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Monday, May 1, 2017

"Something Doesn't Add up!" by (Anonymous) - 5.1.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 4:34 PM EDT on May 1, 2017

First of all, up front, so nobody gets the wrong idea regarding my motives for posting this, this is NOT meant to insult anyone or call anyone a liar nor to make it seem like I'm ungrateful because this exchange gift we're being given is an amazing gift from the Creator and I'm grateful for whatever I can negotiate as a final sum at my exchange appointment so I can do the good on Earth I promised the creator I would try to do before I stepped into my currenty body.

This analysis is merely meant to raise our level of awareness that we may not be being told the truth, for whatever reason...

I have no ulterior motives nor any private agendas. I'm merely stating information we've been told and then doing the math. Judge for yourself.

So without further adieu....

Its been said several times that the elders released 168 zeros to cover the RV/GCR. And I think I even read somewhere that they didn't release everything they could have, holding some back for some reason, if I'm remembering correctly.

So, just doing the math to figure out how much each of us could simply be GIVEN, no exchanges, no "negotiating", nothing, lets see what the math says.

There are, according to wikipedia, about 7.5 billion humans on Earth in 2017 (top side of the land shell - a.k.a. us humans) so lets high-ball that to 10 billion to make sure we're on the way too big a number side so we're not fooling ourselves. There are NOT 10 billion people on Earth this year and probably won't be until some time after 2020!

If we divide 1E168 (a 1 with 168 zeros following it) by 10 billion (1E10) we get


This is how much they can give every single INDIVIDUAL human on Earth not excluding anyone (more actually because I high-balled how many humans there are on Earth by 2.5 billion).

What do you think your chances of talking the banker at your exchange appointment into giving you that is going to be? Right?

OK, so lets make this a little more reasonable. Lets assume that 99.9% of that is for country governments, bank reserves and who knows what where in reality only 0.1% of it is really available for worldwide currency exchanges. Lets do the math...

(1E168/1000) = 1E165/10E9 = 1E155

Anyone thing they'll be able to talk the banker into 155 zeros? Nope, me neither.

Even if they only made 1 billionth of the 168 zeros available for currency exchanges, that would still allow each and every single individual on Earth (remember, high-balling this number 2.5 billion more than is said to be living on Earth in 2017) to get

(1E168/1E9) = 1E159/10E9 = 1E149

Anyone think they'll be able to talk the exchange banker into giving them 149 zeros? Nope, me neither.

Something seriously does not compute here!

So lets do other math. One of the gurus said something over the last couple days suggesting the US got 100 zeros for exchanges. A gogolplex is a 1 followed by 100 zeros. This seems really small compared to 168 zeros but for arguments sake lets do the math.

It is forecasted there will be about 326 million people living in the US so lets way highball that to 500million for good measure so our results are way pessimistic (lower).

If even we use the last argument that we the people only get 1 billionth of the 168 zeros for exchanges, lets use the same assumption for the 1E100 figure (which would make the US government and whoever else gets the rest insanely rich compared to the population I might add)

1E100/1e9 = 1E91 / 500E6 = 2e82

and then some they can give to every single american citizen.

Anybody think you'll get even close to that (2 followed by 82 zeros)?

Nope, me neither but for sure a lot of laughter for asking the banker for it!

Something SERIOUSLY does not add up! Not from anything any information we've been told.

Where's all the money going because if either of these sources is correct as to how much is actually available, its surely not going to wind up in our bank accounts/trusts so where is it going?

So since we're obviously NOT being told the truth, what IS the reality of this? If there really was 168 zeros released for the RV, where is the bulk of the money going because its most assuredly not going to wind up in the bank accounts of those exchanging currency during the RV event?

And remember, the math that was done does not even bring the issue of exchanges and negotiated rates into the picture. The math is simply

<how much we have to give> / <how many people live on Earth>

or in the case of the 1E100 number,

<how much we have to give> / <how many people live in the USA>

Now when you factor in the exchanges and everyone not in the internet group getting very low exchange rates and even in the internet group where most will choose the high negotiated non-NDA screen rate (jokingly called the scream rate), there will be many of orders of magnitude LESS money paid out by comparison.

So as I said, unless everything we've been told is just a complete fabrication (that proverbial "out of thin air" thing) where one or the other of the numbers is true, where is the bulk of the money going? We're surely not going to be getting it.

Just to put this into perspective though, NOBODY is getting a raw deal at the exchange regardless what you can negotiate because nobody could even spend 21-24 zeros in their lifetime if even they lived thousands of years (by then money would be worthless and defunct anyway). Even 18 zeros is getting silly (1 quintillion), heck, even 15 zeros is kind of silly (1quadrillion) - not that you shouldn't ask for the sky because you should... and then if you hear no, negotiate down from there. BUT now you have some math to lay on the banker to ask him to explain, if whats been purported to have been made available is correct, WHERE ALL THE MONEY IS GOING. Knowledge is power.

If you look at the total (cabal) world debt including all the ponzy scheme "derivatives", last reported was it was around 4 quadrillion $$ TOTAL! A single zim holder with a mere 1.5quadrillion zim to exchange (1500T and many have this or more because of the low rates initially stated years ago as 3 cents on the dollar and 6 zeros taken off where everyone bought a lot just to get something reasonable at the exchange) those holding this or more each will, even at the high non-NDA screen rate, walk away from the exchange with more money than the whole world is worth! Think about that! Yeah, its kind of humbling, isn't it?



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