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Saturday, May 20, 2017

"The Soup Bowl Of Do No Harm" by Victor - 5.20.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 12:26 AM EDT on May 20, 2017


Matt asked a very good question of OWK, that applies to all of us about what it means to......" Do no Harm"...... and how that principle gets confusing for you, when there seems to be a conflict or contradiction to this principle. I re-posted The Chart On The Levels of Consciousness that helps explain this principle Of "Do No Harm". If you understand the chart it points out a basic cut of line at the "level" of 200.

What that means is that 200 and above is the energetic level of "Integrity" or the energy Level of Telling the Truth. Acting "From" Truth and doing no harm to others. This is NOT A SUBJECTIVE standard from the view point of say the person below the energy of 200, that they will vibrating in, Living in the vibration of Service to Self (STS).

So to make the line of demarcation more clear and more simple. The "No Harm Demarcation Line" is where above this line people are operating on the Service To Others (STO) path while those below that line are working on the Service To Self (STS) path. This is the demarcation point and the now minimum standard of Operation or behavior or vibration.

The confusion in this world we live in is that an experiment of where you put all kinds of vibrations in the same soup bowl, the soup gets ruined. It is just too many conflicting energies together of different vibrations. This kind of " Soup Bowl" is a rare creation in this Universe because of the problems that it provides. It is such a problem that this is now changing and we will no longer be able to interact with other such extreme energies that provided contrast before for us. So this means get all your experiences of lack and suffering now while you still can. In the future this option for contrast will be gone.

In the future you may have to go "off world" to even have the idea about child molestation or murder or violence..........etc. Normally in the Universe everyone assembles with those they resemble.....(similar vibration) So the Ubiety's of the world hang out with other like himself and the Angles hand out with those of similar vibrations. So the question of "Free Speech" never comes up unless you put rice noodles and wheat noddles and beans and spaghetti and oat meal in the same soup. Then your soup runs into the "conflict of levels".

Now Matt is correct that when you throw a below 200 or a STS vibration person in jail, it will feel like harm to them, since they will loose the ability to move or keep serving themselves on their own path. But the minimum operating standard is for the preservation of the NEW EARTH Collective- manifested by "us". Vibrated into experience by Light Workers. All of this...... is that is just getting started. It will now operate where all the Vibrations will be that of a similar close frequency. The conflict we have NOW, will be gone.

This benevolently means that it may all be like OWK said that the "far side of the sun" is where the STS people end up and This New Earth is where all of those on the STO path end up.This will be a benevolent solution to an experiment of mixing up the soup bowl that got out of control and it will now be repaired in a way to ......"Do NO Harm". So may be that is why there will be hologram sit in or place holders in order to make it easy for ALL or make amends to ALL VOLUNTEERS for their service in this experiment.

So in this arrangement of a New Earth or the "Other Earth"...... the "soup bowls" will now be of similar ingredients/vibrations in each place. Contrast and lack removed. Then the Conflict of non-harmonious frequencies will no longer be possible to be mixed together or to be experienced by us as it now is here. This is a needed rule for a very unusual situation in the Universe. It will probably only be a temporary condition for us in that the STS forces will never again be able to interfere here.

This does bring up a point that Matt picked up on on the apparent contradiction that there will ....."Appear"....to be some harm to one side, for those on the STS path. This is experienced as harm to those on the STS path and yet it is NOT in a larger context of perception beyond the level of those at STS....(below 200) What this means is that beyond the protection of the New Earth or the Earth of a higher Density,.........beyond this, ALL on the STS path did volunteer to do the "dirty job" of being "BAD". They did this for the knowing what it is like for Source to know itself in this way and in order to provide contrast for ALL of Reality/Duality. With out STS evil ways, you would not really know the angelic (STO) ways and duality would not work.

So it is my understanding of STS that from their particular view point or "theme" in life, they most certainly feel that everything that they are doing while on the STS road, is for their own greater good. They are working on "knowing" their own particular energy or going "lower". Much like and angel is working on maintain their vibration and ...."going Higher".

So each level of consciousness is always acting for their own highest good, no matter the direction. They don't work to do harm to themselves ever, no consciousness level does that. Each individuated person works for their own highest good as they understand it from their level. Yet.........since STO is a "negative" oriented path below the level of 200 or Truth or no harm. They are working for a return to Source indirectly by first knowing completely the path of doing harm and Serving themselves and not Others directly.

That is why the rule of "do no harm is in place". Yet the interesting thing about STS people is that I have heard that when they chose to incarnate on this STS path, they started out from a very higher level of development that being that they originate from a 6th Density collective experience, where they do this (volunteer) or this dark work as a Service to Others (STO) in a way, to provide the need hard contrast work. So it appears that only a very highly develop dimensional being could do such work as STS......IMO.

Now of course for them to return to their "original" density they will have to repair all the Karma in a way that they have incurred on this dark work. They will have to be healed themselves again and will go to a world where STS go to be healed and made whole in order to return to Source as One. So on the end all is a work of STO even the dark ones.....so in this context they where not ever harmed, not really. As we the recipients of their world will ultimate see that we where not harmed either by the evil work of STS.

So they STS do deserve our understanding and knowledge of the larger content of their path. That heals us on the STO path and keeps it all more Loving. Of course if you turn your back on them while they are on the STS..... "theme" ......they will turn and kill you and do it with much glee. That is why they "have too" take their THEME of STS to the extreme that they do. That is why they would rather die trying to blow us up and surrender.

You see, that is the complete commitment that they have to do evil and know the STS path. That is why pedophilia is part of their theme. They will not leave no stone unturned or no dark corner unexplored on their journey of STS. For them to advance and complete their lives they do have to go all the way in their evil ways and get taken out. That is their brand of "Faith"...... commitment, otherwise they will have failed and have to do it again.

So once levels of Consciousness appeared as an illusion of the Free Will experience, then of course their will always have to be a side that experiences harm when a standard is made. Yet that experience is like all experiences and is a subjective experience. Yet this "game" has to have to have some rules in order for contrast to seem "real".

Much Love Victor



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