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Friday, May 26, 2017

"Re: What People are Afraid to Say" by Your Brother in Truth - 5.26.17

Entry Submitted by Your Brother in Truth at 8:55 PM EDT on May 26, 2017

"Only Saying What Some People are Afraid to Say" by Nick - 5.26.17

I am writing this to assure you that all is well. I would like to share my life story as I always felt I was meant for something but will tell you the events and course that got me to this point. Let's say that I was a "sinner" and did things and abuse to my body for a LONG time. I started college as a Major in Chemistry with a Pre-Med doctoral goal. By the end of the story of school there was no degree because Ohio State University was filled with many other things that could derail you and as you are guessing it was drugs and alcohol. So rather than becoming a doctor I became a night club DJ and was going out every night of the week and when you are a DJ you would always have people approaching you thinking you knew "The Guy" because of being in the club. Well long story short, through a series of events of meeting the wrong/right timing I became "The Guy". It began a long and severe drawn out experience of Sensual pleasure and severe pain to my soul. I would drive myself insane with paranoia and Self-judgment and mired in addiction to various substances and should have died many times over. I was able to pull out of that through God's grace, need to move on.

I have had 7 times in my life that I should have died. A few from drugs and doing what I was doing with dealing. That was my biggest regret in life was peddling poison of body and soul. Anyway during that time frame in my life, my partner/runner, who I considered a brother, stole $150,000 from the guy who supplied and he was on the run for an attempted murder charge and living with me. I was staying with my at the time girlfriend, and got a call at 7 am the next morning. All he said is "WHERE THE FUCK IS JOE?", I said what are you talking about? He said, "STOP PLAYING ME, WHERE THE FUCK IS JOE?". He told me that he stole everything he had with him cash, jewelry, watches and product. Know that I only knew this guy for 2 weeks and had no idea he was a killer until it was too late and I was too deep. He said I needed to get back their right away and I got my first speeding ticket that day. When I walked in he could see that I was not involved and had no idea and I told him I would work off what he took. His response was, "You know, you are real lucky right now." I asked why was that as I have never been violent in my life. He said, "Because I was just going to cut your throat when you walked in, and send my boy "Wiseman" after your family." You can imagine how I felt at that moment.

Another, I was riding my bike on Ohio State campus during rush hour on the busiest one lane street and hit a gravel patch and lost control. I flipped over the handle bars in the middle of the road and had a white cargo van that was driving directly in the path to crush my skull and the van was going about 35 MPH about 10 feet away from me and the van was STOPPED 10 inches from my head. I don't mean it BRAKED, I mean it WAS STOPPED.

Another, I used to drink a lot as it was part of my lifestyle. I moved home from Columbus in with my mom to save some money because I had this "dream" of becoming a music producer. On the night of my going away party i drank WAY TOO MUCH. I drank a fifth of vodka and several shots of tequila and got in a fight with one of my best friends and left in a rage. On that night, it was raining BUCKETS. Imagine the hardest rain you have ever seen and add a little more. I was driving on the highway about 2 miles from my exit and Mom's house and my radar detector lit up from being clocked by the police. I was in a Toyota Rav4 and I hit the breaks hard and lost control because I started to hydroplane and I flipped the 3 times at 80 miles per hour. After it happened, I didn't even know it as I immediately got up out of the car and the cop actually asked me to walk a line. He told me that I rolled it and would have had no idea otherwise. Think of this, how many people would get out of a car unscathed after rolling it in that model car, speed, and depth of damage. most would not even stand up I would assume. I didn't have a scratch or a bruise on me except for a seatbelt.

Another, I like to shoot guns. I don't hunt, just paper. I have always felt out of balance the two times in my life I ever killed an animal. I was sighting in an AR-16 with what is known as a laser boresighter . You put it in the barrel of the rifle and line your scope with the laser light. So as it happens I had a brief lack in my gun safety awareness because you get to a point that you handle them enough to the point you get careless sometimes. Police officers for example are in the higher percentages for accidental gun shot wounds. So I pulled the trigger after I got my sights in line and did so with the laser sight still in the barrel. I didn't realize it as it made a funny sound and wasn't too different when you shoot any 5.56 round. I have shot about 2,000 rounds through this rifle at the time and it never misfired or jammed a SINGLE time. So I am thinking nothing is wrong with the weapon and I pull the trigger once... nothing, pulled the trigger twice... nothing, and did so a third time. I then was like what is going on with this thing and wanted to open it up. upon inspection of the rifle I realized the the round that I shot with the laser sight in had FUSED to the barrel. the reaction was so hot that the round melted into the barrel. Had I pulled the trigger and a round went off I would be worst case dead, best case blind.

I had a situation on the last night that I ever would DJ and about 13 year from my most recent DUI which I had 2 prior and got pulled over for speeding which was BS but I was screwed because there was no way to pass the breathalyzer. I got out to "walk the line" and while I am standing there knowing that my life/family/career was over because your 3rd was a mandatory 6 month sentence. My heart was in agony because it was going to destroy me. AS I was standing on the line, a cab pulls up out of nowhere and says something to the cop. The cop looked at and me and asked if I was at the address listed on my license, and I said yes. He looked at me and says, " Your free to go." and sped off for something else perhaps a shooting.

The RV has been happening for nearly 20 years and I didn't even find out about it until 3 weeks ago. I didn't discover or know anything of ascension, vibration, or meditation until two months ago. I didn't know that the number 22 which I have always felt an affinity for meant that I was a Master Builder in Numerology until today. I didn't know that the "song" that the 144,000 of Christ spoke of in Revelation was literally your SOUL SINGING to God because you know you are ONE. I broke and shuddered in tears when I felt this. The advice that I read from the angels and the Galactics everyday on Sanada.website is EXACTLY how I am feeling every day I read it. I see all of the people in my lifespan and SEE how they are going to be in my MIND'S IMAGINING for the plans that I can already see as having been done. So my friend be in good spirit and cheer because I can tell you that all day I have felt light. I mean with each step I take I can feel a shift and comfort and slow steady pace in step and actions. So you tell me, is the RV real? My soul is screaming yes and I feel no pressure. I know that my soul would tear apart if I was not able to create what I have seen. Be of good cheer, everything is near.

I love you all

Signed Your Brother in Truth



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