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Thursday, May 11, 2017

"Response to One Who's Very Tired" by Victor - 5.10.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 11:24 AM EDT on May 10, 2017

"For One Who Knows" by One Who's Very Tired - 5.10.17

Let me say one thing,...... "One Who is Very Tired".....I am not tired, except of one thing- Cute fancy dancers with a soft voice and the casual logic of a weak argument. I sense that after all the noise of last night about ....."negative post".....the new style De Jour......will now be of a more sophisticated back door approach into the "House", so as to not step over the ....."Get Kicked Out line". But to me, this is just another one of..... "those post". One of those distracting post with a waging lizard tail in it. Trying to instill one ounce of doubt, in the one weak Light Worker who is struggling to keep up.

The game is that tough now, especially after today's post by OWK entitled, "Why This is On Us". That post explains the logarithmic power of one Light Worker and why WE are such an important target to corrupt and get off course. My guard is up.

Should you be given the benefit of the doubt? My sniffer says no, but since you say you "dont' understand the Law of attraction"-even after 6 years?........Ok, compassion would be to give you just need one more explanation? Sobeit, or may be the explanation is for any Light Worker that is fooled by a loving heart and has a soft spot for fancy dancers in a weak link, in their armor.

You say:

"Bottom Line – I will fully admit that I do not have a very good understanding of manifestation and the laws of attraction. It could be that you have said this will happen on or before this weekend pretty much every week since at least December of 2016 because it is your belief that you are helping to manifest this into completion by using this tactic. From my standpoint I feel this is what has caused a lot of damage to people’s psyche because they feel they are being setup for failure week after week after week. I could be wrong but I would encourage you and all of the gurus to stop saying it is going to happen tomorrow, this week, by this weekend, or surely by the beginning of next week."

Then once more:

"if everything stays on track we should see things completed by the end of the second quarter in 2017. That’s still encouraging information but people can get on with their lives more instead of being glued to websites and calls because they are being told any minute now.This way they’re not being set up for disappointment on a daily or weekly basis either. "

Your suggestion to OWK:

"My thought is if everyone can step back and even if a guru felt strongly about today or tomorrow just shut up about it and maybe we would have a dramatic impact on creating a more positive energy? Why not give this a try? Clearly the “it’s happening this week” tactic has not helped us bring this to a successful conclusion thus far….."

To that:......I would say: The correct attitude is to say the RV is going to happen, if you know it is going to happen. OWK says he knows. That is then the correct attitude to have each and every day. Because you have not lived to the end of the day yet and you do not know how the day will end, until you get there. So why not say today is the day?. If you are practicing the Law of Attraction: You in fact have to say: today is the day! in order to manifest the RV at the end of the Day.

Sitting back with a "casual fancy soft attitude" .......will not get you to know how to manifest what you want to experience. You have to learn as a Light Worker, how to react to the feelings that come up, when it does not happen at the end of this day. Every day is a huge learning experience that builds wisdom; and there is no such thing as, too much Wisdom.

You do have to really understand that the RV in this Universe can happen at any time, because there really is no linear time. The time we see is an illusion with no limitations against Miracles.The right time already line exists where the RV has happened for you. There are infinite numbers of RV completions for the individual. The one you will experience is the one that you are able to get yourself to experience and believe to be the most "real" for you.

So when it is said that "YOU are the only one holding up the RV"....that is true, in that the RV can only be experienced and known by YOU. You are the only experiencer you can know and have to be concerned about.

If you look at circumstances and say...."the RV did not happen today".....YOU missed the point and did not learn today how to manifest yet. If you then go and blame others or get upset or depressed, you don't understand the Law of Attraction and the importance of keeping your Vibration high. You failed to understand one point clearly, a hard point for all to understand, and that is that- the RV does not come to you from any power outside of you.

The RV experience is the First big test for getting into a higher 5d type dimension or world. It is the entrance exam. When the RV happens for you, You will have graduated and gotten you "ticket" into a new world. Once you have gotten in,You will know the new rules of the new game and how to manifest in a "NO LACK" world. You made it by being committed 100% and not by being casual or by being tired, but by being excited about the most important thing in you life.

Feeling negative over the RV not happening today......is a self created problem or delusion and failure to learn how the law of Attraction operates. It is a must principle to get over. A big obstacle for all, yet ....the RV not happening today is NOT negative and does not cause that feeling. That chosen negative feeling is a misunderstanding. A chosen misunderstanding.

The RV not being here today for you....... is NEVER NEGATIVE. NO day in existence is a negative day, lacking anything !.....Since Lack does not exist....... Because, the time lines where the RV is complete are many and already there for you, since once again....there is NO LACK. There are many options for you where it happens today, really. Now, what is the likely hood that you will experience it today? Who knows? Only you can know really, since you are in charge of your game. It depends on whether You have the Faith, the Belief and the Vibration to make it to the RV today?

Should Yosef, OWK or any intel provider keep you small? and call you a failure? Which Intel provider would you want to limit you and say you can't get to the RV today? That would be an Intel provider who believed in lack for you and would enslave you. That would not be for your greatest good and would "Do You Harm". For your greatest good.....The RV is available to you today!. If it did not come today for you. You did not make it happen for you yet, that is all.

Now all of this manifesting also has a collective component to it. This collective or many collective options, will also have the RV option in it. Both are connected to what you manifest and the likely hood of what you will experience according to your own Higher Self and the agreements you have made. The collective you see depends on the vibrations you hold.

So there is never "error" in Intel or there is NO error in saying the RV is happening today, because "everything" is possible in a NO Lack reality and it has happened today, already. That is the Truth. That is how you graduate and build a new reality in a new way. When YOU can hold that vibration, YOU will experience the RV as a manifested RV for YOU.

Getting negative because you are still using the 3d mind of a Cause and Effect creation, is just one test you have to figure out. Like Neo in the Matrix movie. You have to learn how to do the impossible in a 3d world and you have to learn how to jump from one building to another. Like Superman....'leaping tall buildings in a single bound".....that is YOU now. Jumping buildings and manifesting the RV is the same sort of thing, that you create in the same way.

Negative thoughts are not dependant on what does not happen at the end of the day. That projected negativity is not understanding the test of a Light Worker and the Training that we are doing here in Dinar Chronicles and the practice required to understand the Law of attraction.

Creation of the RV has to be done with positive intent and has to be done this way. It can not be done with a casual intent and it can not be done by getting negative. Something new is not created by "waiting" for it to come to you from some mysterious "outer" force. We are talking about a huge leap in understanding a leap to another density. This attitude is also why it has ben said by OWK that the Children are OK, the Chem trials are not a problem , that the IRS is over....etc...All True in a no Lack Universe.

It ALL depends on YOU being the "One Who Knows". It depends you you being in the state or vibration of it ALL already "DONE". It is about being the energy of completion now. Nothing new is ever manifested by waiting for it to show up passively in the mirror in order to not be negative. That is a Cabal twisting of Truth.

Much Love, Victor.



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