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Sunday, May 7, 2017

"Soon to be Green" - Last Night's KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26


Gem » May 6th, 2017

Hello Frank with all the news rolling in are you going to be able to fit it all in on Monday's CC and how nervous is your ponytail about being cut soon?

Frank26 » May 6th, 2017

As nervous as an Umbilical Cord.................. C U on a Powerful MONDAY CC.

Hootowl » May 6th, 2017

hey there big guy,,,,might you tell us a riddle on intel that we people might have something to think and talk about...

Frank26 » May 6th, 2017

What is WHITE that is soon to be GREEN?

Blinkster » May 6th, 2017

lol....that 7% of MOOOSE-UL???

Fenway » May 6th, 2017

That part of the published map of Mosul that still shows Daesh occupying a large part of the right (west) side.

Frank26 » May 6th, 2017

Yes................ Class over ....... C U on YOUR MONDAY CC ....... Pure Aloha

Pmac » May 6th, 2017

Please. Mobile Banking? At a program rate? This MR sure has grown legs!!

Hey Ahmed!! Remember those 250,000 IQD I loaned you last week...

Well you can pay me back with Venmo, PayPal, or just by good ol' Rafidan / Rasheed mobile app on your phone.

Better not wait since this 1000:1 ain't gonna last very long!!

Don961 » May 6th, 2017

Calls for the launch of banking "mobile" and leave the paperwork

BAGHDAD Journal News

He called on the Iraqi Central Bank Governor Ali Mohsen Keywords government and private banks to activate mobile banking in the country, stressing that the infrastructure of the Central Bank is ready to launch this project.

And it launched, the conference of banking technologies at the Babylon Hotel in central Baghdad with the participation of 30 companies from seven Arab and foreign countries.
Among the reporter (Journal), who attended the conference, that "the Conference of Banking Technologies launched, the center of the capital Baghdad, with the participation of 30 companies from 7 countries," noting that "significant economic figures attended the conference, including the Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords and financial adviser to the prime minister the appearance of Mohammed Saleh The head of Baghdad Investment Authority as well as Arab and foreign delegations. "

The central bank governor said on the Keywords that "Mobile banking shortened a lot of trouble on the citizen instead of standing in long lines to complete his dealings paper .. and that resort to electronic transactions shorten the time and transportation costs and effort in completing the transaction and great speed and lower the cost of which is the foundation that governs the relationship between banks and the public. "

He stressed Keywords that "the central bank has built infrastructure able to accommodate this project and also has systems around the world to accommodate technological developments and we have no problem in accommodating these developments," stressing the need to take into account the activation of this project. "

He stressed that "what we are looking for is that these investments lead to reduce paperwork and replace them with transactions in order to reach Alaketronnebh to the level of mobile banking services which is what should be that all public and private banks to have plans that are able to achieve such a project."

He noted that "the central bank began significant strides, especially the distribution of state employees' salaries through banks and banking offices, which represents the spark of an important starting point in this employment is a great test for the banking sector among the public and the bank and it should the relationship be transparent Wen groping both deals with the banking sector development and progress and get what he wants without any routine and the cost of the withdrawal of salaries or delays in transactions. "

Keywords called at the end of his speech, all banks to interact with what sophisticated banking and upgrading work hard to compete with international banks.

Meanwhile called on the head of the Iraqi Association of private banks Wadie Nuri Handal, technology and telecommunications companies and information providers to cooperate with the banking sector to activate the electronic banking services and raise the level of international banks.

He said Handal at the conference, said that "the demographics in Iraq requires a shift to electronic banking and access to financial inclusion which we aspire, adding that this conference is the first conference of banking techniques in Baghdad with the participation of foreign banks."

"The banking technology is very important and requires the banks attention to thedevelopment of the means to enter the banking electronic world and towards a world free of cash banking sectors and move towards electronic banking, providing a tremendous amount of information and keep customers from the risks of cash theft society."

He Handal on the development of banks and the continuation of the central bank steps in support of the banks and development in the launch of projects that serve the citizen.

The first day included the Conference of the first three sessions to discuss the localization of salaries of employees in the presence of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh and General Manager of the Department of Payments in the Central Bank sacrificed Abdul Karim and Director General of the Department of Information and Communications Technology in the Central Bank of Adnan Asaad and managed by the Executive Director of the Association of Private Banks Ali Tariq, discussed infrastructure, the second session IT in Iraq, while the last session discussed the electronic banking in Iraq.

The Association of private banks, announced earlier, the start of conference banking technologies beginning of May with the participation of 30 Arab and foreign and local companies from seven countries, stressing that the aim of the conference is to inform the government and private Iraqi banks on the services provided by companies in addition to stimulating international companies to enter the Iraqi market and provide their products.

The executive director of the Association of Private Banks, Ali Tariq, in a press statement, said that "private banks association organizes conference banking technologies in the capital Baghdad on the sixth and seventh of the month of May with the participation of 30 Arab and foreign and local companies from Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE, Bahrain, Morocco and the countries of Iraq and under the auspices of the Bank Central, "noting that" the conference will address the central bank's strategy and the development of banking technologies using modern technology and the balance of payments and resettlement project salaries and infrastructure programs, banking and electronic payment tools modern. "

He added that "the goal of holding a conference of banking technology is to inform the Iraqi government and private banks on the services provided by companies in addition to stimulating international companies to enter the Iraqi market and provide their products."


Samson » May 6th, 2017

230 tourism contracts signed with Kurdistan

6th May, 2017

The Middle East Tourism Exhibition 2017 was concluded here today.

The exhibition was opened last Thursday, which was regarded a big event in the Kurdish region.

200 companies from 16 Arab and foreign countries took part, in addition to local companies from the Kurdish region and other Iraqi provinces.

It was reported that companies from Jordan, Tunisia, Kuwait, Egypt, united Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Holland, Sweden , Ukraine, Britain, Armenia, Belorussia, Azerbaijan and Iran signed 230 contracts and memos for this purpose.


Don961 » May 6th, 2017

Baghdad is witnessing the participation of foreign ambassadors marathon

07/05/2017 (00:01 pm) - Baghdad / term

Organized by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, on Saturday, a symbolic marathon in central Baghdad, with the participation of a number of ambassadors Alahanb, noting that the goal of the marathon is to "promote the spirit of peace" in the country.

The marathon was launched from Jadriya through the famous street Abi Nawas in the heart of the capital, Baghdad , down to Babylon Hotel, back and forth. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs participated ambassadors and a large number of its employees as well as a limited number of representatives of foreign missions in this race , which was taken tight security measures by deploying troops along the race , which reached five kilometers away.

Haidar al - Barrak, head of the Political Planning Department at the ministry's "Agence France Presse", " The initiative is a message to all those who incite violence and terrorism, and that the Iraqi people are peace - loving and anti - violent forms for each."

On the goal of the establishment of this marathon, Barrak stressed that " the goal of the establishment of this marathon is solidarity with our security forces working on the protection and comfort of the Iraqi citizen," he said . "We wanted through this event which carried the sports non - political character, to convey the message to the world reflect Iraq and the Iraqis seek to foster a spirit of peace and tolerance. "

The Ambassador expressed Indonesia for "happiness to participate," he said , "We tried to show our participation through our support to the Iraqi government and the Iraqi people in the fight against terrorism," noting that "he did not have doubts any security concerns during the race."


Don961 » May 6th, 2017

Keywords: Central has a distinct global infrastructure

07/05/2017 0:00

In the first banking technologies conference

BAGHDAD / Hussein Tgb

disclosed banking technologies conference on Saturday for possession of the Iraqi Central Bank and one of the advanced infrastructure comparable to what is owned by the advanced economies of the world and can employ global communications revolution to develop all aspects of the Iraqi capital sector.

This came during a banking technology conference sponsored by the Central Bank of Iraq and organized by the Iraqi Association of private banks, which was attended by more than 500 personal and specialized companies from 9 countries.

Central Bank Governor Dr. Keywords Ali said that this conference is important for achieving development and progress in the banking sector, pointing out that a large number of banks were able to go a long way in the development of competencies and the use of advanced software.

He added that the central has infrastructure unique in the world able to absorb the best international systems offered by banks, and this conference is a spark for the development of the reality of the banking sector and strengthening the relationship between the banks and the public, calling on banks to interact with the supply of advanced technologies for the advancement of banking work.

Keep pace with the development Keywords between the favorable opportunity to enter the systems of advanced international companies to the financial sector and the demand is available on the best programs and we have the ability to absorb, indicating that the central walking fast and sophisticated pace in order to keep pace with the development and use of best global technologies and allocate large amounts annually.

He urged a closer relationship between the public and the banks that require speed, efficiency and low cost in the provision of products and this is achieved the adoption of advanced technologies and access to banking phones away from the queues, pointing to the need to overcome red tape in the completion of transactions, as the central works to expand on the subject of financial inclusion.

Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister Dr. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh began his sentence descriptive "If the money represents the blood banking is the heart The device banking technologies represent food , " said the technologies reduce red tape and facilitate transactions and need to keep up with continuous development. And he confirmed the existence of a government decision using the most advanced technologies in the payment of staff salaries and described criticism that the institution needs to develop in order not to become a burden on society, which needs to modern methods of work.

Arms marketing head of the Iraqi private banks association Wadih Handal said: Our message in this conference are summarized to confirm cooperation and integration between the banks on the one hand and between the information and communication service providers , IT companies on the other hand, to enable banks to extend its arms marketing to all citizens and to provide banking services on a larger scale .

The banks in Iraq, despite the difficulties faced by Balasttmarwalttaiwir in the field of information technology there is still much to be done in this area, and the step that we have started on this road should continue and not stop to keep pace with progress in the field of technology in the light of the central bank's plans that operate and seek to interest in the implementation of pilot projects, most recently the national divider unique region - wide project.

Competition scale witnessed recent years , a revolution in the banking industry was its gate using technology that provided it easier and deliver innovative products customer service sets a benchmark for the competition, and increased operational efficiency through the electronic banking industry development and keep pace with the communications revolution and the expansion of e - commerce and increasing competition.

Handal said that the technology has dominated all sectors in the world, which requires the banks attention to this fact , to keep up with Alttoralhasal and to reach customers outside the branches, and the provision of innovation and new means of payment, otherwise the , there are other sectors can enter as a competitor to the banking market through provide as requested by customers.

He said the geographical and demographic structure of Iraq imposes the urgent need to shift our banks to electronic banking banks Tovralkhaddmat to all segments of the citizens wherever they may be down to financial inclusion that we all seek to achieve.

The world around us heading gradually towards a cash society in banking transactions, an important objective of reducing the costs of the use of banknotes and its cons countless, including the difficulty of follow - up cash move offset by the ease in identifying the electronic financial movements , which provides a better regulatory environment and a tremendous amount of information that can be relied upon in the marketing of new products, and also the benefits of the technology have Mkhatraly banks should be studied carefully and inform them with sufficient attention.

The competent financial affairs Ali Zaidi between that in all cases , Iraq is waiting for economically promising mobility, which requires us to make a sophisticated financial sector that compete with international banks , which began to open branches inside Iraq after it realized the importance of Iraq in the international economic arena. He cautioned that international delegations attending to Iraq accompanied by economic effort continuously and this is evidence of the positive international outlook for the national economy , which has the ingredients for success and this perceived by the world's leading companies around the world.

Systems expertise and Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Tariq Ali said that the presence of this number of companies Bdjaptha best banking technologies around the world , proof that it is determined to be in Iraq , rendering and expertise and this greatly facilitates the development of the financial sector.

He noted that private banks have a great desire to adopt advanced systems, as competition leads to the expansion of products in quantity and quality and convey the Iraqi financial sector into reality better and creates an expansion progress real toning capabilities of Iraq 's economic and workload , which absorbs a great deal of the global effort advanced.

Tariq said the conference will complement efforts of the Association, especially in the field of training where the preparation of hundreds of experiences in the past months and training on various important banking activities, where the conference provides advanced systems that increase the capabilities of the trainee and make him lead a great service in this aspect.

The working environment specialist financial affairs Haider Kadhim al - Baghdadi said that the banking sector in Iraq needs to organize more of his joints and that this conference came Baltqanat that contribute to the development of product quality and quantity without the slightest doubt, noting the need to be equivalent to the technical development of the evolution of the labor laws and the environment governing the sector mechanisms financial.

He noted that the presence of technology companies in Baghdad would rise to work where he will create a spirit of competition between banks , which in turn leads to a positive shift in the reality of work in this sector and is an important hub for the process of economic development sought by Iraq.

Genuine cooperation and economic member of the Baghdad forum on behalf of Antoine stressed that the urgent need for a sophisticated banking sector already and that the organization of a conference must be attached to real cooperation with these companies and actually to have offices in Baghdad , announcing offers cutting - edge technology and be obliged to train local talent to manage properly and be able to of them, and here it can be an effective cooperation in this aspect between these companies and the Association of Iraqi private banks that could facilitate matters of training.

Antoine stressed the need to have a sophisticated banking sector is able to cooperate with the big money needed by Iraq in the construction and reconstruction operations and trading capital.

The pace of development Hisham al - Saadi representative of the company politicized technology banks between Iraq a new market in this area and contains a large number of employment opportunities for the existence of banks and many viable financial companies to expand with the high pace of development in Iraq, and our target audience presence close to Iraqi banks as we carry from technology leads to the development of the reality of products that offer to the beneficiaries.




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