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Sunday, May 14, 2017

"The Power of Words and Spelling!" by Jimbabwe - 5.14.17

Entry Submitted by Jimbabwe at 3:27 PM EDT on May 14, 2017

Words Greatly Affect People - Especially Here in Dinarland - Do Not Underestimate Them!!!

Every word you understand correctly, literally (and emphatically not figuratively!) raises your IQ!!!

Conversely, any incorrectly understood word lowers your IQ!!!

And these incorrectly understood words tend to create confusion in your subconscious mind... Enough such words and you become quite confused, but perhaps not even consciously aware of the process of confusion going on within you...

Most people seem to encounter new words through reading public sources, especially the posts here for some people, and through conversations. They tend to accept the contextual meaning they are exposed to. So, most people use the word "peruse" incorrectly in my experience. They say, incorrectly, "John perused the travel brochures, looking to idly fritter away some time before his dental appointment". Instead, correctly, they say "John, the top physics student ever to attend his university, would thoroughly peruse his notes and textbooks before writing his physics exams". [If you already understand the word "peruse", you will see that the word "thoroughly" is really redundant in the sentence; I used it deliberately to strengthen the context.]

Now that you know both the correct and incorrect meanings of the word "peruse", you will (almost) never again be confused as to what it it means in any situation. You now will be able to determine the correct meaning from the context almost 100% of the time.

The word "sick" is a very good example. Everyone knows what sick meant originally. Now however, if I say John is sick, I really don't yet have enough context to be sure of the meaning. Either he is ill or he is a great person. If I say John is sick today, it is probably contextually accurate that he is ill today... (LOL, perhaps he has just become great today >> a quite unlikely contextual meaning).

By the way, what does the word "context" mean??? In the context of this website, you could be said to be a Dinarland Denizen. In the context of your home, you could be a parent, child or grandparent as examples. It would make no sense to consider that you might be a guest >> because we said "your home" was the context.


We spell words; we are "spelling". If I ask you what a spell is, most people will correctly say that it is something used in magic, whether they understand or have knowledge or experience with such magic, or not!!! So, have you realized just now that spelling words is creatively using magic??? Magic may be used for good or bad purposes, to lead or mislead people (but not usually both by the same person, "I assume").

First, what prompted me to write this post today???

I was reading a superb post:

As I neared the end, I read the text (just following), which I figuratively "tripped" over (not in the drug sense, lol): "It has awakened dormant star and galactic DNA and expanded my understanding of life and what it is to be human, exacerbating my love for humanity and Creator Source." [Technically, the word "exacerbating" is a gerund of "exacerbate", meaning a noun form of the verb "exacerbate".] To "exacerbate" means "make (a problem, bad situation, or negative feeling) worse". Clearly, the author meant something like "better" not worse.

Online, I searched for antonyms of "exacerbate" >> "better" was not one of them, lol!!! For a good set of antonyms, go here:


Moral of the post: since you are really "casting creative spells" here when you write a post here, you want to be very precise and cast spells correctly!!! If not, you might just turn our mythical friend John into a frog by accident!! What a waste of your time and his life!!!


Most of you understand the difference between fiat and asset-backed money. The Cabal used their knowledge of real magic long ago to imbue the word "money" with some very negative qualities. For those who have been seeking prosperity, you may have been derailed by this. It is a side aspect to the comments made already by many that money will shortly cease to exist. It would be nice to keep the word, only in an improved and non-negative form!

Yes, magic exists and is real; both good and bad forms, white and black forms of magic exist. If you believe magic does not exist, does not work, this does not make your belief true! Not believing in magic (or anything for that matter) does not stop it from being used on you. There was probably a time when electricity was "magic" for you. After all, you can't normally see it; you may see the effects it can create (eg the "Tesla coils"). Several times I have felt its effects when I put my fingers in the wrong place, lol!!! But I have never seen it!!!

Just be aware, beware, especially do not go into fear over talk of magic existing. My purpose is positive, to teach things I know from personal experience, including magic.

Please, a couple of "pleases": don't write loose when you mean lose, or vice versa; "asset backed" is not the same as "asset-backed". Do not assume things if possible. When I saw the word "gund" here yesterday, I checked the keyboard and verified that the "f" and "g" keys are right beside each other, so they probably meant "fund". You can figure it all out. I have honestly never seen so many intelligent people (based on their posts) as the set of folks here. Mixed in of course with a few people who seem determined to remain "dodos" (note, that bird is now extinct)...

Choose your words carefully; do your best to always speak well of people; if that seems impossible to you, then don't use any breath on them at all (don't waste your breath!).

In love with you all,

Jimbabwe [a.k.a. One Who Loves!]

Finally, since I love humour so much, a frog joke:

A man walked into a doctor's office, with a frog growing out of his forehead. The doctor was aghast. He said: "That is impossible genetically, how did that happen? Impossible, impossible, impossible!"

The frog answered: "Don't rightly know, it started as a wart on my ass!"


A question arises: "Should he have gone to a veterinarian instead?" OR also: "Who is really in control here?"

PS - I also love "-nyms": pseudonyms, antonyms, homonyms, synonyms. Which is better, a stegosaurus or a thesaurus? If you can teach the stegosaurus to read, my vote goes to it...



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