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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 5-9-17

Thank you PinkRoses for sending your notes. ~ Dinar Chronicles



Bruce: Good evening everyone. Welcome to the Big Call. Thank you all for coming in to the call faithfully. I appreciate the faithfulness of listening to the Big Call. The audience for the Big Call has expanded the last several months. We are more international then we have ever been. We do have people listening all over the world. I want to welcome people from Far East Asia, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Central America, France, South Africa, Scandinavia, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Italy, Canada, etc. We are at a crossroads right now. I didn’t think I would expect to do the call tonight. I expected to do a celebration call tonight. Our plan is to have a short celebration call that we put on the website as a link at:thebigcall.net. Also we would put the 800 number or toll free number so everyone can call and use it for their exchange if it is in the rules to do that. I have been told I will be able to share with everyone that way. That is the only number, the toll free number that is to be put out to share with anyone. It can be shared by text, email and by phone.

Bruce: Where we are right now? Let us start with Iraq. This morning we were suppose to have the new budget for Iraq in their Gazette published. It usually comes out right after Morning Prayer which is early, right after sunrise, the first session of prayer. It was not in the Gazette. The budget would contain the rate of the dinar, something everyone could see and therefore could be put out around the world for all to see the new Iraqi dinar rate. I have been told today it wasn’t in this morning Gazette, but should be in tomorrow. Operative word: should. It is something they have sort of kept from us. Possibly waiting for the announcement about Mosul come out to the rest of the world as well. Maybe a few different announcements may take place. The liberation of Mosul and take back of it has been done for several weeks or so. They are not quite ready to reveal that yet. Maybe they will show that budget and rate in the Gazette tomorrow which is late late tonight for us.

Bruce: We do get information and sometimes the information is such that it is a little too sensitive. You heard some people say I am going to go dark and not do calls anymore because we are so close I don’t want to do anything that might jeopardize it. I have not been told officially told I shouldn’t do this call tonight. I have been unofficially it has been suggested to me that I may not want to do this call tonight. I have chosen to do it because what we bring on the Big Call is more than Intel. I don’t want to deprive anyone from that as long as we can do calls.

Bruce: I have heard is Redemption Centers are fully locked and loaded. That means all the personnel are in place. They have done major movement of personnel around the country, especially east of the Mississippi. A major shift of personnel the last few days that has taken place. They are in position, still on active status, ready to go. We would say they are pretty much on lock down, no communication going around the Redemption Center except at the very highest level. That is a very good sign. They are expecting this to go maybe not any moment, but fairly shortly. I think that is a great sign when I heard that today. That is true all over the country. We heard a few Redemption Centers, and then we heard this is the case everywhere. They are set, ready to go.

Bruce: Out west everything is moving along with limited amount of administrative touches taking place to facilitate the groups taking place out west. All is moving along nicely. I think there are last minute details, administrative things, taking place. Anymore than that gets a little bit technical and we don’t want to get into that. I can tell you things are moving along further than we were here on Tuesday.

Bruce: The USN, our new currency, the new dollar is asset back and gold back. That has been known now and been active on the exchange for about two days now. What is neat is all the other currencies in the world have adjusted rates. All still pegged to the dollar in the sense they still connect or tie back to the dollar. The fact the dollar is gold back and essentially it is a new currency, digitally back. Everything lines up with that. All other currencies around the world have assets, precious metals, oil, etc, to back the value of their currency. That is still the case. They have value because of their own assets, what they have in their own country. Now all have been synchronized all around the world with rates. Where the rates been on the back screen seen by limited people and now the rates have been pushed to the front screens, all synchronized and essentially ready for the full release.

Bruce: We talked last time about Prosperity Packages, ready to go out, Farm claims ready to go out. The SKRs, Prepaids which may have accounts but on hold, pending status. Those are about to be released. I think they will be released when we are given the 800 number. Essentially all will go at the same time thus the shot gun start. We are looking for that to occur. Maybe not be tonight, could be tomorrow or tomorrow night. We just do not know.

Bruce: The process is under way. The GCR/RV is under way. We are in the midst of it happening now. It has initiated. What we are waiting for is our portion to be activated under Tier 4, the Internet group, which is the largest group. That activation starts with the release of the toll free number or 800 number. I am honored to say it will come to me and I will give it out as they want it to be put out and as long as they want it to be put out. I do intend to put it on the website: thebigcall.net, and to people on other locations or sites. Once people will see it, it will go around like wild fire.

Bruce: Just realize we are right there. The rates continue to be traded up. They are in great shape. Don’t worry about that. Everything we want to do as a team on the Big Call is there for us to do with humanitarian projects. You want to explain your humanitarian project in a very brief outline one to two pages. Be confident and speak for a minute or so. I am going to try to summarize what I plan to do and what we as a group plan to do like with Rebuild America, rebuilding all forms of infrastructure. We talked about infrastructure bonds to do more infrastructures around the country. Infrastructures in forms of bridges, roads, etc, 8 different areas the government may try to offer infrastructure bonds.

Bruce: You know we will do a lot with the Veterans, and be the major employer of the Veterans. We will have job training, PTSD counseling, a program we put together. I am looking for involvement of 5000 listeners from the Big Call, 100 people in 50 states to help Rebuild America. We will have Big Call University. We will take it also around the world. We will help with water filtration, proper building techniques, low cost or free energy, etc. 

Bruce: That is really where we are right now. We are very close. I expect the release to us be very soon. Stay very positive for it. We know it is coming. They are finishing up last minute touches. Let us let them do that, and then it will come to us.

Bruce: The information I just got is very exciting. The proximity is we are right there. I can’t say we will definitely have it tonight or tomorrow. Everything is looking like it wouldn’t surprise me if we get it this soon. I am very excited. I want all to stay tune to our website: thebigcall.net tomorrowor maybe the next day and see what shows up.

Bruce: I am excited about everyone in the Redemption Centers. They are on lock down and ready to go. To all of our banking partners, we thank you and look forward to working with you setting up our accounts, trusts, getting all in position. Take the time you need to set up your structures with your CPAs and attorneys. Ask the bank personnel for help in that area initially. Then when you get started you will want to fine tune everything after your skeleton trust is put together. 

As you get out of your exchange appointment, everybody just be careful in terms of your celebration. Let us not have any crazy graduation ceremony where people go overboard on anything. You have been called for this purpose for a reason, and let us go do this work which is going to be joyful and a pleasure to do. I am excited to get started and I know you are too.

Bruce: We will be doing future calls after the RV. We will try to do one pod cast per week. You can tune in live or as a recording. That will take a little while to put together. You have things to do, and I have things to do. We all have a lot to do. We will be in touch through our website: thebigcall.net. I want to thank everybody for coming in tonight. We are in the best shape we have ever been. Talk to you soon. Goodnight everybody.






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