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Monday, May 8, 2017

"The Government of His Love" by AJ - 5.8.17

Entry Submitted by AJ at 6:37 PM EDT on May 8, 2017

Greetings beloved ones of Dinarland, and a special thank you to Patrick for your efforts in giving everyone here a forum to share.

I want to begin by saying I have never posted to this website and honestly felt that before I ever did share any of my thoughts , I should over time read the intel and commentary of others first and take the time to listen to their hearts.

I have literally done this for many months now; knowing instinctively that those who have waited and walked out this journey should be honored for their (mostly) patient demeanor and again I felt the best way to show honor would be to first simply listen to your hearts.

I did this up front in the hopes that in all humility you would extend the same consideration to me by reading and honestly considering what is written here.

It is my hope that what is written here will increase faith among those here in the family or if you will raise our level of expectation.

As I have watched and prayed over many years... I do believe the Lord has made me a watchman whose purpose is to discern the times we are in. I have often spoken with others concerning what I was shown in God's Word, and trust me, everything that is happening now is in His Word... the GCR, the manifestation of the Republic, the Economic/Geo-political construct of the Cabal... even the benevolent intent of the Elders behind this massive overturning of the money-changers tables!

Yep! all in the Bible...

Now before I am shut off by some as being "religious" let me say that there are few things in life that I hate, and one that is near or at the top of my list is religion.

Without getting in to the gory details let me just say this: My older brother died almost 20 years ago because of how religion stripped him of his dignity and pathway back to God.

My oldest daughter was almost killed by this same spirit of religion as well.

So I have good reason to hate religion and honestly while there are wonderful people of ALL faiths it is because of manmade doctrine and dogma that the children of God are cut off from genuine relationship with their Father in heaven.

Come to think of it; it was this same religious spirit that crucified Christ... and today commits unspeakable crimes against humanity.

Yet it is because of the mercy and love of God that I am motivated to serve Jesus. Something about His extravagant love towards all of us that keeps me walking in the light or if you will... on a path of ascension that the Scriptures call going from glory to glory...

Just an FYI for perspective... I began working in the ministry with the homeless almost 30 years ago... but rather than digressing into that realm, I prefer the posture of Paul who (paraphrasing) wrote; I count all of the recognition of men as dung... that I might win Christ and be found in Him...

Yet in this genuine personal quest to walk in God's love towards others I find the quest of others contributing to my journey. Great souls like Mahatma Gandhi who noted such hypocrisy in the religious institutions of men. He uttered words of wisdom that spoke not only of the Source of life but also the barriers to finding this unfailing love of God... If memory serves me it was Gandhi said "If not for Christians, I would be one..." Right on!

There is this place of unfailing love that many of God's children of all walks of life move in and true Christians walking in this place are not religious and tend to operate from this plain of existence.

A short (perhaps) semi-related story: in my early 20's I worked with some wonderful young Iranian nationals. I felt so bad for them as this was in the middle of what was called the "Iranian Hostage Crisis" here in the U.S. Yet in these brothers I saw such a bond of love, kindness and honor for one another and for others. I felt very much part of them and was honored to be counted as a friend.

Again speaking as a non religious child of the King, I want to share the following scripture in an attempt to bridge what perhaps is lacking in MY heart in relation to those who seem to have focused on the 3D to 5D transition... or ascension. Maybe you will find this intriguing...

“Thus says the LORD, your Redeemer, The Holy One of Israel: “I am the LORD your God, Who teaches you to PROFIT Who leads you by the way you should go.”
Isaiah‬ ‭48:17‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

The word PROFIT means - "properly, to ASCEND; figuratively, to be VALUABLE"

Now I only want to say as respectfully as possible that the Lord of Glory placed His redemptive value on each and every one of us as "God so LOVED the world... that He GAVE..."

In fact when Jesus gave His "New Commandment" to love one another as He loved us... Even this command beckoned for an ascension of the Spirit as they had no idea of the capacity to love that He was speaking of until the next day when He laid down His life for His friends. It wasn't until after His sacrifice on the Cross of Calvary that the progressive nature of this kind of love openly displayed began to overtake the hearts of those who followed The Lord of Glory.

IMHO, much of what I read related to believing, and transcending our reality to a higher plane of existence is perhaps seen in the heart of a fellow light worker, but often the essence of those thoughts are found in the Scriptures...

In this what I am trying to say is that when people dismiss the True Authorship of the Bible as being from God, typically they point to the application of Scriptures by those operating out of a 3D religious mindset.

The Scriptures themselves exist in a much higher realm and if one looks at them with a higher understanding that has not been wounded by religion, this truth will become evident.

Let me share an example from our current final hours before redemptions begin: "And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.” Matthew‬ ‭21:22‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Please know though, I'm not trying to be dogmatic in sharing what the Lord did nor in what He said but when He spoke the words "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

RELIGION wants us all to focus on the exclusivity of Christ and while this truth clearly has merit, what I believe the Lord was emphasizing was ACCESS to Our Heavenly Father as the traditions of a dying religion were choking off access to His Presence...

Even when Jesus overturned the money changer's tables His anger was rooted in the fact that this place of commerce where the love of money ruled was set up in the court of the Gentiles... denying access to everyone except the religiously pious Jews. This thought is revealed in His own words... "“Then He taught, saying to them, “Is it not written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer for ALL NATIONS’? But you have made it a ‘den of thieves.’ ”

In examining these matters, I have felt for a long time that Jesus did not come to fix some broken religion or start a new one, but He came to literally open up ACCESS to our Heavenly Father to all who would receive His gracious gift.

Receiving His gift has nothing to do with religious works AT ALL... but picture if you will for a moment a young man on a South Pacific Island who every morning wakes up and fishes for his family and perhaps the elderly in the village. He then spends time each day teaching his children how to live with a good conscious towards God (whom He knows as he beholds the stars at night)... and also with a good conscious towards others as he humbly serves them from his heart.

RELIGION... the Christian dogma of my upbringing would condemn this fisherman because He never was introduced to and received Jesus as his Lord... and yet the Cross of Christ made ACCESS and a way of ascension for this hypothetical young clean hearted fisherman.

A couple of personal access experiences... I remember one time I saw the Lord of Glory and the robe of His glory encompassed every star in the universe. I was undone as I saw that His LOVE fills all of creation... every dimension. ACCESS... Jesus IS the way...

Another time in a vision I was taken into a future time where I met and talked with Jesus and when He reached out and embraced me... at that precise moment... the only thing that existed in the entire universe was this overwhelming LOVE... the kind that never fails and never leaves you or forsakes you.

Now I fully realize that there are many who believe access to other realms or to our Creator does not require the finished work of Christ... please know I'm only sharing my heart about why I have confidence towards God, and only time will tell for those of varying persuasions whether the gate of ACCESS is wide or narrow.

What I do know is this universal truth pierces many parallel realities... Love... The LOVE of God... never fails and love that lays down one's life for another IS the narrow path that leads to life.

So if I may speak plainly here if you don't have the capacity to love and lay down your life for others, you might want to tone down the criticism. Judging others can be a dangerous place to spiritually operate from.

While I am on this... some complain about all the waiting YOU have done over the last few years... I am sorry, but you might want to check your attitude and altitude before your exchange and before you order a meal at the finest restaurant in town only to destroy the waitress because she brought the wrong salad dressing. Please I beg of you... don't become the arrogance you are called to replace...

God is calling us to "come up here" or to ascend into His purposes... and to bring as many as we can onto this path.

Now before I go any further I want to thank so many people for their thoughts, and the effort they have taken to share. But mostly I want to tip my hat to the two that seem to bear most of the burden for sharing as much intel as they can in real time and being wrong about the "when" 100% of the time. So hats off to Yosef and OWK with a warm greeting to Tank, Dr. WC, Heisenberg and others...

And there ARE so many more beautiful spirits... so please forgive for not mentioning all as I know your words and names are inscribed in heavenly realms as you are each carrying a precious deposit of Abba in the essence of your being.

Yet I want to take a moment and speak of Yosef especially... and to be honest I would have bought into the negativity that some write about concerning him but awhile back I listened to a Real Truth Call he was on that was suppose to be finished by midnight... Yosef just couldn't shut up... (a good thing)... going to almost 1:30 and it was NOT arrogance, but passion to share his heart in service to others so that they might be prepared! Kind of reminded me of myself as I can teach for hours at the drop of a hat with no notes or preparation...

Moving on and for hopes sake and for the purpose of not checking ones brain at the door let me say that I have personal friends and business/ministry partners whom I will not betray their confidences... but it is clear to me that the intel Yosef and OWK have shared often mirrors what I am hearing privately from friends who have no agenda

Another way of saying this is to measure evidence the way that Simon Greenleaf did as a co-founder of Harvard U. His "rules of evidence" still serve as a standard for what is considered admissible evidence in a court of law.

Using my own example to explain his logic sequence: basically he stated that if one witness sees a tree with blossoms and another sees the same tree with leaves and another yet again sees the same tree with little green apples hanging on it, the preponderance of the evidence is that there is a tree in the yard and in all likelihood it is an apple tree and yet each witness saw the same tree from a different perspective, sharing different details absent of any collusion that would expose a manufactured lie.

What we see in these differing perspectives and in the reams of evidence presented over the years is that the GCR is real, the Republic is real, and Nesara/Gesara is real as well.

As we move forward into new realities... as we ascend we must understand that truth cannot exist segregated from love and love has no compass without truth.

Such truth can be seen through Jesus' rebuke of the religious leaders of His day when He admonished that they had neglected the weightier matters of the Law, Justice, Mercy, and Faith... encouraging us through the echo of this to walk humbly with our Creator.

As we leave behind the arrogance of our past we must recognize our sacred duty and carry forth our God given original mandate as we move forward in our Father's original intent... that we would walk in His unfailing love.

Finally I wanted to just simply express my very deep gratitude to the Elders who are shepherding this paradigm shift. You are not only fulfilling your benevolent destiny as revealed in Scripture but you are moving in the Divine precision and timing of God.

Last week as my wife and I were praying with a dear Chinese sister, she shared that a Chinese pastor was speaking of the destiny of the Chinese people and the Heavenly Purpose of China to serve the nations of the world to help them find their true destiny.

What an amazing honor for all of us to watch what is in the heart of God unfold in the wisdom found in Grandfather and those Elders serving with him.

Thanks for reading everyone and may the Lord bless and keep each one of you!

In His care...



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