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"Re: dgt on Tolec Deep Disclosure Segment 4" by Restive Sage - 4.21.18

Entry Submitted by Restive Sage at 5:01 PM EDT on April 21, 2018 "Re: Tolec Deep Disclosure Segment 4" by dgt - 4.21.18 Thank ...

Friday, May 19, 2017

"The Hardest Person in the Room to Convince is you" by Victor - 5.19.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 8:51 AM EDT on May 19, 2017

The hardest person In the room to convince is you and YOU are the only one that matters. You are the only one who has to believe your story, because if you do not believe your story, Your RV does not manifest for you. This is the hardest thing to believe that it is true and that this is how the Universe works.

Many still believe as Ubiety believes. He believes that the problem is outside of himself. Yes he does. He projects it with rationality,logic and complete misunderstanding of how creation works an old misdirection of understanding. Every time he seeks for proof of OWK, or he points our how Yosef got it wrong again and how every Intel provider has been wrong so far. When he does that, he reinforces and re-creates the belief that ........"He is not convinced".

He really believes that....."He does not create"..........So if HE does not create his own experience, it means that he has no power. When you have no power, you are the victim always of the world you see. So he sees a world where it all logically puts him in the hardest person to convince room. He can make lists upon list of how it all makes sense and how his position of "pride" in not being convinced it completely true. He can prove how he is right. The greatest joke and the funniest part is that is ....."is True "......for him. He is right because he say so. He created it so himself, because he says he is not convinced. God did not force those views on him. He is in a self made prison.

He seeks proof first, when he should "convince" himself first and then find the proof manifesting after the..... "baptism" of Faith......Ahhh........but he can not go there, because he is not convinced in the Law of Attraction and all that Jazz........ so he makes no music.

So Ubiety is 100% right for himself, but 100 % wrong for everyone else. Unless of course there are other lost, other smart, other loving little sheep in the pasture who also believe in the same "no power" story. Who also have the same "disease" of no power now and ....."Don't Believe"..... that they are the creators of their experience of the RV. So these ......"perceived others".....in your room, will also stand up in their unified acts of "perceived" loving kindness as they see it and also Bleep for ......."their rights"........and bleep out....... how the outside world not within in their own creation, is making poor old Ubiety a victim, once more!

This dis-harmony show escaletes now to the topic of how OWK does not know how the Universe works and how he has now become the oppressor of little lost lambs who have lost their way. Boy!!!........ how OWK has changed!...... and have you seen how other new up and coming Victors in the pasture are also starting to loose their light and become infected with the non love light of the suppression of speech............Baahhhh.......Therefore, OWK or any another new oppressors of the day, is no longer worthy and trusted Sheepherder who used to guide our mud covered little fat wiggling chops........ Ohhh ........OWK was once so trusted.......can they really save our mutton now ? and take the flock to the golden land of the RV.?.....Ohhh my......Baaaahhhh.......Baahhhh........Baahhh.......the bleeping rings out over the heather as the disease of low vibration spreads over the land of OZ that is fighting to be healed.

That is why only one person has to be convinced that the RV is real and that is YOU. It is always about YOU. We really do not know if anyone else is actually "real" in the movie that we see. They are really like stick figures and stick cows created by a dis-empowered sheep who has lost its way.

So that is why it is important to cull out the infected sheep and let them heal away from the healthy flock, lest the disease of ........"non belief".....for those of little faith already becomes an epidemic of ramp....... "delays"...... once again. Another failed manifestation. ......yeah......remember a week ago who held this up? Yeeh of little faith can not see that the only victim in the room is themselves.Yes, the "cause" of the delay.

The great...... "Ubiety" ......syndrome within everyone is the last dying gasps of a 3rd Density as it fights for air in the atmosphere that is getting thin as the new world is created and transitioned too. Those not convinced will not be able to breath or manifest for themselves the "hollow earth" or the RV or any higher dimensions or miracle other than the matrix. If their own Free Will does not let them choose and accept something ......."wonderful"...... for themselves that is it.

Something wonderful is being born as the huge monolithic black slabs come out of the old world and explode like in the movie "2010 a space Odyssey. " You see........we have been slowly told the reality of where we live for may years as in that series of movies. If you have been able to "see" the clues of soft disclosure all along on your journey of life. You see, for me for example. Little or big miracles have been manifesting to allow me to see and experience a real RV for me. I did not plan the Miracles or look for them first in order to convince myself that the RV is real.

I got the order of how you create right. I convinced the only person in the room that mattered first. I convinced me that the RV was real first. So when I looked out and saw failed predictions and more delays, I knew it was all a test to see if I really believed? If I really had the Faith to know that I created it ALL for myself first. I did not do it order reversed, by looking outside first and then saying I had no power and projected that the ....."sheepherder".....was lost. If I talked like that, I would have been talking with the disease of a mind infected with no power of creation still. Could such a dis-empowered mind handle trillions?

Now the Miracles are starting to drop into place and I notice that those confirmatory clues are a change in the scenery of my creation. I can see that my stick figures are different in comparison to what others are drawing on their canvas of Life each day. I now know, that I am amazingly powerful and a creator of complete worlds. I am the light that I seek. I just have to stay convinced as I create in my "room" in my Universe of perception. I am not going to stumble because of the Ubiety syndrome.

So it really is for each and everyone of us. It is all an individual journey of empowerment of complete creation. My life experience in no way really effects your creation, meaning that you are not in my world, not really, and I am not really in yours unless you choose. There are enough time lines and Infinite energy for you to create any form of the RV experience for yourself. Now if our vibrations are similar enough we will have a collective experience where it all makes sense and we can sip a cold one in celebrating upon the completion that is.

That is why the Ubiety frame of mind is only ever an "option"....just other of the infinite choices. To manifestors who are still weak, such disempowerment, it may be enough to kill off a whole heard of sheep, that power of....."LACK". That power of lack does not really exist. Yet when you are hooked up to the matrix and your mind.........."believes".........that is it real (gives meaning), then it is so. Your nose will bleed when you get hit with an imaginary blow, since you are convinced that is is ......"REAL"......and so it is when it is not. That is the Ubiety "lack of belief" syndrome. That is why YOU are the hardest person in the room to convince. You are the only person in the room.........really. Your the only one that matters.

Much Love Victor



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