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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 5-16-17

Thank you PinkRoses for sending your notes. ~ Dinar Chronicles



Bruce: Welcome all to the Big Call. What is interesting tonight is we were hearing things this afternoon and thought we would not even have a call tonight, but here we are tonight. We have listeners all over the globe as in South Africa, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Far East, Middle East, Europe, England, Canada, South and Central America. I am pleased where we are right now. If I were to say this supposed to have happened 6 to 8 years ago and here we are 2017. This is the appointed time. We are known as the chosen ones even by those in the Redemption Centers. We have been called for this to find the need, meet the need, and change the nation starting with our own than all over the world.

Bruce: This time is an interesting time. Realistically there are different phases or Tiers such as Tiers 1, 2, 3, and 4. Those in the internet group are in Tier 4. I call John Q Public Tier 5. There is not really a Tier 5 but I refer to the John Q Public as Tier 5 who will go after we go. It is just what I call them. Tier 4 group is about 5 million people separate from those who may have been gifted in the past and they just put it away on the bulletin board or in a sock drawer. That group of people will go after we get started. We understand there will be a break in the action after we complete our transactions at the Redemption Centers.

Bruce: Where we are and where we hope to be in matter of hours and days? Let us visit Iraq.
There was an announcement Sunday morning after Morning Prayer. I believe that is when it occurred. I missed the exact timing. It could have been as early as Saturday, but I believe it was Sunday. What happened was Prime Minister Abadi made an announcement welcoming countries around the world to come to Iraq to begin to do business. Iraq is open for business. A simple announcement, but one that carries weight because he couldn’t make that announcement if they were not ready to do business with a rate, with a new currency in the sense of the lower denominations of the dinar, and with a full engaged banking system, financial system that works all over the country even in Mosul.

Bruce: They have been working through steady the last week in putting in new electric cable in places, fiber optics, and satellite link up. Good testing over 24 hours ago that was proving very sound, good results ready to go. They have been preparing for celebrations. Even tonight I heard people are even beginning to decorate their cars. I believe they are expecting visitors shortly not only for investments, but for international dignitaries coming to congratulate. Too, much going on in liberation of Mosul, and there has been additional cleanup here and there. They are ready for business, ready to begin to being international again. They do have a decent rate on the dinar.

Bruce: We are not doing rates and dates. The rates are happening and they are trading these currencies and the rates are going up. We are going to be very pleased even what we will see on the screens of the so called bank rates or screen rates. You should be very happy with those rates. The ZIM is ridiculous on the face of it. The NON-NDA rates are very strong. Whether you need to negotiate is up to you or if you want to is up to you.

If you want to do more or be part of Rebuild America, you will need more. There is nothing to limit you basically almost unlimited what you can do and ask for to help Rebuild America.

Bruce: We will .start here and go to other countries if we are welcome. We are not going to knock any doors down, but if we are welcome in other countries and if we can do it without too much red tape and where too many people will try to have their hands out for pay offs. We are not going to do that. We are not in the pay off business, but we are in the business to help people. It is like when Samaritans first go into Haiti or some of these other countries where there were disasters like in Haiti, they are there to help. They make a difference. They make a difference in terms of housing, food, education, all of these things they are involve in. We want to do the same thing. We want to make a difference and be involve in what the country needs just like we are going to be involve in what a town, city needs in our own country with Rebuild America. I am looking for still 5000 of you on the Big Call to want to be part of that because you can see that is something that is long lasting and will create a legacy for my family.

Bruce: Today this morning I was hearing discussion about rebuilding of infrastructure. This is important to the infrastructure in many areas. They are going to offer 8 different areas of infrastructure bonds to handle these various areas like bridges, roads, railways, meglove, schools, and so many different things of infrastructure. I believe I heard a representative, the President, that said today before we build anything new we are going to fix what is broken. Bring everything back up and then we will rebuild some new stuff. 

Bruce: That is where we will Rebuild America I think it will be awesome and we will be part of it. I think the bonds that we should have access to is exactly what we are looking for with infrastructure. The funny thing is when I hear the number of one trillion dollars in infrastructure spending coming from private partnership, we are the private partnership, and it is not going to be a whole lot of what it is we are looking at from our exchanges. It is just not a big number anymore. We use to think a trillion is a lot. It is a lot of money and buys a lot, but based on the value of these currencies especially the ZIM is just not a lot. We can do more than that. They know that as we know that.

Bruce: I am excited because Iraq is ready, basically done. Iraq is ready to go, they made an announcement that could serve as the announcement we were looking for. When we go to the rest of the world where is evidence of this? What are we seeing that is telling us the GCR has been released? Funds have been released. How many tranches of funds have taken place the lasts 3 to 4 months? The numbers are amazing. Some are in the duodecillions (39 zeros), and other huge numbers of money spread all over the world to various countries to take care of their exchanges and bond transactions. The prep work is basically done. There may be infusion of capital to take care of the public when they come in. I think tranches will continue to come in as capital is required. I am feeling good what is out there and being handled.

Bruce: Tier 1 and Tier 2 are complete. Tier 3 started actually transactions Sunday morning 10:30 am EST went to the point of a high percent of it complete last night but have additional Tier 3 to work on today. Tier 3 should be complete later on tonight. What is the timing of Tier 3 and 4? My understanding is there is no real break in the action. No pause between those two tiers. When Tier 3 completes, Tier 4 is suppose to start. That could mean we are on the cusp of receiving the notification. I can’t give the time on it because I don’t know that or the day. I have been alerted to be prepared to receive the toll free number. Today I was alerted to be prepared. I was asked was my phone still valid, did I have it turned on. Of course it is and it is charged and ready to go. I am ready when they are.

Bruce: Does that make a difference on anything so far? Yes. Are we in a new window? I would say so. I would say how many times we have heard this is the week? Oh boy. We have heard that for several weeks now. Where it did seem valid and look valid with everything we had, we went through that week without it. It has been the week for the tiers in the groups that are part of Tier 3. But I will say this, in most cases there is a partial amount of liquidity available with some of these recent exchanges. The high vast majority are in a pending status in the bank. That means they can’t have access to it yet. A lot of them have been told when they will have access that could be a day, two or three days away depending on who you were, when you transacted, and so on. We are sort of in that place right now where a lot of these accounts are pending or frozen or we see them but not touch those accounts. I believe they will change over probably about the time that the toll free number is released to me. That is a guess on my part. I am thinking that is part of our shot gun start. So pretty much receive their hydration of funds approximately the same time.

Bruce: If we get the toll free number and get it out to Big Call site, and couple of other places, that is it. It is all over. That is what you and I want. That is right now about what we are waiting for. There is not much else except that notification. I am honored to be selected to be connected with the toll free number and I will put it out in the proper way that it has been instructed to do so as long as I need to do it and then we will take it from there.

Bruce: Additional Intel that is relative to us other than what I have said is the only thing I can say is things have been completed out west of what we have been waiting for. Things have been completed and it is good to know that is the case. We are hearing it from every angle. I have to tell you this is what has happened already of what we are waiting for we did get confirmation that everything is moving along and preceding along according to plan. Even though there was a slight glitch we will call it even as recent as last night, they did correct everything and put it back on track and it is moving along nicely.

Bruce: Some of these groups seem to take longer than we thought. We believed the people waiting to be paid and to have access to their funds are hearing good information that they should receive that possibly before the day is over depending on where they are located.

Bruce: I do not have the high energy I should have because I am just chilling and waiting to get started. I am very excited and things are moving along nicely. Now that we have the Tier 3 started over 2 days ago and they should be complete late tonight, it is almost game over. I feel good about that to let you know you are in a great place. We can’t force it. It doesn’t help to do that. I am basically chilled looking forward to proceed with that call and at that point we are just walking into a new paradigm, a new place.

Bruce: They have already started exchanging in Australia, New Zealand, parts of the South East Asia, parts of the Middle East, Europe and even in London. Now I just think it is working its way over I think. It may be moving east to west.

Bruce: I like getting little nuggets of Intel from my sources. I just kind of work around, think about it, how does it fit in with the total picture, is it a new piece of the puzzle? A lot of stuff has been put out there recently is just not valid. It is just not true. You have to be so careful what is out there and where you read it and really discern what really makes sense. I know a lot of you guys read a lot of different things, and maybe you listen to a lot of other calls, I don’t know, but I hope you come back to the Big Call for what we have because the Intel we get primarily comes for 3 to 4 sources. It is pretty consistent information for years now, and I feel it is accurate, and most of what I say has happened or will happen.

Bruce: The timing is everything that is what we are waiting for, the actual release timing. We are moving through the system of the GCR. The USNs are about to be made live and given value. When a couple of transactions take place that should have occurred. In a way we had the officer of the Treasury sign off on everything I believe on Sunday at 4:00 EST. That is a major thing. A lot of the stuff has been we have one more signature here, etc., always something that seemed to be needed. I do not think we are in that position now. What we are hearing is all is completed even out west. 
Bruce: Thank all for coming into the Big Call. I am excited about the timing where we are right now. We are in good shape. Everyone should keep plan going until plan B comes and transfers you to a whole new you. I am excited about Rebuild America, our Veterans Work, and ministries. I know we will be super excited to change this world one person, one city at a time.

Bruce: I want to thank everybody for being patient in the Redemption Centers that are on highest alerts and are ready for us. Check the Big Call website: thebigcall.net from time to time to see if the toll free number is there. I will put it out on several other sites online also. Thank you all for listening to the Big Call and being part of Big Call University. We will take a break but we are not going away. Check the website for any updates. We should have the celebration call hopefully before the regular call on Thursday night. .All hang in there and thank you all for coming in. God bless you all.



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