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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"There is No Inflation in a No-Harm World" by Victor - 5.30.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 10:17 PM EDT on May 30, 2017

Think of a Benevolent monopoly. A never before seen condition here on earth. A situation where (STO) Service To Others is in actual control, not the (STS) Service To Self Cabal. Money, Economics was created as a slavery system to promote lack .....”Inflation”... is just a smaller lack based concept. Inflation does harm and .....”No Harm”..... is the way of the future in a ....."No Harm World"......

Harm and inflation are both incompatible with the new reality. There will be no ....”Lack”....in the New Reality, that is the complete purpose of the GCR. For each person to experience and become the energy of ....."Abundance"...... How does inflation feel? It feels just like the old Cabal artificial economic creation that it always was. It is part of the mind set to keep you feeling bad and powerless and a victim. That victim mind set also promoted the concept of ....”Profit”.....Another lack based artificial concept to keep people in fear.

Inflation comes from a lack mind set where one person tries to exploit another for more.....”Profit”....That is an exploitation of people by making them work harder for that Profit, so it .....causes harm. “Profit” ......was indoctrinated into us as a requirement that we though we needed to avoid the feeling of .....”Lack”....if we had no .....”Profit”..... we would naturally experience ......”Lack.”.....That is the deception that we where sold. Yet we have seen what kind of world ......”Profit”..... produced. “Profit” .....was the tool of control over a whole world along with the concept of money and a limited amount of money in the hands of the controllers to produce........yes, more Lack for YOU.

Then came its little sneaky brother ....”Inflation”.....another false economic creation by the makers of money and with the sole intent to keep producing Lack and you believed it. YOU never saw Lack was the real food and purpose of a monetary system of have and have not’s. The energy of ....”Lack”.....was the whole goal of money. Money, it was not intended to produce abundance. You where deceived into believing money seeking was going to produce this abundance for you. Yet you only experienced being enslaved in a Lack filled world......and..... even after all of that, you still put meaning on words like....”Inflation”....?....really? Can't you feel the familiar fear?

Abundance was never produced for the masses by the Cabal. “Money”.....” Inflation”.....”Profit” ......all products that where intended to produce only more .....“lack”....for YOU and the ....."Fear Food"...... for the controllers. Economic theory with its trigger words like ....”Inflation”.... is another ....”BS ploy”...... which is just more smoke and mirrors to hide the Truth and keep the Big Lack Fear going for YOU.

In a Benevolent world you will in a way, only have a benevolent monopoly like the Cabal did. The difference is who will be served? This new construct will be a Service to Others reality. So You will be Served correctly this time. Abundance is the natural state of the Universe. .......“Lack”....,inflation and economics are an illusion created by (STS).

The incompatibility of Economics and that whole concept of ....”Inflation”....will become obsolete because no one will want to do harm to others in that way and also harm themselves first and therefore stop their personal evolution. So to promote Cabal Lack concepts of .....”Inflation”....will stunt your growth.

“Inflation”...... is a lack concept based on the false story that too much of something.......To much GCR wealth, like too much abundance causes prices to rise. Meaning to much wealth for ALL will cause the people of the world to raise prices in order to keep ......”Lack”....from coming back in? Meaning if YOU did not raise prices to abuse YOUR brothers and sisters, YOU would once again experience more lack. Yet now....."Everyone"..... will have ......”No Lack Left”..... after the GCR. Where is the fear of it now? Lack will be gone. Inflation is just fear energy in a different package. Why chose that again?

So abusing your brothers and sisters will not feel good in an ....”Abundant “ .....world , where ALL will have what they need. Then the false feeling of lack that had ....”control meaning”.....in the past will no longer be of service to us, in a (STO) world. So the need to abuse yourself and others will be gone. The cabal and its creations will be gone. In a wealthy abundant state, why would YOU create an artificial .........”lack” .....feeling of abuse and exploitation? Why would you re-create the negative past? You would not. It would feel bad and out of phase with the New YOU and the New World.

In an already existent no lack presetn......."Abundant Reality"....... The need and the meaning of .....”lack” ....will fall apart. The Cabal definitions will collapse under the higher Vibration of.....” Abundance”....... As all ships in the ocean rise, the Lack world of false economics and its principles of ....”inflation”....will no longer serve the Cabal and keep people in......" Fear"....... The individual in a ......”No Harm World”....... will just feel bad by following ....”Inflation” ......and manifesting that. Who would want it?

Who would want to chose too experience a non-alignment state again and fall in consciousness.? When abundance is present everywhere, where is the need to go down hill and feel bad and promote Lack in others?...... by seeking ....”profit’........or having to ......”Inflate”.... your prices to get and keep your .....”Profit”....? There will be no need for Profit and its little brother.....”Inflation”......They will simply Vibrate too low and fall away.

“Inflation”..... and the whole concept will just be too ......”Lacking” .....to serve man in the future. It will not exist since really, only abundance will flood your Universe. NO lack will exist anywhere. It was always an artificial creation to begin with and now in a huge energetic filed of ......”Love Light and Joy”....... Inflation and keeping Profit does .....”NOT FIT”....or work in a......”NO Harm World”......

Much Love Victor.



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