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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 5-23-17

Thank you PinkRoses for sending your notes. ~ Dinar Chronicles



Bruce: Welcome Everyone to the Big Call tonight. I told you on Thursday I didn’t expect to be here and I didn’t because of the information we were getting that was so positive. We have more information today even though the Intel has been very light. When things get very quiet and blog pages have not much on them, and they don’t have updates that is a good sign. It means things are coming to an end.

Bruce: Where are we with respect to Iraq right now? What we were looking for last time on Thursday for this basically to come to an end. Iraq was looking good. We had confirmation and a news report on FOX yesterday that the war over in Mosul was over. That was telling us the liberation of Mosul was at hand. This is something that has been a long fight, something that has not reported on our news and yet the sources we have are much closer to the action to tell us in fact it has been 3 weeks that Mosul had been liberated, but did not make the news until yesterday.

Bruce: What is interesting what is happening over there is we have permits for parade use going out to 14,000 or more people that want permits for their cars to be in parades. They started issuing permits a couple days ago because so many wanted to be part of the parade. It is not just one parade, but one in every providence. It is to be a nationwide celebration. They wanted to start the parades but they stopped them because they were not quite ready for that start. We understand they are supposed to start tomorrow and go thru for about a week of parades of celebrations that are tied into the EID and another one that dove tails into Ramadan.

Bruce: In addition, we have over 4,000 permits for firework displays. This is a big deal. They most likely are getting the fireworks from China. So you have parades, celebrations, cars and trucks being decorated, and 14,000 permits so far issued to be part of the parades. This is going to be the biggest celebration they ever have had in Iraq.

Bruce: Regarding the ATM machines. The lower denoms are out now through the ATM machines. It was in 13 of the 16 Providences up until yesterday at 10am our time. Then we found out the remaining 3 Providences caught up and became also 100% available for these lower denoms. They are calling the lower denoms lower notes in Iraq. What is significant about that? Why does that matter? Would a lower denom a value of the bill, or lower notes, would they have value with the dinar with the rate it has been at for so long since when it was 4000 dinars to one dollar which now it is about 1168? These lower denoms wouldn’t have any value if the dinar hadn’t change its value already. You wouldn’t need lower notes if the dinar didn’t have a true value.

Bruce: Now the other thing in addition to that is you remember the term “fils”? In Iraq these fils are 1/1000th of a dinar. Multiple fils creates a coin of value like we have a quarter, dime, that represents a portion of our dollar. These coins represent a portion of the dinar. Why does that matter? Why have coins if the dinar itself isn’t large enough to divide? Let’s say pick a number 8. Let’s say the dinar is worth $8 USD. If it was worth $8 and you buy something that is worth $2 USD, it would be worth ¼ of a dinar because the dinar is worth 8 and ours is worth 1. The point is that you have a currency that needed to be divided into lower parts like these fils. Those are out. Are these coming out of the ATMS? NO. They will be available in the banks. The lower denoms will be available in the banks and the ATMS.

Bruce: I remember years ago we knew that when we would see the lower notes, we are there. We are there. They are using the lower notes in-country, and using the smart QI cards in which they have a value where everyone is paid with a standard rate. They get paid on these cards. They are international and used by Iraqi people in other countries. It is a relationship thru Master Card, Chase Bank and Rafidain Bank. I am very excited about the lower notes, the fils, and the Iraqi celebrations.

Bruce: The only thing yesterday there was supposed to be a meeting of the UN Security Council at 3pm EST. Some things came out of that meeting. Usually they have 14 items of agenda. They discussed that beforehand. By the time they have the meeting, they have straight up and down votes on everything that had been brought up knocking out the meeting in 2 to 3 hours. Was there thing discussed relative to security in Iraq? Liberation of Mosul? I didn’t get specific information what was in that meeting except a couple of points, but they were unrelated to Iraq. I don’t have that information about that meeting relative to Iraq.

Bruce: Iraq is basically in my opinion is ready, set up for the cerebrations, set up to do this parade for 6 to 7 days in a row, and have fireworks. It is about to go, about to happen.

We have heard it is the goal of those we talked to in Iraq to have this revalue of the dinar out in public and for us before Ramadan starts. The start would be on Friday. You guys know Friday is their holy day andSaturday is also. We should have this prior to that start which is on Friday. Today is Tuesday.

Bruce: Do we know when this is going down for us? Not exactly. No, but I will tell you where we are with the other information so you could sort of calculate where we might be. The groups are divided into tiers or levels. We have 4 levels of groups.

Tier 1: Sovereign Nations
Tier 2: The elders and number of other VIP individuals
Tier 3: Made up of primarily of subgroups and private groups, and humanitarian funding sources

Bruce: We were tracking Tier 3 for days, and we had the impression Tier 3 would wrap up couple days ago. They were and they are complete. The Tier 3 being completed doesn’t mean everyone has their money yet. They have done their exchange or additional exchanges. Most of these people have some money from their exchanges, and the balances would come when everyone gets to start like us.

Bruce: We are tier 4. We are next. Once we get notified and get started with our appointments around that time or close to that time that is when everyone from the past will be fully liquid and be hydrated. Why does this take so long? Are we in a delay? I do not see it as a delay. With everything coming out what we are seeing and some additional information we didn’t know about. 

Bruce: That is for example the audits. Every time there is a pause of 12 or more hours between the groups, there is a pause to audit everything to make sure everything was done properly and set up properly. Those audits have been happening routinely between these tiers. The other thing is we found out this. Tier 1 Banks are like Wells Fargo, HSBC, Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, and other larger Tier 1 banks. Then we have Tier 2 banks. There are 104 in the United States branded names of Tier 2 banks. These are like SunTrust, Regions Bank, 5th Third bank, Bank First, etc. There are a number of regional banks that are Tier 2. HSBC wanted to make sure the Tier 2 banks could participate in this redemption process, and they allowed a way for that to happen. So Tier 2 Banks will be able to be part of this.

Bruce: Before that could happen the Tier 2 banks had to be audited. They had to make sure the Tier 2 banks had the liquidity or will have the liquidity to handle these exchanges. They have to have enough money for these exchanges to take place. That is why we say money is moving, Huge mega tranches have been distributed about, spread out everywhere all over the world. That takes awhile to get that all done.

Bruce: Now those Tier 2 audits have been completed pretty close to 10am yesterday. Now Tier 2 banks are ready, Redemption Centers are ready, and we are ready. Now I know I could bring some more information. Today the ZIM and Dinar were flashing on the screen. That means they continue to move these currencies and trade these currencies and getting in position to get them settle in and solidify very shortly.

Bruce: The other thing is we know that everything is as far as going out west is basically complete now. That is a good thing. That is positive for us. We know the elders have begun to have access to their accounts. We think that is a two part process, and we look for that to continue. Then I believe we will have what we are looking for. The USN will be completely made liquid and available, and we will be able to stat as Tier 4.

Bruce: Yes I have been selected to bring out the 800 number. I am honored by that by HSBC and AIIB. That particular number is in safe hands and will make its way to me. I will put it out in the way I am entrusted to do that and instructed to do that. I am excited for all of us to get started. I believe when that occurs and we have that toll free number to put out, the rest of these groups , Tier 2 and 3 and then Tier 4 we should be setting our appointments , beginning of our exchanges about the same time that Tier 2 and 3 are made liquid, hydrated, and have access to their full funds. That would be a true shot start. That is the desire of the elders to it work that way

Bruce: One other little thing is we understand yes several days ago certain parts of the world began their exchanges, back door exchanges going on in some of the banks where they know the people that purchased currency and they let them come in to exchange. However, if you got called by a bank like that and you did your exchange you wouldn’t have access to be able to the private negotiable rates. That is one benefit in being in Tier 4. We have the right to negotiate these private negotiable rates. We may be last, but in a real sense we are first because we will have access to these private negotiable rates. It is a sort of hidden benefit to be last if you will as Tier 4.

Bruce: I am excited that we are the Chosen Ones or Cos as some of the Redemption Centers staff refer to us. We have been chosen for a purpose. We have a purpose and we have been chosen for that purpose for this time. We are in the process right now. It is moving thru. Yes it is going a lot slower than we thought through the various tiers, but we know now why it needed to go like this with 12 hour or 24 hour pauses between tiers, and the audits been taking place of the tiers and of these banks. It is all coming together. There is a reason for it all. At least now the picture is coming a little bit more clearer for us.

Bruce: I appreciate all continue being patient. Stay with Plan A until Plan B comes with our blessing. It is wise if we can keep everything going in the mean time and look at this coming very close and be prepared for it. Hang in there. Stay in faith for the proximity for this to come through. I want to thank everyone for coming in every Tuesday and Thursday for the Big Call. Bruce: Our plan is to take 3 to 4 weeks to set up a new website and pod cast. Check back to our website: thebigcall.net to see our plans and to stay in touch with us. We want to do a major plan with Rebuild America, Veteran Retreat Network, etc. We will get more in depth on that. Everyone get squared away. Take a little break if you need it and we will be in touch with you how we are going to proceed.

Bruce: We all feel the pain you are feeling of those of you in Great Britain and around the world of what happened in Manchester. It was horrible. Security has increased all over the world where terrorism is still active. Our President is very pro active to try to eliminate that threat and reduce that type of terrorist activity.

Bruce: All look forward to great news shortly and be highly expectant. Thank you all in Big Call Universe for staying with us. Good Night All.



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