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Saturday, May 20, 2017

"Thank you" by PinkRoses - 5.20.17

Entry Submitted by PinkRoses at 8:47 AM EDT on May 20, 2017


Please accept my sincere thank you to each and every one of you of the DC Family. Special thank you to Patrick for gifting us the privilege of posting on his site and all his efforts and time he has spent keeping this site up for the DC Family. Each of you whether you are a poster or a quiet reader of the posts has contributed to my experience in Dinarland. Each of us have and continue to ride this once in a life time roller coaster ride in whatever way our lives have lead to. The results of how those who have posted have either been positive, negative, or neutral as now we can chose to vote likewise if we wish to after each post now.

When sometimes things got bit ugly on here, as I read those posts my heart went out for each party because each side felt compassion in how he or she believed in. What came to my mind each time was each of us are entitled to believe in whatever way we believe in. God gave us free will. We get to chose how we wish to live to embrace that God given gift of free will. It can be a path of love, joy, faith, giving, and so forth. On the other hand it can be one of hate, hurtfulness, negativity, unhappiness, and so forth. Whatever path each of us are on with whatever belief system that we believe in, it can lead to good or it can lead to evil.

I know there are beliefs stated on here that I totally not believe in, and likewise you may not believe in my beliefs. That is okay. We respect each other’s beliefs. One thing I do know we have all in common is we want the best for everyone. We want to give and help so many people that we will have the honor to do so post RV in ways we can only dream of helping. Yes, we do give now to what we are able to financially, time, and energy. Givers have always given. Who do they give to? They give to other givers and to takers. Yes, there are ones who will always be givers no matter how big or small the gift is. At times after I have given something to somebody, I have been asked: Why you gave that person what you did when I know your circumstances? I always reply back because they needed it, because that little giving voice in my heart told me to, and since God has given me my life, my faith, my family, and what I need each day, the least I can do is give to others. Every day God gives my family and I what we need as long as we are doing his will in our lives. That has proven true my whole life. Now my children have learned this also and I am very proud and honored to have children who display that same giving spirit to give to others from their hearts.

My thoughts this morning is let’s honor each other. Let’s honor each other’s path whether it is the way we live our lives and believe or not. Respecting and showing honor to each other is giving to each other. Guess what? It doesn’t cost a penny. Isn’t that wonderful? We can give now to each other by showing respect, honor, and most of all love. Does everyone appreciate when we do so? Nope. That is okay because we do so not how that person will receive it, but because that is who we are inside. We give and walk away knowing we gave from our hearts whether it was something tangible or it was words or even a smile. OMG talking about smiles. I automatically smile at everyone and say hi to most everyone even strangers. I never truly realized how touching a smile to a person can be until this stranger who I would see occasionally stopped me in the grocery store. He stated to me I have missed your smiles lately. I stopped and thought Oh, and looked at him and thought for a minute first this man never returned my hellos or smiles ever, and now he telling me he has missed my smiles lately? Really? Hmmmm I immediately stated to him I was sorry but I had someone very sick in my family and it been sad for me, and I apologized that I didn’t realized I hadn’t smiled lately. He was right I hadn’t that weekend at all which was couple weekends ago after helping taking care of my sisternlaw Saturday and Sunday. It was a rough time. I thanked the man for letting me know and he stated, well I know I probably seem I didn’t notice you at all, but I did each time. Then he told me to never stop smiling because they made him feel good each time. Who knew? Amazing how much just one smile can be a gift to another person. I reflected on that later and thought no matter how much pain, sorrow, burden we are all carrying right now and most of us are carrying some sort of burden and pain of ourselves, family members or dear friends, despite all this, we can still show love, respect, honor, and give that smile. Did you know even how you feel writing posts is reflected in your words whether you are happy or sad? Yes, we all sense that of each other. The trick is to not let another person sap our own energy, not let the negativity of others drain our spirit. When I see someone hurting on here, I say a prayer and hope they feel better soon, and then let it go.

Thank you all for being part of my journey on this path in Dinarland. Gosh I had no idea what this path would lead me to almost 4 years ago, but I have no regrets walking on this path. No regrets spending hours and hours transcribing notes on 3 different sites during these lasts 4 years. I guess my path in this Dinarland was to help transcribe. Who knew? Me being dyslexic and all. I remember the panic I felt when I was first asked to help out on TNT. OMG total panic. How honorable I felt to be asked and give to others this way. I then found my nitch in Dinarland, and it felt just right.

Now soon we will all have the honor and privilege of receiving the gift of exchanging and going out there and helping others to live their life’s dreams. This brings so much joy into my heart. Just yesterday when a fellow co worker came into my office and just needed to talk and unburden, I listened and then gave some positive feedback. Then I asked her if she had a lifelong dream what would it be. She said being a single Mom I like to provide school clothes, shoes, back packs, and school supplies for each child that I can because I know how there have been times I couldn’t do that for my own children. She further stated how she would like to be able to do that for as many families as possible would be her lifelong dream of helping others. I then told her maybe one day that would be a possibility, and if that was possible would she be interested in setting up a foundation so that she could have a building, staff, and so forth to do so? YESSSS she replied. I said dreams are meant to be come true. I went home and added her to my list of ones I will have the honor of helping to live their lifelong dream of helping others. Yes I gifted Zim notes couple years ago having no idea they would have such an unbelievable rate now. I just thought I would gift them this little ZIM note that just cost me a dollar. I saved that dollar by taking a little bit of my $2 a day lunch allowance and little by little I would have enough to purchase the affordable 90 cents to $1 each Zim note. How thankful I was to gift to many thinking it be enough to pay off their mortgage, debts, buy a decent car, make repairs on their homes, put some money away for schooling, and maybe take a fun vacation. Well, hmm, I guess they will be able to do more than that now. Good for them. Thank you dear Elders and Grandfather for such gifts. Thank you to for all the people that gave their lives literally for us to have this privilege. My heart and prayers go out to their families for their loss. Thank you to all who are helping to make this all possible for all of us. Sincere heartfelt thank you to all.

I wished to pass this on, thank you all for understanding why I am only able to transcribe on Tuesday nights now for Bruce’s notes. Sadly hospice came to meet with the family to start hospice care for my sisternlaw yesterday. The time has come for this to be so. We are determined to keep her home as long as we can. I am just honored to be able to be of help for my brother. I know some of you know him from TNT. My heart goes out to him very much and to my sisternlaw. Thank you to all who have sent notes of kind caring words to me during this time. Thank you and many hugs for you.

Well, my dear fellow Dinarians, I send my prayers and hope that each of you reach your lifelong dream and find joy giving to others helping them with their lifelong dreams. Thank you for all you posters for the time and energy you have spent to keep us on this once in a life time path. Whatever your path leads you, whatever belief system you believe in, may it truly lead you one of fulfillment, joy, and love.

Thank you again, dear Patrick, for your love and patience you have shown to each of us here on DC. The time you have spent, the hours and days, have been very much appreciated by us all. May you and your family always be blessed for all you have given us here on DC and you have your life long dreams fulfilled for you and your family forever.

Sending all my light, love, and hugs always,



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