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Thursday, June 8, 2017

"Spotting A Cabal (Matrix) Agent" - One Who Knows - 5.22.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 4:21 PM EDT on May 22, 2017

Re-posted (6-8-17) by request of One Who Knows. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Spotting A Cabal (Matrix) Agent

Here we are accomplishing a task that has never been done in the HISTORY OF CREATION. Defeating the once mighty Cabal, right here on EARTH and sending a message THROUGH OUT THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. What a monumental defeat! So catastrophic in EVERY WAY. We have not only soundly defeated them, but we are setting a precedent for EVERY OTHER CIVILIZATION in creation that it can be done! The CABAL are in FEAR for the first time in the History of the Universe. It is a crippling condition that has only one ending, destruction and defeat. They once used the same Fear against us, and now the same FEAR is hastening their own defeat for the whole Universe to witness. Good times indeed!

You Made A Decision (Red Pill)

Like in the Matrix movie, you were given a choice and you have made a decision. Will you take the BLUE PILL and remain asleep unaware of the REAL World that you live in, or will you take the RED PILL and awaken to the REAL reality of the CABAL, their Agents, and Commit to becoming a Light Worker to defeat them?

The Cabal Agents Will Corrupt ANYONE

Don't trust anyone, as anyone can become a Cabal Agent, no matter who they are. If we were in the Matrix Movie, the agents would be so easy to spot, like CIA agents, with the dark glasses, the black shoes, the and they even have the "Dead Inside Look" as if they have no soul.

They don't give a damn about you, your family and friends, what you want to be when you grow up, or what your dreams are. They want you out of their way, or better yet, dead. When they attack, they attack in groups, where ever there is one, there are more nearby. In our case they will post in groups. If you could see them inside their being, the way they truly are, it would make you shudder. Evil doesn't even begin to describe it.

But in real life, they would be so easy to spot in their "Agent From" that they, take over anyone who has a following, to hide in the background as a controller of another. If you have succeeded in Music, the movies, business, or have a blog following, they want to take you over and brain wash your following to their way of thinking. Just because you have been following someone for years and their message has been a good one, doesn't mean that at any point These Cabal Matrix-Like Agents will come in and "Take Over" that being (Person) and use them against their will.

One minute you have a helicopter pilot for example, who is going to fly you to Enlightenment-Ville, where you will exchange your currencies for a new life helping Humanity, and then suddenly, the Cabal agents corrupt them. The next thing you know they are taking you off course, telling you there will be no RV, that your new Continental Currency is fake, and the website that you loved before and trusted, is now giving you disinformation. When this happens you have evidence that an agent has taken over that person and/or that website, and after that happens, you can no longer trust them.

But the problem is who is a Cabal Agent (Taken Over) and who is not? That is the big question that seems hard to answer, but actually is very easy. Take a minute to see this clip from the Matrix, where Morpheus is telling Neo, that anyone can become an agent for the Matrix, the Cabal, the Dark. So, you have to learn to spot "The Cabal Agenda."

The Matrix (3) "They Are All Potential Agents"

How Do You Know Who Is A Cabal "Agent?"

Long Standing Platform, & Good Past Reputation Doesn't matter. I am sorry to say, that this is NOT the way to tell if someone is working for the light or not. Frankly, the way the Cabal Agents work is they let someone say all the right things and build a loyal following and of course they are the Good guys then, and say all the right things, and draw a sizable following. This is just like the matrix movie, a person is already a helicopter pilot, or a teacher, or anyone already "In Position" for what they want. They then take them over in any way they can, black mail, threats, or even bribes. (Sadly many can be bought off.) They will sell you out for a bucket of money. In this next Scene in the Matrix, an otherwise good policeman, in a position that the Agents want to be in, take over the unfortunate person in a VERY HOSTILE BODY TAKE OVER.

COBRA (Agent Take Over)

But, in our case, we are not talking about taking over a person's body, although that dose happen, it is about taking over their followers. In COBRA's case, I am sure he/she was good at some time in the past. But then the Cabal agents set their eyes on COBRA's following and well you know the rest, they started disabling their followers with fear and worry. I first called them out when they said the stupid remark that the Dinar and Zim would not revalue. That is so Cabal since they are stupid. When you have to lie there is just no other way to say it than a BOLD FACED LIE. The problem is it is so easily called out. But remember, the Cabal agents are the ones behind the scenes and it is the person they have corrupted that "Takes the Heat" which in this case is COBRA. They make COBRA sound ignorant, and stupid. Here is the post that I called out Cobra about the currencies:

"Re: Cobra (A Cautionary Tale)" - One Who Knows - 4.6.17

I called him/her again out to prove there were Toplet Bombs to Ashtar Commanded, and you know that they NEVER showed up to answer the challenge. I have it on high authority that they are FULLY compromised now and I wouldn't trust a thing from them. They have been "Infested" and may be far beyond saving. It is too bad to see them go down in shame like that. Here is my challenge to him/her and his/her failure to prove any threat what so ever:

I First Realized They Were Cabal:

"Cobra = Cabal" - One Who Knows - 4.23.17

I Challenged Then To Prove the Threats:

"Attention: COBRA, Prove It!" - One Who Knows - 5.4.17

No Proof or evidence of Threats were ever offered to Ashtar Command:

"Cobra Failed To Prove Toplet Bomb Threat" - One Who Knows - 5.4.17

They Continued their Cabal Fear Mongering Anyway:

"Re: Cobra's Recent Post" - One Who Knows - 5.3.17

Kent Dunn (Agent Take Over)

Then you have our friend Kent Dunn, who is a friend of mine, and used to bring us lots of very interesting intel. He became very popular and I used to talk to him all the time. We compared notes, and worked together to vet the intel. But one day, he no longer would return my phone calls nor my emails. I knew something was wrong. Then came the crazy Cabal agenda intel. I wrote several posts refuting his intel and it hurt me each time I had to do that. There came a time I finally checked out the situation with my Top sources and they told me that he had been threatened and was being forced to say that crazy stuff. As you know, I recently called out his Cabal Agent handlers and his BS. Again the way you can tell that someone has been taken over by Cabal Matrix Agent, is the Message. If it is fear based that something bad is going to happen or we are not going to get what we want, it is PURE CABAL. Here is my Post alerting everyone that Kent Dunn has been taken over by Cabal Agents and as a result can no longer be trusted for intel:

"Recent Kent Dunn Report... B.S." - One Who Knows - 5.18.17

In short, just because a person has had a good reputation in the past is NO BASIS to believe them now. TO BE BELIEVED THEY MUST HAVE THE RIGHT MESSAGE.

William Mount (Agent Take Over)

With all the Cabal trolls we have taken down on IDC, the proving of COBRA to be Cabal, calling out Kent Dunn's Cabal agent handlers, and all the other Cabal websites that have been taken down by "Operation Sand Paper," the Cabal agents are losing places to push their Fear Mongering cabal agenda. That brings us to William Mount. He used to be in the intelligence community I think, and he has now been corrupted and taken over by the Cabal agents. How do I know? His message of course. PURE DISINFORMATION AND FEAR MONGERING. That is the sign of Cabal influence and control. But, that said, I also checked with my top sources and they confirmed that he is also now being threatened like Kent was.


Remember that we are lucky here on IDC, because we will ALL run a Troll off in the blink of an eye, if not have him arrested and wearing orange within days of their post. That is why we get very good information here and are not fearful like the rest of Dinarland. In fact, we have a reputation in the Cabal Troll world that it is dangerous for them to post on IDC. So the next best thing they can do is post elsewhere and bad mouth us from the other website. Let's look at what William Mount is telling his unfortunate followers about the new Continental Dollar, the RV and about Intel Dinar Chronicles.

Here is William Mounts' Latest (Cabal Agenda) Creation:

The Trump Trap & The New Dollar (William Mount)

@ 3:33 - 5:08 He starts to talk about the new "Centennial Currency" and he mentioned that the post was on "Dinar Chronicles." He goes on to say something about our side that is not a complement. Here is the (New Money) post he was referring to:

Introduction to the Newest Version of the Continental Dollar 5/6/17

William Mount goes on to say that in His Opinion:

"The Treasury Department Doesn't even have a plan. My guess is that this new money is Fake."

William is completely wrong on this matter. However, just to be sure, I checked with top Republic sources and I even got a quote from Grandfather on this:

"Richard the current images we have for the USN ARE INDEED THE NEW MONEY"

This places William Mount in dangerous territory. The republic is taking a hard line stand against Disinformation as was evidenced by "Operation Sand Paper." Many were taken down and websites were removed. Here are the links that Operation:

"Republic ALERT: Operation Sand Paper, NOW ACTIVATED!" - One Who Knows - 5.15.17

"Re-Cap of the Republic's Operation Sand Paper" - One Who Knows & Scarlet Fox - 5.16.17

In line with this Republic's stand against dangerous and harmful disinformation, the pictures of the New Republic Continental Dollar, came with a warning to Cabal Agents, Trolls, and Minions that William Mount should have heeded, but he did not. Here is the Warning to Disinformation Agents:

Anyone found printing fake news (not supported by facts) thereby printing wording for the purpose of inciting as it pertains to the Nations currency wherein the wording withholds or is intended to withhold a debt free, interest free National currency and as a consequence withholds a Nationality by way of fear, shall be prosecuted under the Law of Nations under the classification of inciting fear thereby causing rebellion against the country and further under Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

However, William Mount came right out and said this new Sovereign Republic Centennial Money is Fake, which is a punishable and a treasonous action. Normally, I would be very upset about this and break out my Whack-A-Troll Mallet and smack William Mount down over this. But it has come to my attention that he too has had a "Hostile Take-Over" by Cabal Matrix Agents. Like COBRA, Kent Dunn, and others with a following, he is being threatened and FORCED to say these stupid and irresponsible things. If Calling our new Gold Backed Money as Fake was not bad enough, he also goes on to say there will be no RV. Clearly you have to be Moron-Stupid to say something like that at this point in time. So, I will give the same Warning to his followers that I gave to Kent Dunn's followers:


Cabal Agents Are Freaking Out

Each time they corrupt a group such as COBRA, Kent Dunn, and now William Mount, we call out That Intel Provider, and discredit that intel source which makes them lose their credibility and then the Agents have to infect (Infest) another intel person, and each time we call them out again, and again and again. They are running out of people they can corrupt.


They CANNOT touch the crown Jewel of Dinarland, the one and only "Intel Dinar Chronicles." No matter how much they try, they get whacked by all of us when they come up in our house. That is why it is so important for us to hold the light in these final days. COBRA went down, Kent Dunn went down, and now William Mount has fallen, and do I even need to mention Ben Fulford? Please, that whole report is so full of the Cabal Agenda of Fear Mongering and disinformation that is meant to confuse, disorient and dishearten those who read it. Do yourself a favor and Laugh at it as the pathetic attempt, that it is to make us fear, when in reality, we have already won.

The Remaining "Cabal Faces"

The "Cabal Faces" that are left remind me of the death row saying "Dead Man Walking." You can see them and they say things on TV, but in a matter of a week or two, if not sooner, they will all go down in a blaze of fury as the Republic makes a PUBLIC STAND against the remaining Cabal minions, and claims victory for our way of life. THAT WILL BE GLORIOUS. Frankly I am looking for someone to write a song "The Day The Cabal Died."

Republic Business

This is a bit of Official Republic business that I just got clarified on this morning. In that same post that showed what our new money will look like, there was another notice that I didn't understand and found strange. It was a notice that "The Continental Dollar is not connected to the U.S. Treasury." Here is the quote from the post:

Introduction to the Newest Version of the Continental Dollar 5/6/17

"Notice: The Continental Dollar is not connected to the U.S. Treasury nor the Bank of New York Mellon. The U.S. congress was without any authority to pledge the Treasury Seal of North America to the United Nations nor did the U.S. congress have any authority to use the Treasury Seal of North America under First in Time First in Right Doctrine: LINK"

So I asked my top sources about this and I got a PERFECT explanation. the "U.S. Treasury" is the USA Inc. Treasury. Our money is coming from the "Republic of the united States of America Treasury. The Republic Treasury for short.

So that lead me to the question of how our Republic is "named" and got the Official Wording of our new restored Republic, and this is it:

The Republic of the united States of America (RuSoA) or (RuSA)

It is important to note that the "u" in united is lower case as it only describes how the States are organized. They are "united." But it is the "States of America," that are united, as a Republic. Thus: The Republic of the united States of America.

The official abbreviation can be either of these two forms: (RuSoA) or (RuSA). The only letters that are capitalized are the R,S & A.

So, when that notice says that: "The Continental Dollar is not connected to the U.S. Treasury," that is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. The Capital "U" and capital "S" are the corporation "inc" belonging to the Cabal and now defunct, deceased, and all but dead publicly in a very short time. 

As we move to 5d and beyond, it won't be long till we are flying like Neo of the Matrix:

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that so many people who used to be trusted are no longer operating of their own mind. They have had a Hostile Cabal Agent Matrix type take over. While there are many who can no longer be trusted, these are the ones that I know for a fact have been compromised by Threat and Force: COBRA, Kent Dunn, Dave Schmidt, William Mount, and Been Fulford. However, I am not sure if Fulford is being forced or that he is just Cabal to start with. No matter which, they are ALL NOT TO BE TRUSTED. Will they be the last of our fallen heroes to be enslaved by the Cabal agents to do their bidding? In theory, I wound say no, but in practicality, we are already exchanging here in the Republic by the super secret Segments plan, so it will be over very soon anyway, and it won't matter anymore.

On the matter of our new Republic, I really enjoyed learning how it is Officially spelled out. It is: The Republic of the united States of America (RuSoA) or (RuSA). What a beautiful name, but what it MEANS... IS Priceless! Let us all pledge our support to our New Restored Republic, and finish this GCR in strong fashion.

In the matter of the GCR, I did get the word that the Secret word-of-mouth Segments Roll out plan, is now ongoing everywhere in the World. For those who are wondering, I will be last to go, just before the GCR ends publicly, with the official rates changed on the IMF website. No biggie, I will continue to post until it is my time to Exchange. In case any people are associated with me, get the number before me, just go ahead and exchange. It is my place to go last, and if I went earlier, it may keep me from posting. Besides last could mean just a couple of days anyway!


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows


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