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"Re: dgt on Tolec Deep Disclosure Segment 4" by Restive Sage - 4.21.18

Entry Submitted by Restive Sage at 5:01 PM EDT on April 21, 2018 "Re: Tolec Deep Disclosure Segment 4" by dgt - 4.21.18 Thank ...

Saturday, May 13, 2017

"The Two Sided Coin" by Victor - 5.13.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 12:15 AM EDT on May 13, 2017

I was going to reply to "One Who is Very Tired" again and then I read the post by Hope Ranger who is also very tired, because he says......."Life is Tiring". OK.......As I read Hope Rangers description of the "Meaning" he put to his life, it sounded like same meaning that ......."One Who is Very Tired" ......has pasted to his core belief and it is also what he sees everywhere in the outer neutral reflected mirror of a circumstantial world. It is what he then labels again, as a problem "out-there", that is "causing"....people or his interpretation of people to feel "negative".

The solution then, as One Who is Very Tired seems to the perceive the external problem......is to change what you say every day in order not to feel bad. He sees a cause and effect relationship that, when You say....."That the RV will happen today".......that is a problem for people when it does not happen as you say it will. Therefore when great expectations....."Do not not happen"..... over a long period of time for these" on lookers", then he is interpreting this to be the cause for " them there on-lookers" to become, negative and then it is a cause and effect creation problem..........OK......yeah?......is that true?

I agree all those people don't get the law of attraction, like I get that most people are not interested in waking up or doing anything in life. They are the ones that OWK just mentioned in his post, that will be the "Spoils of War" that will go with the winner of the Game, because ......"THEY".....have no "Power". That is right, they have no power and are like much cannon fodder. So.......?

All of this is their Free Will at work. It is ALL by their own choosing. Should we interfere in the Free Will of cannon fodder now? What should we do? How do we do it? We can not force our selves on them or we bring ourselves down. So, now what should a Light Worker do, since using force is out? Does the Light Worker then change his course. Change his climb up the hard mountain. Slow his pace or just abandon the Quest?

The best suggestion by One Who is Very Tired, was that the collective Leaders and US here. We should abandon what makes "US" feel good and brings us ....ALL JOY.... and adopt the failed tactics of the sheep..... who know what? Therefor the "altruistic plan" is that the Light Workers must change/abandon his escape plans and find a new way, a new escape plan that does not disturb the sheepeople.....because the sheep can't follow or can't understand or "They" may be, like what the sheepherder has to offer at the back end??.......

Hell no!.......I won't go!!!.........Say ...."I".......that is Free Will.....and that is a lame idea.

The explanations abd ways out, are ALWAYS available to ALL sheep, always. The answers to Life are not ever really that hidden. The results you see among the sheep, I agree is there. I have the same battle each and every day. I walk on the same pastures of grass. The Life struggle for the average sheep is the same one as for the Light worker. The difference is the ......."What meaning and feelings are you using to manifest your reality?". It is the Same for ALL.

I don't choose the path of the sheep. I will not go slow or stop my escape to "WAIT" for others. It is Always about Self Responsibility. Yes, We are one at the core created Awareness level, but in the individuated life experience, we must each walk our own unique path, because each unique path is so special and needed and wanted and loved by Source. Each sheep is special ,even though some are stinking slow.

We are all in the same game but everyone is missing the BIGGEST POINT...... altogether here. Do you get it? I got it. The point is:

We are the greatest most powerful manifesters of "Shit" and we don't even know it! After all, who is choosing this crazy 3d world experience that we live in? WE ARE.......Who is after our " Valuable Asses" in order to keep us enslaved? The Cabal.....We are so great that without US, they are nothing and die!

What more "Proof" do we want that we are Amazing!......Yet the sheep are bleeping "Show me the money" or " your predictions are not true" or "There is no Proof " or " It is too tiring and unfair to us and too negative and hard for us ignorant sheep".........Ohhh Poor Me!......Baahhhhh.......Baahhhh

Yet, we can't see or hear how GREAT WE ARE!....... The freaking evidence is that we are Supper Powerful, much coveted Co-Creators, who have ALL created an experience for ourselves where there is ......." LACK VERY WHERE " !! ........Yeah.......How powerful is that?. We get to know and experience, the only thing that does not exist in the whole Universe!.....LACK.....That is our very own personal experience. We are that Strong and Special to be here because, we can take it. We can be here with Lack in our face everyday and we can make it and change !

Who put All of this here struggle in our life? We all know the answer that, we did. It was not God who forced you to eat "Lack" and like it......like so much grass. We chose it. Now we have to learn the lessons while here.

All of this, You did it with your "meanings" and your "feelings". Pretty good, that is what got you here and that is what will get you out. We are here today, so who else is strong enough, valuable enough to live in a complete illusion off suffering? All the while complaining and not really knowing or understanding that the door to the cage was always open and you had the key all along. Yes, you can fly out and not be "Tired" or "suffering" any more. You can get out at any time and so can the masses of sheep. We all have the Free Will to choose.

Yet, the explanations are given and you don't believe and you don't escape!......OMG....How do you get through? They surely are ALL suffering from Negativity. Agreed!.....YET...... May be suffering is the only way to produce a desire to escape? since suffering is the favorite way for the flock.

But now..... according to One Who Is Tired, the bleeping sheep want the Light Workers to stop even trying to get out of ...."JAIL".....because, the "Every Day" attempts to escape and create a new reality of abundant wealth with no Lack, is "CAUSING" uncomfortable results and "negative feelings" in the average sheep. WHAT THE!......

Amazing for sure. The great news is that there is another way for those that find this road of with the RV to hard. The larger context is that we are like a coin.

All of .....""THIS"..... manifesting vibration struggle, is on one side of a two sided coin with more than one answer or way out. One side has the Law of Attraction and is the manifesting side of the RV Quest. The side where all the tiredness, negatively and resistance to manifesting the RV appears. On the opposite of the coin is the quest for Enlightenment. Both quests end up at the same place.

The coin is ....."Understanding What We Are"..... We can get to this understanding by working on the RV side of the coin. Going through the appearance of Lack. Managing our vibrations and our manifestation until we "graduate" and understand or arrive at the Awareness of Being.....Awareness itself and manifesting the RV. We can also arrive at the Awareness of "what we are".....by no longer seeking in the "outer world". Skipping the Law of Attraction path and skipping the RV manifesting altogether, since it is just an option, not the only road to Understanding/Awareness of Self.

We can travel the flip side of the coin on the more silent side of ourselves, in a more traditional pathway of Enlightenment. This side of the coin is about NOT manifesting anything. It is about dropping ALL concepts and surrendering the quest for "empowerment " through manifesting our perceived realities, such as the RV. We then surrender all outcomes, all desires, all meanings and All beliefs. We die to ALL we consider to be us. We drop being victimized, we drop tiredness, we drop negativity, we drop the desire for trillions, we drop the desire to be of service to others. We drop the "world"........

When we complete the journey on the Enlightenment side of the coin. All that is left is Awareness, no attachments to outcomes or the RV, no time, no space, no sense of self but with and expanded sense of SELF where only Bliss and Love and Eternity is ALL that remains. The quest for action and manifestation are not who you are and only Awareness remains since all else is folly and meaningless to you.

The coin, the RV is a Spiritual topic. All of it is nothing but that. It is only one way of getting to the same outcome as the path of Enlightenment, except the knowledge of SELF and Awareness is reached or experienced first through that side of the coin by doing or manifesting the RV. If we don't like "Doing", we can go the other way of "Surrender".

Now of course, I like the Unique option where we can have our cake and eat it too. We can become Aware and Enlightened Trillion ares. Yes. I think that we can not get to the RV unless we get some understanding of Awareness and what we are. Once the RV is part of our daily lives, I think we can continue to work on more Empowerment again or may be look at the traditional enlightened path. We will see? Yet, anyone who does not understand this Law of Attraction way, can always find Joy and Awareness on the other side of the coin where all you have to do is dropp everything and surrender completely.

Much Love Victor



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