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Sunday, May 7, 2017

"Silent Cat, Better Stay Silent..." - One Who Knows - 5.7.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 8:49 PM EDT on May 7, 2017

Silent Cat, Better Stay Silent...

To my friends in Dinarland. I thank you for asking me to look into this silent cat post. I got so many emails about this post, and it turns out it is almost not worth my time to respond to. Frankly, I thought it would be a challenge, but, it is kindergartener level at best. I guess the Cabals best Dissinfo agents must have already been arrested. However, it has given me some fun as I wait for the 800#s with you. I could have made the post shorter, but you got to let me have my fun from time to time. If you like comedy, and a good thrashing as much as I do, then read on an enjoy!

I flipped the script this time. The silent cat nonsense is in red and my fun response to it, is in black. Enjoy, I did!

The Post In Question

"Intel Check" by A Silent Cat - 5.7.17

Entry Submitted by A Silent Cat at 11:09 AM EDT on May 7, 2017


This message is for all those who find information from “gurus” to be either unbelievable or frustratingly inconsistent. We have been watching this site in particular (amongst others) and have found it to be full of interesting information. We would like to help clear up some points.

Let me explain who we are and what we do. As you may know there are people all over the world working on moving Heritage Funds (HF) to pay for the transition to asset-back currencies, or GCR/RV, and the Historical Asset Redemption Program (HARP). We are a group of former government intelligence officers who have been tasked with the movement of all those assets, worldwide. We do not work for any government. Our operations only just started a couple months ago, though we have been contracted for years, and move everything from a few Chinese “Farmers” boxes to several containers (20ft) of Federal Reserve Boxes (known as “FRNs” or “FRBs”). Yes, currency also – “Quads of IQD.” Let me provide you, the people of Dinarland, who have been on such a rollercoaster some real news. I will attempt to use terms you are familiar with, as opposed to what we use in the field.

A) We are supposed to Believe You For What Reason? I know nay-sayers who can make up a better story than that.

B) The (Supposed) information that you have or are dealing with HBs qualifies you for what?

C) Why are you coming out of hibernation to bother us now, with your non sense and opinions now? To sell your book? Good luck with that!


1The HF behind the GCR/RV and HARP has a long history and there is a significant economic theory that backs the reason why this is happening. Nonetheless, these monies have been moved out of dormant accounts and transferred to various accounts of the major Paymasters worldwide.

Even Bruce tell us this every week....

By the way I know when a Fear Mongering Trigger Word is being used. I can say "Trigger" Words as well. Silent Cat Group, Pizza-gate, pedophiles, Poison GMOs, Poison Vaccinations. How is that for association? Don't worry, I am just getting started.

2“Been Paid.” Most of us have been under various contracts of sovereigns (if you don’t know what a “sovereign” is – think of a family with more money that most countries and have had that money for at least 5 generations, most over 10 generations) and we have been told by them, that they have been paid, BUT those funds have NOT been released (if you have heard the term “Admin Hold”). In short, Tier 1, 2 and 3 have NOT been paid. That money is NOT circulating.

That is right, the money is on hold so that no double dipping occurs no matter who you are. Just go ask ZAP about how long his bond redemption has taken. Nothing special about this intel. By the way, I've got news for you, some of those on-hold accounts, of your big wigs, You Know Cabal Members, will stay FROZEN even after the GCR starts. TOO-BAD HOW SAD-FOR-YOU.

4.Money and Politics. There is no relationship (anymore) between governments and the movement of these funds. Imagine trying to push the water of Niagara Falls through a straw. In addition, every transaction has to be perfect. Not one error can be made, so there are many checks and balances. “Delays” because of this country has an election or that country is at war (“Mosul”), this stuff is not true. We know you hear very weird stuff, but continuing to attempt linkages between what we do and political unrest, or whatever, is merely a coping mechanism. Try to avoid this if at all possible.

This is a bunch of double talk babble. Governments used to be owned by the CABAL, and so did the central banks, and they no longer are. So yes, the financial system is finally independent as it should be. Besides, the money is coming from the Elders who DECIDE who and when the money gets distributed. If a government does not get in line with the GESARA standards, they don't get the money. You sounded a bit lost, so I thought I would clue you in. By the way, all currency will be gold/asset backed and issued by the NON-CABAL central banks. Good News Right? I knew you would agree.

5.How much more time will I have to wait? This is the over-arching question.

Unfortunately, we don’t have good news on this topic. Given the amount of work we have to do (“transferring physical assets”) and the number of checks in place to avoid all those bad things that can go bad if will be some time. *We would tell you that if money comes to you before the end of the year, we would be amazed.*

Oh My God! Are you telling me that YOU are the ones who are in charge of this roll out? Are you kidding me? YOU, silent cat, with a web site that has 15 views a day are the big bad power in charge of the GCR roll out? AND then you want to come up in our house with your PATHETIC FEAR MONGERING THAT IT WON’T HAPPEN TILL THE END OF THE YEAR? Who do you think you are? NO, I mean "WHO DO YOU THINK WE ARE? You better get a grip on reality, because you are already losing my attention. Frankly I can't wait to see your "negative" information, I am in the mood for a good laugh. BRING IT!

NEGATIVES (“Bad information”)

1.Publicity. From what we have heard there will be no public announcement that is as grand as what has been explained on all these sites. Don’t look for some grand party, or that Iraq is “popping corks.” It will slowly transition in.

That is your negative information, that the sleeping public won't be notified by a big announcement? So what, we already know that the public will be brought up to speed carefully and in perfect timing. We will most likely exchange before any big changes happen that they public is aware of, although, since it has taken so long, it might happen together. The plan on that mater is still in flux.

You better take off your genius hat, I don't think you are going to earn it today.

2.Some people may ask if Trump has to leave office. It won’t happen. There is no connection between Trump and the GCR/RV and HARP other than he signed documents to move the programs forward, where Bush and Obama both stagnated the whole process for over a decade.

Wake up cat! You are still asleep with the general public. Don't worry though, you will get clued in when the rest of the oblivious sleeping public does. By the way it is so Cabal of you to keep using the words HARP (Is DEAD), how pathetic. HARP is dead, get over it. By the way, as I mentioned above I recognize a Fear Mongering trigger word when I see one. So I will see your trigger word, and raise you by 5. Silent Cat, Pizza-Gate, Pedophiles, Poison GMOs, Poisonous Vaccinations. I can play this CIA move all day long. Try Me!

3.Cabal. There is no cabal. There is no one being arrested. A good number of our intel officers are former federal agents. Their network is vast. If someone would have been arrested you would hear about it because arrests are public knowledge. There have been some people who have stood in the way, but they have been worked around.

WOW! How cabal of you to say there is no Cabal. DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE TALKING TO? We know more about the Cabal and their EVIL CIA WAYS, than anyone else in the World. We are the Light Workers, WE ARE AWAKE, you pathetic idiot. You mean to come up in our House and say there is no Cabal?

Where to begin.... Clearly, you are either clueless for REAL, or you are Moron Stupid to think you could say something like that to us. YOU BETTER GO BACK TO CIA SPY SCHOOL, YOU ARE NOT TOO GOOD AT IT YET. Don't worry, you will get your own special visit soon, I am sure.

The minute you started writing this dribble, you were sealing your fate. I can't wait to see what you claim next. I just know it is going to be a dozy!

4.Chinese elders/Grandfather & Light/Dark workers. Have no idea who these people are. We think this is some of the best fiction we have read in years. We hope a book/movie comes out, it will do very well. We can say that Maurice Strong (RIP) started this process decades ago with the Chinese government after he found out about historical assets and heritage funds. That’s where this story starts.

Well, this just takes the cake. Frankly I am so pleased that you said what you just said above. You have just proved yourself the most inept spy that ever lived. Don't you know how to write effective disinformation? Let me school you a bit, O.K.?

Set The Hook (Spy Disinformation 101)

First, you say things that your audience already knows is true. That makes you sound like you know what you are talking about. BUT YOU FAILED MISERABLY at this most basic Disinformation 101 strategy.

You made an attempt up above, but what you said was stupid and frankly meaningless. The GCR has a good reason for being true? That is your big HOOK? Then you say the top people have not been paid yet? No shit Sherlock! EVERYONE here knows that. Then you mention something that governments are in the way or something...???? I don’t really know what you were saying, except that it was useless and NOT intel. Then you say, in the "good news section" no less, that you are the ones doing the work for the GCR, and that it will not go till the end of the year?

I am sorry to inform you, that if I was your instructor at Langley CIA spy school, I would have failed you on spot for this pathetic attempt. You failed to get the audience's attention with compelling intel. I really think a high schooler could have done a better job.

Part Two, The Disinformation, The LIE (Spy Disinformation 101)

This is where you mislead people to believe the lies. If you hooked them with the small bit of true intel, and by the way you didn't, you would then carefully weave in the big lies here.

However, your first Negative point was that there would be no big public announcement? So what? We already know we will be exchanging in secret... DUH! This point should have been in "True Intel Part." Just saying...

Your next Lie was that Trump wouldn't leave office. I have to admit, this was a little tricky, because while not saying it exactly, you were saying that there is no Republic, NESARA and thus GESARA, but again you failed to get to know your audience. We have been learning all about the big changes coming in, and the new restored Republic. Sorry, this LIE failed based on so many reasons that I won’t even bother to list them here. Frankly, we probably know more about the Republic and NESARA/GESARA than you, or your "Employers."

Then you did that tricky Name dropping thing, but I already told you that HARP IS DEAD. (Did you see how I connected your power word to DEAD?) Smart huh? No Pont in mentioning it again. Sorry, you were not successful in triggering fear, by that term. But name dropping is fun and we on the Light Side can do it as well. Washington D.C. Pedophiles, Pizza Gate, Vince Foster, Evil Death Causing Vaccinations, Chem-Trails, Evil Rothschild's, Evil Rockefellers, Monsanto Cancer Causing GMOs. Isn't that fun? I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. Now when this post gets picked up by the search engines, your name will be linked to these terms as well. Enjoy!!!!! (I did)

Where were we? Oh yeah, we were addressing the Lies in your post...

The Next LIE (No Cabal)

There is no Cabal? This one for the record books... YOUR stupidity is beyond measure. I mean, I have never experienced stupidity to this level as you have demonstrated here, by saying to us, the Light Workers that there is no Cabal. Do you realize that you are just baiting me to say all the things you wish I wouldn't? You know 9-11? False Flags? Chem Trails? Agenda 2030? Admiralty Law? You know the gold fringe Flag? The Birth certificate bond, and the death benefit to the Cabal? Frankly, this is way too easy, and I'll not waste any more of my time on this pathetic LIE. All I have to say is: "That is so Cabal of you to say there is no cabal." Here is a great quote for you "Don't look at the man behind the curtain!" What a joke...

The Next LIE (No Light Workers)

Again, your utter stupidity is beyond measure. Do you realize that you are posting on a website that is the Heart of the Light Worker Resistance? Do you realize that you are telling Light Workers that there are no Light Workers? Then you want us to believe that there is no Cabal, that you are in charge of the roll out, and that it won't happen till the end of the year? This has got to be the worst piece of Disinformation I have ever come across.

I have to tell you it had promise at first, you know with a newly set up website and all. But I hear it links to a book you want to sell. and I see that you have 15 people a day who visit your site. It is so easy to see that you write this non sense, and expect more traffic to your site? It certainly is not to convince anyone of anything.

What you don't know, is you really stepped in it with this post. Your identities won't be secret for long, and I doubt that you will get to exchange as this CIA trash will brand you as CABAL, and CABAL DOES NOT GET TO EXCHANGE.... SO SORRY FOR YOU. Here is a post that cause a couple dozen CIA Trolls to quit what they were posting. I think you will enjoy it, after all I enjoyed writing it.


By the way, here is a message from the one who is in charge of paying for those Historical Bonds that you say you have. By the way good luck getting paid. Grandfather doesn't play around, and you can take that to the bank... well not you, as I don’t think you will be taking anything to the bank. You will note that Disinformation is no longer permitted nor tolerated. Like I said, good luck getting paid on ANYTHING!


We want to wish all of you who have foreign currency (and historical assets) the very best. We know it has been a long journey. There is one guy on this site that advocates “live your life.” We would agree. You are sacrificing the journey for the final destination. When you arrive at your final destination, you may be disappointed you didn’t spend more time enjoying the journey.

I know you will be disappointed at the end of your journey. Good Luck, you will need it.

From the Clowder,



*************** End of Post **************************

I thought I would alert the Light Workers (the ones you say don't exist), about your special website with you massive 15 views per day. They should be informed as to what you are all about. Yes, I know you are the "Self Proclaimed" ones who are running this GCR (Excuse me while I laugh for a moment).

************** Begin Website Info ********************

WARNING: I recommend that no one visit this site. I didn’t do it and I wouldn't be surprised if there is some sort of malware or virus, or tracker on the site.

We have already uncovered so much deception and outright pathetic lies that I wouldn't trust anything they say or do.

You have been warned.


My comments are in Orange from here out so that you can tell what I have written and what is on their website.

Reader Beware: Know Your Silent Cat

This is a WARNING that it is not secure. I don’t really know about this stuff, but they don't sound like they are High Powered GCR Intel Sources

From their website this is the description:

Content: SILENT CATS is the fictionalized true story of two spies, one CIA, the other Mossad and the 16 years they shared. Come join Kat and Pantera on their journey.

Please Note IP Location Above, that this Web-Site Is Located In Virginia, Which just happens to be the same place that the CIA is located as well:


About - Silentcats.com

  • Silentcats.com receives about 15 daily unique visitors.
  • Its Domain Authority is 12/100 , it's User Expectation is 6/100.
  • Its domain having .com extension
  • According to Alexa Traffic Rank Silentcats.com is ranked number N/A in the world.
  • The domain has 18 Facebook Likes,
  • 38 Facebook shares,
  • N/A Tweets and
  • N/A Google+.
  • The website doesn't use HTTPS protocol.
  • Silentcats.com has estimated worth of $ 70 and have a daily advertising revenue potential of around N/A.
  • Its domain registrar is GODADDY.COM, LLC.

17 Days Left Until The Website Goes Defunct:

Anyone can buy this site in 17 days. Unless they raise their traffic over 15 people per day and decide to keep it for another year. I have a feeling they will be getting a "Special" visit after the GCR goes!


This is the end of this poser. Yes I said "Poser."

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows



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