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Thursday, May 18, 2017

"Rooted" by Scott - 5.18.17

Entry Submitted by Scott at 2:10 PM EDT on May 18, 2017

I have been here on IDC for a short time in perspective, since Oct of 16 or so. I have found this to be a beautiful community of like minded and goal oriented people. I have only posted once before, and since indulged my inner growth with seeing what resonates as truth and what seems to be things that no longer fit with my view of where we are or where we are going. It allows me to practice letting go to that which does not serve me in my goal of my highest self. My challenges in life that I labeled first as my short comings but in hindsight find they were the fire to my tempering. They eliminated that which was part of me that no longer served the betterment of the whole. This has been a hard and long lesson for me to come to terms with. But as a result of making sight of which resonates with me and brings that feeling of lightness and joy, moving into that higher vibration, opposed to the things that sound my warning alarm and make me reconsider if it is something I want to try and digest. I have become a lot more faithful in my internal guidance system, or my instinct/intuition. This gift of discernment allows me to avoid a lot of the muck and mire I know already is not part of my path any more, which allows me to direct my positive energy to my manifestation of my perceived reality. This does not mean I live a perfect life, only that I have figured out how to dodge what use to send me into a lower vibration and have to then spend energy to correct that level or polarity shift. Now I can use that energy much more progressively in benefit of all.

Where I saw failure in my goals and intended success later revealed itself as a path I was supposed to take. As I have grown as a lightworker I have realized that what I wanted was self-oriented and where I have ended up is in service to others. I enjoy the rewards of this but it is not a rose without its thorns. I have found myself in treatment work of people post auto accident or L&I injury, or with chronic pain issues. I work as an LMP (licensed massage practioner) with a post 20+ years as a professional artist. Not only has this provided its physical challenges but financial as well which has caused other areas of my life to be of decision and choice, burdens to inter relationship responses and personal identity. All which have made me recognize that being small in a situation is not always loosing. When met with an action I cannot change in others towards me that I find coarse I find that my martial arts training is showing me the path to evade. The art of not being there, stepping aside of the punch, like a reed in the wind, bending to where you would think it would break but its lack of resistance allows it to move out of the way of the energy and then stand after it has subsided. And I also feel I am that reed in a field of similar reeds, so even when those winds blow hard there are many more flexing in like and providing a carpet of support to lessen the force of the gale(our combined higher vibration and interconnectedness). All standing after the force has expended itself back to the previous posture only given more strength in their rooting after withstanding the force against them and all combined supoort.

So I find myself on IDC everyday digesting more perspective and also using my intuition to avoid the energy that does not suit my forward momentum. I have found so many voices of reason, intellect and spiritual advancement I am boundlessly grateful. I have so enjoyed reading the views of others who have such beautiful souls and have a desire to help the world. I want to come forward and give thanks as I feel this ride is almost over. Patrick, Richard OWK, Yosef, Bruce, Tank, Daughter of Tera, Victor, Cowboy Down Under, Heisenberg, Matt T, Mayan Guy, DC family, the list goes on. One of the things I saw as a downfall at first, the time I could not work, yet allowed me spiritual growth time. Time to digest what my soul was eager to learn, shed the layers of who I use to be that no longer suited me; to ready me for this point in time we have come to. Stepping into our humanitarian roles.

I was compelled to contact Richard through email about some things I found interesting in my personal insights and ideas/projects post RV, and questions I was looking for verification on. I was quickly contacted back and asked to contact him by phone, I took advantage of this opportunity as I would much rather converse with people one on one, it is the energy in the relationship of conversation that conveys understanding that is lost in email and texting, or misunderstood. I was able to talk with Richard shortly after and had a fantastic conversation that answered questions that resonated in truth with me and I found a person on the other line that generally cared about the conversation. Someone who was listening to what was being said and responded with information that was progressive and made sense to the topic, and later when applied, those relayed ideas put into action showed positive results as working. I have since had a few other conversations with Richard and all have been full of personal growth, insight and concern, the general attitude of caring. I also see a lot of attack on Richard OWK’s person on IDC and am always inspired by his calm response and forward momentum. I find him to be genuine and honest with other people’s highest self in his best interest. He never had to take any one of my phone calls. He never made slight of any topic or situation and found positive resolve for the topic. He never asked for any money from me or promoted me to purchase any product, he only directed me to links to his free book which was only more helpful. Those are all selfless acts that only have other people’s care in mind. Thank you Richard for your time and heart and your hard work here on IDC making it a stronger community of spiritual progress. Thank you to all the other people here who have inspired me to chisel off another piece of useless weight freeing the spirit.

I have in the last month had more than one dream of the RV happening. One I had taken UST our of a ATM and was recognizing that meant the RV had happened. Another was receiving an email with the 800 numbers being sent out. I was recently on vacation in the Virgin Islands (side note, area that totally needs post RV hydration and positive economic change, strong levels of poverty) and happened to meet the person who was there working on the internal government budget for Puerto Rico and the VI. After a short conversation with him about his involvement and how things were looking (not talking about the GCR but seeing if I could get info that related) , he stated: Things in the Virgin Islands were WAY better than Puerto Rico, with huge inflection in his voice. Then I arrive home and see on the GCR overview, I think it was Fulford report that Puerto Rico was bankrupt, in relation to the financial fall of the cabal. That was a huge verification for me there was truth to info being disseminated through IDC. One other is my wife works for a software company that has an accounting software that does due diligence and accounts for acquisition reports in financing. It basically controls fraud and financial oversight so money is accounted for. Their new client is the US Treasury, that was a huge GCR clue for me also. Why would they be stepping up security and fraud control if they were not taking the wheel?

Thank you everyone for your time, the ride has not been dull by any means.

Love, Light and Laughter.




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