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Monday, May 29, 2017

"Re: Why Should the Bible be our Source for Morality?" by Timothy - 5.28.17

Entry Submitted by Timothy at 9:30 PM EDT on May 28, 2017

Why should the bible be our source for morality?

That is a very good question.

The bible is scripture, writing: it is the letter, comprised of ink on paper…and the bible reflects that the letter kills, the spirit gives life (2 Corinthians 3:6). If the bible is the standard, that is a very clear indication that something other than the bible (scripture) is involved.

Know that the bible translations are not derived of any original manuscripts…and the many copies of texts upon which the bible is based reflect many differences…man’s variant influences, including translation or mistranslation, are evidenced on the face of the copies of the copies…and on the face of the so-called translations/versions; and the copies from which the bible is derived and the translations/versions/variations are not necessarily authoritative…

A few examples regarding translation/interpretation:

· There is no word evidenced of the texts upon which the bible is based that means husband. In both Hebrew and Greek, there are words that simply mean man (e.g. the Hebrew word transliterate ish, and aner from Greek; by adding an i, iysh becomes possessive: iyshi actually means my man, not my husband). The concept of husband is a social, legal and commercial concept; consider husbandry.

· There is no word evidenced of the texts upon which the bible is based that means wife. There are words meaning woman or girl; and there are words evidencing that women and girls had a man.

· There is no word evidenced of the texts upon which the bible is based that means marriage involving a husband and a wife; while there are words evidencing loving and sacred relations between man and woman.

· There is no word evidenced of the texts upon which the bible is based that means church. The Greek word from which “church” is truly derived is kuriakon; and that word occurs no where in the texts upon which the bible is based. Instead, there is the word ekklesia, which means a calling out (e.g. of darkness into a gathering in and of the light); kuriakon does not mean ekklesia; and ekklesia does not mean kuriakon; and ekklesia and kuriakon are not equal. Church is a Rome-oriented control scheme that is not supported by the texts upon which the bible is based…and the same is true regarding marriage involving the concept of husband and wife. In connection, Christ never actually said, Upon this rock I will build my church.

· The word basileia rendered “kingdom” does not actually mean kingdom (e.g. Matthew 6:33; Luke 17:21); it means royalty.

Darkened man’s influences are evidenced on the face of the many variant versions of the bible.

While the word of God is indestructible, the bible has been, and can be burned, destroyed by fire… If all bibles were burned, the word of God would still exist. The word of God, as in the logos of God, is essentially the concept of God, of what is God and what God does… God does in accord with what God is, and so do the so-called children of God… Words are merely used in transmitting the concepts regarding God; and they are of the media available to transmit the truths, while words are not entirely necessary. Without the words of scripture or preaching…there exists the word (concept) of God.

There are some evidences of the bible that indicate a new and better direction and source regarding morality; and that is the Spirit/spirit. There is the Spirit/spirit of life…the spirit/Spirit of God…also the spirit of truth…and there is the related law of the Spirit/spirit of life that sets free from the law of sin (missing the mark of God-being/god-being, the mark of love and light…,) and death (Romans 8:2)…

And the spiritual man, that is different and distinct from what is called the carnal man (ruled by the incarnate body instead of the spirit/Spirit), is presented of the bible, which spiritual man is the man that is in step and agreement with the spirit/Spirit of God/god.

The bible evidences that we are gods/Gods…. (Psalm 82:6) And there is nothing of the texts upon which the bible is based that evidences any distinction between upper-case-G God from a lower-case-g god. Such distinction is not of enlightened spiritual man, or of Christ.

God is a kind of being, not a single person—and God said, Let us make man in our image (having our invisible essence)…; also, God/god is one. God/god is one kind of being and is one in the sense of connectedness and unity, communion, like the cells of a body (consider soma, e.g. the body/soma of Christ…)

God is a spirit; we are spirits.

God is light; we are light. You are the light of the world (Matthew 5) is not restricted to the earth; world is derived of kosmos, which involves all of creation, including the earth, the solar system, the galaxy, the universe, the multiverse…

God is love; we are love.

The word of God/god is not scripture/writing/letter, it is spirit and its essential truth and meaning are regarding the concept of God-being/god-being (love, light…), not regarding a book, not regarding an external moral code. The written logos is merely a representation of the concept of God/god…, the conceptual truth of God/god being…

Jesus/Yeshua/Yahshua/etc. Christ (ha mashiyach) came to help wake us up and show us the way of being God/god incarnate: love incarnate in an earth suit, light incarnate in an earth suit; truth of God/god incarnate in an earth suit. This is the way back to God/god, involving the truth of our very innate being that is even the source of all that are truly of the God/god kind, including the oneness and harmony…of that kind in accord with the truth of what is God/god. We of that source of God/god kind are preceding creation and are among those who effected creation.

In being the spiritual man/woman described of the bible and in connection with Christ (a state of being), we are getting back to the truth of our innate being that is called god/God, and is originally the source of God/god (or divinity), while also wearing an earth suit. We are of the god/God and source kind who are of highest purest love and light…and oneness. Our source of morality is the source of morality is not a book; it is the truth of innate being that even preceded creation…

The bible may be a link to morality in that there are nuggets of truth by which we may awaken and be quickened and transformed into the spiritual man/woman that knows he/she is of the God/god kind, whose essence is even the very source of God/god, and looks to their own spirit in union/oneness with the spirit of all the God/god kind who are of source…, including what may be called the Father and the Son, for the truth of being God/god…; and, when in the way of truth and love and light…, one does in accord with one’s very innate being; and an effect is that sin (missing the mark) has its true remedy.

This fundamental principle is involved in the truth of the words of the Apostle Paul: “For me to live is Christ”. It is regarding state of being that is oriented to the highest, purest essence of our being.

Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most high… (Psalm 82:6)

Seek ye first the kingdom (basileia: properly royalty, not kingdom) of God and his (not his, but autos meaning self) righteousness…

Seek ye first the royalty of God/god (kind of being) and the righteousness of your true kind of being…

Texts upon which the bible is based reflect where that royalty of God-being/god-being is found:
For the kingdom (basileia: royalty, not kingdom) of God is within you.
For the royalty of God/god is inside of you.

Note: Know that the above was said to non-Christians…

How so?

Ye are gods… (Psalm 82:6)

When we altogether grasp these truths and live them, Grandfather and the elders and others will see the fruit of our greater maturity and knowingness evidenced on the face of the Intel Dinar Chronicles entries, and elsewhere.

We have many false beliefs to replace with genuine truth, and much more development ahead of us. Let us enjoy our maturation together.

The fundamental principles set forth herein are regarding the truth of our sovereignty, and regarding our intentions and choices and actions in accord with our sovereignty: that of our royal innate being without the false beliefs and aberrant egos…

Let us abide in peace, harmony, love, light, genuine truth…

So, where do we look for the source of righteousness/equity/fairness/justice/morality? We look inside ourselves, in our hearts that are one with our spirit and source, even the source of all that is…

I have left much unsaid; and you all have the capacity to discover and know all else…




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