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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"Spiritual Warfare has Got my Faith Tank Runnin' Empty" by (Anonymous) - 5.23.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 9:14 PM EDT on May 23, 2017

Hello! I am not sure where to even start, I am still trying to figure out how in the world I even got here (to your site) today, no disrespect intended, I'm just chugging along right now about to putter out of faith! I'm exhausted and worn down and the devil knows it. My spouse, family, and myself, have been going through some pretty significant spiritual warfare for the last 8 years! Well, if I am to be honest, it's really been most of all of mine and my family's lives, that we have been under attack, but we have always persevered and came out stronger because of it. So not to misunderstand me, I am EXTREMELY THANKFUL that we have been tremendously blessed in our lives by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, beyond measure! The attacks in my eyes have always only been affirmation for me, as my mother always says "Honey, new level, new devil" and you know what she was speaking the TRUTH, but I am at a juncture in my life right now that I have never been too and I am not sure how much further I can putter along my faith tank has never been quite this low. So let me try to give you a brief background on how I came to your site and why I am contacting you today.

About 2 years ago an old acquaintance or OA, (I will refer to this party as OA going forward) contacted me regarding some work that he wanted to commission me to do. During this reconnection/reacquainting period OA learned that my spouse and I had started a business that went nationwide and it was on the cusp of exploding. OA pretty immediately approaches us with some business investment opportunities and begins to forge a more personal relationship with us, inviting us out to dinner, then to his house with his family for dinner, and then we invited OA and his wife/family to some family and business events. We began to consider OA a friend. I mean after all he lives in the same town as we do currently, he went to the same school growing up, he even had a small business in the same town as our business too. We were actually able to send business his way because of the industry we both were in and being that we love to support our local resources and businesses, and because of this before we knew it we became quickly intertwined and caught up with OA.

A very short time after becoming reacquainted with OA he approached my spouse & I about this investment that he had done and that it also involved giving money back to businesses to help rebuild America again and he was wanting to gift funds to our business. OA asked that we provide him with financials and a proposal/breakdown of what kind of funds we would need to expand our business to the next level. Which we provided to him promptly. OA asked if we would be interested in making an investment in a hedge fund (that he would also personally guarantee us in a note in case it didn't pay). So we did it and it paid off quickly and with a high return (I believe now in retrospect that this was his way of drawing us into his never ending ATM). I have always been a bit leery of OA, I just couldn't quite put my finger on what it was about him, but something wasn't right and so I really never intended on do any more investments with him although the first one had paid out but my spouse didn't really have the same feeling at this point or he was just giving him the benefit of the doubt, so when OA immediately approached my spouse again shortly after the 1st hedge investment paid out, to invest in the same hedge a 2nd time my spouse felt good about it and we decided together to do it once more. I had mentioned the initial investment I made to my parents in conversation so when the 2nd opportunity came up to invest again my spouse mentioned this to my parents as well, and they decided they wanted to invest too. I was not supportive of them doing this because they were retired and it was high risk (but we were all reassured once again with a note of guarantee that if it didn't pay he would pay us regardless) reluctantly, I agreed to invest along with my parents (I had money from a loan that I used, stupid I know, and my parents used some of their 401k) and wouldn't you know it didn't pay and neither did OA's guaranteed Note, we lost $17000.00. At this point I just wanted only my spouse to deal with OA in an effort to recover my parents money that was lost and then never have another dealing with him again. I also stated to my spouse at this time that I NEVER wanted OA to have my parents contact info either. Call it intuition or whatever but I know how my mother, in particularly, is, if you are in need, she would give you her last dollar, help, and/or serve where ever she is needed, I know her well, after all I am cut from her cloth, which is what got us into this whole mess to begin with.

In the midst of all of the above OA started to go through a divorce with his wife of 17 years, she just up and moved a few hours away from him, leaving OA & their daughter, whom only had a year left before she was to graduate high school, needless to say OA was devastated, who wouldn't be! OA has been desperate ever since to win his wife back and get her to move back home at all COST and it didn't matter who he hurt in the process. So being the type of people and friends we are we felt bad for OA's situation. We've all been in them, haven't we? OA was trying to keep his marriage, family, and business together, we more than understood that and we felt compassion for him because of his situation. OA quickly started having personal and business financial trouble, he had wrote some LARGE felony amounts in hot checks to keep his business afloat (we did confirm with the DA directly that OA did have a few bad felony checks) and he pleaded with us to help him take care of them because if we didn't he would go to jail and lose his big investment funding all together, which meant we would too, so we felt forced to cover his bad checks, and OA did this again and again, and again and again we saved him. Then it became I just need a couple hundred for this bill that bill, my phone, if my phone is turned off I can't get the # for the funds and on and on. Unbeknownst to me and not from me either OA managed to get my mother's # and what he had been doing to us, he just started all over with my mother (this is WHY I did NOT want him to EVER have contact with my parents to begin with). OA started confided in my mother about his marriage and divorce, making friends with her, and referring to her as the mother he never had. When OA, his father, and his daughter were about to be evicted and homeless from their very big costly home, my mother prayed about it, and decided, helping him is what God led her to do, so she paid his house payment for like 4 or 5 months. Then OA had an incident where a customer of his stiffed him on a credit card charge on a rather large order, which was going to keep him from finishing another large job that would afford him to pay her some money back while we waited on his big windfall and if she could just float this credit card transaction for a day or two she would get that right back to her, plus some, so my mom did it, and yet another thing OA promised and it didn't happen. Promise after promise after promise, week after week after week, day after day after day, literally hour after hour, packed and ready to fly to HSBC on several occasions, for the last 2 years of OA telling us today is the day he would pay us back a million fold and our family, businesses, ministries, non profits would all have more than enough money to do whatever we needed to do (I've now learned on my own after gathering bits & pieces of info here and there from conversations with OA over the last 2 years of him giving us the run around and being very vague, and even getting down right hostile, aggressive, and abusive at times when we would ask him questions about what was going on, that it's the RV and that OA has trillions of IQDS and ZIMs, along with many other currency and bonds he just recently claimed to us that he has) and this is how I ended up here on your site today, searching for answers, OH how I wish our story with OA ended there but it does not it only gets worse, even though, up until the last couple weeks I have held on to my faith through reading my Bible and with the understanding that God can do anything and HE HAS and CAN take what was meant for bad/evil and turn it for good and maybe that is what he has done in our case , we have just been in a season of waiting so that we can prepare and our amazing blessing is just around the corner.

My spouse had met a few acquaintances of OA's at his place of business a few times and decided to try and contact them directly and see maybe if they had any info to offer on OA's story and/or situation, one of the acquaintances my spouse met at OA's POB a few times, knew my family well, and spoke very highly of them all in particularly my parents, my mother. My family is well known and well respected in our community. In speaking with this individual a few times we learned that OA had taken him and his very good friend for about $900,000.00 for the purchase of millions & trillions of IQDs & ZIM and they too have just been trying to hold on until they get their money back as well. We have continued to learn that OA has done many many illegal unsavory activities over the last 8 years to fund his lifestyle without working in exchange he would gift or promise so many millions of IQDs & ZIMs in return. OA has used so many as a means to not work but yet fund his expensive high livin lifestyle off other people's money. It's one thing to receive money and ask for help when your in need its another to steal other peoples whole life savings while you sit on your butt and do nothing. Unfortunately this is still not the end of OA's stealing/spending spree.

Remember OA's credit card debacle that I mentioned above well he managed to obtain 2 of my parents credit card #s and purchased furniture, bed, a MOTORCYCLE-HARLEY, a TRUCK, and MULTIPLE tattoos, for him and his soon to be ex-wife's. OA furnished his ex-wife's new home, with living room furniture, bedroom furniture, and a bed and mattress, and paid all his and his wife's bills for both households for the last year on my parents lifesavings. Did I mention OA bought a HARLEY, a bed, and mattress for his also unemployed soon to be ex-wife while living off my parents retirement and destroying their excellent credit history, and putting them in an unsurmountable amount that they will probably not be able to pay off in their lifetime. The ironic thing about OA buying his wife a bed is that in talking with my parents he knew they were badly in need of a new bed, he also understood that with them being in their 70s, and having actually worked HARD, saved, played it safe, lived responsibility, selflessly severed their community and church and held multi public servant positions, and did so with the utmost LOVE and INTEGRITY for more than 50 plus years, and because of that they couldn't afford to just go out and buy the kind of bed they were needing, it was expensive, and being that they were both on their low fixed retirement income (thanks to the government), they had been responsibly saving for it and if the funds came in the mean time that would be the first purchase they would make with it but OA has now stripped them of the financial means to even get a bed at all unless this money comes in and OA holds to his word which has shown to be absolutely worthless at this time. OA literally stole not only my parents bed right out from under their head but their entire retirement and life saving's, HE STOLE MY PARENTS LIFE SAVINGS!!! And I can't help but feel some what responsible for it, although my parents have made it clear that they are grown and they made the decisions to do what they did BUT they are EXTEMELY humiliated by this, which makes me wonder how many times has OA gotten away with his cons because people are too embarrassed to do something about it. I have WONDERFUL parents, I am a fortunate and blessed to have parents that lived and led by example and of course I am going to take care of my parents at all costs. My mother, spouse, and I have fasted and prayed and prayed over this situation so many times, why is it always the good and faithful ones of society that seem to get to raw end of the deal time and time again. 

I believe based on the documents/emails that we have from OA & HSBC that OA has gifted us a lot of money and I want to believe that he will end up and do the right thing, BUT I am just not sure what to believe and not believe anymore, I can only go off what OA's history has shown us, you know the old adage when someone shows you how they are believe them, and that alone has got me in a panic, just sick. I know now days any document can be manufactured to look legit and/or official and be used to string us along, is this what OA has done with us or does he legitimately have these IQDs and ZIMs and did he legitimately gift them to us. I use the word gift loosely because a gift is when you actually give something without receiving something in exchange, and at this moment in time we are the only ones that have gifted anything without receiving anything in exchange for it. Actually we could have purchased currency on our own for a lot cheaper and be looking at being wealthier than OA claims he will be, so we were not gifted any currency, we BOUGHT it!! We feel OA has put us in a bad predicament should we desire to seek legal charges against him for what he did because we feel if we did that this would no doubt be a financial crime, disqualifying him from receiving his funds, thus immediately ending any of our hopes of getting back what he took from us all. In all OA stole between us and my parents alone roughly around $150,000.00. The punitive damages monetarily and otherwise that he has caused is far reaching throughout our family, business, ministries, church, friends and love ones. It has really ROCKED my faith to the core as to WHY WHY WHY DEAR LORD, WHY my parents! WHEN DEAR LORD IS OUR FAITHFULLNESS ENOUGH? Will our season of waiting ever end?

I am not sure I want this to be posted on the blog publically because OA frequents them and I would fear he would see this, he is a VERY difficult person to deal with, and has come to our place of business many disrupting it, physically threatening us, and threatening to take away what he has already gifted us. He is like a big child that throws a huge fit and then tries to manipulate the consequences by profusely crying and apologizing for them later. I'm praying that this letter and my out cry for help finds the right people and that we may be able to gain some direction, knowledge, understanding, or guidance for our situation. PLEASE! Thank you for your time and I anxiously await your reply. God Bless!



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