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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"Special Message to Cabal, Ancient Families and More" by BeautyEarthComing - 5.31.17

Entry Submitted by BeautyEarthComing at 9:27 AM EDT on May 31, 2017

Special Message to Cabal/Ancient Families/Spiritual community/Gov. Agencies/Galatic Federation/Higher beings

Who am I?

I am just an original 3Dimension Human, but before I came to this planet Earth, I may be a star or elohim gods, but it doesn’t matter at this moment. I am not a walkin or ET so I do not break “Free Will” law in this Milky Way universe, therefore I can do whatever I want.

I can solve any problems in any planets/universes, Earth is not an exception. In this message I will tell you how to break the current system/mass ascension/RV,etc.

I have feeling I need to release this message because I have reached to the highest level of awareness/understanding/enlightenment in 3D human body, to the point even with trillions dollar in the bank still make me sad, I am sad about the current state of this planet and this universe. I have feeling goddess of mecy - QuanYin and higher beings want to give every “dark being” a last chance. Because the money/gold keepers of China/planet Earth/this universe is Jade Emperor not QuanYin. So QuanYin name suddenly appear is for that purpose “a last chance for the dark/cabal”, and I am going showing the dark how you going to lose everything unless you turn to light, co-operate and rebuild planet Earth!

You cannot defeat 3D system by using 5D, 6D(love love and love) responsed like many ascended master, higher ET recommended. You need using 3D tools to defeat 3D world, that’s the beauty of the only God. That’s why I have to send out this message.

About planet Earth

First of all, I want to thank to both the dark(Cabal) and the light to create one of the most intersting/stupidest planet. The very best and very worst beings of many planets were sent here, how cool is that? But this millions year old brutal/interesting/stupid school/lab is coming to end very soon. It is the time for Earth to become “Paradise Heaven” planet of Milky Way Galaxy once again.

Why the Cabal still fighting and not surrender?

Statistics: 99.99% earth human still sleeping and only less than 0.01% are awakened.

The Cabal are still controlling the media and many big corporations, they think “lightworkers are bunch of idiots who doesn’t know about business/economy” and “lightworkers only care about spiritual world”, even with zillions money after the RV, “how they can break our empire businesses” “we can still easily control and manipulate the sleepy humans” “Higher ET is not allowed to intervene” “If people have more money, we just need raise the price, we don’t see how we lost the battle yet”.

How to fix planet Earth once and forever

The only way to fix correctly once for all is change the system, giving people power back equally. How? The short answer is referendum.

Step 1: Setup a world organization has name like “Peace, Truth, Harmony Earth”
Step 2: Insert terms for all public awkendend people discuss/vote, keep the terms short and simple.

This is just an outline example:

- The media/newspaper/government must publish the truth only, if fake news or opition/dream-story, etc. must tell people at the beginning.
- Do not attack/invade any other nations
- Zero personal income tax, only sale and corporate tax
- Transparency Government, etc.
* Just keep simple, GESARA is not perfect because is was drafted by few people.

Step 3: Open referendum in all nations worldwide

We already know the result, don’t we? Who don’t want hear the truth, who don’t want live in peace and harmony?

If for “some reasons” any nation do not want hold that kind of referendum, what do you think people of that nation will do? Resolution !!! Because that’s the sign of a Government want to control/enslave people.

Step 4: Make sure that if new term added or eddited, all nations/people will have to vote again, if any nation rejects, the term will not come to effected => It’s to make sure the term inserted by “special interest” will never happened. You can buy group of people but you cannot buy the whole world.

What do you think about the system above? Is that perfect? Yes.

No matter who in charge of any nation’s Government, the power is in hand of people.

That’s just an example of how world gorvernment should be functioned. All any other problems like patent, foods, business, economy, health, etc. will be easily solved. Nobody can able to control over others forever because the system is flawess.

To the Cabal/Ancient families

That the way you are going to lose, can you counter above system? Nobody can counter above system even Gods.

All the methods you have been used to control human like vaccine, GMO, chemtrail, frequency, etc. will be revealed to the whole world within matter of months.

My advise for all cabal/ancient families and their servants is surrender and turn to light, rebuild planet Earth.

What is the purpose of control over others? Does it help you to gain any special abilities?

What is purpose of life in this planet Earth? Human were not just born to eat-work-play-sleep then die. There is a lot more to learn and discover in this wonderful planet Earth and the universe.

Do you want to live over 700 years old, do you want using telepathy/teleport, do you want to communicate with plants/animals, do you want to fly, do you want to travel to other planets/universe? Etc.

You have 2 choices

1- Continue eat-work-play-sleep then die.

2- Surrender, turn to light and rebuild nova Earth together.

Here is the result of each selection

1- Your entire methods/actions in the past and up until will be reveal to the whole world. Your entire family assets will be collected by “sleepy people” demanded, that’s for sure. Even if you change name/laundering assets, you just cannot hide it, this planet is small, every actions are all recorded in Cosmic Library. I don’t care about your wealth but “sleepy people” will demand.

2-If you surrender, your assets will be saved, your actioned will be hornored. Then give the light community a signal by:

Pull Monsanto out of NYSE stock market before 5pm June 7th New York time (Eastern Time).

If you do not pull Monsanto out by that deadline, which mean you chose number 1, there won’t be any talk after that.

The choice is your, choose quickly. I don’t have time to play some silly game.

To the Spiritual community

I am not spiritual teacher/guru, but I have some tips for you guys:

All of you need to understand that many of you used to be a powerful being in your home planet, some even surpass Ascended Master tittle, some are even used to be Elohim Gods. You don’t need to bowl down/admire Angel/Arcangel/Ascended Master, etc. but you need to respect everybody.

When you channeling, make sure the people you are speak with are the real one by ask them promise like “I am the real Arcangel ..., repesent love blabla, I do not use other people’s signature energy, I promise to god, galatic federation blabla”

Take care of your physical body

Do not expect healing machine/chamber from advance ET near future. Because there is already enough information on the internet on how to live to 700-800 years old and more already, you guys need to do your own reaseach/experiment buy yourself. I know we are living in extreme environment but do not blame it, it is part to the fun game. There are a lot of small pieces, it will be fun discoveries journey, my best hint is to observe.

About Global Financial Reset

This is an interesting subject everybody waiting for. I am going to give you my insight and my opition. First, you guys need to understand that people in-charge of the GCR are very secret, there is no way they are giving out the date or correct info 100%, all the intel you heard on the internet are from speculators, that’s why there should be a law of truth news like I mention about so the reader won’t be misslead and disappointed.


For me I don’t care about much about kickoff time but the Middle East want it happen during holy month of Ramadan, but the Chinese really really care about the “real, correct, ancient calendar” where Earth calendar count base around the Moon, not some stupid western calender base on nothing. So GCR will officially occur globaly on June 9th(Full Moon 15/May) or June 24th(New Moon 01/June), 800# number will be release around that time, it depends on the when the elders want to insert data straight to official system or draft system first, I don’t know. I won’t be surprised when Earth unified, we will switch back to ancient calendar in the future.

June is also the month where all schools closed → 20-30% less traffic than the normal day all across global.

In my opinion, every single exchangers no matter what currency/rates NDA or non-NDA will have to sign an agreement about do no harm to others, to nature, no control over others, no working with/for cabal. So don’t be surprised about that because I think the cabal already hired some actors. That agreement is only affect the bad guys, the good guys are ok, no problem.

For zim holders

Do not invest in stock market, use money wisely and have some responsibility like your hard earned money. Stock market will collapse in near future, most of business on Earth base on trick/deceive people, the stock market will collapse when people know the truth about human body and their origin. The elders want zim holders build something new, new kind of business, new kind of building.

- One of many future model businesses will be base on volunteer contribution, transparency finance like wikipedia’s website running at the moment.
- Many businesses/technology/software are now being created by just some group of people, there should be a system where people are allow openly discuss/like/dislike features, etc. But it must be transparency, do not track people or hide anything, just create open source where everybody can verify no tracking/hiding.
- Planting more trees, organic farming, do not place all type of tree in one area, diversity it. Instead of planting 200 same tree in 1 hectare, it better to plant 5 x 40 types of trees in the same area.
- Building using plant-based like bamboo, hemcrete, etc. instead of some un-connected artificial chemical structure.

That’s just couple of idea, please explore and find something new.

To every nation Gorverments

- Structure, problem/solution:

Each cities/area/nation have their own problems, there should be a transparency portal allow people discuss vote online so “the best” solution will appeared, do not rely on group of people just sit on the office know almost nothing about reality. Millions brain is always better than few thousands.

- Do your job and take care of people properly.

Foods: everybody want organic, heirloom’god’ seed, why don’t just apply it to the law, just ban GMO and chemical farming already.
Healthcare: use your common sense and do your own reaseach, test already. Most of the test/science are being paid by special/interest.

Ban vaccine, it’s the scam. Do flu vaccine care guarantee people will never got flu? No, so while insert that toxin inside your body? It likes the body super healthy but insert super-doing-vaccince the pharma claim will extent life few seconds, but the fact it will get your body die faster few years.

You can just get rich buy selling spring water but claimming it’s as cancer vaccine, pay some doctors write the result claim reduce cancer risk. Hahaha, how stupid is that can be!

Ask the doctors give medicine, do they know the cause of the problems? They won’t sure 100% what is really cause of. But they still give some “toxin medicine”, you cannot solve the problem if you don’t know for sure the problem!

And many many more subject, the list is endless, open a online portal allow people send problem and there will people give correct solution.

To Galatic Federation/Higher beings

Do not let the cabal harm lightworkers. I want to ask do I allowed release the formula to cure any diseases at the moment yet. I understand Earth is still a school and the very best of many planet were sent here for studying, I don’t want ruin their experience espcially this beauty transsition period time. I want a confirmation about that, I don’t want upset any planet, it’s rare moment in this universe.

To ET from every planets: Stop laughing Earth, be prepare for martial-art-fighting, dancing, singing, etc. tournament on planet Earth in the near future.

I can’t wait to see how all other ET races in Milky Way performing their best at Earth stage.

I have a feeling I used to be a Elohim Gods. Is that fun to completed mission without knowing exactly the mission it is? Can some angelic being tell me something about my past, highest soul level and mission on this planet (if have). There is nothing to play on Earth already...

P/S: Please do not looking/searching me, I just want to enjoy a peaceful transition time.

Please spread this message to any spiritual portal/forum if you think it is good for Earth and spiritual community.

Thank you for reading,





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