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Sunday, May 21, 2017

"Starting this Weekend?" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26


Samson » May 21st, 2017

A senior Iraqi delegation heads to Saudi Arabia, with the arrival of Trump Riyadh

2017/5/20 16:18

A senior Iraqi delegation traveled to the Saudi capital Riyadh , where he arrived US President Donald Trump on Saturday, to attend - American Islamic summit.

The delegation was headed by President of the Republic Fuad Masum, and includes Defense Minister Irfan Hayali and other officials.

It will be held tomorrow (Sunday) in Riyadh , an international conference to combat terrorism and attended by the heads and leaders of more than 50 countries, where the conference will focus on the issue of post - Daesh and achieving victories in Iraq and Syria and not to allow terrorist organizations to flee to Europe and America.


Samson » May 21st, 2017


21st May, 2017

Iraq has made its first debt payment of $300 million out of the total of $1.1 billion it owes to Iran, said Iran’s Deputy Energy Minister Houshang Falahatian, as reported by Oil Price.

Under the power-export agreement that was signed between the two countries, Iran had been exporting 1.500 MW of electricity to Iraq with plans to increase it to 2,000 MW. However, after Iraq failed to meet its financial obligations for about two years, in 2017 the supply was cut off for about two months, thereafter resuming in March.

The two countries have also been discussing the joint development of oil and gas fields along the Iranian-Iraqi border.

The conferees will also discuss money laundering and the transfer of funds, weapons and media support process in some countries in the region to organizations Daesh and extremism.


Apmcrx » May 21st, 2017

Issuance of bills of exchange? Any idea what does that mean exactly??? Maybe lower denom?

Frank26 » May 21st, 2017

Notice there are no longer any 000's stacked at the bank windows............ Please enjoy

Rafidain directs its branches to organize the instruments adopted and the issuance of bills of exchange

Face of the Rafidain Bank, on Sunday, its branches to organize the instruments adopted and issuing bills for citizens, stressing the need to have it without delay.

He said in a statement, the Bank's information books received ' economy News ' version of it, it's ' been directing branches in Baghdad and the provinces to organize the instruments adopted and issuing bills for citizens in one day and without delay, stating that ' objective is to attract money and earn customers

The office added that "it will facilitate transactions of the citizens in the same day when the cash deposit or provide a balance in the customer's


Chris05 » May 21st, 2017

Regarding our studies... IYO, is it possible that the LD's are being made available to the Iraqi citizens, starting this weekend?
Cheers Chris

Don961 » May 21st, 2017

Author: Yasser mutawalli 5/21/2017 0:00

The effects of a website developed by a group of economists led by Iraqi economic thinker Dr. Mohammed Saleh and the appearance of the foundations of his loco carries the title "Towards an economic leadership" has attracted interested and concerned.

This forum aims to develop ideas and solutions to the real challenges facing the Iraqi economy through cross - fertilization of ideas electronically between experts and those interested in economic affairs and decision - makers to help them take the right steps to immediately implement the required economic reform.

When you browse the site and find the names of fathoms and personalities with a long history and experience of veteran economic thought this would confer real value to this forum and its importance.

But let me clear something touched by browsing the site and where he sent me an invitation to participate in it and accepted that what was presented during the Forum hours starting a bed and a wide range of solutions and proposals.

Let me however I remembered the broad and large archive maintained by the newspaper " Al- Sabah" and on the economic pages throughout the decade and a half of the period of the change experienced by Iraq.

It was the subject of any raises in the Forum has the corresponding increases in the newspaper "morning" analysis and diagnosis and screening, recommendations and visions and ideas in various fields.

This means that each tower will recall here is a reminder of the truth and the renewal and re - claims of economic reform but faces and new ideas and this healthy reminder of the importance of doing.

I'm on I must point out that most of the organizers in the electronic forum were active contributors to the archive "morning" or whether their studies interviews with them or through their participation in specialized seminars and workshops that were regulated in this regard.

We have no outlet for these topics in the run - off, but we are hoping with the principle stated that the benefit anniversary.

Which I want to say here: we have a real need to initiate systematic implementation of the proposed recommendations and approved solutions in order to achieve the desired reform.

Because the archive busy views and a wide variety of needs to organize priorities to begin implementation of the reforms that are supposed to be applied based on the participation of decision - makers in the discussion through the forum, meaning that the convictions are available to everyone.

`We have only left and proceed to implementation according to priorities Will you , see the Forum will be able to achieve this goal to be?

Our hope is great this time because we are feeling the seriousness of the government and its desire to achieve economic reform.


Don961 » May 21st, 2017

More words of encouragement from "The Appearance" ... Mr Saleh speaks about immediate implementation of economic reform ideas ..discussed and put out there by a group of economists who trade ideas and solutions on an E-Forum ....

" `We have only left and proceed to implementation according to priorities Will you , see the Forum will be able to achieve this goal to be?"

This may be the Forum he refers to : http://iraqieconomists.net/ar/

Cole » May 21st, 2017

WOW DON!!!! Great find. Sounds like a FA to me... implement the REQUIRED economic reform????? sounds like it's READY!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOO


The showdown begins... activation of rate vs full liberation of Mosul. Who will be the winner??? Frosty would love for you to make an animation for this contest LOL!

Wow! Dr. Saleh... you can let the cat out of the bag! You already untied the knot at the top!!!!!

Don961 » May 21st, 2017

Sunday, May 21, 2017

CBI Notifies Sixth Plan’s Banking Measures

The Central Bank of Iran has communicated bank-related regulatory articles of the sixth five-year development plan (2017-22) to the banking system.

In a separate announcement, the bank also notified a series of regulations to help achieve the objectives of the development plan.

According to announcements published on the official news website of the central bank, its first directive is about regulations concerning the monetary system of the country in the sixth plan.

The plan offers a medium-term roadmap designed by the government and the parliament to help achieve sustainable growth, outlining strategies in its budget planning for the following five years.

One of the regulations dictates that the "share of the National Development Fund of Iran from oil, natural gas condensates and gas exports during the first year of the implementation of the plan will be set at 30%" and a minimum of two percentage points will be added annually.

To implement "complete and all-encompassing oversight of CBI over monetary and banking institutions" and to "organize the informal monetary institutions and markets", the central bank has been allowed to engage in a number of activities in addition to its legal mandate in accordance with laws that will be approved by the Money and Credit Council.

These activities will include banning the payment of dividends to bad shareholders of banks, suspending or cancelling working licenses for these entities and disqualifying unscrupulous CEOs among other things.

Furthermore, the CBI has been obligated to work with the judiciary and other related bodies in a way that by "expanding the National Credit Evaluation Databank and other executive and supervisory measures", the ratio of non-performing loans to total loans would drop by 1% a year.

NPLs have been one of the major hurdles facing the banking system and while their rate stood as high as 18% a few years ago, top officials, including CBI Governor Valiollah Seif, have said it has come down to 10%.

Monetary Committee

The monetary regulations of sixth plan also designated members of the Money and Credit Council, which include the economy minister or his deputy, the CBI governor, two ministers chosen by the Cabinet and the head of the Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, among others.

What is more, a jurisprudential council is to be formed in the CBI comprising five clerics, the CBI governor or deputy for supervisory affairs, a lawyer, an economist, a lawmaker and a state-owned bank CEO chosen by the economy minister to ensure the correct implementation of usury-free banking operations throughout the country.

The council will have the authority to "comment on common banking methods, directives, guidelines, agreement frameworks and how they are implemented" by matching them with Islamic laws.

While all things approved by the council will be mandatory, members will be elected for four years and would be eligible for a second term.

The regulations also obligate the central bank to establish an online supervisory system to help prevent any violations and sell the excess assets of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare during the first year of the plan to increase the capital of Cooperative Development Bank.

The directive has now been notified to the banking system and obligates the banks, among other things, to engage in foreign exchange transactions through domestic or foreign banks that have the approval of the central bank. They have also been mandated to disclose all their offshore accounts to CBI.

Setting a cap for the share of foreign collaboration in forming an Iran-based bank, the necessity of transferring state accounts to the central bank and the formation of the CBI General Assembly are other regulations to be implemented as part of the directive.

It also notes that the Iranian dual foreign exchange regime is to be monitored in the form of a "managed floating" system.


Lisa » May 21st, 2017

I would like to say Thank you to all the NewsHounds for the many articles.

1. Iranian Banks to Decide Rates Next Month

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

According to Parvizian who is also the chief executive of Parsian Bank, the banks will meet in the early days of the next Iranian month (that begins on May 22).


2. TUESDAY MAY 23 Baghdad receives a call Saudi Arabia to participate in a conference attended by Trump

TRUMP with IRAQ May 23 ... Victory tour for level playing field in Middle east ?

2017/05/09 - MAY 9 th Planned well in advance. You can bet A will be there
Baghdad / term

Foreign Ministry announced yesterday, for Iraq received an official invitation to participate in the Islamic Arab summit - American in Riyadh.

It is scheduled to hold a summit attended by US President Donald Trump , who revealed his visit to Saudi Arabia on 23 May present. Trump said , "We will hold a historic summit in Saudi Arabia , in the presence of leaders from across the Muslim world , " expressing his desire to "restore America's role in the world and the destruction of the terrorist organization Daesh terrorist groups."


Don961 » May 21st, 2017

Iraqi forces control 97% of western Mosul

by Mohamed Mostafa May 21, 2017, 5:25 pm

Mosul (IraqiNews.com) Iraqi government forces are in control over 97 percent of territories at the western side of Mosul, a municipal official said Sunday as battles against the Islamic State near a total recapture of the city.

Hossam al-Abbar, a member of the Nineveh province council, was quoted by Russian Sputnik news agency saying that Iraqi forces had managed to liberate 97 percent of the western side of Mosul, besieging more than 450 militants in the region.

“Federal Police and Rapid Response forces are heading towards the liberation of al-Shifa, al-Zanjili and al-Sihha neighborhoods, once done with clearing this axis, they will all unite to attack the Old City from all directions,” he said in his statements

Google Maps view of al-Zanjili area in western Mosul.

Also on Sunday, Federal Police commander, Shaker Jawdat, said military forces were positioning at the southern outskirts of 17 Tamuz, the first neighborhood occupied by IS in 2014 which troops recaptured on Saturday, preparing to invade the Old City.

Iraqi troops recaptured eastern Mosul in January after three months of fighting, and the Iraqi security command said earlier this week it controls 89.5 percent of the western side of the city, three months after a second phase of the campaign launched to recapture that region.

The densely populated and structured Old City is the place where IS supreme leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proclaimed the establishment of the group’s rule in Iraq and Syria.




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