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Friday, May 5, 2017

"There is Only You" by Victor - 5.5.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 6:08 AM EDT on May 5, 2017

You are safe, because there is no one else in this room but you. That is right, you are the only one here experiencing what you experience every day, the whole of your life. YOU have never gone anywhere or even have left the room, ever...........

What I am talking about is that you never have seen or known anything beyond your finger tips. You have also never seen what is standing behind you. You always experience everything only within your limited sphere of perception. You live in a world that is like a Omni Max theater. You have a circular field of view, right in front of you. If you stretch your arms out and hold them up by your side horizontally and look strait ahead at the same time, like taking a peripheral field of view test. You can wiggle your finger until at one point you can not see them any more.

Beyond that peripheral view, you can not see without moving your head. The same thing applies above you and below you. If you keep your head still, you will notice the limits of what you can experience or ...."See". That is....... "our room"..........that is the only world you have ever known. It is very much like being in a live Omni Max theater where we choose the programing we experience.

In fact we have never gone anywhere at all. You have never been to Hawaii or put your feet in the ocean or walked in the snow. You are very much like Neo in the movie the Matrix. In one scene, Neo was asked to leap across the top of one building to the next. On his first try.......he did not make it. " No One Makes it ".........Because, we all think it is impossible to do. Because "We Do Not Believe" we can do it, it is simple as that. We believe in and are creators or limitations, or have accepted limitation imposed on us by the Cabal, who said the limitations where real.

We are gullible fools, who also believe like Neo first did, that can't bend spoons or create Miracles for ourselves like....... the RV experience. Unless we believe and know we are the creators of the experience we are having, that ......."There Is Only You" ......Once we can sense that there never is anyone else in the room we are experiencing-ever. Then we can leap tall buildings in a single bound like ....."Superman" .....which we really are, if we say we are.

That is also why we have never seen what is standing behind us, never. Yes, we can turn our heads and look around and by some miracle and whole world appears behind us and above us and below us. It is like we are moving with our arms out stretched all the time, our personal field of perception, .......it all follows us, in our own room where all experiencing is happening. Our field of ........"Awareness"..........That is why there is ever only Me in the room. There is only you ever here, having an experience in a field of Awareness.........ever.

Here is a way to experience it more fully. Try walking down a supper market isle some time and just look strait ahead, as you walk the length of the store, with narrow isles besides you. Look strait ahead and keep your head from turning and just have a general awareness of how you are perceiving your world. As you walk forward and just do this. You will notice that the field of view around you, is the only thing changing as you walk forward.

You are really ever only in your perceive Awareness............only standing still. It is the world around you that is moving! The merchandise on the walls is blurry and it just changes and just moves as you are really always in the same room of your own awareness........"Thinking" ......projecting, you are walking down the isle. That is why you have never ever gone anywhere. You have just experienced and "experience" of going to Maui and swimming with the dolphins.

All that has happened and ALL that ever happens is that, YOU.........the you that you think you are, is projecting on to the "neutral" movie screen of LIFE, what seems real to you and what you can accept as real. You are the creator of your limitations. The limitations of what is real and possible for you. Eventually ..........like Neo in the movie, you can leap across tall buildings and do the impossible.

Your minds expands and understands. You could leap across the grand canyon and even fly........because you never have left the room of your own perception, where everything is possible.

You are in the Omni Max theater of your Life, "In your own room"..... having an experience. So when you say the RV is impossible for you. You are like Neo saying you can not jump across tall buildings, when you could, if you ........"believed " you could. If you understood and saw that it is only ever a grand movie with you as the "Director" in charge of the scenes.

That is why you can never see what is behind you. As you turn, your field of view turns and refreshes rapidly to keep the illusion going that you have moved or that something is happening in your world, when in reality ..........you have never left the room of your perception or ever gone anywhere. You where just ever reacting to what you projected on to the large screen. It seems like mountains in the distance or water at your feet or the tall edge of the building or the edge of the supper market isles.

All of it - is only ever a projection within your field of Awareness, where there is only YOU........in the Omni Max room of your life, having an experience.........."here" . Here in this room you are completely safe, completely secure with no limitations except the ones you say you have. That is why your are a co-creator of your life experience. That is why it is important to stay positive and create what you want to happen.

The movie screen does not bound you or tell you what is objectively ....."REAL".......Real is what ever you say is real!. .....Proof is what ever you say is proof. There are no rules to your world. If you say there is a purple, polka dotted, six legged creature in the Universe, there is one. Meaning, if there was not one in existence already some where, you could not ever had the thought that one existed, since ALL that is in Creation is already made and real. If you are thinking of a thing, It is real and it is in existence already and it is possible.

That is why the RV is completely real and completely provable and completely experiential. It just depends on how much proof you say you need. Need is what ever you say it is for you. That is why you will be convinced like no one else will be convinced of what is real or what is "Proof"...........since every person in every room will be having a different experience. All of those experiences are real and do exist for different people, yet not all. It is provable and real for those that it is provable and real too. Those that choose the experience because of Free Will.

That is why some people are choosing the experience that they can not see the cabal or "conspiracies"....... or the RV. A large portion of the world is presently choosing just that. None of what Dinar Chronicles talks about is real for them. For them it does not exist and no proof is possible for them. All of this is not in their...... "Theme".....so they choose to....." ignore it". Or their precious feelings of "lack", that they love and want to experience completly- just now, could not happen. If they would experience the RV........they would loose their sense of Lack. Both experiences are mutually exclusive of each other, in order to appear real. They are choosing Lack.

If fact we can not ever be sure of who else is in the room we think we see. There may not really ever be anyone else in the room but US. Just another subjective experience that we project, because we need to be convinced. To believe in Life, in order to have this duality experience. To believe in the Game of what is possible in a field of large Awareness. Once we get a grasp of this. We can also begin to intuit what is behind us. We can begin to experience what is beyond experiencing itself..........where there is no experiencer bound by limitations of belief itself. We can even trancend Beliefs.

Once we stop demanding, needing and wanting. A clear seeing begins to appear. Then if we ignore all acts of seeing. We get a sense of what lies behind and beyond perception itself. We realize that only a sense of pure being remains. Then the great Void that is behind YOU, you become that. While in the Void, at a distance from "Being" ........ YOU realize yourself, as that which never appears, yet contains the entire "illusion"......the absolute One.........SOURCE.




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