bank of Iraq managed to stabilize the value at 1166 per dollar.

On June 27, 2013 the UN removed Iraq from Chapter VII sanctions, allowing Iraq to regain control of close to $80 Billion in frozen funds that had been sitting in western banks since 1990. This also allowed Iraq to be reinstated on the world's banking network, as soon as they are ready. At the same time many expect to see the IQD revalued at or near its former position.




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